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Posted in: House panel chair accuses Trump of 'massive, unprecedented' obstruction See in context

If you have do nothing illegal, why all this trying to stop the reports from being open to everyone to read.

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Posted in: Taste of Japan in Rome See in context

Go abroad and eat the same food you get at home is pathetic. I used to escort non English speaking Japanese engineers and technicians all over the world and yes they stuffed their suitcases with dry Japanese foods that they could cook in their hotel rooms. When I questioned them on why they did not want to try the cuisine from the country we were working in, they replied that they did not like non Japanese food. Abe and his entourage should be seen eating Italian cuisine which is excellent. The funny thing is that when I eat out at a French or Italian restaurant in Japan the food's flavor is not authentic and tailored to the Japanese palette.

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl dies after baby stroller catches fire See in context

I do not understand that this happened.

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Posted in: Green machines? Flying taxis could slash emissions for long journeys See in context

Flying electric VTOL already here. Check kittyhawk.aero or kittyhawk.aero on wikipedia. I toured the production facility in Mountain View California which is impressive. They are performing tests with prototypes in New Zealand because the FAA rules for testing are quite strict in the USA. They will be autonomous (no pilot) and sort of like self driving Tesla's, punch in a destination and off you go. They will have to be controlled by air traffic controllers and follow highways in the sky and not like what you see in the movies which will be a task since there could be millions of these flying around in the future just like we have millions of cars o the roads today. Kittyhawk also make an electric motorcycle looking VTOL.

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Posted in: Trump threatens to shut Mexico border, again See in context

Shut it down and stop trade with Mexico and the countries that these people come from as that will get attention. The USA cannot absorb all these semi literate unskilled workers looking for a handout from US taxpayers. The USA has turned into a quasi 3rd world country in many parts near the southern border. These people are not political refugees and are told that in the USA you can get easy work and free everything.

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Posted in: Yakuza population hits record low in 2018: police See in context

That police raid photograph is a joke. How can you conduct a raid when you can see the police coming and can get rid of any evidence. Keystone cops at their finest.

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Posted in: Dismissal of Smollett case brings backlash, more questions See in context

This is very unusual for this type of offence to be dismissed so cleanly.

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Posted in: Smoking strong pot daily raises psychosis risk, study finds See in context

There are lots of people that develop mental issues from various causes. A bunch of researchers needed a project and now that cannabis is becoming widely accepted it is something that the researchers can work on and get paid handsomely. Alcohol is far more of a problem even though it is acceptable and legal in most of the world. Opioids are a huge problem and doctors prescribe them like aspirin.

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Posted in: Record 2.73 mil foreign residents registered living in Japan in 2018 See in context

That is less than 3 percent which is nothing. I remember in 1992 when I registered with the city hall in the town I lived in, there was a list of foreigners broken down by nationality. The city had roughly 750,000 residents and there was only 123 foreigners from English speaking countries such as USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Needless to say I stood out in the crowd. In California there are more than 3 million illegals and throughout the USA there are more than 12 million.

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Posted in: Man kept mother’s body in bathroom since her death last August See in context

Nice son, did not even have the decency to have her cremated. Was he collecting her social security? Wouldn't a 6 month old rotting corpse smell and alert neighbors? How did he use the Ohuro and toilet with her in the bathroom. In my Japanese apartment there is barely enough room for moving around let alone storing a body. Why is it called abandoning a body when he was in possession of it at home?

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Posted in: ANA takes delivery of first Airbus A380 See in context

Nice looking paint job but i would not want to fly in one. They are not very maneuverable sort of like flying the titanic.

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Posted in: Gov't investigates 700 foreign students AWOL from Tokyo university See in context

700 students gone missing and why has the university not reported this to Japanese authorities so they can go to the last known residence or put the missing students photograph on the news with a reward offered. This is a drop in the bucket compared to the 76,000 illegals who supposedly entered the southern border of the USA last month.

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Posted in: South Carolina lottery winner claims record $877 million cash prize See in context

Wow!, now the hard part is trying to figure out how to spend and not spend that money and bring the most good to your fellow human beings and the world.

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Posted in: N Korea rebuilds part of missile site it promised Trump to dismantle See in context

Does anyone really believe that there is a possibility of negotiating with NK and they are honest even after signing documents to dismantle nuke sites. I am surprised that no one close to KJU has not taken him out (suicide mission but what the hey) so that they can be a more free society. China could solve this matter and give KJU an estate somewhere in Mongolia to live out his remaining years and let NK become part of a freer world and in return we reduce tariffs against Chinese goods for a certain period of time.

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Posted in: Nescafe to open permanent sleep cafe in Tokyo, blending catnaps with caffeine See in context

Caffeine and sleep do not go together. To get a good catnap or deep sleep too, you should not have stimulants or depressants several hours before sleep.

