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Posted in: Confusion reigns over Queen Elizabeth II's health after hospital stay See in context

the queen was in good spirits

I'm not confused. This clearly means she's cracked open a vintage bottle of brandy.

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Posted in: Ex-U.S. envoy Hagerty slams Japan's justice system over Nissan case See in context

"With this type of justice system, I fear that American executives will start thinking twice about doing business in Japan."

Japan is more than happy with that outcome.

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Posted in: Chapelle special spurs Netflix walkout; 'Trans lives matter' See in context

You have the right to offend and be offended. But you don't have the right to never be offended.

Just because you're offended doesn't mean you're right. Some people are offended by equality.”

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Posted in: Chapelle special spurs Netflix walkout; 'Trans lives matter' See in context

History proves that jokes have been made of everyone and everything. We joke about males and females, young and old, humans and animals, life and death, religions, politics, races, sports, and on and on.

Nothing should be off limits as a topic. As Ricky Gervais explains so well:

*“**There’s no subject you shouldn’t joke about,”*

“It depends on the target - people get offended when they mistake the subject of a joke with the actual target and they’re not necessarily the same.”

The Trans community wants to become an accepted part of society. They are eager to point out that they shouldn't be discriminated against because they are just normal people - and quite rightly so. I'd argue that there is no better form of acceptance than becoming part of the normal every day conversation - which includes being joked about. You can't be accepted into society if you demand certain protections that all the other groups of society aren't afforded.

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Posted in: Tibet activists disrupt Beijing Winter Olympics flame ceremony See in context

The more people that are aware about genocide the better I’d say.

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Posted in: Variety of frozen food vending machines proving a hit amid pandemic See in context

"It's nice to be able to take your time to decide what to get without having in-person interactions,"

This is so sad.

The only in-person interaction that is required in a supermarket is to hand over payment to the cashier. Saying that, many supermarkets now have self checkout lines which mean no interaction is necessary.

Id be inclined to go and wait near this particular vending machine, just to make some small talk the next time Mr Nagai rocks up.

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Posted in: I couldn’t care less about the worst ranking. I would like local residents to be proud of Ibaraki and speak out about its wonderfulness. See in context

If you are going to rank all the prefectures, then one of them will be deemed 'the worst'.

If all of them then improve 100% - one will still be the worst.

I don't get the point of these rankings.

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Posted in: 11-year-old boy dies after falling from 10th-floor apartment balcony See in context

I’d be interested to know how many children die due to falling from apartments (balconies or windows) in somewhere like Hong Kong.

If these ‘accidents’ were just part and parcel of young kids living in apartment buildings, then I’d expect the numbers to be statistically similar.

It certainly seems that Japan has a serious problem with kids falling to their deaths on a regular basis.

By the way, a 1 meter high balcony wall on the 15th floor? Doesn’t that seem a bit low?

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Posted in: Rolling Stones drop hit 'Brown Sugar' from U.S. tour See in context

Cancel culture, baby.

Why does everything have to be black or white? What's happened to all the shades of grey?

They either play the song or don't - and if they don't then that means it's cancel culture?

Nobody has been cancelled here.

It sounds like they've just decided to take the song off the set list because of the current climate, and the specific audiences they are likely to be playing to.

We all do 'self censorship' ourselves every day. I will speak differently depending on who I speak to. I wouldn't dream of speaking to my gran the same way I speak to my friends. I wouldn't talk about the same topics with my co workers compared to my brothers.

If I decide to 'tone down' my language when I meet my gran, that doesn't mean I've been cancelled. It means I'm able to read the room, and behave accordingly.

That's what appears to have happened here - they've 'read the room' and decided the song isn't appropriate to perform.

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Posted in: McCartney says Lennon responsible for Beatle breakup See in context

Anyway, Macca went on to form 'Wings' - the band The Beatles could've been!

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Posted in: Kishida says he has no plan to change financial income tax for now See in context

"There are many things that we need to do before the financial income tax," Kishida said

...such as make sure 'the rich' has enough time to restructure their finances in such a way so as not to take any hits from a policy change.

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Posted in: Some pharmacies in Japan now sell Yoshinoya beef bowls See in context

It's not refrigerated???

