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Posted in: Neil Young sues Trump campaign, deriding use of famous tunes See in context

Hilarious! Neil Not-So-Young sold out for the money & moved to the US to get more. Then he trashed Albertan’s for wanting to turn oil-sands deposits into money for the Province & oil for eastern Canadians.

Another phoney hard-core liberal gets revealed for all to avoid. Young plays the game but when he doesn’t like the lawful & paid-for use of his old drivel, he balks, whines & complains. His liberal tribes never return the royalties though.

As he fades into music obscurity, publicity stunts are the only way to keep his name alive. T45 will crush him, & that other guy who overdosed, in court. T45 wins again!

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Posted in: Boeing and MHI to upgrade Japan’s F-15J fleet See in context

The Chicoms only viable aircraft carrier would easily be detected in Japanese waters. And destroyed. Plus their ski-lift runway means only half loaded attack aircraft.

The all-weather air superiority supersonic F15J could be upgraded to the new X version coming on line soon.

This also means that the Chicom PLA airforce must leave from the mainland & air-to-air refuel, an easy target for Japanese F35’s.

Time for Japan & Australia to nuke up, just to be sure.....

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Posted in: Japanese rocket carrying UAE Mars probe blasts off See in context

Pretty sweet! Especially when you can buy all the West’s technology rather than invent it yourself.

How about spending some of that oil money on a fair election?

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Posted in: 'Joker' star Phoenix takes aim at climate apathy with film about dying Earth See in context

Phoenix is just another “Harveywood-Epstein” hack actor trying to improve the bad ratings of his current movie. A movie with no redeeming values.

His jumping on the climate-alarmism bandwagon is no surprise. Global-warming is an unverified hoax to justify imposing more taxes & gov’t imposition of rules to control your behaviour. Embrace none if it.

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Posted in: Stepfather gets 13 years in prison over fatal child abuse See in context

Killing children is a heinous crime in any country. In 1st world countries that nary have a population replacement rate, the untimely death of a child is just taken too lightly.

This bozo got 13 years for snuffing out the flame of a future productive Japanese citizen. For this, he & all others committing this crime should/must receive the Death Penalty.

It’s the only way to deal with these intransigents.

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