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What "honeymoon with China"? Are you crazy? Nobody likes that government.

The reality is that China is where the action is now economically. Japanese business people know this, which is reflected in China being Japan's number 1 trading partner. Kono can hitch his wagon to the US... his judgement is always terrible. But sorry, business is business and 4 years of Trump have done a lot of damage.

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Posted in: Suga congratulates Biden; hopes to strengthen Japan-U.S. alliance See in context

What is it that makes me think that the LDP was far more comfortable with Trump than will be with Biden?

No flight to the US after this election with gold plated golf clubs for Biden. He will definitely not forget how Abe was the sole Western leader to pander to Trump.

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dbsaiya is completely right. The new panel replaced a lot of scientists by business people. Japan had Covid licked by summer and as an island country could have kept it that way, same as Australia, NZ and Taiwan, by being extremely strict on people entering the country. But no, they let Japanese businessmen come and go freely. Go to Travel spread it from Tokyo/Osaka to the rest of Japan. So now we are locked down again as new strains circulate rapidly.

Why do businessmen have to travel overseas? Too tech-challenged to use Zoom I suppose.

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Quite obviously they were Japanese who fell sick in Brazil and decided to head home, endangering other passengers and crew. I hope Brazil will call this out.

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Can I volunteer?

Otherwise I'll just go back home and get one there. Hope vaccinated people can travel without quarantine.

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South Korean brands can't compete in the high end at all

What a ridiculous statement. Samsung sold twice as many phones as Apple in Q3, mostly top end, and had 5G two years earlier. As for Japanese R&D, how many Japanese phones are being sold these days?

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This is completely false.

Where I come from all women keep their birth name for life, married or not.

Our two kids have my family name. She travelled to many countries with them, including Japan, without every being questioned.

Obviously customs officials are better informed than you.

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Obviously you haven't heard of former prime minister Kakuei Tanaka. He was arrested, indicted, found guilty and sentenced to 4 years in prison. Do your homework, sensei.

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Posted in: Koike sees 'no circumstances' for cancelling Olympics See in context

By relentlessly pushing the GoTo Trouble campaign Suga effectively torpedoed the Olympics.

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Posted in: Japan compiles ¥73.6 tril new stimulus package to fight pandemic See in context

Why no money for bonuses for the front line medical staff working in the Corona wards? They work 12 hour shifts with no breaks in full protective gear with a high probability of getting infected. No wonder they can't find staff.

Meanwhile Suga worries about ryokan who charge 5 man (and more) per person per night subsidizing customers who can already afford it.

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Posted in: Brexit talks stumble again as time runs out for a deal See in context

It's not the talks going backwards it's Britain going backwards.

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Posted in: GM rethinks planned stake in electric vehicle maker Nikola See in context

Hydrogen is a fuel of the future, not the present. Now that Biden is elected the US will also go green and GM needs EVs, the cars of the present.

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Posted in: JNC to form organic EL joint venture in South Korea See in context

My guess is that these Japanese companies know exactly what they are doing, and this will benefit Japan as well as SK. The dinosaurs in the LDP, and Korea haters on this page, are on the wrong page.

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Posted in: Rolling with it, Keith Richards is chilling in the garden See in context

After Covid has killed the entire world Keith won't have anyone to talk to.

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Sorry, but handsets do matter. You must be the only one who thinks they do not.

Japanese companies were slow to accept Android OS which has a world wide market share of 85%. Obviously they cannot make phones using Apple IoS and the homegrown OS developed by Docomo was a complete flop. Samsung is a world leader in handsets and 5G. Japan is not. Do not let your nationalism cloud the facts.

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@Desert Tortoise

You are driving a 22 year old Toyota Avalon and have it up for sale.

How can you call Toyotas unreliable?

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@samit basu

Don't know of any Japanese that would be proud of driving an Escalade around Kyoto getting 15 mpg.

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Posted in: GM thinks bigger in China with plan to import full-size SUVs See in context

Fabulous idea, send China those big gas guzzlers in exchange for their EVs. What could go wrong?

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Posted in: Survey finds only 23% of vehicles stop for pedestrians at crosswalks See in context

In Japan a lot of pedestrians are very meek and just wait until no cars come. I raise my hand, start to move onto the crossing and the oncoming cars immediately stop. Do this enough times at the same crossing and the locals start doing it too!

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Inflexible nuclear power does not coexist well wth renewables since it is either all on or all off. Kyushu, which had restarted some reactors, recently had to throw away solar energy to avoid overloading its grid. Renewables coexist well with flexible thermal backup to fill in supply rapidly when necessary.

Of course the real solution to load balancing is a proper, well connected national grid.

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Actually Yoshimura did not play a very big role in the campaign, it was Matsui that I saw on TV everyday. Given Yoshimura's all star image fighting Covid, it showed he was not really committed to Yes. After the result he immediately stated he would not support another referendum.

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Posted in: Virus-prevention measures tested at near-full baseball stadium in Yokohama See in context

The headline is totally incorrect. There were 16,594 fans at the stadium, so it was just over half full, not near full as stated. This was clear if you watched on tv.

Saturday they were hoping for 90% capacity but again got much less. The fans aren't stupid.

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Has any major country, except Japan, criticized SK for seizing Japanese assets?

If not, why not?

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Posted in: Japan urges S Korea to present solution over wartime labor row See in context

Japan is out of options. It is as simple as that.

More trade sanctions against SK is just Japan shooting itself in the same foot as before.

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Try 500% import taxes on all Korean products, blocking all SK business and tourist visas, just as a start.

Please learn some basic economics and report back.

Japan has a large, but rapidly decreasing, trade surplus with SK. SK tourists had been boycotting Japan long before Covid, similarly with Japanese products. Your measures will just hurt Japanese industry more. This is why it Takizaki was sent to sue for peace.

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The solution is obvious: Nippon Steel should pay up. Then their assets can be released. SK should not give in to Japanese trade blackmail.

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Just buy a good android for 2-3 man and use a bmobile or iij Sim card. It costs about 1400 yen a month for 20GB. You a pay a little extra for each voice call but of course line and zoom calls are free.

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Posted in: Damage from Trump's trade wars won't heal quickly: analysts See in context

The article does not give a single example of how trade sanctions on China helped US businesses.

What it does say is that the US trade deficit increased. Direct imports from China simply switched to other intermediaries.

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Posted in: Some hospitals in crisis as U.S. nears high for COVID-19 cases See in context


Go to the CDC website and learn that in the 2019-20 flu season there were between 39-56,000 deaths in the US. So far Corona has killed 220,000.

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Posted in: Japan sticks to nuclear fuel cycling program despite plutonium stockpile See in context

One way to make the stockpile stop growing would be to turn off all the nuclear reactors.

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