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Posted in: Japanese prosecutors say they will detain Ghosn as long as needed See in context

Ghosn may or may be not guilty but what i like about the Japanese legal system is they don't mess around like the system in the USA which would go on for years and spend countless $$ and end up in a mistrial. I can look a man in the face and tell if he is a liar or a criminal.

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Posted in: Mexico to boost security at border after migrants try to cross See in context

This caravan is a bunch of bs which is primarily young men and not the women and children the media portrays. The USA is not a free meal ticket. I work hard, pay taxes and get not a lot to show for my efforts. Why should the money i pay the USA government be spent on assisting invaders, 3rd world countries and not be spent on improving my family's welfare? Defend the border and if Mexico won't control this problem because they are spineless then the USA needs to take serious action against Mexico and close borders and business with Mexico.

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Posted in: Mick Jagger on new Stones tour, Aretha, acting and Grammys See in context

Hope he/they can pull this tour off. The Stones need to gracefully retire before they embarrass themselves. Their song writing days are long gone and are milking the old cow dry.

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Posted in: Imperial couple visit support center for foreigners in Shizuoka See in context

I had to learn Japanese the hard way, on the street almost 30 years ago. Unless you are in a major metropolitan area with professional Japanese language teaching facilities it is rough to get a grasp of an asian language as they are quite difficult compared to latin based languages. If Japan is going to seriously address accepting foreigners into their society which is inevitable much to the chagrin of most of the population, then publicly funded language training centers are needed. I applaud the royals for visiting the facility in Hamamatsu and hope that Japanese culture will open their eyes and support foreigners trying to assimilate themselves.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for leaving father with Alzheimer’s at expressway parking area See in context

The poor man obviously deserves much better than to be cast aside when he can't function and the daughter feels desperate. There has to be some type of public health facility that can take him into care or what about other family members to assist in this matter. Makes me very sad to hear this story. I have watched my mother slip into alzheimers slowly for almost 15 years now, can't speak, walk or feed herself. I had to put her in a not so nice but caring facility because her US health care insurance (medicare) is all i can afford to use as the yearly cost for her maintenance exceeds $100,000. I hope he gets the care he needs and the daughter can come to terms for her dilemma.

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Posted in: Deadly California wildfire continues as teams sift through ashes for remains See in context

Trump finally comments days after this tragedy occurred???

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Posted in: Death toll rises to 23 in California wildfire See in context

Yesterday my car and everyone's vehicles had a fine powder coating which is the airborne ash from the burned town of Paradise. There may also be cremains of the people that were incinerated in the inferno mixed in to those ashes. RIP Paradise Lost.

I have given up on Trump's lack of concern for this country's citizens.

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Posted in: Death toll rises to 23 in California wildfire See in context

It is so sad that so many lost everything and we don't know yet how many lost their lives. I drove into the bay area a week ago to blue cloudless skies and for the past few days you can't see the sun or hardly breathe outside from the smoke and i am 155 miles southwest of Paradise! Trump's comments are as usual stupid and hurtful. Not much of a leader. Where is the national guard and military to assist local first responders?

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Posted in: Laforet Harajuku highlights fashion & activism with special Vivienne Westwood anniversary exhibit See in context

Could have been a more professional photo with a background to make her look better.

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Posted in: Armed men in Cameroon kidnap 79 school children See in context

Cowards the whole lot.

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Posted in: U.S. Olympic Committee moves to disband USA Gymnastics body See in context

It is a disgrace that the USA has not taken bolder steps to root out the problem of abuse within it's gymnastic programs.

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Posted in: Police investigate speeding case after driver posts footage online See in context

I had a 1985 Corvette that took me to 150 mph + and more and did this on western us desert highways, what a blast. Can't imagine what that Nissan GTR was like but ten plus miles of open Nevada backroads on a full moon night with that vette was heaven with the Eagles Hotel California pumping out the speakers.

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Posted in: 1,000 boxes of disposable chopsticks dumped on Tokyo freeway following delivery truck fire See in context

I dislike wood waribashi hashi and also dislike plastic hashi used in many other asian ethnic restaurants but short of bringing my own what can you do.

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Posted in: 'Miracle' as New Zealand baby rescued from sea See in context

Lucky kid. Could have turned out much differently. Parents need to keep a watchful eye on their children.

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Posted in: Japan to provide Y200 bil loan to help Malaysia battle debt problem See in context

Waste of money. This ceremony is in this day and time silly. Malaysia is a 3rd world country and economy that takes handouts from 1st world countries to survive and should be creating an infrastructure to import manufacturing projects that can be exported to support its needs.

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Posted in: Man arrested over deaths of mother, grandmother in Shimane See in context

Rip to the family. Why are all the people except one wearing face masks? Is the air pollution that bad or bacteria and viruses are floating around?

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Posted in: Jimmy Page looks back at 50 years of Led Zeppelin See in context

Had many great experiences listening to Led Zeppelin through the years. As Jimmy has aged, he looks almost half Japanese in this photograph.

