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Posted in: IOC official Coates, who will be in self-isolation, says no deadline for decision on Olympics See in context

What an utter fool.

For one thing 600 people are not allowed to gather anywhere in France.

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Posted in: Unlike 2008, world's economic doctors feud over cure See in context


Couldn't Hungarians have brought the disease into Hungary?

Canadian residents seem to have brought the first cases into Canada:

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Posted in: Abe says no need yet for emergency declaration; Tokyo Olympics still on See in context

When the history books record 2020 the cancellation of the Olympics will be a minor footnote compared to the worldwide human suffering, deaths and economic losses. Abe, get in touch with reality.

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Posted in: In Tokyo, a growing sense of angst over virus-hit Games See in context

Could we please ask the people of Tokyo and environs if they want to run the risk of a mass reinfection just to pander to some politician's egos? The money that could better have been used in Tohoku has already been wasted. No need for people to die for this.

This virus has barely reached Africa, India and South America, about half of the world's population.

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Posted in: Kyoto starts new 'Empty' tourism campaign to attract tourists during coronavirus outbreak See in context

There are a lot of negative comments about Kyoto people here. I have lived here for more than 10 years and visited for more than 40. The majority of people in Kyoto are not involved in the tourist industry, do not profit in any way by it and have to shoulder the consequences of over tourism every day of their lives. Our major has encouraged the rapid development of new hotels all over the city but particularly in the historic area near Pontocho. These hotels are basically empty but the small shops they destroyed to build them will never come back. Bad mouth the developers all you like, but please don't say idiotic things like "Kyoto people wants everything".

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Posted in: Japan may lose $1.3 bil in tourism revenue due to virus outbreak See in context


The article refers just to losses in air travel tickets, a small part of the tourism pie. Just released figures show a 6.2% drop in gnp last quarter, before the virus hit. This quarter will make grim reading.

Yes papigiulio, Kyoto has returned to its former elegant charm. Long may it last.

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Posted in: Prosecutors issue arrest warrant for Ghosn, 3 Americans over his escape See in context

Wish someone would break the lock on Saito's office and confiscate all of his files, then we would really find out what is going on.

WikiLeaks, we need you!

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Posted in: Prosecutors probe 2 Americans for allegedly helping Ghosn escape See in context

Shutting the stable door after the horse has gone.

What a complete waste of tax payers money by a rogue prosecutor's office. Who is supposed to investigate the prosecutors?

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Posted in: No. of foreign visitors to Japan hits record high in 2019 See in context

Between Jan 1 and May 31 2019 the increase was 4.5%. So this means from June 1 to Dec 31, even with RWC, there was about a 2% decrease. JTB is just putting on a spin. Japan will be lucky to see 30 million next year.

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Posted in: Ghosn's escape leaves Japan red-faced See in context

MrHeisei, it is now Reiwa. Yes, Carlos & wife are making a mockery of Japan's justice system, and so they should. It is pre-Meiji and deserves to disappear in this wonderful new era.

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Posted in: Public drinking to be banned at Shibuya's scramble crossing on New Year’s Eve See in context

Shibuya, just how uncool can you get?

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Posted in: Japan eases export controls against S Korea ahead of summit See in context

All Japan's sanctions against SK did was hurt Japanese companies, especially the tourist industry. Minus 500 thousand tourists a month hurts plenty of small businesses. Rule 1 of sanctions is that you don't sanction a country with which you have a huge trade surplus. Even Trump understands this but apparently Abe hasn't a clue.

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Posted in: Abe eyes visit to India's Imphal, fierce WWII battlefield, in December See in context

Could we also know how many British and Indian soldiers were killed?

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Posted in: Nuclear watchdog approves restart of Miyagi reactor hit by 2011 tsunami See in context

340 billion yen spent for refitting which, as pointed out, will take at least 10 years to pay off. Add to that all the costs of running the facility since 2011 (did they lay anyone off?) and what you have in 2030 is a very old reactor that you still have to decommission and no return on investment.

Hokkaido has huge wind resources and plenty of space for windmills. It makes essentially all of its energy burning coal! That 340 billion should have been used building wind power in Hokkaido and a better connection to the Tohoku Electric grid to supply its surplus to. Britain, Holland and Germany have managed this, why cannot Japan?

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Posted in: In reversal, S Korea says it will keep Japan military intelligence pact See in context


Yes, SK lost face but Japan is losing billions of yen in lost tourism and exports to SK with no end in sight. Guess which of these the real world cares about.

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Posted in: In reversal, S Korea says it will keep Japan military intelligence pact See in context

This is a very good move by SK. Bringing this into the dispute was a huge mistake as it dragged in the US. Now it is back to economic sanctions that Abe initiated and the US cares nothing about. SK is winning here hands down with the two thirds drop in tourists and similar drop in exports from Japan to SK. Expect major Japanese concessions.

