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Posted in: Russian troops deploy in Crimea as Obama warns Kremlin See in context

Interesting. I am also wondering if we will support this nearly forgotten treaty that was signed in 1994:


This would be a litmus test of how America would respond to our Asian allies if they were ever in need.

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Posted in: Overheating JAL Dreamliner battery hit 660 Celsius See in context

No other airline that operates the 787 Dreamliner has announced any further problems. I am beginning to think it is the JAL maintenance crews are not properly trained.

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Posted in: The U.S. Embassy is reportedly reluctant to give NHK an interview with U.S. Ambassador Caroline Kennedy because of controversial remarks about Japanese wartime history made by NHK governor Naoki Hyaku See in context

Whatever happened to engagement? You have an opportunity to make a point directly to the Japanese people about the idiot's remarks.

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Posted in: In Boeing 787 battery probe, X-rays may offer clues to past incidents See in context

I wonder if it is "user" error by the JAL maintenance teams. You do not read about any current similar problems with the other airlines that are now employing the 787 Dreamliner: ANA, United, etc...

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Posted in: AKB48 singer shaves her head as act of contrition for dating See in context

It is disgusting that this woman is forced to appease her mind controlling management.

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Posted in: Dreamliner problems pose threat to Japanese suppliers See in context

Is it known if the Japanese companies that supply the lithium batteries manufacture them in Japan, or are they outsourced to China?

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Posted in: 2 iOS apps released in series 'Japanese Conversation through Dialogues' See in context

Listed on the App Store for $5.00.

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Posted in: Female teacher arrested for photographing 11-year-old school girls naked See in context

This happens everywhere, and certainly isn't an underculture in Japan. I think you are getting into murky territory by suggesting Japan is more prone to pedophillia than anywere else

I agree that it is a problem in every country in the world, but Japan has already engrained the idea of oversexuallizing young girls/women. Walk into any manga/otaku shop in Aikihabara and you will see examples of lolita items that border, on the best case, disturbing if not outright dancing on the pedophilia line out in the open.

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Posted in: Female teacher arrested for photographing 11-year-old school girls naked See in context

For some reason Japan has a really messed up underculture......

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Posted in: Couple arrested over suspected suicide of 38-year-old daughter See in context

Shouldn't they be charged with manslaughter for this??

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Posted in: AKB48 management to send members overseas for upcoming TV show See in context

You can send one of them to me. lol

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Posted in: U.N. launches new campaign against global organized crime See in context

The second place to go would be Mexico and the druggies.

Agreed. Mexico is full of corruption. Have the Mexicans be responsible for cleaning up their cesspool of a government.

Oh, and close the UN too.

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Posted in: 5 U.S. states get $250,000 federal grants for tsunami debris removal See in context

Can we send the bill to Tokyo?? The US is broke.

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Posted in: Man held for dropping 1-yr-old son from 10th floor apartment See in context

Get a rope ready for this guy....

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Posted in: Lost 81-yr-old man, granddaughter, 3, kept warm by their dog until rescued See in context

Good story. A lot nicer to read this than the stories about perverts, child murders, and the other nuts that usually make up the Japanese news.

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Posted in: Do you agree with Japan's decision to provide financial and other aid to Libya and South Sudan? See in context

How about NATO not even being in Libya in the first place? Even with the newest and flashiest bombs, there always will be collateral damage.

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Posted in: Japanese navy squadron visiting Pearl Harbor See in context

I am hoping this means cute Japanese women in uniform walking around today!!

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Posted in: Woman held over abduction of 4-day-old baby girl from hospital See in context

I am surprised she did not tell her boyfriend that she got the baby from a vending machine.

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Posted in: Woman prostitutes daughter to 72-year-old man for years before discovery See in context

Two people deserve to be hanging from a few ropes.

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Posted in: Obama unveils $450 billion plan to spur jobs See in context

Paul: Yeah, how much? He has never put a specific plan on paper that details actual numbers on how entitlements will be cut. We have heard all of this before during the debt ceiling debate.

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Posted in: Obama unveils $450 billion plan to spur jobs See in context

He makes a speech but doesn't tell specifically how he will pay for it. This speech could have been done from the Oval Office, and did not need the ceremony of a joint session of Congress.

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Posted in: Panetta, Clinton: Bigger defense cuts would weaken U.S. See in context


Gates was right. US will pull out of NATO if the European countries refuse to equally pay for their defense initiatives. If not, pull our troops out and let them pay for their own security.

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Posted in: Panetta, Clinton: Bigger defense cuts would weaken U.S. See in context

Start closing the bases in Europe and pull the troops out of peacekeeping missions in Bosnia to save money.

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