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Posted in: Yoon, Kishida vow to deepen ties See in context

Three leaders whose popularity rating hovers between 20 and 30%. By the end of 2024 they will be yesterday's men.

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Posted in: Kishida invited by Biden for state visit in early 2024 See in context

Such an honour to be summoned to the master's house.

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Posted in: New survey of wealthy nations finds favorable views rising for U.S. while declining for China See in context


Your link is to a survey of just 23 cherry picked countries, most of which are in the current survey. The UN has 190+ member states.

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Posted in: Philippines aiming to seal 'reciprocal' troop pact with Japan See in context

What Pierre Trudeau called "wife swapping with a bachelor".

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Posted in: New survey of wealthy nations finds favorable views rising for U.S. while declining for China See in context

Well they surveyed 22 US military allies so the results are hardly surprising.

I would be more interested in what people think in the other 171 countries in the world, where the vast majority of people live.

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Posted in: Putin expected in Beijing, more dependent than ever on China See in context

China has refused to condemn the war in an effort to position itself as a neutral party

How on earth do the authors know why China chose this position? No evidence is given.

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Posted in: Russia open to potential dialogue offer from Japan, Putin says See in context

Again, reply back with the map of the Northern Territories

Diplomacy means not setting preconditions. Oh yes, the collective West doesn't do diplomacy any more does it.

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Posted in: Japan to buy Tomahawks from U.S. earlier than planned: Kihara See in context

And I recall Aso, among others, calling Kishida a peace -loving moderate.

Glad we didn't get a hawk. Lol.

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Posted in: Japan foreign minister to visit 4 Southeast Asian nations from Oct 8 See in context

OssanAmerica wrote:

*"Thailand was subordinate to China as a vassal or tributary state from the Sui dynasty until the Taiping Rebellion of the late Qing dynasty in the mid-19th century."*

Where did that quote come from?

Not what it says here:


Ditto for your other quotes.

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Posted in: Japan foreign minister to visit 4 Southeast Asian nations from Oct 8 See in context

All these SE Asian countries have agency and centuries of experience with China and Chinese people.

Right on. I hope she goes to listen not preach. Thailand, which has never been invaded or occupied by a foreign power, would be a good place to start.

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Posted in: Asian Games open with more participants than Olympics See in context

Great to see all Asian nations coming together for what will surely be a bonding experience. Shattered Europe must be looking on with envy.

Go Japan!

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Posted in: Japan records trade deficit in August as exports to China, rest of Asia weaken See in context

China’s weaker than expected recovery has been weighing on Japanese exports, although hopes are growing the downturn may be bottoming out, at least for some industries.

So Japan's economic health depends on China's economy booming.

Sweet irony.

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Posted in: Blinken meets Chinese VP as U.S.-China contacts increase ahead of possible summit See in context

but there still need to be lots of restrictions regarding sensitive technology.

Huawei's latest phone showed the uselessness of this strategy.

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Posted in: Rolling Stone magazine co-founder Jann Wenner removed from Rock Hall leadership after controversial comments See in context

Why do musicians have to be philosophers?

"Doo wah diddy, diddy dum diddy do"

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Posted in: Kishida's election strategy in limbo after unimpressive reshuffle See in context

Leaving Kono in the cabinet in charge of MyNumber is a brilliant cynical political move. A poisonned pill.

Recall Kono was the closest challenger in the last LDP leadership race.

As the MyNumber debacles continue (not all due to Kono) his fate will be sealed.

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Posted in: Japan current account surplus up 3-fold in July See in context

The reason for the "travel surplus" is that Japanese residents cannot afford to travel overseas due to the low yen and hence sky high airfares. For example, autumn trips to Canada cost double (in yen) what they cost before the pandemic.

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Posted in: Japan mulls G7 foreign minister talks in November See in context

At the envisioned gathering, Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi and his G7 counterparts are expected to reaffirm their commitment to upholding and strengthening the international order based on the rule of law

for the umpteenth time.

Mainly its to support Karuizawa's local tourist industry at government expense.

