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Posted in: NHK tags house of man who refuses to pay fees See in context

Have never and will never pay the clowns at NHK!! Got cable TV myself and plenty of good channels with proper international programming .. I never watch Japanese TV it's all garbage just like the music here.. So why would I pay for something I don't use and for that matter support the BS propaganda NHK spews?!

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Posted in: 20 years after suicide, Kurt Cobain still fascinates See in context

@edbardoe-if u don't care why take the time to comment on this thread? Personally, I don't care what fascinates u!!Kurt is a legend and Nirvana's music will live on long after we're gone.. So I guess then he/they fascinate a great many others!!

@John- yep that is the great mystery..??

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Posted in: Japan's whaling fleet returns from Antarctic See in context

Go whales , Australia ,New Zealand and let us not forget the SS.. True class!!

As for the whalers( Eco-Terrorist) haha losers time to get a real job..I thoroughly enjoyed hearing and seeing footage of the SS kicking your butts year after year.. Good to see that my SS donations were used for the good of nature and for their intended purpose.. Unlike my 3/11 donation.. Is that what you call class oldman_13?!

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Posted in: Japan cancels next Antarctic whaling hunt after ICJ ruling See in context

Goodbye and good riddance!!

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Posted in: Fukushima meltdown unlikely to cause many cancers: U.N. scientists See in context

I wouldn't put to much stock in what U.N. scientist say myself or any governmental body for that matter..I'm sure there will be and probably already has been a great many cancers in and around Fukushima be it from radiation or the fear of it .. Does it really matter which?! The handling of the situation there is sickening but as is always the case in Japan whatever truths are out there will just get swept under the rug..Business as usual!!

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Posted in: Japan says it will abide by court ruling on whaling See in context

Hahahaha!! Justice was served.. As far as JARPA III is concerned not to worried about it.. As the SS will be right there to run Interference and defend the whales against the true Eco-terrorist of the worlds oceans.. Not to mention the worlds resolve will be even greater the next time round and the Japanese image will take an even bigger blow.. One last time for all the whiners on the thread Haha!!

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Posted in: World court rules Japan's Antarctic whaling not scientific See in context

Great news gotta love it!!

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Posted in: Water decontamination system down again at Fukushima plant See in context

@Mike-" the corium is still in the reactors" - sure it is lol.. I feel so much more assured every time I read one of your post in regards to the current and ongoing nuclear disaster in Fukushima.. Last I checked Tepco themselves have no idea where the coriums are.. Even if there is a press release on the subject I would hardly take them at their word.. Being that they've been so honest and forthcoming up until this point !!

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Posted in: Lady Gaga adds K-pop act to North America tour See in context

@Daijoboots- your comment was pretty random to begin with u might want to have mentioned first it was the lip-synching talentless Pamyu's concert..As I would have assumed the same that Gaga was playing a very small possibly special show with a crowd of only 2,000.. Being that after all she is the highest grossing female artist in music today..

@Nenad- your kidding right ? Gaga doesn't need to get paid by the opening act in fact that opening act is gonna get a nice payday and more notoriety .. Usually or often the headliner of a tour will choose an opening act so obviously Gaga saw something in them.. As for diversity in music Korean music is just as diverse as Japanese and more widely recognized .. Obviously u yourself are only familiar with K-pop ?! As for your snide remarks about Koreans being fake and plastic surgery and what not lol .. I recommend u take a trip there and educate yourself cuz u sound like a total racist.. If Koreans are fake well then so are Japanese..plenty of plastic surgery here as well, along with girls wearing pounds of make- up on their faces , young boys spending 15 minutes playing with their hair in public restrooms and let us not forget Japanese boys and their purses( bags) )lol..

In conclusion both Japanese and Korean music sucks be it any genre in my own humble opinion ..But when it comes to entertainment unfortunately for some of u on this thread Koreans have a leg up on Japan!!

