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Posted in: Japanese, British fighter planes meet for first time since World War Two See in context

@clamenzo @Asakaze Uk 5962 miles US 6321 miles, so either your atlas is broken or its a fiendish Google hoax for Halloween

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Posted in: Japanese, British fighter planes meet for first time since World War Two See in context

@Goodlucktoyou UkK is closer to Japan than USA

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Posted in: Japanese prison built in 1908 to become hotel See in context

Built at the turn of the last Century. Headline is misleading

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Posted in: WhatsApp is going to share your phone number with Facebook See in context

@Strangerland, I found the option in Settings Privacy. There is new terms of conditions that has an option to turn off Facebook sharing. Hope this helps

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Posted in: Scrambled eggs baked in muffin tins make mornings easier See in context

Quiche without the crust

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Posted in: 37-year-old man arrested on suspicion of stealing 300 anime trading cards from even older fan See in context

Smack his ass and send him to bed without his supper, stupid man-child

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Posted in: 34% of Japanese men afraid of their female colleagues, according to recent poll See in context

The question was a wee bit loaded don't you think? Trying to elicit a response from people that agrees with his view

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Posted in: American man gets 18 months for dumping woman's body in bay See in context

@The Godfather That is the point I was making regarding Double Jeopardy, to charge him now with murder on the available evidence would probably lead to a verdict of not guilty and would prejudice any charge in the future on stronger evidence that had a better chance of securing a guilty verdict. @ ThePBot quite possibly it is BS, but gut feelings are not admissible as evidence in court

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Posted in: American man gets 18 months for dumping woman's body in bay See in context

@BuBuBu, Where does it say he admitted dumping her in the Ocean whilst she was still alive? Being in his car a few hours before she apparently died does not make him a murderer. See what I mean about lack of evidence?

The only evidence that has some mileage is the fact he bought some tarpaulin and rope before she died, but that was deemed to be not sufficient to secure a murder conviction, but possibly supported the case for which he was convicted.

Taking sleeping tablets and drowning in her bath is just as plausible as your unsupported theory of murder by Gumo.

Beyond reasonable doubt is the level of proof required, and in this case there IS reasonable doubt, hence the decision not to charge him with murder.

The Police can continue to investigate and gather irrefutable evidence to secure a conviction in the future. To charge him now on flimsy and possibly circumstantial evidence that could lead to a not guilty verdict would be extremely foolish. Double jeopardy anyone ?

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Posted in: American man gets 18 months for dumping woman's body in bay See in context

There is no mention of Akitya drowning at the site where her body was found, and it is quite possible she took sleeping pills and lay down in her bath.

The evidence that people are using to convict him of murder on this site is sheer speculation. He was not charged with murder because the police considered there was not enough evidence to secure a conviction.

Remember innocent until proven guilty, and then only if convicted beyond a reasonable doubt.

He was charged with and convicted of abandoning a body beyond reasonable doubt. The lynchmob mentality of some of the comments on this forum never fails to amaze me. She is a witch....burn her...she has got a wart on her nose so must be a witch

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Posted in: Why is the UK called Igirisu in Japanese? See in context

Typhoon comes from the Cantonese Dai Fung (Big Wind)

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Posted in: Horsemeat found in dishes in Finland, Denmark, Sweden See in context

The real point is that if it says Beef on the label and you pay Beef prices you dont expect it to be a knackered winner of the Grand National, it is not the aversion to eating Horse meat. If you buy minced chicken you dont expect to have next door's cat. Horse meat bred for consumption do not get medication given to them by the Vet that would ordinarily be given to the riding/racing horse because some of the vaccines are dangerous for humans. Keeping these drugs out of the human food chain is the real concern.

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Posted in: Which English words or expressions really annoy you? See in context

@Thunderbird2 Gotten is one of those words that were originally used in British English like "Fall" that are now regarded as archaic and no longer used in the UK but is still retained and used correctly in the USA. My grandfather used to use the word down in the West Country when I was a child along with other old Anglo Saxon words like "bist as in "deest bist" from the German "Du bist". I do agree with "My bad" though, what nonsense is that?

