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Posted in: 'We will be back in some form,' Trump vows at end of tumultuous presidency See in context

"............They have the foundation to do something really spectacular."

You did but then, you didn't.

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Posted in: Trump pardons former top strategist Bannon See in context

I find the fact that he can pardon convicted criminals on a whim (or for money) quite distasteful.

Trump is not the charitable type so the invoices will follow very soon I'm sure.

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Posted in: In farewell address, Trump urges prayers for next administration without mentioning Biden See in context

"This week, we inaugurate a new administration and pray for its success.................."

I'm trying very hard to imagine Trump on his knees praying for anything. But I can't.

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Posted in: Okinawa declares coronavirus state of emergency as cases spike See in context

Osaka_DougToday  07:38 am JST

Business leaders also need to stand up and take responsibility by introducing teleworking or remote location working,..........................

This is fine if you employ only office wallahs but for those in any kind of manufacturing it is impossible to comply.

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Posted in: Heavy snow causes 130-vehicle pile-up on Tohoku Expressway; one dead, 17 injured See in context

Tokyo-mToday  09:50 am JST

Actually, it's not the snow that caused this, the snow just is what it is. It's drivers driving too fast and too close together for the conditions.

Exactly, Truck drivers are mainly to blame, it's obvious from the positions of the smashed cars that most of them were hit from behind and pushed into the cars in front of them. Let's hope that there are some prosecutions.

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Posted in: 3 women arrested for operating massage parlor offering sex services See in context

Not a happy ending for the ladies involved.

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Posted in: 3 men found dead inside tent in Chiba forest See in context

TrappedToday  04:33 pm JST

Tragic. CO2 poisoning. The silent killer.

CO2 is Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide is CO.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after not paying taxi fare from Yokohama to Tottori See in context

I live down that way so now have an idea of what it would cost to take a taxi to Tokyo.

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Posted in: 'No special treatment' - Australia rebuffs tennis stars' quarantine complaints See in context

There is only one good reason to allow them out of quarantine and it involves a journey to the airport.

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Posted in: 2 COVID-19 cases reported on Australian Open flight See in context

@ Monty: I think the fact that it was a charter flight might have had something to do with that. I'm not sure but I think the test requirement before boarding was put in place by airlines, I could be wrong.

In any case, the Australian authorities should have just turned the aircraft around and sent it and its passengers back whence they came.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after selling counterfeit Chanel item to police officer at flea market See in context

Surely nobody can be naïve enough to believe that a Chanel keychain at only 400 Yen can possibly be genuine?

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Posted in: Flying in Japan? Your flight may soon be arriving at 'Hatsune Miku Airport' See in context

But you know what would sound even cooler and more futuristic than arriving at New Chitose Airport? Arriving at Hatsune Miku Airport.

Really? How odd.

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Posted in: Japanese mother, 3 children die in house fire in Australia See in context

awomdeToday  11:43 am JST

Speculation in Australia is that the Daddy was doing some cooking in the house .... not food cooking either but using the Walter White cookbook

Given that four persons have died, repeating such speculation without evidence does no-one any favours, especially you.

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Posted in: Thailand to test over 10,000 people after record COVID-19 surge See in context

mmwkdwDec. 20  10:57 pm JST

FYI. It's not Winter in Thailand. It's their Summer, and this would normally be the start of the peak of the Tourism season down there.

Unless they moved it when I wasn't looking Thailand is north of the equator and thus December is very much in their winter season. FYI that is.

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Posted in: Protest held outside Mitsubishi Heavy Industries over wartime forced labor See in context

nandakandamandaToday  09:34 am JST

How do you divide four people into three civic groups?

One person from civic group number one.

One person from civic group number two.

Two persons from civic group number three.

? :-)

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Posted in: Kobe hospital gets anonymous ¥5 million cash donation, gives it back, gets it again, keeps it See in context

cracaphatToday  04:28 pm JST

And to whom did they supposedly "give back" before deciding to accept?

Did you read the article?

 It wasn’t terribly anonymous, however, as a woman’s name and return address in Kobe’s Kita Ward were also written on the main envelope.