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Posted in: Japan calls for Russia to open Crimea talks with Ukraine See in context

@toshiko- Sorry didn't complete my previous post accidentally hit the submit button .. Anyways, the list goes on and on.. How bout oil and gas the US is a major player in that industry, agriculture, aviation etc etc.. Yes, I'm very aware of the fact that Hyundai is a South Korean company nowhere in my post did I say it was American.. My bad its no longer the best selling car in the states..The current best selling model in the states is a Ford I forget what model but a large pick- up.. The best selling television is A Samsung and the best selling computer is still H/P.. But getting to the point , I don't deny Japan Inc has been a major player or that they produce many quality products.. I'm simply saying that Japan's dominance in the market has long passed and its not likely to change going forward.. But if u want to believe that Japan Inc is some kind of superpower go right ahead..Fact is that's just not the case anymore..

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Posted in: Japan calls for Russia to open Crimea talks with Ukraine See in context

@toshiko- I'm aware of the proposal , my point being given the current conflict in the Ukraine not to mention the political turmoil between China and Japan the whole idea currently seems like a pipe dream at best.. Given Japan's political responsibilities and it's alliance with America and other western nations on the matter at hand , hard to imagine Japan's newfound Russian negotiations not having any kind of fallout..

As for American Inc I could name quite a few of the top of my head H/P, Dell , Apple not to mention every friend I know just about including myself uses a Mac , Chrysler , GM , Maytag , Whirlpool,

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Posted in: Japan calls for Russia to open Crimea talks with Ukraine See in context

@toshiko- u have quite the imagination.. How do u suppose Japan build a pipeline from the Middle East to Japan while skipping over the entire Asian continent ?? As for US industry your kidding right?? It would seem to me Japan Inc. is the one in trouble .. Please tell me what industry Japan controls these days? Mobile- Apple& Samsung , automotive- number 1 selling car in the States these days- Hyundai and domestic brands are picking up steam as well and how about electrical appliances - Lg and domestic brands sell best probably found in 3 out of 4 US households .. Being that the features are the same and the price is much cheaper!!As for the weapons industry big business wouldn't u say? Being that the topic at hand is about Russia and the Ukranian crisis.. I mean isn't Abe trying to open up Japan's defense industry so Japan can try to get a piece of that pie?! As for the Kuril Islands it will be a cold day in hell before Russia returns those islands back to Japan.. Fact of the matter is Japan needs Russia, China and the US more than they need Japan!! Hate to burst your bubble..

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Posted in: No. of child abuse, child porn cases reported in 2013 soars See in context

Facts are facts and trust me judging by the thread plenty of people do believe it cuz it is a fact!! Like I said I could post a million links but the both of u have selective comprehension when it comes to all issues In Japan.. The " but but America " argument is hilarious as its nowhere near the top of the child pornography list and u know it..I got better things to do with my time than go back and forth with the two of u.. The first step to solving a problem is admitting u have a problem( Japan and child pornography)..Japan creates it and other nations share it.. Hmm I've always believed it best to go after the root of the problem.. I'm out!!

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Posted in: No. of child abuse, child porn cases reported in 2013 soars See in context

@ Alex80&CH3CHO- Google it yourself , I recommend using the key words (problems with Japanese porn).. Plenty of articles there to further prove my previous post .. I'm sure u can find even more related material by using the key words ( (Japan and child pornography).. Not about to put the last two key words in my own browser but hey go right ahead knock yourselves out.. I have a feeling though neither of u will accept any info contrary to what u believe to be true, judging from the way u go back and forth with others on any topic that puts Japan in a negative light!!

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Posted in: Japan to halve tuna catch in northern Pacific See in context

Japan consumes 80% of the worldwide tuna catch.. The Atlantic tuna population has already been severely depleted and the Pacific population is hurting as well.. I read an article a while back talking about the total Pacific tuna catch annually which was/is around 18,000 tons of that total Japan took 14,000 tons .. It also stated that the US asked Japan to scale back their Pacific tuna haul by 25%.. So the 15% decrease is rather stark in comparison but hey it's a start.. Another poster made a great point however that Japan will just by up another countries haul to make up for the decrease in their own..

@Sensato- I don't think other countries are the problem on this issue.. It's those other countries who have been begging and pleading with Japan over the years to scale back their operations, to no avail until now..

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Posted in: No. of child abuse, child porn cases reported in 2013 soars See in context

@strangerland- It's a fact whether u accept it or not( and no i meant export)..As for equating the aforementioned industry to child pornography actually yeah I am!! Have u ever seen the girls working in these shady establishments? Gotta question the age of many of them myself.. These jobs are often a stepping stone to the porn industry..Was there not just an article the other day about an underage porn ring run by four sick individuals?Just in case u were unaware child porn relates to any individual under the age of 18.. But hey u can equate it any way u like!!

