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Posted in: IATA does not support social distancing on aircraft See in context

Why can't they pass the benefits of lower fuel costs to passengers, slash the fuel surcharges and implement better social distancing in flight?

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Posted in: Plane leaves Japan for Greece to collect Olympic flame See in context

Wont a big flame set the fire alarm system like even a cigarette is supposed to?

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Posted in: IOC Tokyo Olympic marathon edict should give pause to other cities See in context

There was a human rights petition from many participating athletes to move it out of Tokyo. JT could have got more information about the other side of the story before writing a biased article.

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Posted in: Toyota reduces number of top positions to speed up decision-making See in context

so Toyota wil make it easier for Law enforcement authorities to finger-point and hunt down the executives who screw-up(like VWs Oliver Schmidt)?

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Posted in: Warming to lithium-ion, Toyota charges up its battery options See in context

VW doesn't have a single EV on the market and have not announced any prototypes either. BMW has an EV but I don't hear them selling many of them.

The VW e-Golf and even Electric Mercedes B-Klasse have been in the European market for a few years now. Not very popular due to the success of diesels though.

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Posted in: Carmakers forced back to bigger engines in new emissions era See in context

@reckless: Hybrids like prius are useless for European usage,where Towing is almost a necessaity and consistance Torque at highway speeds can be only provided by diesels.

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Posted in: High wires See in context

so ugly..

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Posted in: Wet race See in context

wonder why the "worlds greatest Automaker" does not send a team,or even a car to F1 yet?

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Posted in: Toyota: Cars will be safer, but still need drivers See in context

these are quite old options, already available in Mercs.

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Posted in: Mazda unveils all-new Roadster See in context

just 165BHP out of a 2L engine with "latest Skyactiv" technology? seems a bit underpowered in my opinion.


civic type-R 2016 euro version will get over300HP with same displacement .

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Posted in: Porn queens raise Y5 mil for AIDS charity at 'Boob Aid' See in context

when did these "actresses" have their last STD check? thank god most STDs are not transmitted by boobs.

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Posted in: New life for old VW See in context

the body is still godd because it is a German car made of real thick metal.

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Posted in: Abe handed letter from Sea Shepherd founder in Australia See in context

the whole fake Japanese propaganda against Pual watson with the red notice drama has FAILED.well done,SS crew! My respect and donations go to your cause!

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Posted in: Whaling dominates Abe's New Zealand trip See in context

as always,Sea Shepherd warriors will be waiting in the southern ocean.This time with the ICJ ruling in their hands! (kuni ni kaere)

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Posted in: Grapes fetch record Y550,000 a bunch See in context

fresh fruits are a luxury in japan? ROFL

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Posted in: Aeon opens first Japanese shopping mall in Cambodia See in context

to exploit Cambodians by selling overpriced goods in tiny quantities?

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Posted in: Japan bets big on making fuel-cell cars a reality See in context

StormRJun. 29, 2014 - 09:27AM JST

Toyota leads the way once again.

not really. Daimler ,Honda,BMW,Hyundai,VW ,Nissan all are also known for plans to introduce fuel-cell mass-production vehicles soon.

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Posted in: GM tells dealers to stop selling Cruze sedans with Takata air bags See in context

where are the US bashers now?

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Posted in: Sayonara See in context

with Colombia on their back-sides? ROFL

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Posted in: Parts of Imperial Palace opened to public for first time See in context

good,at least these people would knoe where their tax money is gone

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Posted in: Wedding march See in context

looks more like a Funeral parade

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Posted in: Lawmakers demand gov't 'redesign' whaling program See in context

where are those commentors who said Sea shepherd will not be needed anymore?

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Posted in: Catch all the fun at Tokyo Motor Show See in context

German cars rock,they seem to have Driving fun and Greenness combined in one package with the new semi-electric drives.good luck Japan for building Shoeboxes and flying cabinets on wheels!

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Posted in: Jump in my car See in context

is this from the Tokyo "Motor" Show or Tokyo TOY show?

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Posted in: Watson accuses Japan of coercing other countries to demand his arrest See in context

Japan is using their donationation money to twist their Opinion in their favour,but so far have failed miserably!

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Posted in: Oklahoma jury finds Toyota liable in fatal acceleration crash See in context

Thank god the Corporate bloodmoney could not stop delivering justice to the poor Gaijin victims.Comparing with how Toyota handled the same issue in the Emperors car,this is plain disgusting.

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Posted in: Japanese chef brings taste of Fukushima to France See in context


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Posted in: Grim work See in context

people should be banned from living in such areas prone to tsunamis,mud-slides etc.

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Posted in: 17 dead, 51 missing as typhoon sideswipes Tokyo See in context

Unbelievable,japan really has a climate like Mars.

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Posted in: Jury rules Toyota not liable for death of woman killed in accident in U.S. See in context

its pathetic that Toyota is trying to use the verdict of this ordinary accident to shrug-off responsibility for putting the lives of millions of Gaijin at risk..

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