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Posted in: Olympics must go ahead next year as symbol of overcoming COVID-19, Koike says See in context

It is impossible to predict what the world will be in shape during this pandemic so why even discuss future events.

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Posted in: U.S. says Ghosn wired $862,500 to man who helped him flee Japan See in context

So all my opponents say it is not legal to return him to face charges in Japan??? When you're rich you can get off easy!! Come on and get a life.

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Posted in: Mother arrested after leaving 3-year-old daughter alone for week to die See in context

She deserves the death penalty if and should be convicted. What a horrible way for a child or anyone else depending on help to be treated.

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Posted in: U.S. says Ghosn wired $862,500 to man who helped him flee Japan See in context

Ghosn is a criminal under Japaneses law and he escaped Japan illegally. He should be returned to Japan and face the Japanese legal system.

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Posted in: Japanese rapper Kan a.k.a. GAMI arrested for marijuana possession See in context

Japanese need to use cbd and thc products to relieve their tension levels. Would make for a happier life and reduce alcohol consumption and associated issues from getting gobsmacked etc every night. Been there done it and regret it.

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Posted in: Brave rafters paddle against floods See in context

We need to have an "let's say it" expatriate group to help this country that we moved to and adopted as I did in 1981. Lived here on an off for almost 40 years and we need to give something back to this great country.

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Posted in: Brave rafters paddle against floods See in context

Godspeed to you and your family and friends as well as neighbors. I'm an old guy now but still have a lot of muscle and motivation and when the poop hits the fan I would like to get back to Japan where I can be if assistance. Speak Japanese sufficiently to assist and can live with my late wife's parents. How can I help?

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Posted in: Brad Pitt discusses how a visit to Japan changed his view on face masks See in context

So in this interview he is not wearing a face mask???

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Posted in: Local gov'ts worry over virus spread at shelters after torrential rain See in context

Lying on a thin futon mat and having all that gymnasium high intensity lighting plus moving out from your home and losing many or all of your possessions must take all lot of courage. I hope that these people can get back to their homes and lives. Wish I could be of some assistance. At least thank god that these people have a place to sleep, eat and shower.

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Posted in: Pilots on trial in Turkey over Ghosn escape released from jail See in context

If you dont keep them I jail they will escape and disappear. This has been predicted and prepared and a lot of money paid to cheap Turkish politicians to allow this to happen.

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Posted in: Hospital grapples with coronavirus aftermath See in context

There are at least 15 medical staff near that patient, Why? The chance of transmitting any bacteria or virus in that environment is extremely high. Why is there so many non essential medical staff in that group.

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Posted in: Carl Reiner, comedy’s rare untortured genius, dies at 98 See in context

Great satire comedic performist. RIP

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Posted in: Half-Japanese woman hands card to people who ask tiresome questions about her race See in context

I remember a encounter at the main post office in shizuoka probably 20 years ago when my j-wife and I were mailing something to my family back home. The postal clerk asked my j-wife if she was Japanese or could speak Japanese. She was so ticked off that I had to restrain her from jumping across the counter and beating the you know what out of that idiot. Lol life is a trip isn't it so

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Posted in: Disney parks ready to reopen See in context

mistake don't open now and wait for the slow down cycle before reopening please

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Posted in: Why is the U.S. experiencing a coronavirus resurgence? See in context

People in the USA are becoming lazy about social distancing and masks. They are not out of the woods yet and are spiking the rise by their nonchalance.

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Posted in: Half-Japanese woman hands card to people who ask tiresome questions about her race See in context

Been visiting and living in Japan off and on and off since the early 1980's and have had tons of strange questions asked to me from Japanese nationals that probably never travelled outside Japan let alone their prefecture. At first it was annoying and after I began to understand the culture and the people's curiosity I relaxed. The can you use "hashi" etcetera type questions was funny when my "hashi" skills were better than my Japanese coworkers, LOL.

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Posted in: Bob Dylan releases first original album in almost a decade See in context

Looks like he needs some end of life cash. Great lyricist and cultural icon from the 60's and 70's but disappeared after that period. Grab some cash and go back to your house in Mexico.

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Posted in: Japan Open tennis scrapped over coronavirus See in context

Glad that he won the trophy. Did the person(s) who handled that trophy disinfect it before he kissed it? Just thinking that his gesture was nice pre covid times but not now.

