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Posted in: UK's Hunt says Britain can flourish even without Brexit deal See in context

............but Theresa May has to speak not just for the 52 percent who voted for Brexit, she has to speak for 100 percent of the country," he added.

Worth mentioning that 52% *of those who bothered to vote** *voted for Brexit and they represented only about one third of eligible voters.

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Posted in: Mother indicted after 1-year-old son dies after falling off electric bicycle See in context

(hell, they even have electric motors many of them)

Yes, I've noticed that too, many of those electric bicycles do indeed have electric motors.

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Posted in: London mayor calls for second referendum on Brexit See in context

1.6 million people were clear in their votes to leave the EU..........

Only approx. one third of eligible voters voted for Brexit based on what they were being told at the time and some innate racism. However, now that so many people are beginning to realise just how much of a disaster Brexit is going to be, a new vote now that people are better informed of the consequences is necessary. If Brexit is still perceived to be a good thing then it will be reflected in the vote so Brexit supporters should have nothing to worry about.

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Posted in: JAL, Garuda Indonesia to codeshare See in context

Garuda Indonesia will also offer codeshare flights on select transpacific routes operated by Japan Airlines.

Be very wary of this when booking with JAL and carefully check who you are actually going to fly with.

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Posted in: Russians in UK spy case say they wanted to see cathedral; Britain calls it lies See in context

If these guys were "known GRU agents", why weren't the British authorities tailing them?

Come on, tell us the source of your quote.

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Posted in: Kono says Japan will accept more foreign workers See in context

+2 on the lady on the right. Elegant and classy.

That may be true but I'd need more than a photo before reaching that conclusion; Singaporean ladies can be a, let's say, a challenge. Listen to the lady on the left, she really is elegant and classy.

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Posted in: Osaka's tourism industry hit hard by typhoon See in context

Will the owners / captain of that tanker be held responsible for it crashing into that bridge with their insurance company paying for the repairs? They must bear some responsibility for being unable to control their vessel.

Is there anyone here familiar with marine rules and regs, insurance etc.?

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Posted in: The day after See in context

........did she really win or was it given to her? With the Ump acting the he did, makes you wonder?

Did you watch the match? She massively outplayed Williams, and she's smart enough to know it.

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Posted in: Big reward for Osaka fugitive draws yakuza interest See in context

Another Keystone Cops reboot...let's hope the 3 million comes out of the operating budget for that station, or the pockets of those on duty at the time.

Did you read the article? It said the reward was being offered by a company president.

Around Aug 25, an Osaka construction firm announced via an SNS that it would offer a magnanimous reward of 3 million yen for information leading to Hida's apprehension.

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Posted in: Which fashion item or trend do you wish would disappear forever? See in context

Overalls/coveralls on women. They are about the least flattering an item of clothing a woman could wear.

Not always, it depends on who is wearing them, what they are made from and what she is wearing, if anything, underneath.

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Posted in: Trump says good relations with Japan 'will end when I tell them how much they have to pay:' WSJ See in context

This may not bode well for Japan.

You mean Japan might have to stop importing all those American cars and trucks?

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Posted in: Hokkaido quake disrupts business activities, hospitals See in context

Power outages also wreaked havoc at hospitals, with an infant girl briefly falling into serious condition after her oxygen inhalator stopped.

A simple UPS on such life-support equipment would give them time to sort out a more permanent solution.

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Posted in: Hokkaido quake disrupts business activities, hospitals See in context

"What do we do then?" a worker asked.

You don't wait for "then", you do something about it now. Find some diesel, try a bus company, trucking company but don't wait until the generator stops before doing something.

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Posted in: Toyota recalls 1 million hybrid cars over technical problem See in context

How do vibrations wear down wires?

By causing chafing which wears down the insulation and causes shorts which in turn generate heat from the high current and can result in fire or explosion.

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Posted in: Toyota recalls 1 million hybrid cars over technical problem See in context

Certainly in Japan Toyota should recall the DRIVERS of all Prius models and have them re-trained and re-tested. Expect every Prius driver to do something stupid and you will almost never be disappointed.

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Posted in: American sentenced to hang for killing ex-wife in Malaysia See in context

Is strangling someone an act of self defence?

Well, it seemed to work for this guy, she stopped attacking him, in fact she stopped doing anything at all.

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Posted in: Fishermen to claim ¥93 mil in damages over dumping of fuel in lake by U.S. jet See in context

.......for suspension of their clam and other seafood fishing operations in a local lake......

Seafood? Lake? Is it a salt water lake?

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Posted in: Tochigi man arrested for shoplifting animals from hardware store to feed to his cat See in context

"Fingers" Fujita won't be feeding his cat anything from his jail cell.

Let's hope someone else does while he's away.

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Posted in: Stars, politicians mourn Aretha Franklin at funeral See in context

On the day of the funeral of the Queen of Soul, who died last week, the Band of the Welsh Guards played a version of Respect during the Changing Of The Guard outside Buckingham Palace.

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Posted in: Lost at sea: Thousands of dead migrants never identified See in context

Senegal doesn't really have a northern coast, more like a western coast. Trying to get to Spain in a dugout canoe is ambitious to say the least; it's a 1000 kms to the Canary Islands and another 1000 to the Spanish mainland.

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Posted in: Hospital fails to report 5 deaths in rooms amid heat wave See in context

Conditions in second and third class rooms there were better than in 90% of hospitals in Japan.

Agreed. I have been amazed at how backward and Third-world most hospitals are in Japan

You guys must have been in a lot of Japanese hospitals to reach those conclusions.

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Posted in: Mayor of Japan’s Conan town to Conan O’Brien: 'If you want the money, come visit' See in context

Good to see that Mayor Matsumoto has a sense of humour, a rare condition among Japanese local officials.

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Posted in: Are more doors opening to tattooed visitors? See in context

.............the problem is that many foreigners don't understand bathing etiquette, ..................

Most, usually older, Japanese men don't understand it either, they are the ones who enter the onsen, throw a bowl of water over their bits and then get into the bath without washing first.

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Posted in: Why doesn’t the U.S. adopt the metric system? See in context

I like pints.

US pints or proper Imperial pints?

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Posted in: Hackers target smartphones to mine cryptocurrencies See in context

But Google recently cleaned up its app store, Google Play, telling developers that it will no longer accept apps that mine cryptocurrencies on its platform.

"no longer". Meaning that it was previously aware of these apps but accepted them anyway.

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Posted in: Coffin test See in context

I had an unexpected expense at my father in law's funeral; my wife demanded that I give her a clean 10,000 Yen note to fold and put in his pocket just before the cremation "in case he needs some money when he gets to the other side".

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Posted in: Melania Trump planning solo international swing to Africa See in context

What's a swing?

The word is being misused here so I'll guess that the author is American.

When talking about a journey from point A to point B you may say that you will swing through point C when on the way from A to B. You cannot use swing when describing the whole journey as in the article above.

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Posted in: ‘Super volunteer’ who found missing child helping residents in flood-struck area See in context

This guy deserves a medal, or some form of official recognition, for what he's done.

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Posted in: 4 Japanese basketball players sent home from Asian Games after spending night with prostitutes in hotel See in context

Take them off and man up to getting caught doing something on everyone’s bucket list.

A night with an Indonesian prostitute is not on my bucket list.

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