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Posted in: Japan's export curbs on chip-making equipment to China take effect See in context

The sanctions against Russia worked so well they decided to have a go at China. Good luck with that.

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Posted in: Spaniards vote in election that could oust leftist coalition and herald a return to the right See in context

Thanks for the correction Mr Kipling.

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Posted in: Toyota to receive ¥120 bil subsidy for EV battery investment See in context

Rewarding Toyota for making the wrong call on EVs for the last decade.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to enhance strike capabilities against regional threats See in context

And Japan will pay, not because they're frightened of China but because they're frightened of the US

Alfie nails it. As Kissinger said, to be a friend of America is fatal.

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Posted in: Law enacted that allows nuclear reactors to operate beyond 60 years See in context

Don't see many 60 year old cars on the roads. A reactor is way more complex.

If nuclear power is such a good deal why don't we have new ones, like cars, taking the old wrecks off the road.

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Posted in: Why so many South Korean women are refusing to date, marry or have kids See in context

For some perspective on the life of SK women let's note their life expectancy is 86. 5 years, fully 6 years more than men at 80.5 years.

BTW, in the US, where the author lives, the numbers are 80.2 and 74.5. Perhaps the US could learn something from SK, and Japan, where the numbers are similar.

Nah, they know best.

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Posted in: Toyota falls in ranking of automakers' ability to cope with future business risks See in context

So 10th, 14th, 20th and 21st for Japan's top 4.

How the mighty have fallen.

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Posted in: Japan's FY2022 current account surplus down 54% See in context

Imports jumped 35.0 percent to 117.68 trillion yen with crude oil, coal and liquefied natural gas among major contributors.

Sanctions on Russia by G7/EU backfiring badly.

According to Ursula it was Russia's economy that was supposed to be in "tatters".

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Posted in: Toyota: Data on more than 2 million vehicles in Japan were at risk in decade-long breach See in context

the data at risk includes: the vehicle identification number, which is separate from the license plate; the location of the vehicle and at what time it was there; and video footage taken by the vehicle, known as the “drive recorder” in Japan.

Ok, so a hacker knows where the car is parked every night. What do they mean by "the owner is not identified"?

They know everywhere the car has been. That sought of information management should never be outsourced,. Toyota. Get with the 21st century!

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Posted in: Japan's population projected to shrink 30% to 87 mil in 2070 See in context

...those aged 65 or above in Japan are projected to hit 33.67 million in 2070 after peaking at 39.53 million in 2043. In 2070, they will comprise 38.7 percent of the population, resulting in ballooning social security costs.

What nonsense. Currently 28.9% of the population are over 65. So during the next 47 years this will increase by (38.7-28.9)/47 = 0.2% per year, hardly a balloon.

If people work for 40yrs in their lifetime, then an extra 0.2% comes out to raising the retirement age by one month, per year. So raising it 4yrs to 69 by 2070 would be enough.

Pretty sure the retirement age will be 80 by then ....

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Posted in: Japan, land of the hybrid car, takes slowly to EVs See in context


How many tanks of gas do you or any of your suburban friends use per week? I bet it is less than one, maybe less than two per month. So no problem even for slow charging an EV from solar.

The grid will not collapse even if a million EVs are added per year. Do the maths. The majority of the cars on the road will be ICEs for at least 20yrs. Plenty of time for Japan to fix its balkanized grid.

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Posted in: Japan, land of the hybrid car, takes slowly to EVs See in context

It would take 40 large full side solar panels on a nice sunny day functioning at peak performance 8 hours to change the smaller Nissan leaf battery pack.

In reality it will take about 16 hours..

No problem at all. How many people in Japan fill their car up once a day from empty?

Most urban dwellers go two weeks between fill ups, if not a month. So just a few hours a day of sunlight keeps your EV "tank" full (ie. fully charge) all the time.

Furthermore, most cars are parked 90% or more of the time.

Sure long distance truckers and people living in the NWT need ICE/hybrid. But the vast majority of people and their cars are in cities.

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Posted in: Whaling season begins See in context


If I sail my boat into Japanese waters does it meant it becomes Japan's boat?

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