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Posted in: Elderly people's manners increasingly deplorable See in context

@ Tessa, wonder if you will feel the same when old and possibly alone. Dang it, some of the things peoplebpost here make me feel kinda angry.

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Posted in: BOJ says Japan's economy recovering See in context

Go! Go! Abe.

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Posted in: 8 reasons why Japanese workers are so slow at making decisions See in context

I agree with Nigelboy, heh he.

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Posted in: Fugitive eco-warrior Paul Watson back in U.S. after 15 months at sea See in context


Dude, what if they were against NKorea or China and running from them, you would support thm, dang it.

So many guys here have an agenda, i'll tell you what.

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Posted in: Japanese women list their foreign husbands’ odd behavior See in context

They call that odd? Heh he. I call the guys odd, total fruitcakes i'll tell you what.

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Posted in: Perception persists that older drivers are dangerous drivers See in context

I dislike ageism which usually comes from those identifying themseleves a liberals, heh he.

We all grow old and i get kinda mad when i hear people bashing old folks like this. My dad is 82, still drives and don't cause no trouble to other drivers, 'll tell you what.

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Posted in: Most offenders believe they are justified in behaving violently because their partners are wrong. It’s important to make them understand that the violence was a result of their own choice and not thei See in context

Much of the violence in the home is committed by women yet all we hear about is from men.

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Posted in: The Education Ministry plans to reintroduce Saturday classes starting on a monthly basis by the 2017 academic year in an effort to improve students’ scholastic ability. What do you think about this? See in context

Dang it, this ain't right. The kids in Japan already have too little free time, they need free time to enjoy themseleves, this is a bad idea, i'll tell you what.

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Posted in: Abe pledges global focus on women's rights in U.N. speech See in context

There is no evidence that having more women in politics of high up in companies will boost the economy. The birth rate along with fertility rates has fallen in all first world countries and this is not due to working conditions for women in Japan.

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Posted in: City sinks United in demolition derby; Arsenal goes to top See in context

I'm not dissapointed when ny team wins except when they are playing the team i support. I do enjoy the excuses though for the crappy perfomance of the "celeb" filled team, nyuk,nyuk,nyuk.

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Posted in: Rooney returns to sink Palace; Everton stun Mourinho See in context


I merely corrected you that Crystal Palace did not have a shot in the first half, did mit mention how many or anything. Actuall the shot did almost go in and the player went past Ferdinand. I enjoy football, but when mynteam plays i am an adult and don'tbtalk BS.

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Posted in: Syria warns U.S. not to intervene militarily See in context


Being in the military does not mean you are a good person or even mean you ave benefited society as much as a police officer or teacher. I am a patriot but many in the military now are punks just like the leaders who wnt them to fight arabs agsin.

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Posted in: Few married women interested in having an affair: survey See in context

I agree with you Kent, these guys are no good and usually you will find most of their exploits are make belive, heh he.

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Posted in: Few married women interested in having an affair: survey See in context

Dang it, why would any sane person have an affair? I think folks that are caught having an affair should be punished by the law, it's like stealing, it's wrong.

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Posted in: Woman found bound at home tied herself up to avoid going to work See in context

I think the woman is hiding the truth out of fear from the person who did this, probably an atheist.

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Posted in: Japanese men reveal costumes they want their girlfriends to wear See in context

Quite disturbing for a wholesome guy like myself to know that many men i see on a daily basis could be weiro perverts like these nut jobs in the article.

I only had physical relationships with one woman and that is my wife after marriage, and that's how it should be, i'll tell you what.

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Posted in: Fujitsu boosts security for multi-service palm-vein authentication system See in context

Never had problems with handling cash, then again i don't have some insane cleansing fetish, heh, he.

A cadhless society ain't for the benefit of the majority, i'll tell you what.

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Posted in: Japan and the rise of the male parasol See in context

At Colleen,

Sadly it is you who don't get it. Rich folks in England wore make up in the middle ages and dressed girly, it was a trend mocked by many at the time. This hasn nothing to do with ruling and Samurai of ages past, it is a sales ploy and has zero to do with culture.Dang it , you get so many "experts" knowing little these days, i'll tell you what.

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