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Posted in: Japan to invest $42 bil in India to strengthen economic ties See in context

Wasted money on an unreliable ally.

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Posted in: U.S. reveals nuclear bomb numbers after Trump blackout See in context

Perhaps you missed this bit:

"the United States had 5,550 warheads, compared to 6,255 in Russia, 350 in China, 225 in Britain, and 290 in France"

Perhaps you missed the bit where I said RAMPED UP. Also perhaps you missed this bit Perhaps you missed this bit:


Must be nice to have head so firmly planted in the sand.

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Posted in: U.S. reveals nuclear bomb numbers after Trump blackout See in context

Why negotiate disarmament with Russia while China ramps up it's nuclear arsenal at breakneck speed? What kind of idiot would negotiate with one while ignoring the other.

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Posted in: Manga artist Takao Saito, 'Golgo 13' creator, dies aged 84 See in context

Golgo 13 is legend. R.I.P.

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Posted in: North Korea says it tested new hypersonic missile See in context

Japan ready to spend some real money on defense yet? You ought to be.

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Posted in: Tokyo protests S Korean court order to sell assets for WWII compensation See in context

Just seize some assets from Korean companies operating in Japan, will get them to change their minds pretty quickly.

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Posted in: Massive haul of idol singer photos wash up on Japanese coast See in context

You could find worse things ;)

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Posted in: Firefighter arrested for marijuana possession See in context

How many deaths in Japan are attributed to alcohol every year? Now how many deaths related to marijuana? Legalize the harmless plant.

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Posted in: Algerian judoka to be sent home after refusing potential bout with Israeli See in context

What a clown, don't let the door hit ya on the way out. Loser

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Posted in: Olympic opening ceremony director fired for Holocaust joke in 1998 See in context

Cancel culture is lame. Who cares what people did decades ago, we all make mistakes, stop crucifying everyone for being human

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Posted in: Beijing says 2022 Winter Olympics on track despite pandemic See in context

Do not support genocide, boycott 2022 Beijing

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Posted in: Man admits killing and injuring over 100 cats See in context

Up against the wall, now.

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Posted in: Fukushima joins other Olympic venues in barring fans See in context

This has been such a nightmare I am sure the people in charge of this just want it all to be over so they can get on from this mess.

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Posted in: French father goes on hunger strike for children 'abducted' by Japanese wife See in context

This is a huge black eye on Japan. A father has rights also!

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Posted in: Nissan CEO tells Tokyo court Ghosn had too much power See in context

Nissan and Toyota, a tale of two cities. One forever disgraced on nearly all fronts and the other a world leader in nearly all categories.

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Posted in: Global COVID-19 deaths hit 4 million amid rush to vaccinate See in context

The lab made CCP Virus has been devastating on the entire world. never forget this when dealing with China apologist garbage.

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Posted in: Doves and fighter jets: China's Communists mark their centenary See in context

The worlds evil empire.

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Posted in: JOC to watch for hateful online posts during Tokyo Olympics See in context

If you are a high level athlete, yet you cannot handle idiots online saying 'mean things', you have other issues.

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Posted in: Giant panda gives birth to twin cubs at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo See in context

I propose the names "Uyghur" & "Taiwan" what do you think?

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Posted in: Hiddleston pleased that Marvel's 'Loki' addresses gender fluidity See in context

Disney is so far gone at this point none of this surprises me.

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Posted in: Sendoff for Somalia See in context

Queue up the PRC bots complaining about anything Japan and a military. People actually questioning what such ships could be used for need only look at the navy red China is fielding currently for all the answers you seek.

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Posted in: American arrested on suspicion of smuggling cannabis oil See in context

Draconian marijuana laws are never helpful in the long run. Waste of time for a harmless plant, and frankly embarrassing. Relax, smoke some MJ netflix and chill with your girlfriend/boyfriend have more babies etc etc.

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Posted in: As unpredictable Games loom, Japan's sponsors struggle to adapt See in context

The Olympics has been a clown show for decades now, sad to see Japan get roped into this money scam, but at least they will fare better than Brazil. The IOC is one of the most corrupt orgs on the planet. #fact

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