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@domtoidi - "Tokyo truly is a right wing kind of town."

Always has been. And Japan truly is a right wing kind of country.

If you are truly a progressive Japanese politician who does have radical ideas to help working mothers, working families, the economy, the energy crisis, and Okinawa, what chance do you have?

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If you disliked the US' 2014 Godzilla because of lack of Godzilla, then you'll be pleased to know Japan's 2016 Shin Godzilla has even less Godzilla, but...

...with 100% more Japanese business meetings! If you live in Japan and enjoy Japanese business meetings where there is men talking, pontificating, and grumbling, then this is your movie.

And in the 2014 version, if you hated the focus on a few human characters, then you'll love 2016's no focus on any of the 300 characters.

And this is no spoiler, NOT A SPOILER! , but...

The real villains in Shin Godzilla is America, and Post-War Pacifism.

Pure propaganda.

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Koike hasn't given her finger to the LDP, just to the oyajis and those old men are just angry cuz it's a boys club, not because her beliefs are different than theirs. She very much supports their every scary nationalistic view, just not the idea a man should be in charge.

And let's not forget, her father supported that loon Ishihara and the hate group, Tatenokai.

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Koike, against the idea of biofuels, supports reforming Japanese textbooks to support a more sympathetic view towards Japan in history, has also supported revising the constitution like Abe, supported Bush's war on terror, supports visits to Yasukuni and goes every year, and...

She's a member of the radical right-wing group, Nippon Kaigi.

If you're thinking you're getting a game changer with her, that's a completely misguided notion.

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Posted in: Theresa May becomes Britain's new prime minister; Boris Johnson named foreign secretary See in context

Never one to be outdone by the Yanks, Britain's counter to America's scene stealing Donald Trump, Boris. Freaking. Johnson.

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I think the idea that the Japanese people were duped by Abe is wrong. Japan has never been known as a country who stands up to their tyrant, no matter how wrong they are.

This is the ultimate bend over and take it country. You say Nuclear Power and coal is our only hope? OK. You say we need to revise the constitution? I may not like it, but OK. You say immigration hurts the purity of our people, thus no one should be let in? OK. Our economy is on track? Yes, sir.

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Posted in: Ruling bloc wins landslide in upper house election; voter turnout at 54.7% See in context

All Hail Nippon Kaigi!

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Posted in: Japan ruling bloc election win could be too big for markets to swallow See in context

I remember before I came to live in Japan.

I was fed up with my home country's government. I felt change never seemed to happen fast enough. The news was filled with politicians all trying to be the leader, the boss. Every one had some policy or plan and it was fight after fight on the news about who's idea was right or wrong.

Now I live in Japan, where change never happens. No one wants to be the leader. No one has a policy or plan. The news is too afraid to tackle any topic with differing opinions or criticism.

Please, someone, convince the woman I'm related to by marriage to agree to leave this country.

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Posted in: Netflix to boost original series, films in and from Asia See in context

To paraphrase Jake Gittes from Chinatown,

Forget it, Netflix. It's Japan.

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Posted in: High school student expelled for having sex, sues school for Y6 million See in context

You finally found a couple in Japan who want to have sex, with each other, and you punish them?

You see, that's why all young people here are scared of the opposite sex and you're doomed.

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Posted in: Lower voting age leaves many wondering: 'Where's Japan's Bernie Sanders?' See in context

This article is so misleading.

Who says the Japanese want a Bernie Sanders?

Abe has made so many missteps, no one blinked when Aso was brought back, Abenomics, Okinawa, tax raises, stagnant wages, constitution changes, and all there is are some articles about scattered protests or worried citizens, but then...

Nothing. Japanese people are and have always been unwilling to stand up as a whole. Study the history. They want an iron fist, they want to be controlled, and progress has never been welcomed, whether it be opening up to the west or challenging dictators.

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"...but now you can vote starting at 18 years of age and possibly screw up more than just your own life."

I always found this argument hilarious. The belief that uninformed 18 year olds voting will somehow hurt society more than the "informed" wise cronies in their 30s - 60s have who just vote for the name of the guy who's the son of who they voted for before.