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Posted in: No. of child abuse, child porn cases reported in 2013 soars See in context

As of last year Japan was number one( worldwide) in child pornography exports.. Haven't checked the recent statistics but I'm sure they are still at or near the top of the list..Funny the article makes no mention of this?! Can't say I'm really surprised by this article.. I see parents wacking their kids over the head or across their face just walking down the street everyday.. Not to mention kabikura, soap , health and every other kind of sexual service offered in every city and or town throughout Japan.. Most if not many of my young female students have some kind of groping story to tell while on the train or elsewhere in some public establishment..

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Posted in: Yakuza gang membership falls to record low See in context

The war on gangs .. Is like the war on drugs .. It's a never ending math equation.. A complete and total waste of time .. Not to mention tax payers money!!

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Posted in: Composer Samuragochi apologizes for fake work See in context

Go to jail.. Go directly to jail.. Do not pass Go.. Do not collect any more ¥.. Loser!!

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Posted in: Husbands aghast at wives' infatuation with rightwing causes See in context

@homleand-as opposed to J-pop which is just as bad and less popular internationally ..I've traveled throughout Asia and the youth in other Asian countries love K-pop , most don't even know or care what J- pop is..

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Posted in: S Korean president warns Japan over war sex slavery apology review See in context

U have got to be kidding me!! Do u really want to go there look up and down this thread and you'll find piss poor grammar left and right .. If u wanna grammar police my whole post go ahead I could really care less fool..

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Posted in: S Korean president warns Japan over war sex slavery apology review See in context

@boweevil- Ever heard of typo!! The v and the n are pretty close in proximity on the iPhone keypad ..

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Posted in: Abenomics struggles to deliver public works boom See in context

@ Chenchan- What?????

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Posted in: Abenomics struggles to deliver public works boom See in context

@ JeffLee - missed that my bad ..

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Posted in: Abenomics struggles to deliver public works boom See in context

@JeffLee- smoke and mirrors is all I have to say.. But hey believe what u want..

@Chenchan- Do u know Bertie personally? I doubt u do so who are u to pass judgement on his character?!

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Posted in: S Korean president warns Japan over war sex slavery apology review See in context

@smith- great response very well put!!

@FightingViking- Japanophiles are the worst cuz there's no excuse for their stupidity!!

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Posted in: S Korean president warns Japan over war sex slavery apology review See in context

There is so much comedy on this thread it's hilarious.. Sitting back enjoying my Sunday coffee and having a good laugh at all those who are truly blind to the grave Japan is digging for itself.. I got friends leaving here in drones and will be doing the same myself soon.. Actually quite a few of my homies have and our heading over to Korea.. As Japan is yesterday's news!!

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Posted in: S Korean president warns Japan over war sex slavery apology review See in context

" The most effective way to destroy people is to lie and obliterate their own understanding of their history"..

Gotta love Orwell!! Seems Honest Abe is doing stand up job of this.. Sadly!!

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Posted in: Japan says it is puzzled by new China WWII national days See in context

Does it matter if it was 300,000 or 150,000 ?! No it does not!! Fact is it was and is and always will be a disgusting stain on the history of Japan.. We can argue numbers till we're blue in the face.. Doesn't change the fact!!

"But but" please save the excuses!!

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Posted in: Zushi passes resolution banning alcohol, loud music on beach See in context

@StormR- preach the truth brother!! Fully sleeved in tats myself i even have a fat one my neck as well !! I follow the same rule myself if they don't like they can come remove me physically.. I go to hot springs all the time just cover up and walk right through.. In the summer I often take my kids to the local water park that has a tattoo ban.. They often approach me and ask me to cover up , I just play the dum gaijin card and they give up.. Funny thing is lots of Yaks go there and they don't say anything to them?!

@HowardStern- I was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California and believe there is no tattoo ban on SoCal beaches being that for the most part everybody is covered in tats..

They should ban smoking and barbecues on Japanese beaches as those who do such always seem to leave their litter behind.. I can understand banning alcohol as well.. Might help the problem of so many Japanese drowning every summer!!

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