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Hayden Wellstone comments

Posted in: Taiwan urges Japan to apologize over sex slaves See in context

If it weren't so hypocritical of me, I'd say Taiwan should accept of the many apologies Japan has offered and call it a day.

But then again, I've got countrymen who still talk in earnest about the South rising again, so I'm not going to point any fingers until I clean up my own backyard.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy restricts nighttime drinking by all personnel throughout Japan See in context

Cue this blowing up in the Navy's face in 3...2...1...

stupid. Stupid. STUPID!

What are they really trying to accomplish here. Why don't they just hand out flyers to the Sailors saying the Japanese don't like you. It'd be quicker. Crimeny, these people are monumentally stupid. You don't solve a problem by adding more stress and ill will to the mix. The brass is taking away the squids opportunities to work off some of the stress they accumulate during the day and then they get surprised when something bad happens. Then, they take Sailors who LIKE living in Japan and force them back to the U.S. after a while, replacing them with people who don't really want to be here. Again, how stupid is that? The Navy is spending extra money to bring people to Japan that don't want to be here, expediting the cycle of violence and crime. Allow the people who want to stay to homestead. Not only will you automatically cut down the amount of crime committed by people bitter about being in Japan, but you will save money in PCSing them. Full disclosure, I am NOT a NASA scientist but I'm capable of seeing how to curb these liberty incidents. How is it that a team of so-called leaders can't figure it out? They can't ALL be academy grads. Absolutely moronic. Hey CNFJ, when this blows up in your face, what's next? Supervised liberty? Base lock down? Why is it I'm certain you'll take this stupid idea and double down on it. How in hell these guys got to be in charge of anything, let alone the Navy, boggles the mind.

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Posted in: Republicans say party needs to get with the times See in context

Or realists-you know the ones who refuse to get caught into every whiff of a brand name that jumps up.

You mean like the realists I met in Kentucky who scheduled a tea party protest at the local armory because they didn't have to pay to book the space. It's paid for by local taxes. That's where they held their anti-tax message. At the armory. Because it was free. When I tried to point this out to a few people there, I was labeled a traitor and oddly enough, faggot.

THOSE realists? Are those the realists you are talking about because they are so detached from reality they'll believe anything told to them by an angry old white man.

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Posted in: 'Black Friday' shopping frenzy gets early start in U.S. See in context

My wife went to Black Friday at Walmart and the place was packed. She said it was an absolute madhouse. Later that morning, I went to Target and was about one of 20 people in the entire store. I found that to be hilarious.

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Posted in: Republicans say party needs to get with the times See in context

Back to personal insults gain. Not sure why this always seems to happen when having a discussion with a liberal.

You victim, you. My how you suffer.

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Posted in: Republicans say party needs to get with the times See in context

The days of a fair and objective Media towards a Republican candidate running for national office is truly a thing of the past.

SLAP! That was the victim card thrown down with FEELING! Like a game of dominoes at sea.

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Posted in: Republicans say party needs to get with the times See in context

So nice of sailwind to present an opinion piece as fact while screaming about the bias in the media.

Crimeny the guy isn't even smart enough to figure out who the hell the media even is.

I am just gobsmacked by the degree of ignorance shown and the steadfast clinging to said ignorance. It's absolutely cult-like.

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Posted in: Republicans say party needs to get with the times See in context

The smoke from the election clears slowly as you hear a distant voice - "I didn't get my way AGAIN! This is not fair. The media is biased against me. Why isn't Sarah Palin president? I sent her the money she asked for. I'll bet Obama, using the FEDERALLY FUNDED US Postal Service took all the cards and letters with donations and spent it on hippie crap. Also, I'll bet he purposely took personal love letters from Sarah Palin sent to Victim Boy in and attempt to keep him down. It's all a liberal conspiracy that was hatched at the Sundance Film Festival by Robert Redford, Matt Damon, Sean Penn and Michael Moore. IT'S A CONSPIRACY!!! Can't you see it?!?!?!"

By the way, the strange sound you heard while reading through some of the earlier posts on this thread was the sound of the victim card being aggressively played. But what are you going to do? When all you've got to bring to the table is your own desire to be a martyr, that victim card gets pretty dog-eared, pretty quickly.

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Posted in: Obama pardons Thanksgiving turkeys See in context

Also forgot to mention. The more turkey you eat; the richer my homies back home get. Turkey farming in the north used to be hard and without a lot of return on your product and then about 15 years ago, a disease wiped out 2/3 of the country's turkey population but only affected southern barns. The turkey farmers in my area went from bust to boom in a matter of months.

Now they are making money hand over fist. It's nice to see family farms succeed in America.

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Posted in: Obama pardons Thanksgiving turkeys See in context

Obama pardons Thanksgiving turkeys

I can see it now. Mitch McConnell stating Obama is soft on terror for pardoning the turks.

