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Posted in: Japan proposes wiping down Mauritius mangroves by hand to remove oil See in context

Stupid ideas. Who thinks those are solutions?

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Posted in: Japanese teacher apologizes for peeing on students’ futon during club retreat See in context

This is disgusting behavior. Fire this teacher.

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Posted in: Japan's 'flying car' gets off the ground, with a rider aboard See in context

What is the purpose of this machine? Would you want your millionaire next door to own this and is not be a certified pilot and let alone allow to fly this aircraft maybe into their driveway. How are you going to control this type of air traffic control? This makes no sense. Why are there investment firms putting money into projects like this?

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to boost defense cooperation in outer space See in context

The USA is leading the world on space organisation and colonization. I think that Steve Carell should be vice admiral of this whole project after I watched Space Force.

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Posted in: Remains dug up from Osaka mass grave suggest epidemic in 1800s See in context

Sad story. My condolences to all who lost or suffered.

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Posted in: Amputee fashion show in Japan features Paralympic athletes See in context

Ganbarimassho minasama. We can overcome anything if we try.

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Posted in: Trump to keep pushing allies to pay 'fair share' of defense costs in 2nd term See in context

Why doesn't the USA go home and stop meddling in politics across the globe. Stay home and fix your home before trying to tell other people how to fix their lives.

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Posted in: Tesla seeks approval for sensor that could detect child left in hot cars See in context

Silly technology and it would be better to have technology to destroy stupid parents or drivers than leave kids, pets or others in hot cars. Give me a break here folks. Dont leave anything or any one in a car in this heat. This is not simple math.

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Posted in: 81-year-old woman arrested after decaying body of husband found at home See in context

Dont understand leaving your husband in a room to rot. Sick and insane to say the least.

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Posted in: Fishing boat with 4 crew missing off Okinawa Prefecture See in context

Hope they find those fishermen before the sea gets them. I can't imagine being in the sea, no ship and trying to stay alive. God bless them and their families

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Posted in: Dozens of WWII veterans to gather in Hawaii despite pandemic See in context

My father who served in the army air corps during wwii as a pilot did not know that Japanese Americans served in Europe and where some of the most highly decorated Japanese usa military troops fought and died shames me. My late j wife was astonished that the USA has so many Japanese Americans give there lives to this country but they have not been acknowledged for there sacrifices. Maybe the USA will wake up.

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Posted in: Wisconsin election officials: Kanye West off presidential ballot See in context

This discourse is absurb and a media promoter trying to get attention for it's customer.

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Posted in: YouTuber indicted for eating sashimi at supermarket before paying for it See in context

If you are in a restaurant thats a different story but just buying something at a convenience store you don't consume the product until you pay for it.

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Posted in: Woman finds skeleton, possibly of her missing brother, while cleaning her house See in context

OK come on folks, this is BS. Report him missing and don't enter his bedroom to check on him for an extended period? WTF. Some thing is rotten in Denmark. This is sick Japan at it's best

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Posted in: Man arrested after his father’s skeletal remains found in apartment See in context

Disgusting behavior. What can you say about this rot.

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Posted in: American Airlines bans face masks with exhaust valves or vents See in context

Why not post face coverage mask standards and everyone can buy them then we can be compliant and all on the same page?

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Posted in: Plastic bag usage at Japanese stores down by 50%, but plastic bags sales through the roof See in context

Use a disposal in your sink. Have been using it for years and it grinds fish and chicken bones fine but don't use it it for pork or beef bones. Get the 3/4 hp or larger version.

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Posted in: Saizeriya restaurant develops face mask to wear when eating See in context

Just another gimmick to bring in customers and scientifically have not been tested. Take out or home delivery is probably safer. False security imho.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor calls for restraint in travel during Obon holidays See in context

The Japanese entertainment and bar scene is the most creative that I've seen anywhere in the world. Lucrative too. However in these difficult times stay home and invite a few friends over and provide fresh masks and hand sanitizer.

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Posted in: Hiroshima marks 75th anniversary of A-bombing See in context

The two atomic bombs were unnecessary as Japan was already defeated. Any person with military background would know that an invasion was unnecessary. Who would kill innocent people. Even numerous US top brass stated the bombs were unnecessary and cruel. In the last 75 years since the bombings, the USA has been all over the world and killed a lot of people like Iraq and the wmd debacle. Read your history books written by legitimate sources and stop watching fake news media. RIP to the Japanese dead and my sincere apology to those that survived.

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Posted in: Hiroshima survivor recalls working on tram after A-bomb See in context

Interesting and sad story. For many, many years I have believed that the use of atomic weapons on Japan was completely unnecessary and inhumane. A blockade of Tokyo harbor, Shimizu harbor, and the eastern and western entry access points to Japanese ports in the inland sea of Japan would have stopped the war and stopped tens of thousand of deaths on both sides. I think that the US wanted to show Russia the power it had at the expense of war victims.

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Posted in: Food trucks serving up free hot meals to front-line medical workers See in context

Glad that someone cares and puts out the effort and money to help out. Gambarro!

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing cow, stealing its head See in context

weird to say the least

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Posted in: Boeing and MHI to upgrade Japan’s F-15J fleet See in context

Beautiful aircraft and so powerful. Go MHI and Boeing!

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Posted in: Terminally ill woman in Kyoto left will before her assisted death See in context

I applaud this woman for her courage. Assisted death should be a way out of life if you are faced with dying and not suffering. The government has no right to make people suffer and keep them artificially alive.

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Posted in: 82-year old Hiroshima woman fends off bear attack by punching it and knocking it down See in context

This woman is awesome. My late wife would have said gambaro oba chan.

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Posted in: Japan now scrambling jets against Chinese military aircraft taking off from Fujian See in context

The USA military will not allow this inclusion to continue. if China continues to make hostile maneuvers then the USA will eliminate that threat. EOS

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Posted in: Trump not ready to commit to election results if he loses See in context

This is spiraling down a slimy path. Trump is not normal and needs to be removed from his position in order to protect the USA. I can hear the knocks at my door but I am a American patriot. God love and protect us all.

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Posted in: Mayor of Portland to Trump: Get your troops out of the city See in context

@vanessa, I concur!

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Posted in: Olympics must go ahead next year as symbol of overcoming COVID-19, Koike says See in context

It is impossible to predict what the world will be in shape during this pandemic so why even discuss future events.

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