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Posted in: Tokyo ranked 3rd most expensive city in world for expats See in context

If you want to complain about the high cost of living, why not live somewhere else?? I have lived in and visited Japan on business for almost 40 years and there is a myth about how expensive Japan is to live in. That is because Japan wants people to think that it only has high class luxury living and expensive food which is garbage. Sure if you go to the posh neighborhoods and restaurants you will spend a fortune but the smaller neighborhoods and mom and pop restaurants offer a lot at reasonable prices and great food. I recently visited my in-laws in Shizuoka city and only paid US$ 84 per night for a 4 star hotel Associa next to Shizuoka Eki. The hotel is immaculate, well staffed, has English speaking staff although I speak enough Nihongo to get the job done. In the surrounding neighborhoods there is ample food and drinking establishments where I can have a meal and a few brews for US$20, try that in the USA and your sleeping in a motel 6 and eating frozen then deep fried fast food, yuk. You can find apartments for US1000/month in Tokyo that are not ghetto dwellings in the suburbs. Yes renting an apartment can be a challenge since foreigners are still considered a risk but if you have business contacts to vouch for your ability to pay or act as a sponsor then it is no problem. My rent was taken on the 1st of each month from my bank account through direct deposit so where is the issue, they got the money before I did. As far as being an expat or calling yourself an expat, that is a cute idea and typically used by (colonial type countrymen or women) foreigners overseas to make themselves sound more important than they really are.

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Posted in: Shonan beaches to be without huts, life guards for summer See in context

Lived and worked in Japan off and on since 1981. Wife and children are Japanese. My comment about the surfers was that the waves were miniscule compared to real surfing waves in other parts of the world.

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Posted in: Shonan beaches to be without huts, life guards for summer See in context

There are no waves so what is going on with surfing here. Lived in Norcal where we get 30 foot waves. This is a joke when it comes to surfing on 2 foot waves.

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Posted in: Yamato city aims to ban phone use while walking See in context

When a moron walks into me while staring into their cell phone I step hard onto their foot and ankle area and that gets their attention.

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Posted in: Trump threatens to deploy military unless states halt violent protests; Floyd's brother pleads for peace See in context

Worst president in us history. These are terrible times and he only wants to let everyone know that he is great. Hope the next election fixes this problem.

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Posted in: SpaceX Crew Dragon docks with International Space Station See in context

Awesome accomplishment.

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Posted in: ANA to require all passengers to wear face masks aboard aircraft from June See in context

I have no problem with wearing a mask from check in through leaving the airport after the flight. Why did public transportation companies not make it mandatory to wear masks from the initial discovery of the virus? I was on a flight from narita airport to Paris and had pneumonia when I arrived in Paris 12 hours later. Probably because the aircraft ventilation system does not have uv sterilization in their on board hvac. Almost died in Paris. What does not kill you makes you stronger.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police fire volleys of tear gas at protesters See in context

I can see the KFC sign behind them that I so dearly love (and the colonel, rest his soul) and defending that great institution and culinary style. Anyway I think that this province should be able to become their own entity. Same as the Basque region of the Iberian peninsula.

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Posted in: Digging for clams See in context

My J-wife and our kids loved taking a cooler box out to 浜松市, Hamamatsu-shi and into the bay at low tide to dig up clams. We took them back to our mansion in Shizuoka Shi and distributed them to our neighbors and had a clam soup competition.

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Posted in: Pervert hunter arrested by Tokyo police for less-than-pure intentions See in context

Younger girls in Japan tend to wear short skirts which is no excuse for what the guy did but don't dangle bait in front of perverts and you will have less issues. The matter of the police being difficult to the man who apprehended the pervert is wrong. I don't know if the station had a CC camera but if you would tell people that if they break the law we will put you photograph on a police web site. My J-wife had an issue where she and our daughter where bicycling back from the supermarket and a women had a huge dog and it attacked my wife and daughter and knocked them of the bike and then bit my wife. The woman and her boss came to our mansion (always love it when you call a small apartment a mansion) and offered a small payoff and I said no because she has a serious wound. Anyway my point is that Japanese cops have issues but so do cops in other countries. We then went to the local keystone cop koban to report the incident and the cops said it was a private matter. We then went downtown to the central police department and they took it seriously but then the cops wanted my wife to pull down her panties and take photographs since the wound was hip high and were joking. Bunch of dirt bags.

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Posted in: U.S. arrests ex-Green Beret, son on charges of smuggling Ghosn out of Japan See in context

Sorry I meant end of story. These men are stupid to think that they can get away with this and walk away with millions of dollars. Ghosn doesn't care about anything but his butt.

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Posted in: U.S. arrests ex-Green Beret, son on charges of smuggling Ghosn out of Japan See in context

Ghosn is all about himself. Nend of story. Time will tell.

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