(Sigh) I already miss making fun of Mitt Romney. It's not as fun as picking on turtle boy. He doesn't offer the constant updates of stupidity with the frequency of Mitt Romney but I believe Mitch is a quality over quantity guy.

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Posted in: House GOP will work with Obama to avoid fiscal cliff See in context

My question is when is the south going to secede from the Union and how can we expedite the process? The south is an anchor around the neck of the nation. All of the deep southern states are incredibly conservative; lift yourself up by your bootstrap types. They don't like to pay taxes so their taxes are pretty low but they also like things like roads, schools, museums and railway access. Because they don't like to pay taxes but still need money for these other things, they are forced to rely on welfare from the north. Don't let any southerner talk to you about individual responsibility or paying your own way because by virtue of living in the south, they are "welfare queens."

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Posted in: House GOP will work with Obama to avoid fiscal cliff See in context

House GOP will work with Obama to avoid fiscal cliff

And I used to say they had no sense of humor in the republican party.

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What's the word...?

Oh yeah, MANDATE!!!

Life is good. Congratulations Mr. President.

And a hearty thank you to the people of the United States who voted to keep a serial flip flopper and draft dodger as far away from the guy who claims to know how to create jobs, then says that govt. can't create jobs. Thank you from a guy who planned to build the Navy bigger than the Sec. of the Navy wants. Oh yeah and in building these billion dollar ships, he's going to lower the national debt, WHILE lowering taxes but not cutting into needed social services. I would LOVE for him to explain THAT little bit or magic. Any...thank you America for making the right choice. May the older supreme court retire and be replaced by liberal judges, totally giving the court a new look.


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Posted in: Obama, Romney look for edge as campaign nears end See in context

...Herman Cain famously and aptly described it

Is this the same Herman Cain who was recently reduced to grinning prop for Stephen Colbert at a live performance? Is it the same Herman Cain who now considers HIMSELF a joke?

Just checking.

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Posted in: Obama, Romney get back to campaigning after storm See in context


Please do not let us make one very clear distinction between Rush Limbaugh and Bill Maher and it has nothing to do with politics.

Rush Limbaugh is able to air his radio show across America where advertising pays for operating costs. Bill Maher, on the other hand, is on HBO. To watch his show, you have to make a conscience decision to pay to watch him and watch him espouse his views.

BIG DIFFERENCE. One pollutes the airwaves for free. The other must be ordered and paid for by the customer to view. Just another case of republican double standards and false equivalencies.

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Posted in: Obama, Romney get back to campaigning after storm See in context

This makes absolutely no sense at all.

Don't tell me; you're drunk. ;-)

It was SO there.

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Posted in: Obama, Romney get back to campaigning after storm See in context

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I give you the best paragraph ever put on the internet:

Basic logic instead dictates that they the intended target of these slurs and attacks and as such are well within their rights as human beings to be offended by those that just oh so casually dish out this type of demeaning stereotyping and rhetoric.

Casually dish out. Such as, "VICTIM CARD" per say?

It's like a drunk complaining that every conversation he has, people complain about his drinking. He looks at it like this. "I've got to meet all new people. These people are rude and mean and sometimes don't even capitalize my name, etc." That's how it almost always goes. They never take the responsibility for quitting drinking, just point out that you're still whining about it.

That's you and the victim card.

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Posted in: U.S. East Coast braces for Hurricane Sandy See in context


Hayden, I, myself went through another disaster this summer. It works the other way around. The federal financial and physical help kicks in when the state exhausts all resources.

Here's the rub. Who pays for the states that can't pay their own way? The other states do. I wouldn't have so much of a problem with it if it weren't for the fact that the majority of "pick yourself up by your own bootstraps" personal responsibility types don't want to pay for a lot of the services they still like to receive, so it comes in the form of welfare, from the more profitable states (mostly northern and mostly blue). Local and state taxes kill my sister in Minnesota and all of that money is going out of state to pay for the crap of people who think they are personally responsible when they are, in fact, "welfare queens." State tax just went up again last year here in Maryland and the money is leaving the state.

Shall we take a trip down memory lane? How many Senators and Congressmen railed against the "stimulus porkulus" that the grand socialist Obama wanted to bring to America. Compare that to the list that were smiling like the cat that ate the canary as they took the Obama stimulus money.

Funny that, a lot of politicians on that list coincide. How can that be? How can someone campaign and vote against something as being bad and then ask for it for your state?

You just can't make stuff like this up. As God as my witness, tell me where to sign and I'll be the first person to sign the petition to make the Confederacy its own country. It would be like giving the rest of the U.S. an enema.