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Posted in: 1st Expat Expo Tokyo -- A fair for international residents on November 6-7 See in context

No doubt the so-called financial advisors will be out in force.

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Posted in: Safe containing ¥22 million stolen from home in Ibaraki Prefecture See in context

.......he went out with his mother and child at around 8:30 a.m. His wife, who was outside the house for awhile,.........

Sounds very dodgy to me, they all just happened to be out for a while and the safe was stolen?

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Posted in: Matsushima’s moods and marvels See in context

Pretty place, definitely worth visiting.

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Posted in: Nursery teacher arrested over kidnapping and sexually assault of elementary school girl See in context

MariaOct. 23  03:28 pm JST

You are linking "filming the incident on his smartphone" with "one of his acquaintances saw child pornography footage on his phone" and the article doesn't link the two phrases.

So what's your point?

My point, as I and many others have tried to get across to you is that the article does not link the phrases which I highlighted, only you are doing that.

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Posted in: Some hospitals in crisis as U.S. nears high for COVID-19 cases See in context

AgentXToday  08:28 am JST

Can't recall his me right now, but a medical professor from Princeton did make the remark that more people have died from influenza this year than COVID.

Your comment would have much more credibility if you could remember his "me".

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Posted in: Nursery teacher arrested over kidnapping and sexually assault of elementary school girl See in context

MariaToday  10:55 am JST

You have misunderstood. The man Daiki Ogawa raped the child in September, and the acquaintance called the police once they saw the smartphone footage in mid-October, ie last week, and Daiki Ogawa was arrested the following week. The suggestion is that the footage was of the poor child.

No it isn't. You are linking "filming the incident on his smartphone" with "one of his acquaintances saw child pornography footage on his phone" and the article doesn't link the two phrases.

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Posted in: Trump goes after 'Fauci and all these idiots' See in context

“What’s going on? ... We get these massive crowds. He gets nobody. ............."

It's because the Biden supporters are all at work.

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Posted in: How walkable is your city? London, Hong Kong put pedestrians first See in context

The cities of Paris, London, Bogota and Hong Kong are among the most walkable in the world, ............

but can you / would you walk anywhere, 24 hours a day? Until 5 years ago I lived in Tokyo, one of the biggest cities in the world, for 18 years and there's nowhere there that I wouldn't walk at any time of day or night. This is certainly true of the small Japanese city I live in now and am sure is true of almost everywhere else in Japan.

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Posted in: 71% of S Koreans see Japan unfavorably as ties sink to record lows See in context

I'm sure that 99% of Japanese couldn't care less what the Koreans think about them.

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Posted in: Japanese women who don’t follow mainstream beauty standards See in context

Bernard MarxToday  08:40 am JST

The difference between your average Japanese woman with and without make-up is pretty insane.

That doesn't make any sense at all, what do you mean? How can a difference be insane?

Do you mean that there's a big difference between one average Japanese woman and another depending on whether or not they are wearing make-up? That can be true of women everywhere but IMHO less so in Japan.

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Posted in: 91-year-old man arrested over hit-and-run incident See in context

Just like other commenters I wasn't there to see what happened either but it is entirely possible that the children were larking around on the road in front of the driver; who knows?

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Posted in: These people were probably afraid their own fraudulent applications would be exposed. There are signs that this kind of scam spread by word of mouth, so this case is likely just the tip of the iceberg. See in context

MickeliciousToday  08:38 am JST

These people were probably afraid their own fraudulent applications would be exposed. 

If only police focused more on the realm of hard evidence and not mere conjecture.

Given this -

He said the news of their arrest apparently triggered a flood of canceled aid applications and returned funds.

I think they are permitted some speculation.

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Posted in: We are glad the children and their parents are pleased with the halal lunches, and the school is willing to do everything possible to support them. See in context

Regarding this article whose focus is on "halal lunches", Halal, for those who don't know, is explained thus: (Google the following terms to find out)

What makes food halal?


What are the rules of halal?

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Posted in: China's imports, exports surge as global economy reopens See in context

Whatever you are buying check where the item was made and then remember that China inflicted the Corona virus on the world and make your decision accordingly. If there is an alternative to buying "Made in China" then you should take it where possible.

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