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Posted in: Some hospitals in crisis as U.S. nears high for COVID-19 cases See in context


Go to the CDC website and learn that in the 2019-20 flu season there were between 39-56,000 deaths in the US. So far Corona has killed 220,000.

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Posted in: Japan sticks to nuclear fuel cycling program despite plutonium stockpile See in context

One way to make the stockpile stop growing would be to turn off all the nuclear reactors.

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Posted in: Abe visits Yasukuni Shrine for 2nd straight month See in context

Poor Abe, longest PM in Japan's history and essentially nothing to show for it. This lonely man takes solace from the legions of dead Japanese marched off to die in a futile war by his predecessors.

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually molesting teenage girl See in context


I disagree. The correct response to violence is not even more violence. Following your logic we'll all be walking around with guns one day.

The correct response is for the courts to treat these cases much more severely. For example, drunkeness should be disregarded as an excuse.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't creates YouTube channel on N Korea abduction issue See in context

Suga has lost it.

Precisely who is supposed to tune in to this channel?

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Posted in: Japan to test anti-virus measures for big events at near-full stadium See in context


Thre is already a contact tracing application - ココア - which is used reportedly by over 80% of the native population.

Obviously this is false. 50% of Japanese smart phones use Android and Play Store shows there are only about 5 million downloads of ココア or about 10% of Android users. Many must have deleted it as there are a lot of 1 star ratings. 20 million Japanese do not even have a smartphone. Someone else can give the iPhone numbers.

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Posted in: Japan to test anti-virus measures for big events at near-full stadium See in context

So are they going to trace and test all of the contacts of these 90000 people afterwards? If not, how will they know how many new infections are created by this reckless experiment?

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Posted in: Tsunami-hit Onagawa nuclear reactor gets OK to restart See in context

That plant is nearly 40 years old and was damaged by major earthquakes in 2005 and 2011. Are these people crazy?

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Posted in: Apple unveils new iPhones for faster 5G wireless networks See in context

The fatal flaw with Apple is that they control both the software and the hardware. Once you buy in you basically cannot escape.

With Android every time I buy a new phone I can choose a different company. This time I got a Moto G7plus for about 30,000 yen with 2 sim slots and a battery that rarely seems to need charging. The fast charger (supplied free with headphones, natch) charges the thing over breakfast. Headphone plug and USB-C goes without saying.

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Posted in: Japan tells S Korea it will skip trilateral summit over wartime labor dispute See in context

@Alfie Noakes

Thanks for that. I see that Shimomura is minister of Education, Science and Culture and clearly he removed those 6 names. He also hates Korea. So Suga's 3 big mistakes merge and obviously Suga is no more than a waterboy.

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Posted in: Japan tells S Korea it will skip trilateral summit over wartime labor dispute See in context

The pro-Suga commentators have misunderstood the article.

It does not say Suga will not go. It said Suga will go only if his preconditions are met.

Indeed, Grow up Suga!

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Posted in: Japan tells S Korea it will skip trilateral summit over wartime labor dispute See in context

The perfect chance to turn the page and move on is being lost. Second huge mistake by Suga in less than a month.

You don't put preconditions on regularly held summits. Summits are there to discuss difficult issues.

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Posted in: 200,000 in U.S. have died from virus. Now Trump says he 'gets it' See in context


The world is running fine, thank you, without Trump, or should I say, in spite of Trump.

Other world leaders seem to be able to explain the truth about the virus to their citizens, so why can't Americans be trusted with the truth?

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Posted in: Billionaire wealth reaches new high during COVID-19 pandemic: UBS See in context

So these people made $1.3 trillion dollars in 6 months off the COVID-19 pandemic and donated $7.1 billion to help tackle it. That is about .5%. Thanks a lot.

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Posted in: Toyota, Nissan to seek reimbursement from UK if Brexit talks fail: Nikkei See in context

Yes, clumsy move by Japanese car companies. They chose to locate in the UK which always had only one foot in Europe and wasn't even in the euro. They are responsible.

On the other hand these and other foreign companies in the UK will obviously slowly pack up and leave once the UK exits the common market. Boris and co. will be responsible for that.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to begin talks on host nation support, possibly this week See in context


No, they don't.

The US should be paying Okinawa rent for the land it occupies.

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Posted in: Japan science body asks Suga to retract member appointment rejection See in context

Refusing to admit you are wrong is much worse than being wrong in the first place.

