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No, they don't.

The US should be paying Okinawa rent for the land it occupies.

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Refusing to admit you are wrong is much worse than being wrong in the first place.

The government may have the right to appoint only scientists who agree with its policy, but only a despot would exercise this right.

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I had high hopes for Suga but this is a major mistake showing he has no idea how science works. Scientists are supposed to have different opinions and constructive debate advances human knowledge. Suga apparently thinks it is like politics where you just rid of people with whom you disagree.

Sad day for Japan.

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@paradox I agree completely with this analysis. Abe left a poison pill behind him with the SK file. The fact that Suga has acknowledged this from the start of his term is encouraging.

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Good for Suga!

Japan has conflicts with all of its neighbouring Asian countries (yes, even with Taiwan over the Senkaku islands). Time to grow up and make a few friends.

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The following would improve relations

Admit that the "comfort women" agreement was hurriedly made at the last moment with a disgraced SK president about to be arrested and jailed, without consulting the survivors, and needs to be rethought.

Take the forced labour compensation issue to the International Court of Justice for adjudication.

Take all outstanding territorial disputes with neighbouring countries to the ICJ and abide by the results.

Remove all trade sanctions against SK made in retaliation to totally unconnected WW2 issues.

Certainly Abe took none of these steps. I hope Suga will.

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Yes, demotion for Kono after completely mishandling the SK file(with Abe's blessing). Motegi is slowly patching things up with SK (with Suga's blessing).

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The Minister of Defense is Abe's younger brother, Nobuo Kishi, conveniently with a different surname. Abe is still pulling strings.

@reason Abe failed to do anything about the constitution even with two thirds majorities. Suga made clear it is not a priority for him. He doesn't go to Yasukuni and wants to improve relations with neighbouring countries. So go back into your cave and sulk.

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After Abe visited in 2013 Suga advised him not to go again. He took Suga's advice until now. Interesting that he went just days after handing over to Suga, who has pledged better relationships with Japan's neighbours. Trying to derail Suga already apparently. As far as I know, Suga has never visited Yasukuni. Does anyone know?

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Hopefully Suga will reverse the idiotic decision by Kono/Abe to impose these totally unrelated trade measures as retaliation for the war time forced labour issue. If not Japan stands to lose its reputation as a reliable supplier of hi tech materials and, as sure as nature abhors a vacuum, others will take Japan's place.

Let's see what job Suga gives Kono in his cabinet.

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Precisely, foreign tourism was destroying Kyoto. The city has had a perfectly good tourist industry for decades with mostly domestic tourists as well as foreigners. The recent surge of Asians destroyed this balanced self sustaining industry. Hotels replaced older buildings in historic Pontochoi. Geiko and Maiko were treated like Disney characters for photo ops. In fact Japanese tourists had spent more in smaller local establishments than the new foreign tourists, many of whom drank and ate in their rooms. By losing Kyoto Japan had lost its heart.

Indeed Kyoto has a booming hi tech industry fed by its excellent universities. The way forward is to promote this, returning Kyoto to a sane and serene place to live and work.

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I bet NK is thinking precisely the same thing about Japanese missiles. Just makes a first strike by NK more likely. Arms races cannot be won.

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@wa4tkg No it doesn't.

It makes me think China and surrounding countries (Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, NZ etc) handled the virus response well. People cooperated and did what they were asked to do in a united non-political way. Completely the opposite of the US.

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"unambitious"? I would say pathetic. Look what's happening now and get on the right page Japan.

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"I think it's a major challenge for NEC. It requires more than radios, it requires investing in people who can do system integration, sales, customer support, network design and engineering,"

Precisely what kind of people have they been hiring then for the last few decades?

Japan once lead the world in mobile phones and networks...didn't they need those kinds of people then?

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Darwin may well turn over in his grave, but it is surely the survival of the fittest.

The problem of Trump is self-regulating.

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"keep the borders closed"

They are not closed. Japanese people come and go freely.

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Please get a grip. We are talking about any PR who left Japan after mid-April or who wants to leave now. Unless there was a death in the family, or similar, they cannot re-enter Japan.

My Japanese wife is a PR of my native country. Like all G7 countries, except Japan, they allow their PRs to enter the country and self-quarantine. If we fly there today to see our family only she can re-enter Japan. Sounds like discrimination to me.

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Precisely. He wants to take the lead to try to tone down the statement and reduce offence to China. You can imagine the statement Trump will push for.

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Irrelevant comment.

Thank you and goodbye.

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Bjorn, what is you point?

40-50% of a modern cities space is used for roads and car parks. How much of it goes for bike lanes?Where I live in Kyoto the vast majority of people do not travel by car, but pay for all that infrastructure and related pollution anyway.

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@Sanctuaries Man

What precisely would you ha e done then?

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So many car driving old farts on this site. Please show me the evidence of cyclists killing and maiming huge numbers of people. Be sure to compare to deaths caused by motor vehicles please. Then add in the noise and air pollution. The bicycle is the best ever form of urban transportation.

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It is the responsibility of the party who has the complaint to file an action at the ICJ. Not the other way around

SK has no complaint. Their Supreme Court made a ruling and they are proceeding accordingly.

Japan opposes this ruling and so is the complainant. Since it is an international issue they should go to the ICJ.

Get a grip.

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The article does not give the result. Tamaki ended up with 25 seats, down one, with 23 for the opposition.

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I believe it was Japan that mixed the concepts of the Korean Supreme Court ruling against Sumitomo for WW2 slave labour issues with trade sanctions on semiconductor materials.

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@Gavin Wax

If US interests are no longer served here would you please pack up and leave, cleaning up your mess as you go. Thank you and good bye.

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So why doesn't Japan take it's case to the ICJ? That is what the ICJ is for. Afraid they may lose?

And why does Japan complain when Korea goes to the WTO? That is what the WTO is for. Afraid they may lose?

Please give me - 20

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Better late than never

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