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Posted in: Trump's lawyers want him to refuse Mueller interview request: New York Times See in context

If Trump refuses to speak, he should be impeached, plain and simple because he is not above the law. I don't trust him. If your honest then you should have nothing to be concerned about.

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Posted in: German visitors See in context

Why do they need translators when the emperor and empress speak pretty good English and so do Germans???

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Posted in: Trump wants military parade in Washington See in context

In honor of whom?

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Posted in: Naked passenger forces plane back to Anchorage See in context

I bet he was cold being that the plane originated in Alaska and planes are generally quite cool so nothing to see here folks, just move along. If I was on a business trip and missed an appointment or lost a deal I would have sued the you know what out of that guy.

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Posted in: 17-year-old student jumps to death in front of train See in context

RIP young man. Life is hard and to end it so early is tragic.

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Posted in: Trump uses slur to describe Haiti, African countries See in context

Trump is a disgrace to the USA and the rest of the world. He should resign or be impeached and go back to NYC.

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Posted in: Japan on Olympic drive to get rid of squat toilets See in context

Squat toilets are maybe traditional but they are third world. I lived every day in Japan for 6 years and never used a squat toilet as they are nasty compared to western style toilets. Japan needs to grow up and be part of the modern world.

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Posted in: Woman who died in confinement had no clothing or heating See in context

This is crazy. How about family members or neighbors never asking questions and reporting the absence of their neighbor's daughter for those many years.

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Posted in: 2 men killed in car-truck crash in Shizuoka See in context

RIP to the two men. Anyone notice that the tow truck has wording in English???

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Posted in: Crown princess turns 54; says she feels awe about future See in context

I would be honored to have lunch with this elegant woman. Pass this message along please.

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Posted in: U.S. flies supersonic bomber over S Korea in show of force against N Korea See in context

NK will be destroyed in days if the us takes actions. Unfortunately hundreds of thousands will die. What to do and how to do it?

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Posted in: Seoul: N Korea's new missile could reach Washington See in context

Yes NK has the technical ability to hit the US or Europe. My two sons in the US military say we will carpet bomb NK soon and it will not be pretty for NK or Asia.  My suggestion is to get your assets out now if you have any invested in those markets.

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Posted in: Emperor Akihito to abdicate on April 30, 2019 See in context

Congratulations Emperor Akihito. You have won a long fought battle against the 宮内省,Kunai-shō) and hope that you will enjoy your retirement in peace.

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Posted in: Dying alone a growing trend in aging Japan See in context

Sad end to your life to go unnoticed for weeks on end. When you get older you need to make relationships with friends, neighbors and of course family to check in with you every few days.

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Posted in: Trump calls Kim 'sick puppy;' threatens new sanctions after N Korea fires ICBM See in context

This country is all about extortion and it has a horrible record of dealing with their citizens who don't adhere to party rules. The average North Korean would welcome working in a factory making products like the rest of Eastern Asia has embraced. It's time to drop some heavy ordinance on the rocket boy and make North Korea a free democracy and not a dictatorship.

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Posted in: Japanese cosmetics maker apologizes over sign barring Chinese See in context

I am a Caucasian US citizen and have been denied entry into restaurants and bars by employees stating that no Gaijin are allowed. I was well dressed, sober and had cash to spend. I told my J wife that I now understand what it was like to be a person of color during the Jim Crow era in the USA before laws were changed. Sad.

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Posted in: Platform doors to be installed at 882 train stations before Tokyo 2020 Olympics See in context

About time and hopefully this will help a lot.

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Posted in: U.S. declares N Korea a terror sponsor; new sanctions expected See in context

Kim Jong Un needs to step down as well as his brainwashed regime and let the NK people free.

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Posted in: Show of force See in context

Great display of US Naval power. Each carrier has a nuclear submarine nearby looking out for it. The subs are armed with nuclear missiles. DPRK better shut up or put up.

