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Posted in: Japan considering raising daily entry cap to 7,000 from 5,000 See in context

Hopefully the cases will go down like they have in the rest of the world. Then the Japanese government can start to let tourists back into the country.

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Posted in: Gunma man arrested for attempted marriage of woman without her knowledge See in context

Whenever someone says to me they are engaged I always tell them the same thing. Don’t do it they seem nice now but you wait you will find out and then it will be too late. My wife overheard me one time and told me to shut up and I said “yes dear” …

I think this guy got off easy. If you think I am joking all I can say is you will find and you will be sorry. Lol.

Got to go my wife needs help with the kids.

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Posted in: Olympics now ended, Suga pinning his hopes on vaccinations See in context

Holding the Olympics before everyone in Japan is vaccinated fail.

Not allowing pharmacists to do Covid vaccinations fail.

Seems like Suga has just failed in regards to this issue hopefully there will be an alternative party to challenge him at the next election.

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Posted in: More than 10 million in Japan have received COVID-19 vaccinations so far See in context


Has the Japanese government heard of people called pharmacists?

Why aren’t pharmacists giving shots?

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Posted in: Japan to boost financial incentives for clinics to give COVID-19 shots See in context

Really pharmacists to monitor people who get shots. Why not get the pharmacists to give the shots already...

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Posted in: Japan to start vaccinating Olympic athletes from June 1: JOC See in context

Every government in the world first responsibility is the safety of their citizens. First get everyone vaccinated then and only then hold the Olympics. Have the Olympics next year get the pharmacists around the country trained to give the shots.

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Posted in: Japan may provide AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine to Taiwan See in context

That’s great please give Taiwan Astra Zeneca vaccine. But the Japanese government has to authorize pharmacists giving the vaccine out as well as anyone with specialized medical background. Get everyone vaccinated already.

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Posted in: Athletes should travel to Tokyo with full confidence: Bach See in context

Postpone the Olympics until next year. Have the Summer & Winter Olympics in 2022 make sure that Japan has a plan in place to get everyone vaccinated. Then the athletes can come to Japan with confidence:

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