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Posted in: Rare footage of Beatles' 1966 visit to Japan to be screened in censored form See in context

In 1976 I attended the British F1 race at Silverstone with a lady I shouldn't have been there with. I was caught on TV cameras and this was seen by the lady I should have been with, kinda put me on the spot you might say.

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Posted in: World Cup captains want to wear rainbow armbands in Qatar See in context

They are there to play football, nothing else. If they want to play stupid games let them go back home and play them.

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Posted in: New 007 to 'serve king and country' as producers vow to keep Bond 'fresh' See in context

I favour either Vinnie Jones or Jason Statham for the role.

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Posted in: Japan weighs plan for ban on hotel guests without masks: report See in context

Completely pointless. I'm more likely to get COVID on a squalid, nasty old train with two carriages jam-packed with commuters and students than I am in a hotel.

The hotel is more likely worried about you spreading around the virus which you picked up on your nasty old train.

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Posted in: Remains of 3 people found in burned-out car in Yokosuka park See in context

I imagine it will turn out to be a murder/suicide with the father using a charcoal burner in the car to kill himself and two children and it then went out of control setting the vehicle alight. I may be wrong but it won't change the fact that they are sadly all dead. I hope that the children at least were unconscious before burning to death.

Somewhere there is probably a grief-stricken mother.

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Posted in: Osaka wins first match after Saville retires with injury See in context

This message is to inform you that your post has been removed for breaking one of the rules of the discussion board.

Reason of removal: Impolite to other user

Fighto!Today  08:27 am JST

Are you guys gonna continue your hatred and negativity forever? Let it go.

They are just attention-seeking and in the process making themselves look extremely foolish.

So, accusing others of hatred and negativity is not impolite but accusing others of attention-seeking and making themselves look foolish is impolite?

The workings of your mind are beyond my understanding. Seems that application of the moderation policy is random at best.

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Posted in: Japanese man sets himself on fire in apparent protest at Abe's state funeral See in context

So let me get this straight, the guy burned himself because of abes funeral which was caused by the unification Church and Korean involvement.

No, he burned himself because he's crazy and that's all he'll be remembered for.

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Posted in: Hopes grow for win-win effect of inbound tourism in Japan, weak yen See in context

AntiquesavingToday  12:54 pm JST

Anyone saying that people are smoking everywhere haven't lived here in years.

Most restaurants now ban smoking completely the rest have closed in smoking areas.

Smoking in public on the roads while walking has been prohibited in most cities and wards and will get you a fine if caught.

I haven't seen an office or business that still permits smoking in at least 5 years and those that do have a dedicated location usually outside.

Malls etc.. have designated rooms far From the general public if even that now as most are closed and now moved outside hidden behind the mall someplace.

This is not the Japan of 30, 20, or even 10 years ago, things have changed.

Absolutely right.

As for this:-

David BrentToday  03:16 pm JST

If you can’t make your point without lying, please don’t bother at all.

Accusing someone of lying when they are so obviously right and you are so obviously wrong beggars belief.

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Posted in: Man arrested for using smartphone to film up teenager’s skirt See in context

As with the kindergarten children Japanese have proven to perverted tendencies (ranging from life threatening to a sexual high from bodily excretions)

Racist or what?

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Posted in: China says Biden's Taiwan remarks 'severely violate' U.S. policy over island See in context

Biden does not know the meaning of the word unprecedented.

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Posted in: Man arrested for using smartphone to film up teenager’s skirt See in context

LindsayToday  07:31 am JST

The only unusual thing about this article is that he got caught. Many thousands do not.

I'd love to hear how you know this; some special place to see the pics online that you go to?

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for putting bleach in school lunch See in context

Her arrest on suspicion of forcible disruption of business is just a convenient charge to hold her whilst other, hopefully much more serious, charges are being considered. Same when killers are first charged with abandoning a body in order to hold them until further charges are decided upon.

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Posted in: 60% of people with foreign roots questioned by Japanese police: survey See in context

Yes, and to be clear, these rules apply to Jp citizens as well. They must carry and present some form of ID when requested (e.g. driver's licence, number card etc.).

Since when?

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Posted in: Is your gas stove bad for your health? See in context

BroncoToday  06:58 am JST

Induction stoves generate huge amounts of electomagnetic radiation.

Do you use a mobile 'phone next to your head?

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Posted in: Man arrested after 'disturbance' as line to see queen swells See in context

Just to complete the report:

"A statement from Scotland Yard said: “Muhammad Khan, 28, of Barleycorn Way, Tower Hamlets, was charged on Saturday, September 17, with an offence under Section 4A of the Public Order Act; behaviour intending to cause alarm, harassment or distress."