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Posted in: Softbank offers employees Y1 mil incentive to master English See in context

@ waltery I presume you learnt English with TOEIC. I think you have proved that Geoff Gillespie`s comment is correct.

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Posted in: Which English words or expressions really annoy you? See in context

At this moment in time. Share prices are in "negative territory". The over use of awsome, iconic and legendary Measuring the height, weight or area of anything in Jumbo jets, Olympic swimming pools,Elephants, or various States of the USA.

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Posted in: Violations involving reckless cyclists on the rise See in context

Until bike riders get it into their thick skulls that they are classed as "light vehicles" and the law of the road applies equally to them as it does to a ten ton truck there will be no improvement. If the police dont enforce the laws that exist at the moment, what is the point of adding more restrictions. If its not enforced it will be ignored with impunity as it is now.

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Posted in: Which apple, which recipe? See in context

Dont forget the Bramley apple for your apple pie or chutney

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Posted in: Is Phelps the greatest Olympian? See in context

@Borscht Triathlon IS an Olympic event :)

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Posted in: Olympics safe despite security blunder: Coe See in context

Low wages and no cheap accommodation in London are the reason they could not recruit, added to by the other requirement.... the ability to speak English. Not really a surprise, G4S have a habit of taking over state functions like Prisons and Prisoner escorts and when they find they cannot cope call on the very people whose jobs they are undercutting to come and drag them out of the brown stinky stuff.

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Posted in: Noda under fire from Hatoyama, LDP See in context

Being criticised by Hatoyama is like being savaged by a dead sheep

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Posted in: To conserve power, TV broadcasters should shut down See in context

As a point of interest, after powercuts in the UK after flooding places like Gloucestershire and Bournmouth experienced a surge in the birthrate 9 months later. So cutting the power will kill two birds with one stone.

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Posted in: Restaurant owner found stabbed to death in Chiba See in context

A call from a customer at 4:30am. Is that a little early for a restaurant to be open?

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Posted in: To conserve power, TV broadcasters should shut down See in context

Stopping the TV broadcasts wont save money. Nothing on TV ? Lets go to Tsutaya and rent some DVD. Now we have TV and DVD player consuming power. The only plus is Tsutaya`s profits will rocket.

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Posted in: Why did Britain's Tesco, the world's No.3 retailer, fail in its 9-year attempt to crack the Japanese market? See in context

It was the only place I could buy cheap Baked Beans and packets of biscuits with more than 10 biscuits in the pack. @Thunderbird2 dont take any notice of the Anglophobes on here, they have probably never been to the UK, and if they have they probably ate at MuckDonalds to remind them of home.

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Posted in: TEPCO report admits flaws worsened crisis; denies plan to pull out staff See in context

I didnt expect to find much self criticism, or a damning indictment of themselves in the findings of an internal investigation. Turkeys dont vote for Christmas.

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Posted in: Who is your favorite 1960s singer or group that is still rockin' on? See in context

Shirley Bassey

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Posted in: Record high number of work-related mental illnesses reported in 2011 See in context

@ Charles M Burns. I am glad you can cope with your workload. My own experience leads me to believe that stress and depression can strike anyone. You dont know you are depressed and stressed until after it strikes you and you seek medical advice. After your months on pills , you realise how stressed you were. It is not just workload that causes this, factors like your position in the hierarchy, bad management, and the safety of your working environment all have a part to play. I have empathy with those who have difficulty coping. There but for the grace of God go I.

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Posted in: Wider letter spacing helps dyslexics read: study See in context

http://www.dyslexia-parent.com/z118.html My last post didnt include a link sorry :)

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Posted in: Wider letter spacing helps dyslexics read: study See in context

I found this quote online as I was interested to know if dyslexia was due to the writing system used "Professor Akira Uno at the Tsukuba University, Japan, found that between 1% and 8% had problems with one or more of the alphabets used by the Japanese and that these children also had problems learning English".

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Posted in: With faces old and new, 'Dallas' makes a comeback See in context

I hope it doesnt make a comeback, it was dreadful the first time around. Dallas with colostomy bags makes me shudder.

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