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Posted in: Why Japanese people are comfortable with nakedness See in context

Seems like a stereotype to me. In order to state something like that you need more than some anecdotal evidence. All it proves is that foreigners from some countries may get that impression. As stated above, one could easily write an article about Japan being afraid of nudity...

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I think indeed if this becomes an issue that isn't resolved fast, the Chinese events will lose fame and become boycotted by other countries too. It is also necessary to say that the marathon is an exception. Japanese could participate in ice-skating events in China, but a marathon track is very difficult to protect and I guess for some Chinese idiots everything that has a Japanese flag is a target now.

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Asahi slat (sounds like slut), G-taste shochu, naive body soap, the list goes on and on... I like it and it is funny. Thinking about it too seriously is not good, everyone makes mistakes and have things they didn't know.

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I thought this article was about how to build a real hot spring in your house, not just where to buy natural hot spring water. That was a little disappointing.

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Posted in: Japan's ambassador to Croatia to be transferred after sexual harassment allegation See in context

Since the Ambassador has immunity, this is actually something for Croatia to decide, rather than Japan. It was just announced by the Japanese ministry.

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Posted in: 48% of U.S. students face sexual harassment: survey See in context

Harassment is agressive pressure or intimidation. I think this research measured something else... This means that if as a woman you can still react and are just annoyed it is not harassment.

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Posted in: The case of Abubakar Awudu Suraj: A PR nightmare of Japan’s own making See in context

Indeed, Japan and the foreign media have a problem.

I remember a similar case in Belgium. It might be an overreaction of the police officers, but I'm sure they never planned to kill him. It is hard to know if he 'put up resistance' or went completely berserk. It's a sad accident, but not more than that.

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