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hattorikun comments

Posted in: Kitano discusses new film on homosexual relations in samurai era, Japan's showbiz world See in context

He is running out of ideas

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Posted in: Updated COVID vaccine targeting Omicron subvariant rolls out in Japan See in context

Meanwhile I still stay unvaccinated…

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Posted in: Study of blood tests in Tokyo finds 98% as having vitamin D deficiencies See in context

I eat eggs, 2-3 eggs, daily, run or jog in the morning sun for at least 30 minutes everyday… Guess I might be among those 98%…

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Posted in: Japan declares war on hay fever See in context

hope whatever they plan will work. I have been suffering from this kafunsho the last 15 years… Seems to have gotten milder as am older though but still need a mask when am out during late Feb though mid Apr.

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Posted in: Comedy suffering because 'you have to be careful' now, says Aniston See in context

Been watching Mind Your Language series and couldnt stop laughing… Back then all was so carefree… so good.

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Posted in: Comedy suffering because 'you have to be careful' now, says Aniston See in context

World has turned ridiculously woke

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Posted in: Japan reports 5,938 new coronavirus cases See in context

Why some here keep banging the fear/mask narrative? You don’t have any clue. There has been no mask

mandate. People wear masks using their own judgement. Sometimes peer pressure for sure. I am not vaxxed but have never won mask walking outside or jogging. I do wear mask now (not while am jogging) because of kafun… which means this will last until early May. Many probably are having similar issue. We are fine with that. So If you can’t stand masks, don’t wear it but stop whining about others.

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Posted in: Just 16% of Japan assembly heads open to foreigners voting in referendums See in context

paying tax doesn’t mean you have the right to vote!

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Posted in: Just 16% of Japan assembly heads open to foreigners voting in referendums See in context

Give them an inch, they will try to get a mile!

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Posted in: All-male BOJ selections another blow for gender equality in Japan See in context

So what? Whoever is fit to do the job get the job… why does it have to be of certain gender if skin color?

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Posted in: LGBTQ groups demand Japan adopt equal rights law by G7 summit See in context

I respect but do not advocate their choice.

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Posted in: Aide to Kishida says he would hate to see LGBT couple See in context

Why apologized? He is entitled to his opinion.

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Posted in: Japan reports 57,264 new coronavirus cases See in context

many of us here in Japan would still wear mask from time to time depending on the situation. Mask wearing is not mandated here. I have never won it while out in the open and jogging. I would not wear it while working at my desk in the office. So that’s basically the norm for many in Japan. There are cautious folks of course, many of them… but that’s their choice. No one is going to kill them if they take off their masks. So if someone here is waiting for May to drop their masks, it’s just nonsense.

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Posted in: Japan reports 32,571 new coronavirus cases See in context

“Covid infection with vaccine? Any count?”

i guess 80%?

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Posted in: Japan’s ramen is too cheap; restaurants should raise their prices, famous soccer player says See in context

He is getting more famous for being such an idiot..

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Posted in: U.S. media rocked by layoffs amid economic gloom See in context

I have stopped watching media networks for years :))

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Posted in: Japan to lower COVID-19 to flu status in spring See in context

I have not worn mask working in the office. Not while I am out and about like jogging or to and from station. I do wear masks when in public transportation and at concerts etc..We have entertained guests at home too… Our guests are vaxxed and got COVID at least once. We are not.

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Posted in: Japan to lower COVID-19 to flu status in spring See in context

Vaccines? Maybe

Masks? Maybe

etc etc…

why do we all fight over all these?

Common sense? Absolutely.

i am still not vaxxed. I have been using masks when I think it is necessary and this had been the case before this pandemic, ie when I was allergic to the environment or when I was sneezing or coughing (which rarely happened. Keep your hands reasonably clean and keep a healthy balanced lifestyle … all these help. I won’t get any vax until am comfortable with it. I was vaxxed for the seasonal flu though. Once every year around mid Nov.

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Posted in: Mochi at the new year remains a hazardous substance See in context

I love grilled mochi then wrapped with nori…so tasty. It also goes well with a thick slice of meatloaf

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Posted in: Djokovic resigned to missing more U.S. tournaments over vaccination status See in context

He did the right thing.

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Posted in: Japan reports 201,106 new coronavirus cases See in context


am still unvaxxed. Been working in the office and using public transportation for commuting as usual. Today is my last day and will be off until Jan 4! Take care and Happy holidays!

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Posted in: Sagawa, who killed woman, ate her flesh in Paris in 1981, dies at 73 See in context

Rot in hell!

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Posted in: Number of new coronavirus cases in Japan surges to 102,829 See in context

I think mask has been the working for me… coz I have never been vaccinated. Many I know got infected even though they have been multiple vaxxed and also masked…

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Posted in: Japan in late-stage talks with U.S. for Tomahawk cruise missile purchase See in context

Good. Why change Article 9 just because of additions to your arsenal? Offensive weapon can’t be used for defensive purpose? Great that Japan can better prepare. What good is a country that feels wrong about having arms to defend while having to depend on foreign forces?

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Posted in: Tourists flock to Japan after COVID restrictions lifted See in context

Welcome to JP. Although I would try to avoid places where there might be many loud visitors.

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Posted in: Many popular TV shows of the 1960s, '70s and '80s might be considered offensive today for one reason or another. What TV shows that are popular today do you think will be seen as offensive by audiences 50 years from now? See in context

I think shows like Mind Your Language would be remade in better picture quality. I have been rewatching this series these days with so much fun.

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Posted in: Italians vote in election that could take far-right to power See in context

If the left is let to run things for longer we would soon be in be communism

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Posted in: Italy's right-wing, led by Meloni, set to win election See in context

Traditional values prevail

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Posted in: Slain ex-PM Abe honored at divisive state funeral See in context

“Imagine being in Tokyo and trying to move around with all this going on?”

whats in your imagination? I am in Tokyo. Commuting back and forth with song public transportation like most people do. No issue. Nothing close to your imagination.

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Posted in: Nike releases U.S. World Cup jerseys some criticize as bland See in context

I would watch how they play, not how they are dressed.

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