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Posted in: Suga says no link between Olympics and virus surge See in context


" ..... to prevent the spread of the virus **by foreign visitors...."**

please read

" ..... to prevent the spread of the virus **to foreign visitors...."**

Unfortunately Suga has totally failed at this as the numbers clearly show the athletes are getting infected by the Japanese support staff.

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Posted in: Olympics worker arrested for allegedly raping woman at stadium See in context


Women don't suddenly get a hankering to have sex voluntarily with men they only just met hours ago, in a public place, during their work hours. This does not happen.

Yes it definitely does. But maybe not for you.

Who gave you the right to speak for all women?

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Posted in: Honda changing course; will build its own electric vehicles See in context

Go Honda!

I bought a Honda Accord hatchback 5-speed soon after they were released. Wonderful sporty car to drive. Pity it only had 3 doors.

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Posted in: Koike to extend hospital rest for fatigue See in context

The Tokyo election is on July 4 and the party she created, Tokumin first, is going to get easily beaten by the LDP and Komei coalition.

Instead of leading her troops and taking responsibility, she went into hiding, just like Abe when things got rough. Cowardly hypocrites both.

Koike has been talking to Nikai already about a return to the LDP. Abe also waiting in the wings.

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Posted in: Legendary sprinter Usain Bolt has twin boys - Thunder and Saint Leo See in context

Wonderful news, wonderful man, wonderful family, wonderful country.

I would be proud to be Jamaican.

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Of course one grid is better than two, but that won't happen will it?

I am simply saying that two grids is better than the 10 they have now.

After 3/11 Hokkaido could only supply a trickle to Honshu. In 2018 during the Hokkaido blackout again only a trickle could be supplied from Tohoku. Both use the same frequency.


That Hokkaido blackout was caused by the main coal plant going down. Luckily they did have a few renewable sources to provide emergency power. Renewables can be widely distributed and hence much more robust in emergencies.

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Both frequency areas in Japan have roughly the same population as the UK. So each has the scale required to reach the same level of renewables as the UK. About 40% at present.

The frequency issue is a red herring.

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Yes, I am aware of the two frequency issue. But that does not stop Kyushu supplying Kansai and Hokkaido supplying Kanto.

There is no excuse for having more than two well-connected grids: one for each frequency.

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But where are we gonna get the rest of the energy without coal?

Renewables, just like the UK and others.

Kyushu is routinely throwing away vast amounts of solar energy. Why is it not sent to Honshu? The lousy grid.

Hokkaido has a vast potential for wind generation. They get all their energy from coal.

Make it a national priority to upgrade the grid!

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Posted in: Japan should have scrapped domestic COVID vaccine trials: Kono See in context

I don't know how Kono gets away with these bogus excuses.

Can we recall that even with the Japanese trials, Pfizer was approved in Japan on Feb 14, 2021 which was 3 months ago. In those 3 months the other G7 countries have given at least one shot to at least half their eligible population, Canada has managed 70%. Japan? Maybe 12% or so. The need for Japanese trials had nothing to do with the pace since Feb 14.

Journalists, could you ask Kono to give a detailed explanation of what happened during these 3 months?

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Posted in: Japan should have scrapped domestic COVID vaccine trials: Kono See in context

20/20 hindsight from Kono. Just what you need from a leader.

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Posted in: COVID-19 turnabout—pandemic in Japan unexpectedly revives, instead of exterminates, a dying art See in context

Amateur radio is a great hobby. It uses the short waves and requires special equipment.

The picture is of an ordinary Sony AM/FM radio. Nothing whatsoever to do the subject.

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Posted in: Main Tokyo vaccination center to offer shots to younger people See in context

All this arguing isn't changing anybody's mind.

We should all just make our choice. Then next year around now we can compare the death rates between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

I've made my choice and will have the second jab next week.

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Posted in: Auckland tops Economist's most liveable cities ranking; Osaka 2nd, Tokyo 5th See in context

The trend was motivated by a "stress on hospital resources" which the study said increased for most German and French cities and resulted in a "deteriorated healthcare score".

Guess they didn't hear about Osaka's overflowing hospitals with people dying at home because there were no beds.

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Posted in: Japan, Australia hold security talks to counter China's rising assertiveness See in context


Bring the commies to their knees!