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Posted in: Worst likely over for S Korea boycott effect on Japanese economy See in context

This article is completely out of touch with reality. South Koreans make up 24% (7.5 million) of Japan's foreign tourists. Today the JTA said the percentage drop in South Korean visitors, compared with the same month a year earlier, was 48.0 percent in August, 58.1 percent in September and 65.5 percent in October. Doesn't look like the worst is over from those numbers.

And don't think China is not paying attention. The next misstep by this inept government on the China file will dealt with in exactly the same way...and bye bye tourist industry.

@alwaysspeakingwisdom(sic) "Who needs South Korea?"

Please talk to all the hotel, restaurant, shop owners etc. who are losing billions of yen in lost business and report back.

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Posted in: Japan's economy grows less than expected in third quarter See in context


Maybe nothing to see for you, but that statement was made by the Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura who is surely better informed on this subject than you are.

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Posted in: Japan's economy grows less than expected in third quarter See in context

If you read the Asahi Shinbun article you will see a major factor completely ignored.

Korea strikes back:

Moreover, worsening ties with South Korea had "a big impact" on already weak exports, Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura told reporters after the GDP data release. "Exports will remain weak due to slack demand for cars and electronics parts. In addition, declines in tourists from South Korea are having large negative effects," he said.

Spending by inbound tourists, which are counted as part of exports in GDP data, was crunched by sharp declines in the number of Korean tourists in August and September. Japanese exports to the country tumbled 16 percent in September, dragged down by shipments of cars, TVs, computers and semiconductor production equipment.

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Posted in: Deluged bullet trains show power of nature over modernization See in context

Precisely! Right next to the depot stands the elevated shinkansen track which was above the flood water level. NHK broadcasted warnings about dam openings and to move to higher ground many hours before, so there was plenty of time to put the trains on those elevated tracks. Just common sense but of course nobody in charge has the guts to make that decision.

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Posted in: U.S. demands Syria ceasefire; slaps sanctions on Turkey over incursion See in context

Indeed the Syrian army is the correct military force to secure the border, whether they are "Russia backed" or not. The US backed the wrong side in the Syrian civil war and ISIS grew to fill the void. Trump inherited this bad decision and has made the right move in withdrawing.

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Posted in: Canada's rugby team help cleanup efforts in Kamaishi after game canceled by typhoon See in context

I was supporting Canada at their game in Kobe against South Africa who won 66-7. The predominantly Japanese crowd immediately felt empathy for the miss-matched Canadians and cheered loudly on the rare occasions that Canada moved the ball. When Canada scored its only try the cheer was enough to blow the roof off and the Japanese lady next to me started crying for joy! Those guys heard those cheers of support for their hopeless cause and were able to repay in whatever small way they could. Oh Canada!

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Posted in: Dwindling of South Korean visitors takes toll on Japan businesses See in context


Please check August figures and report back.

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Posted in: Dwindling of South Korean visitors takes toll on Japan businesses See in context

To see the effects for yourself go to expedia or any similar site and see what unbelievably cheap hotel deals you can get in Tokyo, Kyoto, Sapporo etc. Fine for me as I travel a lot but obviously a financial disaster for a huge number of businesses.

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Posted in: All Blacks score 9 tries in 63-0 romp over Canada See in context

Unfortunately this is why rugby will never go anywhere as a true international sport. The NZ coach is upset because they didn't win 200-0?

The neutral Japanese crowd supported the Canadians after the first 10 minutes. Empathy.

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Posted in: Will marijuana become the next tapioca? See in context

Keep this filthy drugs out of Japan please, all it will do is ensure a whole generation of lazy deadbeats and stoned tourists running amok in Japan.

Hey Mister X have you visited Canada recently. Tons of Japanese tourists here at this time of year. It doesn't look remotely like what you wrote and is doing quite well economically at the moment, thanks. In fact, legalization was basically a big yawn.

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Posted in: High-speed 5G network seen as ready to spur online gaming See in context


I see, Samsung and Huawei copied 5G from Apple? Please explain.

Also please write your essay on how Japan is leading the world on consumer electronics. Love to read it.

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Posted in: South Korea files WTO dispute with Japan on export curbs See in context

Shoot your second best customer, way to go Abe. You are hurting Japan way more than SK.

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Posted in: S Korean beer imports from Japan plunge 97% See in context

Can someone please explain to me what Japan is getting out of this dispute. It has a huge trade surplus with SK, which is now rapidly disappearing.

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Posted in: High-speed 5G network seen as ready to spur online gaming See in context


Oh, and correct me if I'm wrong but Apple's newest iPhones don't have 5G capabilities. Doesn't that mean something?

Yes, it means that Apple is at least two years behind the leaders Samsung and Huawei and why it is in 4th place worldwide. Tokyo better have 5G up and running for the Olympics or it will look like a tech backwater.

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