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Harry Baolz comments

Posted in: Japan's total coronavirus cases top 100,000 See in context

I returned to Japan on the 2nd of April, they tested me upon arrival( Yes, I managed to get back in).

They brought me by bus, the only passenger there, to the front of a car rental shop.

What the quarantine guy said was that positive or not, they would call me within 2 days. Never heard back from them.

Then on the 25th of September I started to feel sick, high fever, body ache, tiredness. As the symptoms persisted until the 28th, I called the Covid testing centre number in my city. After almost 1 h on the phone, I was told to just visit a clinic. There, the doctor gave me cold meds and said to return if I did not get better within 4 days.

On 2nd of October I still had same symptoms. Doctor gave meds for a few more days. Nothing.

On the 7th I called the covid number again, they asked same questions over and over . ''Well, go see your GP again.'' said the lady with an upset tone.

The doctor checked me again. He said '' Well, if you really think you need the test, I can book it for you, but keep in mind that you'll be tested only on Tuesday next week and the results will come within 3 days.

I said yes, of course. Got the results on Monday, 19th of October, and it was negative. Yet, my company told me I must stay at home for 2 more weeks as precaution.

So, I will be back to work on the 4th of November. I was warned already that I will not receive my salary.

Easy to understand why numbers are so low in Japan.

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Posted in: Take a ride on this retro bus and travel back in time to the Edo era in Shiojiri See in context

Yes, Shiojiri is beautiful and so is the rest of Nagano prefecture.

Since URGING is the only thing people do in this country, I urge you to please, stay at home. Don't come to Nagano prefecture. We are happy if tourists want to, but now is not the best time. There are already some nurses tested positive in the city next to Shiojiri and we do not have enough hospital beds, less than what you have in Tokyo.

JT, please, stop promoting travel to other prefectures, at least, leave us in Nagano alone, please. Non sense.

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