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Posted in: Deer-related injuries in Nara reach record number already this year See in context

Been there once many years ago with the J-wife and kids. It was fun but I made sure the kids were safe as the deer were trying to go for their hands because they are fed by humans which is not a good thing. I wonder if Nara has any restaurants serving venison (it's good wild meat) like the area on Izu Hanto where you can watch boar racing and then get a nice boar stew afterwards.

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Posted in: Chocolate hot spring bath opens in Japan See in context

I can't imagine sitting in a tub of hot chocolate. Don't want to say anything rude here but this looks like a scat party, yuck!

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Posted in: Former part-time teacher arrested for paying high school girl for sex See in context

Questions I have are:

Is it not correct that the age of majority in Tokyo is 16, so if you are 16 or over then you are legal age of consent to engage in sex?

If yes, then is it the money paid for their encounter that makes this a crime?

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Posted in: More than 100 firearms, 1,000 bullets found in dead man’s home See in context

Have a friend in the USA who makes this guy look like a rookie. Personally i hate weapons especially guns but unfortunately the laws allow people to acquire massive amounts of them due to laws that are backed by corrupt politicians on the take. Japan's gun control laws are better but once in a while you get these nut jobs who slip through the system.

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Posted in: Under-fire mayor resigns after ordering arson See in context


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Posted in: Police raid yakuza office in Tokyo over Kabukicho shooting See in context

That photograph looks like a parade and not a raid. Seriously Japanese police raids are a joke. They announce the raid, get news reporters and cameras ready then march in to apprehend criminals who know the police are coming. Keystone cops at their best.

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Posted in: ANA pilot fails alcohol breath test one hour before he was scheduled to fly See in context

Seriously this is insane rhetoric. No one operating a vehicle transporting people should be under the influence of any drug, period. Especially a commercial enterprise like an airplane flight.

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Posted in: Teen pot users may hallucinate, become paranoid See in context

The pot should be lab tested for cbd and thc levels, pesticides or dangerous drugs, then labeled by government standards and sold responsibly which might reduce any mental issues. The other side of the issue may be that some not all people can not tolerate pot which is also why some people should not drink alcohol.

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Posted in: 8-year-old Guatemalan boy dies after being detained by U.S. border agents See in context

Did the incarceration cause the illness that killed the boy or did he contract the illness before the incarceration? In either case the CBP did their job and twice took the child to a hospital. Will we get an autopsy report?

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Posted in: Emperor draws record 82,000 birthday well-wishers before abdication next year See in context

Omedeto gozaimazu. This last real emperor of Japan is a national treasure.

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Posted in: Japanese prosecutors say they will detain Ghosn as long as needed See in context

Ghosn may or may be not guilty but what i like about the Japanese legal system is they don't mess around like the system in the USA which would go on for years and spend countless $$ and end up in a mistrial. I can look a man in the face and tell if he is a liar or a criminal.

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Posted in: Mexico to boost security at border after migrants try to cross See in context

This caravan is a bunch of bs which is primarily young men and not the women and children the media portrays. The USA is not a free meal ticket. I work hard, pay taxes and get not a lot to show for my efforts. Why should the money i pay the USA government be spent on assisting invaders, 3rd world countries and not be spent on improving my family's welfare? Defend the border and if Mexico won't control this problem because they are spineless then the USA needs to take serious action against Mexico and close borders and business with Mexico.

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Posted in: Mick Jagger on new Stones tour, Aretha, acting and Grammys See in context

Hope he/they can pull this tour off. The Stones need to gracefully retire before they embarrass themselves. Their song writing days are long gone and are milking the old cow dry.

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Posted in: Imperial couple visit support center for foreigners in Shizuoka See in context

I had to learn Japanese the hard way, on the street almost 30 years ago. Unless you are in a major metropolitan area with professional Japanese language teaching facilities it is rough to get a grasp of an asian language as they are quite difficult compared to latin based languages. If Japan is going to seriously address accepting foreigners into their society which is inevitable much to the chagrin of most of the population, then publicly funded language training centers are needed. I applaud the royals for visiting the facility in Hamamatsu and hope that Japanese culture will open their eyes and support foreigners trying to assimilate themselves.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for leaving father with Alzheimer’s at expressway parking area See in context

The poor man obviously deserves much better than to be cast aside when he can't function and the daughter feels desperate. There has to be some type of public health facility that can take him into care or what about other family members to assist in this matter. Makes me very sad to hear this story. I have watched my mother slip into alzheimers slowly for almost 15 years now, can't speak, walk or feed herself. I had to put her in a not so nice but caring facility because her US health care insurance (medicare) is all i can afford to use as the yearly cost for her maintenance exceeds $100,000. I hope he gets the care he needs and the daughter can come to terms for her dilemma.

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