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Posted in: Understanding the plan to release treated Fukushima water See in context

Dilute it until it is safe by government standards, then use it to supply drinking water to Tokyo.

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Posted in: Electric trucks may soon challenge diesel if charging hurdle cleared, study shows See in context


Hydrogen is surely the fuel of the future. Dream on with Toyota.

Meanwhile electricity is everywhere and is the fuel of the present. New EVs in China for city use cost US$5K, outsell Tesla, and can be plugged in when you get home.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 421 coronavirus cases; 760 in Osaka See in context

Sunday numbers should be compared to Sunday numbers. Last Sunday Osaka announced 380 positives, so it has doubled in a week. If it doubles again this week the hospitals will be in trouble.

Once those new variants migrate to Tokyo the same thing will happen.

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Posted in: Police report record number of cannabis offenders in 2020 See in context

Once Corona is over young Japanese will again travel the world to places like Canada where you can just walk into a shop and legally buy weed.

They will quickly see that they were taught lies in school about its evils. At that point they might start to wonder about what other lies they may have been taught. History maybe? Doubts about authority set in.

This is something that should send chills down the spines of the ultra-nationalists.

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Posted in: Suga aims to calm China-Taiwan tension on U.S. visit See in context

Suga is a right wing conservative (aka Republican) and Biden is a Democrat. Japan was the only G7 country to pander to Trump, Biden will not forget or forgive this.

The US forces calling the Japan Sea the Eastern Sea was not a slip of the pen. It was the beginning of payback time.

Suga will be given his marching orders to rescind Japan's ridiculous sanctions on SK and normalize the relationship.

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Posted in: GSDF to hold drills with U.S. Marines, French army, possibly in May See in context

Let us not forget that the US used the Sengakus as a firing range.


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Posted in: Women frequently experience sexual harassment at work; yet few claims ever reach a courtroom See in context


If between 25% and 75% of women have been sexually harassed at work that is an awful lot of guys that should be thrown in jail. Hope women are willing to fill the job vacancies and pay for all those jails.

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Posted in: Suga aims to calm China-Taiwan tension on U.S. visit See in context

Biden has a lot of much important things to do than waste time with Suga.

The whole thing is to set up a photo op for Suga to make him look statesmanlike. He isn't.

The fact Suga has so many days to waste on this trip at a time like this speaks volumes.

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Posted in: Europe recasts COVID-19 vaccine playbook after first-round flop See in context

The 3 million Japanese medical workers have not even succeeded in vaccinating themselves after nearly 2 months. The elderly in Japan are totally unprotected and are extremely vulnerable as the young go out and spread the virus. And Kono, the minister of syringes and hankos is nowhere to be seen.

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Posted in: LDP proposes Japan strengthen SDF, coast guard capabilities See in context

Total waste of money.

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Posted in: Suga to hold talks with Biden in U.S. on April 16 See in context

"Suga will be the first foreign leader to meet Biden in person..."

That's only because he is the only leader incapable of using Zoom. Going in person in the middle of a pandemic is ridiculous.

Let us recall Abe was the first foreign leader to meet Trump and his pandering to Trump will not be forgotten.

If Kato thinks Japan is foremost in Biden's mind then he is delusional.

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Posted in: Japan ranks 120th in 2021 gender gap report; worst among G-7 See in context

When Japanese women want to change the status quo they will do so. All Japanese men know the women here are stronger than they are. It is why they hand over their salary and get a pittance for pocket money.

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Posted in: Osaka governor sounds alarm as COVID-19 infections exceed Tokyo's See in context

Yup, what vaccines?

Blame everyone and everything except the moribund medical establishment and neolithic LDP.

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Posted in: Regulator to ban TEPCO from restarting troubled nuclear plant in Niigata See in context

Just close it, and Tepco also please.

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Posted in: No breakthrough in U.S.-China talks may hurt Sino-Japan ties See in context


The US "kick butt" military has done nothing but lose wars my entire lifetime, killing a lot of people in the process and costing a fortune.

Fortunately most Japanese know better, you are in the minority.

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Posted in: Travelers entering Japan have to install location confirmation app, Skype on smartphones See in context


You nailed it.

Japanese residents are the ones who have been bringing the variants into Japan since no one else can enter.

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Posted in: China protests over Japan-U.S. statement on human rights; blasts U.S. 'evil past of genocide' See in context

USA needs new war and to continue in war rhetoric as usual to keep image of "world leader"...


You hit the nail on the head. I am 70 tomorrow and for my entire life I have seen the US fight one war after another, winning only the one in Grenada (pop. 110,00) perhaps? After they got tired of Asia (Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia,Laos) they moved into the ever-giving Middle East. Oh, I am forgetting the Bay of Pigs, enumerable interventions in Central and South America topping it off with torture and illegal detention in Guantanmo.

