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Posted in: Girl who lost father in last year’s deadly Hokkaido blizzard pens heart-wrenching thank-you letter See in context

@browny1-I get where your coming from.. And I couldn't agree more as far as the best alternative being to just stay inside.. As that is what I did myself last year during the aforementioned storm.. Quite a few froze to death or died do carbon monoxide poisoning in their cars.. Unfortunately, even in the worst of conditions many Japanese go about business as usual..I do remember trying to clear snow last year during that storm and it was a losing battle, conditions were horrendous !! It is always best to be prepared for whatever nature or life might throw at us but in my experience many are not.. Had it been me stuck , I would have definitely stayed with my car and tried to do what u mentioned above but it's still no guarantee ..

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Posted in: Girl who lost father in last year’s deadly Hokkaido blizzard pens heart-wrenching thank-you letter See in context

It takes a lot to bring tears to my eyes but this story surely did!! There is no greater love than the love of and for your children..This father is truly a hero may he RIP !!

@browny1 - Do u live in Hokkaido? I do , been here for 10yrs and the winters are brutal!! It's easy to judge from the outside looking in .. I remember this storm last yr and some people did follow your aforementioned rule and died of carbon monoxide poisoning !!

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd, whalers trade ambush accusations See in context

@ batmania I would hardly call people that follow and support the SS "sheeple".. However , sheeple does describe Japanese society to T!! The SS has nearly a million supporters on FB alone .. The only cause losing steam is your own!!But keep up with the blatant BS just realize most people on here aren't buying it!!Don't know how many foreign friends you have but I can guarantee I probably have a thousand times more and believe me u are way of base with your claims!!

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd, whalers trade ambush accusations See in context

Wow everybody were in the midst of a condescending whaling expert in batmania..Seems to me and by the looks of likes and dislikes on this thread it's the SS movement that's gaining traction!! Times change and sometimes traditions become outdated.. So u either move forward or u get left behind ..

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Posted in: Post-tsunami deaths due to stress, illness outnumber disaster toll in Fukushima See in context

Honest Abe's government and the so- called doctors and experts throughout Japan's response "but but none of these deaths are radiation related" .. Just like the high incidence of thyroid abnormalities in the region!!

@Fandango- you nailed it on the head buddy couldn't agree more!!

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd, whalers trade ambush accusations See in context

@smithinjapan- I think Kobuta Chan meant the Japanese version of psycho as in great, super, awesome , wonderful lol..

@Kobuta Chan- actually most Australians do support the SS in fact all my Aussie buddies support them and many of them even donate to the cause.. As an American and a lifelong surfer I can tell you almost all my friends and family back home support the SS!!

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd, whalers trade ambush accusations See in context

@ Heda don't know where u get ur information from probably a Japanese news site no less .. Hardly a believable source of information..Being that Japanese freedom of press is ranked 53rd in the world and is expected to fall even lower in the future.. Thats like I trying to sell me on the idea that Fukushima is a safe place to live and eat ..I recommend u go to the Sea Shepard's FB page where they have video and photographic evidence of the confrontations with the true Eco terrorist the Japanese whaling fleet!!

If Japanese wish to whale they should do it on their own waters.. Oh that's right they already raped their own waters of whales either that or the whales got smart and decided to stay away.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd, whalers trade ambush accusations See in context

Keep up the good work SS.. I will continue with my donations and following your progress on FB.. The Japanese fleet is getting their butts kicked again this year.. They may have gotten a head start last night but our currently being followed by helicopter and have no direction to escape and continue their outdated sick tradition of whaling especially in waters they don't belong in.. All of u on here calling them pirates really don't understand who the real pirates are nobody outside of Japan neither likes or supports this sick tradition for the most part ..

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Posted in: Shimane stages annual rally over disputed islands with S Korea See in context

It's funny a couple years ago Korea was all the rage in Japan many Japanese were traveling there regularly enjoying and buying up Korean pop culture ect ect .. Now I have elementary , junior and senior high school and adult students coming into my classroom and declaring their utter hatred of Korea and China.. Just last week I had A 7yr old student tell me he hates Korea , blew me away although he couldn't tell me why.. Honest Abe's campaign of hatred and historical revisionism is truly taking shape.. It really is quite sad!!

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Posted in: Shimane stages annual rally over disputed islands with S Korea See in context

@OssanAmerica You do mean 240,000 Koreans forced to serve in the Japanese Imperial armed forces right? Can't really hold them liable for the atrocities committed being that they didn't have much say in the matter..As for respecting the rule of law , in this case there is nothing to rule on the Korean flag stands tall and proud blowing atop the rock(island)of Dokdo.. Furthermore I have no respect for Honest Abe and the current regime running this country!!

