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Posted in: Amanda Knox accuses Matt Damon's new movie of cashing in on her case See in context

I have yet to meet someone who believes that she is innocent.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 3,865 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 10,699 See in context

jeancolmarToday  07:21 pm JST

The latest from NHK. The infection rate has reached 10,000. That's Ten thousand.

If by "infection rate" you mean the nationwide total then it is 10,699 according to the headline of this article. That's ten thousand, six hundred and ninety-nine.

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Posted in: Teed off See in context

Apart from a couple of white shirts these "spectators" are all in matching red or blue uniforms.

Anyway, I still can't believe that golf is an Olympic sport, ludicrous.

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Posted in: Hong Kong's civil society 'withers' under national security purge See in context

HakmanToday  03:02 pm JST

The United Kingdom never should have handed over Hong Kong to China in 1997.

Easier said than done, the treaty had to honoured. Retaining HK by force is unsustainable, China controls the food and water. Nice idea but an impossible dream.

HK is screwed, if you have business there then dump it, get out asap and leave them to it. It will never ever be like it used to be. A great pity, I've been a regular visitor since the 70s but like most good things, ......................

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Posted in: Players, coaches criticize IOC for dropping softball for 2024 See in context

blvtzpkToday  11:08 pm JST

Just keep the Marathon. That’ll cut down construction costs. Finish in a pub car park.

Ideally just after opening time so as to be able to stay and relax for a while. Perfect; a decent pint and a Ploughman's.

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Posted in: Biles' Olympic fate in balance as support pours in See in context

Not sure just what is in her mind right now but if she doesn't believe that she can do it then she shouldn't compete. She said -

"I didn't want to go out and do something stupid and get hurt... At the end of the day we don't want to be carried out of there on a stretcher."

She's proved her worth many times over but she's right, not be in the right mindset, get it wrong and she could be seriously hurt. As we have seen in tennis, if you're not feeling up to it mentally you'll lose but you don't run the risk of crippling yourself for life.

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Posted in: Olympic air rifles turning heads with futuristic looks See in context

Americans winning medals for shooting; there's something to ponder on.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics: Pandemic, heat ... and now a typhoon's en route See in context

July-August is harsh for foreigners never lived in Japan.

There are foreigners who actually do come from / live in countries hotter than Japan; did you know that?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic opening ceremony begins See in context

Tanekuma77Today  09:58 pm JST


Either way, recording with their phones as they walk in is in poor taste in my opinion. It’s a ceremony in an event. They are participating, not watching.

Quite so. Good taste, good manners and just knowing how to conduct oneself is now a lost art.

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Posted in: Why Japan's 'rising sun' flag provokes Olympic ire See in context

But Bong Youngshik, a research fellow at Yonsei University Institute for North Korean Studies, says the flag wouldn’t have become a major issue if Japan had accepted its neighbors’ demands for making a more “sincere apology” over its wartime abuse.

How many more times do we have to hear this BS from a Korean nobody, you've had your apologies, you've had your compensation payments, now just please go away.

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Posted in: Brisbane picked to host 2032 Olympics without a rival bid See in context

without a rival bid

Words to salivate over.

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Posted in: Hoe no! Facebook snafu spells trouble for gardening group See in context

This issue has been around for years and keeps coming back ad nauseum, a little like those unfortunate Brits who live in the English town of Scunthorpe and often have a problem telling people where they live.

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Posted in: Japan beats Australia 8-1 in softball as Tokyo Olympic competition opens See in context

KumagaijinToday  10:29 am JST

Why do they start softball and soccer before the opening ceremonies?

Its quite common in many sports/events to start matches/competition before the official ceremonies.

That doesn't answer the question though.

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Posted in: China table tennis boss complains Olympic playing areas too small See in context

It's a pity that the Chinese didn't give their virus a little more room to play in then perhaps it wouldn't have felt the need to escape.

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Posted in: Pandemic Olympics: How the Tokyo Games will be different See in context

I meant to add this to the post above but thinking about this; a national team from wherever can easily arrive together on one flight but their individual events are spread over a 2 or 3 week period. If they are from the US or another major country then there are probably plenty of flights to choose from to get them back home but, if they are from somewhere less erm, blessed with regular flights, they are going to have a problem.

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Posted in: Pandemic Olympics: How the Tokyo Games will be different See in context

..........and athletes required to leave the Olympic Village 48 hours after they finish competing.

To their home country one assumes?

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Posted in: Suga says world needs to see Japan can stage safe Olympics See in context

This whole Olympics SNAFU just gets worse:

This article is headlined -

Suga says world needs to see Japan can stage safe Olympics

and the next article is headlined -

Tokyo reports 1,387 new coronavirus cases

If I wasn't sitting here right in the middle of this rolling fiasco I would have trouble believing it.

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Posted in: Japan prepares for a surreal Olympics, and plenty of questions See in context

Read the first article:


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Posted in: Australia to deport British commentator Hopkins for quarantine breach boast See in context

Elsewhere in a PA report:

"On Saturday, the 46-year-old reportedly said in a since-deleted Instagram live video that she was deliberately disobeying quarantine rules by taunting guards and opening her hotel room door without a mask."

If so then she has been deliberately breaking the rules, not planning to or threatening to, and deserves all she gets.

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Posted in: Bach urges Japanese to support Olympics See in context

When is Bach due to leave Japan? To where I wonder.

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Posted in: S Korea removes banners at Olympic village after IOC ruling See in context

Perhaps the second last paragraph should read:

Most South Koreans are taught to harbor animosity over Japan's 1910-1945 colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula,......................

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Posted in: Internet misinformation fans COVID vaccine hesitancy among Japanese young people See in context

Now that Trump's name has been dragged into the "discussion" I wonder how long it will be before this thread gets closed down?

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Posted in: 'Naomi Osaka' docuseries takes intimate look at tennis star See in context

Given that she is half Haitian did she ever comment or offer any support to the people there who are suffering so badly?

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Posted in: Suga asks Bach to ensure Olympics will be safe, particularly for Japanese public See in context

Suga san: Bach is a guest here, making the games safe is YOUR responsibility, not his. He will be leaving soon, the rest of the population has to stay and take its chances. Do your job! If you can't then get someone in who can.

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Posted in: Musk defends SolarCity, calls lawyer 'bad human' See in context

Express sisterToday  03:09 pm JST

Elon Musk is an idiot.

Yes, he must be to be worth an estimated $163 billion.

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Posted in: A visit to Japan’s train station that looks like a spaceport in the middle of nowhere See in context

 J-pop singer Aimyon used it for the cover of her single “Haru no Hi.”

Aimyon could make any station look a thousand times better on a Spring Day.

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Posted in: Heat risks add to challenges for Tokyo's pandemic-hit Olympics See in context

Searing heat, dripping humidity, and face masks:

"face masks"? Not a mask in sight in any of these file photos; lazy journalism which doesn't help with the credibility of the article.

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Posted in: Why Japan took the word 'mansion' and applied it to condominiums See in context

Flat 203 at 56B, Whitehaven Mansions is the home and office address of Hercule Poirot in the mid-1930s.

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Posted in: Koreans ready to roll See in context

Whereas elsewhere in this esteemed publication it is reported that:

"South Korea will raise coronavirus curbs to their highest level in the Seoul metropolitan area, the country's prime minister said Friday, warning a record spike in new cases had reached "maximum crisis level".

Around 90 people in that photo all coming here from just one corona virus ravaged country.

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Posted in: Haiti president assassinated at home See in context

oldman_13July 8  03:19 am JST

This has America's dirty fingerprints all over it.

What do you think America has to gain from this assassination?

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