Oh, I see, this is all in the past is it? Well what isn't except this very second. Yes, -30 please!

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Posted in: Japan decides not to procure insulin syringes for COVID-19 vaccinations See in context

Kono is being illogical. Either using diabetic needles to get 7 doses is good, in which case he should procure extra supplies, or it is bad in which case he should ban it.

Nobody is talking about taking needles from diabetics.

The minister of hankos and syringes is hopelessly confused.

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Posted in: Suga gives Koizumi new role as minister in charge of climate change See in context

@dbsaiya Reduction in carbon emissions by 2030? How will you do this pray tell? I haven't seen or heard of any concrete major policy initiative coming out of the LDP's mouth.....

Get your facts straight before shooting off your mouth:

"Emissions in the 2019 financial year dropped to 1.213 billion metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent from 1.247 billion tonnes the previous year, to hit their lowest since the 1990 financial year, when Japan began compiling data on greenhouse gas emissions, preliminary environment ministry data showed"

(google: japan reduction of carbon emissions 2020)

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Posted in: Suga gives Koizumi new role as minister in charge of climate change See in context


Like Suga, for example?

Instead of criticizing Koizumi for his father, criticize the man himself please. Personally I think he is doing rather well.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 116 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 600 See in context

The Washington Post article is for an American audience that does not want to hear about countries that handled the crisis far, far better than they did. Apart from around Tokyo and Osaka almost all of the country is Covid-free. Japan has done quite well. Of course, starting up GoTo Trouble (sorry Travel) will soon change that again.

Vaccines are another matter. Japan's lackadaisical approach is pathetic. Kono and others blame the EU for a lack of Pfizer vaccines but no one seems to point out that this is a US company with US factories and almost all of the US output stays in the US. Well, let's face it, they do need it more than any one else.

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Posted in: COVID-19 inoculations in Japan off to snail pace start due to vaccine, syringe shortages See in context

Once upon a time Kono was minister of foreign affairs, but he bungled the SK file so badly he became the minister of hankos. These he supposedly abolished but they were still happily tapping away at my ward office last week.

So he was demoted again to the minister of syringes. These high tech objects he seems incapable of procuring. As for vaccines he was last in line to put all Japan's eggs in the same US Pfizer basket, then blames the EU for his incompetence.

Japan's most popular candidate for the next PM.

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Posted in: Japanese media urged to address male dominance following Mori uproar See in context

@tom The next time you find an editorial in the Asahi or Mainichi supporting the government please report back.

@P.Smith (is that a photo of you?)

Since you mention Tamori's show surely you are aware that two of those women went on to be anchor women and are highly intelligent and respected women: Maho Kuwako and Yumie Omi. You might be interested in reading about what Omi has to say about what she learned being on that show. Of course there are too many oyajis in the media here (unlike Hollywood of course) but over exaggerating just looks like Japan bashing, pure and simple.

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Posted in: Japanese media urged to address male dominance following Mori uproar See in context


Obviously you are not reading the Asahi or Mainichi, which are extremely critical of the government. They are members of the press club and detested by right wingers who hand out pamphlets denouncing them.

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Posted in: 2 American men wanted for aiding Ghosn's escape arrive in Japan See in context


Why should the money be paid back to Japan?

It is not Japan's money so that would be theft.

The fine is 30man.

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Posted in: Ex-PMs Kan, Koizumi urge Japan to quit nuclear power generation See in context

Thanks Zichi for that great link.

It shows how the UK grid is connected to Belgium, France, Holland and Ireland.

Japan can barely connect Hokkaido and Kyushu to Honshu. Kansai/Kanto frequency differences limit the connectivity on Honshu itself. The frequency and voltage differences in Europe are solved by using HVDC connectors.

Could we use the GoTo budget to give Japan a smart grid?

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Posted in: Ex-PMs Kan, Koizumi urge Japan to quit nuclear power generation See in context


Yes they surely can. The UK, Germany, Holland etc. is constantly proving this. All these countries have industries and millions of households.

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Posted in: UK to push at G-7 for global standard on 'vaccine passports' See in context

Good timing, right after Kono said there wouldn't be any.

This is not a big deal. I fondly remember by little grey vaccination book that was required for foreign travel back in the day. Some of those shots were plenty painful though!

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Posted in: COVID vaccine for elderly to be distributed based on population proportion See in context


It is proportion to the total population of each prefecture so everywhere in the country receives at the same rate.

In places with relatively young populations like Tokyo and Osaka the older people will get vaccinated faster automatically. As it should be since these are the most dangerous places.

Kono seems to have missed this obviously.

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Posted in: Nuclear reactor suspensions produce inexperienced plant workers See in context

Only 9 out of 54 reactors are online. If so many experienced workers have quit what should be an easy job they probably know something we don't.

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