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Posted in: Some 10,000 migrants rescued off Libya coast in 4 days See in context

Best way to stop the boat people is to blockade all the southern Mediterranean countries and force the refugee laden boats back to their shores, offload them and then scuttle the boats. No boats, can't swim, no problem in Europe. Let Libya deal with them. Oh and if Libya does nothing, stop buying their oil.

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Posted in: Gregg Allman of The Allman Brothers Band dies at 69 See in context

Many a good time listening to the Allman Brothers on my first 8 track in my little VW Bug. RIP Greg.

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Posted in: Video of passenger getting dragged off flight in Chicago sparks uproar See in context

United Airlines has crossed a line that it will forever regret

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Posted in: Japan's population projected to shrink 30% by 2065 See in context

I don't think that this a real problem and would actually benefit Japan.

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Posted in: Gunman kills estranged wife teaching class in Calif, then himself; 8-year-old student also dies See in context

This is why gun control does not work. That young 8 year old would be home safe with his family. The second amendment was written around 1776 and does not apply or adapt to modern civilization.

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Posted in: Video of passenger getting dragged off flight in Chicago sparks uproar See in context

This is outrageous! I say boycott United and it's co-airlines for good. The United staff should have to give way to paying customers. Why not fly your United employees on another airline or maybe even by Greyhound bus. The CEO and top management should be fired even if they did not condone because ultimately the top manages the bottom. To allow this type of brutality and don't tell me that they don't approve is absurd. Also take away the golden parachutes.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan, U.S. begin drill against N Korean submarines See in context

Enough political games with north korea. Its time to do something or do nothing and suffer the cconsequences. China uses nk as a playing card. China tries to tell the world that they will help keep nk under control if we keep having all our manufacturing done in china. Not true. I say take away China's playing card

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Posted in: 11 killed, 45 injured in St Petersburg metro blast; 2nd bomb defused See in context

Rip innocents. Terrorists must be stopped but unfortunately the best way is for everyone to watch their neighbors and report unusual behavior which is like the east German stazi. No easy way to solve this problem

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Posted in: Ivanka Trump to become official White House unpaid employee See in context

American royal family?? Ivanka as an advisor, why? Trump is surrounding himself with a wall of family members in his administration and the USA looks really stupid to foreign countries more so now that ever before.

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Posted in: United Airlines bars girls with leggings, igniting Twitter storm See in context

If you are flying with a ticket largely sponsored by the airline, then the airline makes and can enforce the dress code

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Posted in: Elderly couple found dead in greenhouse may have died of carbon monoxide poisoning See in context

What a nice place to pass away, in a way their deaths and rebirth in the next life will be tied to their home and land.

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Posted in: German scientists test world's 'largest artificial sun' See in context

I forgot the place name but heading into Nevada going to Vegas In the desert is a facility like this with literally thousands of mirrors reflecting sunlight into a tower. Surreal looking complex.

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Posted in: California hamburger restaurant chain Umami Burger to open 1st Tokyo store on Friday See in context

I prefer In & Out. Fresh and reasonably priced. If I am going to pay that much for a burger then pay for a side and drink that meal for say four people could hit $100. I can do a lot with $100 worth of food from the grocery store.

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Posted in: Police across Canada raid marijuana stores See in context

It's a legal issue regarding legal recreation verses medical use and not that Canada does not want to legalize cannabis.

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Posted in: Wild boars offer challenge for returnees in radiation-hit Fukushima See in context

Inoshishi nabe wa totemo oshi desu. A wild pig is a seriously dangerous animal more so than a wild dog or wolf.

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Posted in: Pyongyang bans Malaysians from leaving North Korea See in context

And so it begins...........................

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Posted in: U.S., Japan request U.N. meeting on N Korean ballistic missile launches See in context

The UN is a useless entity. The only way to treat aggression is not by lying down but by standing up to the bully and punch the fat boy in his belly. War with North Korea is only a matter of time and its best to take them out now without holding back. NK civilians will surely die by the millions in that conflict but war knows no boundaries and innocents always perish but this NK aggressive behaviour cannot be tolerated any longer.

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Posted in: Jane Fonda reveals she was raped and abused as a child See in context

She should name her attackers and the companies they worked for but those rapists are probably all dead by now.

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Posted in: N Korean missile launch was training exercise for strike on U.S. bases in Japan: KCNA See in context

One day the little fat boy's missle (s) will malfunction and then all hell will break loose. The USA should issue a statement that any more launches will be destroyed a few seconds into flight and the debris will fall onto those idiots. Someone needs to take out kim jong un and liberate the innocent people he has enslaved. Only problem will be what to do with the millions of brainwashed masses. How can they adjust to the real world. Who will run the country, their military or riotous masses seeking food and revenge. I hope Japan can avoid another nuclear holocaust.

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Posted in: Malaysia says nerve agent killed Kim within 20 minutes See in context

The fact that neither attacker suffered from delivering the VX agent is interesting. My guess is that the first attacker smeared his face with let's say agent #1 and the second attacker sprayed his face with agent #2 activating the VX and that is why neither attacker got the VX in their system. In any case all involved will get the death penalty.

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Posted in: Millions living in U.S. illegally targeted for possible deportation under Trump rules See in context

If the law states that deportation is justified for persons found guilty of overstaying their visas or entering the USA illegally then why all the drama here. Everyone keeps calling them immigrants when in fact they are illegal immigrants plain and simple. The argument about splitting up families is silly. The children born in the USA can get a US passport and follow their parent (s) into Mexico or whichever country they came from and stay united. Those deported can apply to get a entry visa and do it the correct way with paperwork and not sneaking into the USA in an illegal manner.

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Posted in: Dick Bruna, 'spiritual father' of rabbit Miffy, dies at 89 See in context

RIP. Miffy were my daughter's favorite books and her japanese grandma made her a stuffed miffy that she carried everywhere

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Posted in: World's longest flight lands in New Zealand See in context

Why would anyone want to sit for 16-1/2 hours in an airplane. I would like to know how much fuel was remaining when they landed. I would much rather make it a two day trip with a stopover in se asia for a massage. How many people from Qatar or New Zealand need to make that trip to justify the distance and uncomfortable environment of such a long flight especially when

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Posted in: American Airlines to sell Basic Economy fares See in context

Too many choices is not always good. Simplicity has always been the best solution to all problems.

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Posted in: American Airlines to sell Basic Economy fares See in context

How many levels of passenger seating can you endure. First class, middle class, low class, no class, upper crust, no crust blah blah blah. I hate the whole aircraft boarding process. It would take a very short amount of time to board an aircraft if they boarded the plane from the back forward and not the opposite just for a few extra bucks from folks that pay more for a wider seat.

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Posted in: EU to Trump: Trade barriers, building walls 'doomed to fail' See in context

Trump is all bs talk and needs to show the us public he understands what the potus is all about. He is like PT Barnum and believes there is a sucker born every minute but maybe that is true in the USA

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Posted in: Actress Makiko Esumi announces retirement from showbiz; denies affair rumors See in context

This is a pr tactic used when ratings fall and is short lived

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempting to film women in toilet at shrine See in context

There is enough free porn so why try to make your own?

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Posted in: 73-year-old woman arrested on suspicion of killing sister dies in custody See in context

Japanese incarceration seems to have a problem with inmates suffocating so why are they given the tools to commit suicide or are the police wasting their inmates?

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Posted in: Man arrested after holding girl hostage in shopping center See in context

Unemployed, desperate, needs a place to stay

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