Without absolutely all kidding aside, I wish the South would hurry up, rise again, declare their independence, marry their sisters and leave the rest of us tax payers in peace.

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Posted in: Obama evades jobs data time bomb See in context

“Four years ago, candidate Obama promised to do so very much, but he has fallen so very short,” Romney said in his first stop in Wisconsin, touting his past as a successful businessman to build the case he can create jobs.

One minute (this particular minute) candidate Romney is talking about all the jobs he will create if he is elected. But whenever talking about Obama's jobs record, "the government doesn't create jobs."

Well that's a fine, "how do ya do?"

Is there ANYONE left who still believes anything that comes out of his mouth because if you still believe Mitt Romney, give me a an hour of interview time (preferably with gaffes; shouldn't be hard) Final Cut Pro version 10 and I can splice together a video of Mitt Romney telling people to send me money. I wonder how many of the rubes would buy it? Hell, they bought Sarah Palin up until just a couple of months ago and she didn't even need to know Microsoft MovieMaker.

What was it P.T. Barnum said was born every minute? He was quoted for an internet story. Really Honest. And about that money you are going to send me...

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Posted in: U.S. East Coast braces for Hurricane Sandy See in context

What a stupid rationale to take things from the federal level and push them down to the state level. It's not like the states are swimming in money. North Dakota is the only one I know of that is solidly in the black.

It makes no sense to give a service to the state that the state can't afford. That's setting them up for failure.

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Posted in: Schoolboy with MLB designs upsets Japan baseball establishment See in context

I've seen pictures of the kid. He'd look awfully good in a Twins uniform.

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Posted in: U.S. military to impose curfew in Japan after alleged rape See in context

Has anyone else noticed that every time there is a crackdown on the military in Japan, it's a temporary success followed by a massive failure?

The key to stopping off-post crime is far better overseas screening by the services and to quit punishing the whole for the actions of a few. Although it is displaced anger, some service members feel resentment toward the Japanese when things like this happen. I'm not saying it's right, just that it is.

Before that horrific rape of the 12 year old girl in Okinawa years ago, there were no restrictions on liberty and people were actually able to go off base and enjoy Japan, which aided in developing a sense of ownership of Japan. Bringing people together is the answer. When's the last time segregation has ever worked?

Also, the military should allow homesteading. Not only does it cut down on the costs of PCSing the troops, it allows the people who truly love Japan to stay and minimizes the amount of people who are sent to Japan against their will.

Keeping people locked up on the base just increases stress levels which turns into liberty incidents. It's like the military powers that be have never been in the inside of a sociology class. They are a broken record of bad apologies and stupid curfews.

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Posted in: George McGovern, 1972 White House hopeful, dies aged 90 See in context

I wish I was older so that I could have voted for him. It would have actually been a vote for someone and not a vote against the other guy. I take that back. It'd be both.

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Posted in: Obama accuses Republican rival of suffering 'Romnesia' See in context

sailwind, You rail on Pres. Obama upthread but how many of those things that you whine about, do you support?

You slay me with your ability to bite off your own nose to spite your face.

As Yoda would say: "Strong in that one, is the Obama Derangement Syndrome."

You can't argue with Yoda. You can try, but it will be as big a failure as blaming the media when things don't go your way.

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Posted in: Pentagon vows new measures in Okinawa after alleged rape See in context

I have no idea what you are talking about.

I know.

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Posted in: Enough already: U.S. voters hit with ads, calls, more See in context

Obama is borrowing from Bank of America. Romney is getting cash from real people.

Uh, perhaps you haven't heard. The romney campaign machine is $12 million in debt. Apparently, he ISN'T receiving money from real or imaginary people.

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Posted in: U.S. aircraft carrier cruises through disputed Asian seas See in context

I would be stunned if the PRC navy could make it as far as Hawaii before it turned back because their old tin cans started falling apart.

When I pulled into QuinDao, we passed the PRC submarine fleet. At first everything looked OK, but when we turned a corner, we could see that they had only painted the outboard part of their subs. The half of the sub that was pierside was all rusty and beat to crap.

It would be a very difficult proposition to get me on a fully functional submarine, and there's no way in hell I would have deployed on any of the subs I saw that day. They looked from the inside, like the mooring lines were keeping them afloat.

Granted, this is more than a few years ago.

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Posted in: Pentagon vows new measures in Okinawa after alleged rape See in context


I'm guessing you've never seen the inside of a sociology class. Pity that.

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Posted in: Obama accuses Republican rival of suffering 'Romnesia' See in context


Can I get a victim card instead? I ask you as you seem to be the resident expert on victim cards.

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Posted in: Louisiana 'Freeze' shooting tragedy remembered 20 years on See in context

Exhibit A as to why there needs to be more gun control in America:


And here would be Exhibit B:


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