The government may have the right to appoint only scientists who agree with its policy, but only a despot would exercise this right.

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Posted in: Suga faces backlash after refusing to appoint 6 science council members See in context

I had high hopes for Suga but this is a major mistake showing he has no idea how science works. Scientists are supposed to have different opinions and constructive debate advances human knowledge. Suga apparently thinks it is like politics where you just rid of people with whom you disagree.

Sad day for Japan.

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Posted in: Japan-S Korea ties need mending, Suga tells Moon in phone talks See in context

@paradox I agree completely with this analysis. Abe left a poison pill behind him with the SK file. The fact that Suga has acknowledged this from the start of his term is encouraging.

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Posted in: Japan-S Korea ties need mending, Suga tells Moon in phone talks See in context

Good for Suga!

Japan has conflicts with all of its neighbouring Asian countries (yes, even with Taiwan over the Senkaku islands). Time to grow up and make a few friends.

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Posted in: Suga hopes for 'forward-looking' ties in letter to S Korea's Moon See in context

The following would improve relations

Admit that the "comfort women" agreement was hurriedly made at the last moment with a disgraced SK president about to be arrested and jailed, without consulting the survivors, and needs to be rethought.

Take the forced labour compensation issue to the International Court of Justice for adjudication.

Take all outstanding territorial disputes with neighbouring countries to the ICJ and abide by the results.

Remove all trade sanctions against SK made in retaliation to totally unconnected WW2 issues.

Certainly Abe took none of these steps. I hope Suga will.

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Posted in: Japan to seek record defense budget under Suga See in context

Yes, demotion for Kono after completely mishandling the SK file(with Abe's blessing). Motegi is slowly patching things up with SK (with Suga's blessing).

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Posted in: Japan to seek record defense budget under Suga See in context

The Minister of Defense is Abe's younger brother, Nobuo Kishi, conveniently with a different surname. Abe is still pulling strings.

@reason Abe failed to do anything about the constitution even with two thirds majorities. Suga made clear it is not a priority for him. He doesn't go to Yasukuni and wants to improve relations with neighbouring countries. So go back into your cave and sulk.

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Posted in: Abe tweets that he has visited Yasukuni Shrine See in context

After Abe visited in 2013 Suga advised him not to go again. He took Suga's advice until now. Interesting that he went just days after handing over to Suga, who has pledged better relationships with Japan's neighbours. Trying to derail Suga already apparently. As far as I know, Suga has never visited Yasukuni. Does anyone know?

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Posted in: S Korea government, Samsung team up for self-sufficiency after Japan export curbs on chip material See in context

Hopefully Suga will reverse the idiotic decision by Kono/Abe to impose these totally unrelated trade measures as retaliation for the war time forced labour issue. If not Japan stands to lose its reputation as a reliable supplier of hi tech materials and, as sure as nature abhors a vacuum, others will take Japan's place.

Let's see what job Suga gives Kono in his cabinet.

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Posted in: Pandemic derails Abe's strategy to revive regional Japan with tourism See in context

Precisely, foreign tourism was destroying Kyoto. The city has had a perfectly good tourist industry for decades with mostly domestic tourists as well as foreigners. The recent surge of Asians destroyed this balanced self sustaining industry. Hotels replaced older buildings in historic Pontochoi. Geiko and Maiko were treated like Disney characters for photo ops. In fact Japanese tourists had spent more in smaller local establishments than the new foreign tourists, many of whom drank and ate in their rooms. By losing Kyoto Japan had lost its heart.

Indeed Kyoto has a booming hi tech industry fed by its excellent universities. The way forward is to promote this, returning Kyoto to a sane and serene place to live and work.

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Posted in: LDP policymakers say Japan should have missile base-striking ability See in context


I bet NK is thinking precisely the same thing about Japanese missiles. Just makes a first strike by NK more likely. Arms races cannot be won.

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Posted in: China economy rebounds in Q2 after virus hit: poll See in context

@wa4tkg No it doesn't.

It makes me think China and surrounding countries (Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, NZ etc) handled the virus response well. People cooperated and did what they were asked to do in a united non-political way. Completely the opposite of the US.

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Posted in: Japan to limit financing of overseas coal power plants See in context

"unambitious"? I would say pathetic. Look what's happening now and get on the right page Japan.

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