This country is in the crapper, has been for years, and you're worried 18 yr olds will ruin that? I'm not saying under 18ers should vote, 18 is good to me, and in no way can this country's trajectory get worse.

Old people have been voting and screwing up the future of children for years, at least now the next generation has a chance to have their say.

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Posted in: It appears that elements that do not look kindly on having an individual who has been critical of the current administration appear at a noted event like Fuji Rock are using the logic that politics sh See in context

I would love to see politics mixed with other things in Japan, not just music.

Comedy is toothless here, no satire, no challenging the establishment, just the same ol same ol fat jokes or pain-inflicting-comedy.

I'd love to see politics discussed with more fervor on those innocuous morning shows.

But most of all, I'd love to hear a politician actually "discuss" politics, not be a recorded message for their party leader.

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Posted in: 'Ghostbusters' backlash brings out Internet trolls See in context

Honestly, I just feel bad for the women at this point.

Yeah they got paid, but watching them do press, beyond Jones, you can tell the hate is really taking a toll on them.

These women aren't trying to ruin your childhood. I honestly believe they just wanted to make a fun movie.

Okay it's not funny, but why be so angry just because it's not funny? Adam Sandler deserves more hate then.

Harold Ramis isn't walking through that door, Murray didn't want to continue, Ghostbusters 3 wasn't gonna happen. Let it go, watch the original on blu-ray and ignore this if you want, but let it go man.

When they reboot it with dudes or a mixed cast, maybe it'll work or maybe it won't but that happening anytime soon.

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One thing I can't believe is that drivers will really give up their right to "be in a hurry" ? Or somehow that the "impatient" gene will be completely phased out of human DNA?

If automated cars become a thing of reality, humans will all of the sudden will be willing to go the same speed as everyone else? Not have the urge to pass a car? Not be annoyed of being behind a bus? Not want to make a yellow light? Not be late to work?

I can't see a world where the aggressive driver will willingly give up their automotive freedoms and enjoy feeling stuck in a uniformed moving line.

Can you override an automated car's computer in an emergency or must you just sit and take it like a roller coaster and watch your possible death happening with no ability to stop it? Talk about horror.

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Hi, @Laguna!

Yeah, I know. Every country tracks as many citizens as they can already. It's not new. China watches their people, Europe watches their people and this has been going on since governments were established.

During the French Revolution, spies were used everywhere to track their people, the Americans and Russians still track their citizens because they both know the intelligence war and that hidden threat amongst it's people is real.

How do you think those terrorist plots stay plots and not carried out acts? Because your government is watching you.

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Newsflash, governments worldwide already do this.

European governments already track those entering their country from those areas on their watch list, and Canada, the US monitor everything.

I don't get why people are surprised by these headlines.

Every country spies on each other, watches each other like a hawk, and trusts each other like you would a snake in your grass.

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Posted in: Record 65 million people displaced worldwide: U.N. See in context

We're making more and more of the world unlivable through war, hate, or environmental crisis and we refuse to welcome strangers into our bosom.

Where should those guilty by association go?

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Posted in: 'Star Trek' actor Anton Yelchin dies in car accident See in context

Oh my god, this is tragic and an absolutely horrific way to die.

He was a true actor, about the role and not the limelight. So sad.

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Posted in: Miso Miranda See in context

God these foreign celebs make bank coming over here to film a 20sec commercial in 20sec and make a few TV appearances in a day and then hop a jet back to wherever rich celebs summer.

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Posted in: Protesters rally in Naha, Tokyo against U.S. military bases on Okinawa See in context

The Philippines were in the exact same position. They were sick and tired of the US colonialists and kicked them out. 25 years later, Manila wants America back because the China threat is real, at least real enough to welcome back America, the same country whose flag they burned for years.

America should leave. Japan doesn't deserve it. You know why Japan and the Japanese feel the US military presence isn't needed and it's more harm than good? Because Japan doesn't know life without it since WWII.

You take for granted that another country's men and women are here in your country and willing to give their lives to protect you and your freedom. And they give you their money by way of shopping and services.