In other headlines:

China’s Trade Boom Continues in May on Strong Global Demand

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Posted in: 4th member of Cuban baseball delegation defects to U.S. See in context


Yes I have been to Cuba and so have lots of my friends. It is a popular winter tourist destination where I come from.

I have also visited many other Carribean and central American countries.

Compared to many of those, Cubans are well fed, well educated and have a world class medical system. Good baseball players also!

Amazing when you consider the US trade embargo all these decades.

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Posted in: 4th member of Cuban baseball delegation defects to U.S. See in context

Breaking contracts with Japan because they can make even more in the US?

Pure greed which makes it even harder for other Cubans to play in Japan.

Who raised, nurturedand trained these Cuban players to this level? Oh I see, they were just born great athletes.

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Posted in: Japanese rice dealers turn to China amid domestic consumption drop See in context

China is Japan's biggest trading partner and will be for a long, long time. Sorry you Nippon Kaigi guys, Japan needs to export to China, just as it needs to import.

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Posted in: One year after Yokota's death, little progress on abduction issue with N Korea See in context

If everything else fails play the Megumi card. Very sad.

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Posted in: Australia finds highly infectious Delta variant in Melbourne virus outbreak See in context


If it shows up in another country and starts killing people it won't disappear..... by definition!

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Posted in: Decarbonization drive creates supply chain challenges for Japan Inc See in context

Toyota Motor Corp., the leader in hybrid and hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle development, is aiming to sell 8 million electrified cars globally in 2030

Toyota persists in calling its standard hybrid(HEV) an "electrified car", whereas all the energy used in an HEV comes from gasoline. It just gets better mileage than a standard gasoline engine. As you can read elsewhere (eg https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2021/05/12/business/corporate-business/toyota-earnings/) only 2 million will actually be electric vehicles. Not impressive.

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Posted in: U.S. calls on NATO to deepen ties with Japan See in context

The US is the world's strongest military.

More than the next 10 countries combined. Yes, these 10 include China, Russia, France, Germany, UK... and even Japan and SK.


NATO is a fig leaf.

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Posted in: Virus lockdown in Australia's second-largest city extended by a week See in context

Australia's control of the pandemic so far has been admirable.

But its rollout of vaccinations has been pitiful.

With no restrictions in most of the country they could easily have vaccinated 60-70% of the population by now.

Then they would have be free to move. Now they are just prisoners.

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Posted in: Please take Tokyo Olympics condoms back to your home country and use them there, organizers say See in context

If the athletes are to be locked down in the Olympic village I would say they will be needing more condoms, not fewer

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Posted in: Australian court upholds ban on most international travel See in context

Once a prison always a prison.

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Posted in: Australian Olympic softball team arrives in Japan See in context

I feel sorry for these wonderful women who are being used as Coates' pawns.

How come they couldn't play together in Australia since February 2020? We are continually told the country is virus free.

It's safer to come to Japan to practice during an SOE?

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Posted in: COVID vaccines to be available to all under 65 in Japan at same time See in context

Making everyone eligible with so few shots available is just a way to let the rich and powerful jump the queue.

Yup, our non-corrupt local officials will do the prioritizing.

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Posted in: COVID vaccines to be available to all under 65 in Japan at same time See in context


You nailed it.

The gov't can also say that any Japanese can get vaccinated, they just need to contact their local authorities. The gov't just dumped it on them to "prioritize". We all know what that will lead to.

It doesn't matter how many people can ask for a vaccination.

What matters is how many are actually given per day. About 10 times the current rate...

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Posted in: Toyota's global sales doubled to record-high in April See in context

Toyota is the world leader in making boring cars for boring people. Yaris anyone?

Japanese cars I have owned that were super fun to drive were Hondas and Mazdas. Then there was my Datsun 1600 1968, advertised as the poor man's BMW. 100 MPH for $2000, rack and pinion steering, disc brakes. Drove it until it rusted out. What ever happened to that proud brand?

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Posted in: Weary Melbourne residents go into lockdown See in context

The fact that a country has done wonderfully until now, as Australia has, sadly leads it to be helplessly exposed. Since nobody got sick and there have been few vaccinations, Australia is extremely vulnerable: nobody has antibodies.

Good luck when all those athletes and hangers on drag their medals home from Tokyo. Vaccinated or not they can and will bring back the virus.

Fools gold.

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