"A 19-year-old man allegedly exposed himself and pushed into mourners from behind as they waited in the line at Victoria Tower Gardens on Wednesday. Adio Adeshine is said to have gone into the River Thames in an attempt to evade police before coming out and being arrested. He was remanded in custody on Friday after appearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court charged with two counts of sexual assault and two counts of breaching a sexual harm prevention order."

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Posted in: Starbucks Singapore says customer database breached See in context

Why ever would 200,000 people in Singapore give their personal data to Starbucks?

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Posted in: N Korea criticizes Japan for rendering key bilateral accord 'null and void' See in context

Song should be the star turn as a comedian in North Korea's Got Talent.

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Posted in: Abductee's mom calls for Japan to act 20 years after Pyongyang summit See in context

If Mrs Yokota's daughter was alive at the time of Koizumi's visit I'm sure she would have had the chance to return to Japan. She didn't.

If any of the abductees were still alive then Kim would have tried to use them as a bargaining tool of some kind. He hasn't.

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Posted in: 40% of evacuees from Afghanistan have left Japan over poor support See in context

Seth MToday  03:56 pm JST

No mosques here. hope the 60% find new happy lives with shrines and temples

There are 80 or so mosques in Japan.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth lies in state after solemn procession See in context

TorafusuTorasanToday  10:13 am JST

You are standing at the end of a three mile line that is moving a meter a minute. The wind is blowing against you at 4 nautical knots. How many hours until you reach your destination? Please show your calculations for full credit.

Fascinated by your use of the term "nautical knots" so I Googled it. I suggest you do the same.

A knot is one nautical mile per hour.

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Posted in: Jim Beam outlines expansion to ramp up bourbon production See in context

Why would you willingly drink a poison, however pleasant tasting it may be? Perhaps to accompany it you could wrap some dried leaves in a paper tube, put it in your mouth, light it and then breathe in the smoke.

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Posted in: Bodies of elderly couple found in home, storehouse See in context

ChabbawangaToday  09:41 pm JST

Too poor to carry on. Wont be the kqst story you hear like this as the true level of poverty in Japan comes to light over the coming months.

Not only Japan, most of the world is being affected one way or another.

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Posted in: Queen's coffin arrives at Buckingham Palace as huge crowds line London route See in context

buchailldanaToday  08:50 am JST

It's like an orgy of Britishness.

Must be becoming boring for the majority of people.

And what's with arresting people for protesting.

On 9th September you wrote:

A woman who always did her duty for the country .RIP

Sad to see snide comments on the death of a 96 year old woman.

Could you not put them aside for at least a day and respect this lady.

I'm not British but she deserves respect.

Somewhat schizophrenic don't you think?

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Posted in: Russian forces retreat amid Ukrainian counteroffensive See in context

Awa no GaijinToday  10:28 am JST

Now that thousands have been evacuated into Russia putin will be retaliating soon against Ukraine.

It's gonna get worse .

When? After North Korea delivers the men and munitions Putin needs?

Russia has relied on the threat of its nuclear arsenal for too long and have forgotten how to fight a conventional war, especially with an increasingly mutinous army.

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Posted in: Biden honors 9/11 victims; vows commitment to thwart terror See in context

wallaceToday  10:17 am JST

The conspiracy stories still spin today on who bombed the World Trade Center. My family was there on the day and survived.

The WTC was destroyed by Saudi Arabian terrorists who entered the USA unchallenged, learned to fly passenger aircraft at US flight schools showing little or no interest in how to land or take off and nobody saw anything wrong. They then boarded commercial flights as passengers whilst carrying weapons.

I'm glad to hear that your family was unharmed.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth II's coffin takes long road through Scotland See in context

Awa no GaijinToday  10:12 am JST

I was expecting a more elaborate vehicle

This is not an occasion for a circus wagon, plain, simple and sombre is the correct protocol.

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Posted in: Swiatek defeats Jabeur to clinch U.S. Open crown See in context

Rather inelegant.

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Posted in: Marsha Hunt, '40s star and blacklist victim, dies at 104 See in context

In “Marsha Hunt’s Sweet Adversity,” she remembered almost getting the part of Melanie Wilkes in “Gone with the Wind,” even being assured by producer David O. Selznick.

"assured"? Mmmmm, I wonder.

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Posted in: Eye on the ball See in context

These guys are amazing, I take my hat off to them all.

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Posted in: North Korea passes law allowing for nuclear first strike See in context

poses an imminent threat to Pyongyang

So, if they get this wrong the lunatics will start WW3.

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