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Posted in: Trump warns that migrants who throw stones at U.S. military may be shot See in context

Trump's rhetoric is always a problem but the issue at hand is not how he can't make a sentence without issues. The issue is if this caravan reaches the border of the USA and then throw rocks at those defenders of the USA, what will be the response by the USA. Any fool can see in the photographs of the caravans that the vast majority of the people in those caravans are men 15-35 year old as i can guess but not substantiate. Are these people going to contribute or just suck the resources paid for by Americans who cannot control where our tax money is spent.

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Posted in: There has been some criticism in Japan of freelance journalist Jumpei Yasuda, who was freed after being held hostage in Syria for more than three years, that if you go to a dangerous place, despite the government urging you not to, and are taken prisoner, you get what you asked for (referred to in Japanese as jiko sekinin or self-responsibility). Do you agree with this view? See in context

I have not read any of this journalist's reports from the field but someone paid a lot of $ to free him. There is a difference between reporting or creating news for your employer. There may have been persons injured or killed in the background saving this journalist's rear end but the media would never report it.

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Posted in: Paul McCartney arrives in Japan for four concerts See in context

The Beatles shaped a lot of young people's lives and mine too. Paul's wife is beautiful at 58 if i may say so. Wish I could be at his concert in Japan.

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Posted in: China cutting rare earth output, unnerving global manufacturers See in context

I dont know much about rare earth minerals but are they only found in large quantities in china? If not why are we worried about China's threat.

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Posted in: Irish singer Sinead O'Connor converts to Islam See in context

Will she start performing in a Burqa?

I guess she and Cat Stevens are loft buddies now.

Guess bookings must be dropping off just like with Madonna and such.

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Posted in: Trump may send U.S. troops to Mexico border, but migrants undeterred See in context

Sounds to me that the caravan people don't understand that they can apply for a visa to enter the USA then after it is verified, processed and satisfied that they are legal, then they can enter but they have to wait their turn at the end of the line. There are lots of others who are waiting the decision on their existing applications but the caravan people sound like they are going to rush the US border like they did at the Mexican border and our national guard, border patrol and US military is not going to let 7000+ people rush in undocumented.

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Posted in: U.S., allied agencies still clarifying prince's role in Khashoggi affair See in context

Saudi money rules the world as long as there are takers. Don't need them, their oil or culture. Barbarians the whole lot. Khasoggi was only speaking the truth and the so called Saudi royalty does not like to be told who and what they really are. How can a country that is barely a hundred years old have so many princes. Every Tom Dick and Mohammed is a prince. Lol.

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Posted in: Growing caravan of migrants pushes deeper into Mexico See in context

@chip star

These people are in danger and we have lawyers defending their rights who have not met or seen their credentials. Love the legal system you embrace. Make money off of them and also bill the USA for your work. I wish all these people well but please go home and rebuild your life and country because we cannot afford you or the lawyers who are making big bucks off of this situation yet will not empty their own pockets to help them.

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Posted in: Growing caravan of migrants pushes deeper into Mexico See in context


I have the paperwork to back my claims about how my wife and children had to be processed to enter the USA but you are defending people that dont have any identification or legal rights to illegally enter the USA so far. You claim to be an immigration lawyer but for what country are you a legal immigration lawyer? Will you open your bank accounts and give each of those Honduran families a $1000 to start a new life, i think not.

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Posted in: Growing caravan of migrants pushes deeper into Mexico See in context

@toasted heratic,

Yes they can ask for asylum but i have seen no evidence of that so far. Why don't you join that procession and donate all your money to the cause instead of posting garbage about rights here. Yes they deserve due process but not a free pass into my country.

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Posted in: U.S. warships sail through Taiwan Strait See in context

Any time there is an nuclear armed navy warship on the surface, there is a nuclear armed navy submarine shadowing it down below. IOW, dont mess with the USA.

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Posted in: Growing caravan of migrants pushes deeper into Mexico See in context


I have been going to Japan and probably lived in Japan for a long time before you became of legal age. My j-wife and our children had to go through background checks and medical tests before they could enter the USA 20 years ago. You are misinformed and i have all the visa's, paperwork and receipts to back up my claim. In any case these Honduran masses have no legal right to walk into the USA without due process and a visa. If you are a citizen of the USA, why not empty you bank accounts and pay all your taxes to people that don't give a darn about you or your concessions. I wish them all well but not on my watch.

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Posted in: Growing caravan of migrants pushes deeper into Mexico See in context

These people have been duped into thinking that the USA is a free ride.

Nowhere does it say that the USA is a free country

The USA was settled and founded by immigrants or descendants of immigrants but that was a long time ago when the USA needed people to work and contribute.

Today although there is plenty of open land in the middle of nowhere, the cities are full and the infrastructure is crumbling.

Why don't the people in this travelling hoard stop in a catholic and Spanish speaking country like Mexico where they will be more accepted.

Their children have to attend schools and when they don't speak English a translator who has educational experience must work in every classroom and who pays for that. I don't want to pay.

Stay in Honduras and make your country a better place through your own means instead of invading, yes I said invading my country where I pay taxes, abide by the laws and contribute (not suck the resources) of the general economy and welfare system.

My J-wife and our children had to process paperwork, spend thousands of US dollars, visits to the Tokyo US embassy a great distance from our home, have medical and background checks to legitimize their visas yet these people think that they can just walk across the USA border and start collecting money, food, medical and housing from my taxes.

Please turn around and go fix your country instead of destroying mine!

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