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Posted in: Shimane stages annual rally over disputed islands with S Korea See in context

The ICJ argument is getting old already!! Korea isn't going to take Japan up up on that argument nor do they need to !! After all who administers the islands? Shoot in my own opinion Japanese should just drop it already and call it a concession prize for the terrible atrocities they committed during their occupation of Korea .. @shimosueyoshi - last I read there were no on- going negotiations with Russia over the northern islands.. Nor do I believe Russia will ever concede control over them.. It's just the wishful thinking of Honest Abe and the other morons in his cabinet trying to beef up more support for the nationalistic campaign ..

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Posted in: Japan on backfoot in global PR war with China See in context

I have lived and taught in Japan for 10yrs.. I have quite a few good Japanese friends and think of this beautiful country as a second home.. That being said , my views on Japanese have changed drastically over the past years.. The worlds perception is changing for more reasons than just the mess with China.. Examples: The continuing and ongoing environmental disaster in Fukushima, whale and dolphin hunting, Olympus , Bridgestone and other Japanese businesses, Honest Abe and the list goes on and on.. I can also imagine quite a few Americans aren't to happy with the Okinawa base controversy myself not included.. I have come to rhe realization that there are two types of Japanese for the most part , the robots who live here and and the ones that live and stay abroad .. I prefer the internationalized Japanese myself being that they actually have a personality if their own..In conclusion to my extended rant I can't wait to get out this country and go back to my evil empire (The US) as some of u might call it lmfao!!

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Posted in: Nanjing seeks UNESCO listing for massacre documents See in context

@evian1 Unfortanetly that's how it works here in Japan !! Say something negative about Japan and many if not most Japanese will come back with "but so and so person or country did this or that".. Always deflecting blame and using counter attacks that are usually completely of topic..

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Posted in: Nanjing seeks UNESCO listing for massacre documents See in context

Love the move by the Chinese right back in Honest-Abe's face..these documents should definitely be approved in my own opinion.. What really surprises me though as an American is that the US hasn't spoken out against the kamikaze letters.. Which by no means should be approved nothing heroic about suicide bombers!!

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Posted in: 'Beethoven of Japan' says he can hear again See in context

There's actually even more to this story .. For those of u who don't know he's apparently been picking up welfare for his disability for about 20 years to the tune of atleast ¥1,000,000 per year ..In japan there are 5 classes of disability in order to receive welfare.. He is class 2 one of coarse being the highest.. His own mom even basically called him a liar.. It's also come to light that he took acting classes in his school days via an x- classmate .. This man is sick and a complete fraud.. I hope but am not holding my breath that he goes to jail for a very long time however this being Japan I doubt it..

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Posted in: 2 men rob Tochigi pachinko parlor of over Y28 million See in context

Probably was a couple yaks who robbed the place!!

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Posted in: Documents reveal chaotic U.S. military sex-abuse record in Japan See in context

Am this happens everyday in the general population all over Japan and throught the world.. But hey let's just put the spotlight on the US military.. What would the Okinawan economy do without the US there.. Actually wish they would get out of Okinawa though and that the US Japan relationship weakens..Then we would not have to defend Japans tiny rocks they call an island against China.. @bertie - do u ever shut up?really hate Americans don't u?

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Posted in: Anti-drugs group slams Australian's parole in Indonesia See in context

@elbuda It's just weed!! You seriously need a reality check!! Where I come from its legal and to be quite honest I rather enjoy it!! The war on drugs is a complete failure and a total waste of time.. Not to mention weed is no more of a drug than alcohol is..

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Posted in: Gov't blames translator over Abe's World War I remark See in context

U gotta to be kidding me!! Nothing wrong with the interpretation, Abe is a just a liar!!

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Posted in: Elderly people's manners increasingly deplorable See in context

Respect is earned it's not given!! I could a rat's backside what you do or who u are.. If I don't respect me , I got no respect for you!!

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Posted in: 'Mutant' vegetables wrongly attributed to Fukushima See in context

Don't care if the pictures originate from Fukushima or not..I wouldn't knowingly touch any source of food from the Tohoku region anyway..And yes I do go out of my way to make sure of it!!

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Posted in: Education ministry to change college entrance exam system See in context

Not sure how many of u are aware of the fact that most highschoolers don't attend cram school..Being that highschools throughout Japan have different levels of education..Third year junior highschoolers take an exam in order to get into the highschool of thier choice..So being that the highschool curriculum varies from school to school,makes it difficult for cram schools to take on highschool students..Therefore the main focus of cram schools is on junior highschoolers..A bit of knowledge for u all!!

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