Yes, there are bad apples, ask anyone living near a base in the US. Some get drunk, commit disgusting acts, and face light penalties. But, by national average, fewer crimes are committed by military personnel than that of everyday society.

Japan, protect yourself, take care of your own backyard and then you'll see what the burden of being the wall between you and China is really life.

These protestors don't care that the US is more well behaved than when Japan had bases in Korea and China.

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The festival is just a way to charge you twice as much for the same beer you get in a can at the 7-11.

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Here's how you think your day will play out:

You'll take a scenic drive with friends and family and talk about how beautiful Mt. Fuji looks.

Then, you'll stroll the park and admire the beauty and the incredible arrangement of the flowers and the care involved.

After that, you'll sit down and eat a delicious meal or snack and enjoy the comfort of being outdoors and not in an office.

Here's how your day will actually go:

That scenic drive turns into a 3 hour nightmare of not moving on a single lane road and your friends and family are sleeping or complaining about needing the toilet or food. And after you find parking, walk 30 minutes to the entrance.

Out of your car is not better, you'll either be moving at pace that makes you wish you were in a line for Space Mountain or being bumped and pushed by annoyed old people cuz you're tall, and the sooner you can get out of there, the happier you'll be is all that's on your mind.

And if you want to eat there, you'll eat overpriced yakisoba standing up and everyone at this point will want to go home and you'll wish it was just another Monday at the office.

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Posted in: 'Batman v Superman' signals a new dawn for DC Comics See in context

It's exactly what the trailer shows you. If you think the trailer looks good and want to see 2 1/2 hrs of that, you won't be disappointed. If you think 2 1/2 hrs of that will be torture on your soul, you won't be disappointed.

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Ah, Leo, lord of the Super-Yachts...

A super yacht like the Topaz he rented from a Saudi oil Shiek for the Rio World Cup and his other yacht, the Rising Sun can burn thousands of liters of marine diesel every hour as it cuts an impressive swatch through the ocean waters, leaving behind trails of smoke and tones of carbon dioxide. Additionally, such crafts can use up to 1000 liters a day or more just for its air-conditioning and electrical systems, according to Yacht Carbon Offset, a company that provides carbon offsetting for its seafaring clients.

Or flying his private jet from LA to NYC six times in six weeks according to Sony's email hacking.

Leo's carbon footprint with his multiple homes, yachts, and extensive travelling for work and pleasure puts him well above any politician.

All he does is drive a prius occasionally and is seen riding a bike every now and then. Groups he's affiliated with has planted trees and done research, but Leo? He takes a bunch of girls on a luxury yacht and on a private jet any chance he gets.

He's just a TV evangelist.

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"But consumption has dramatically declined in recent decades, with significant proportions of the population saying they “never” or “rarely” eat whale meat."

Knowingly eat whale meat...

And even if you told people here, that 100 yen tuna roll you're eating is actually whale, they either wouldn't be outraged or feign outrage or say it's Japan's right to eat whale.

No one in Japan cares, dude. That's why it won't change.

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The face of the girl in white sums it up:

Why is it my face that's gotta be seen wearin this thing?

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Posted in: Nuclear experts from France, U.S. to help with Fukushima clean-up See in context

Ha! Japan didn't ask for help cause they're out of ideas or money.

With more aging reactors going online, the J-Nuke Crew doesn't have time to mess around with Fukushima anymore.

They'll be busy putting duct tape and bubble gum on the cracks of them other 40 year old ticking time bombs.

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So sad are the people who go online and clicks on a picture of a woman who has never done anything to you personally just to attack her looks.

She's 46 and looks great. Unless she's urinated on your lawn, leave her be.

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Posted in: Japan's porn industry preys on young women, say rights advocates See in context

A young girl's reason for signing these contracts is almost every time because they think it's easy money.

It's never easy money. They take your face, your body, your privacy, your anonymity, and sometimes your real name for basically pocket money.

They violate your body and your life. Before you sign anything for even nude modeling, think long and hard and ask yourself if the money is worth it and why you're so desperate in the first place.

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