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Posted in: Japan to take part in drill with U.S. carriers near Korean peninsula See in context

My sons are actively in the US navy and air forces and tell me that this is not just a show of force. We are ready to launch an attack on the NK regime because we would not have three carrier groups in position other than to attack the North Korean regime right now. End of story. Lock and load! Good bye rocket man.

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Posted in: Trump warns North Korea: Do not 'try us,' as visit to DMZ scrapped due to fog See in context

Blah blah blah ba ba etc.. Trump is not going to do anything about NK unless they do something and it hits the fan. Lots of rhetoric and no action. Go back to sleep.

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Posted in: Asians talk about expectations for Trump's visit See in context

Trumps speech was actually good compared to the other speeches. Perhaps he has been told to stfu and stay on script.  Personally I would like to see the Japanese and South Koreans arm themselves to the teeth so we can get our military back home and put to work in the USA defending borders and spending less defense dollars overseas.

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Posted in: 6 hurt as drone crashes into crowd in Gifu park See in context

Rakuten is going to use drones for package deliveries according to another article where I said that this technology is not ready for mass consumption as they have nowhere to land in congested Japan. This is a good example of the dangers of drone flying over humans.

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Posted in: Women rescued by Navy defend their account of ordeal at sea See in context

Complete malarkey by these two. The US navy should send them a bill for the USS Ashland to have to pick them up. My two sons in the navy say that this was a publicity stunt and that all the malfunctions they claim are impossible like winning the super lotto more than once.

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Posted in: Inconsistencies cast doubt on harrowing tale of sea survival See in context

On the other post I said that they had what looked like a working a jib and main sail and even if they were all messed up and the engine could not be started they could have rigged up at least a jib to allow them to navigate slowly. One woman had zero sailing experience (Fuiava) and the other (Appel) supposedly had sailing experience and was undertaking a  major voyage from Hawaii to Tahiti. What if Appel fell ill or injured and how would Fuiva, sail the boat? Why would you, a sailor, take only one non sailing trained person with you on such a voyage? Now they claim that all their means of communications were damaged yet they had a working EPIRB. They claim that the Hawaiian ports they passed after being in this supposedly incredible storm shortly after leaving port were not deep enough to handle their 8.5 foot keel. They were seen dumping something into the ocean as they were being approached by rescue vessels. Way too many questions here and this smells super fishy bs.

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Posted in: Rakuten, Lawson begin product deliveries by drone in Fukushima See in context

Where are the drone delivery vehicles going to land in a country as congested as Japan? What if your dog or child runs up to the drone and grabs the propeller's and cuts off fingers or noses? This technology is cute but not practical until you develop delivery areas where the drone can land with no ability for humans or animals to approach the drone while it is approaching, dropping and lifting off. What about liability when a drone crashes and injures, maims or kills someone?

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Posted in: Stranded sailors, dogs rescued after months in Pacific Ocean See in context

It is a sailboat with an inboard motor. I don't understand why they could not use their sails if their motor failed. Anyone travelling from Hawaii to Tahiti you would think would carry a spare mainsail and jib.

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Posted in: Thais bid final goodbye to beloved King Bhumibol See in context

So the king has been embalmed and kept on ice for one year? When they cremate him, it will be quite a bonfire. Rest in peace King Bhumibol

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Posted in: N Korea says rockets to U.S. 'inevitable' as U.S. bombers fly north of DMZ See in context

All those advocating conflict, pre-emptives & doing something are right. This has been going on since the 1950"s and countless North Koreans have died and the world has paid this mad dictator bribe money for too long. Let all this stop now and the USA will solve the problem one way or another. I have sons in the military and relatives in Japan that I worry about and I am sure that countless people on both sides will perish but you have to take action now that will resolve this matter, plain and simple.

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Posted in: N Korea says rockets to U.S. 'inevitable' as U.S. bombers fly north of DMZ See in context

Take the squeaky one out and lets get on with other business.

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