It doesn't appear to be. Maybe the display rack is directly below the air conditioner unit.

Also, I would work off the presumption that the gyudon is the left overs from the previous day.

All in all, something to certainly avoid.

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Posted in: University exec arrested over diversion of funds to dummy firm See in context

Yabumoto, who controls the dummy consultancy, is known to have ties with people in political and financial circles including former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

He learned from the best it seems.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges large economic stimulus as by-election campaigns start See in context

'PM pledges large economic stimulus' - there must be an election about to start!

Where is the article about the opposition's pledges?

I'm sure we'll hear about all that a couple of days after the election is over. We don't want people to know that kind of information before they vote, it might affect choices.

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Posted in: Gov't to sell ¥1 tril tranche of Japan Post shares See in context

The Finance Ministry said the proceeds from the share sale, which will lower the government's stake from 60.6 percent to 33.3 percent, will finance reconstruction work in northeastern Japan areas devastated by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Does this mean they will now stop the ‘special reconstruction tax’ that they levy on everyone when you submit your taxes?

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Posted in: Save your feet in the rain with these portable, lightweight shoe covers See in context

Carrier bags only cost a few yen if anything.....just saying.....

Yep. Carrier bag, pork chop, elastic band. Sorted.

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Posted in: The fact that small cameras have become easily purchasable online has contributed to the increase... In some cases, a camera is hidden in the tip of a shoe or an umbrella. See in context

The fact that small cameras have become easily purchasable online has contributed to the increase...

I'd also suggest that not taking the issue seriously enough over the years has also contributed to the increase. This is not just about the severity of punishment, but also a cultural or societal reluctance to take these issues on. Posters in the train station with scary text saying don't do a crime, is hardly going to be an effective way of stopping someone from acting on their urges. Similarly, the popularity of certain kinds of manga or hentai etc. is a real issue regarding these kinds of issues. If you want to understand why these kinds of crimes are increasing, there are a multitude of reasons that are arguably more important than the availability of small cameras online.

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Posted in: Kishida, wife maintain closeness despite long distance See in context

So… they live apart. She went to a school that has a good English program. She wore a kimono while entertaining foreign wives. She recently cooked him his favourite dish. His son is his secretary - therefore one day he’ll probably be PM.

Im struggling to understand the point of this article. Is it the inference that as a woman she does her duties, while his son is being positioned for future greatness?

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Posted in: Kishida to create new ministerial post for economic security See in context

Prospective Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida plans to create a new ministerial post for economic security in a veiled counter to alleged technology theft by China

Let's hope he appoints someone with skills in economic security, and not just one of the regular faces like Taro Aso. Let's also hope that the appointee understands it wouldn't be a great start to go swanning off to Yasukuni during the first weeks in charge.

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Posted in: Suzuki to be Japan finance chief; Motegi to stay as foreign minister See in context

Posts previously held by Suzuki, whose father was former Prime Minister Zenko Suzuki, include environment minister and minister in charge of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

I'd love to know just how statistically improbable it is for so many children of former prime ministers to also reach senior government positions.

I mean, I know how the system works, but in a functioning democracy I'd suggest Japan stands out as being a statistical irregularity.

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Posted in: Ex-nurse goes on trial for killing 3 elderly patients at Yokohama hospital See in context

@Gainjinjland... Yeah, thats why murderers should be better understood - we're all going to die anyway.

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Posted in: 2 women in LDP party leadership race get mixed reactions See in context

Japan ranked 120th in a 156-nation gender gap ranking survey of the World Economic Forum in 2021.

Nothing else needs saying.

If the Japanese people genuinely want this country to change, they have to get rid of this horrendous group of stuck in the dark ages, self-entitled, old men.

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Posted in: Kishida fills ruling party key posts with Abe allies See in context

Nothing ever changes in Japanese politics. The stench of corruption and incompetence just lingers and the same old faces just continue playing their game of musical chairs.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's boyfriend arrives from U.S. for wedding See in context

So they were concerned about a debt of 4 million yen, but we’re willing to give them a payment of 150 million yen. What utter nonsense.

Kei, get out of here as fast as you can!!

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Posted in: Suga suggests optimism for lifting state of emergency See in context

Just looking at Suga has drained all the optimism he was trying to convey.

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Posted in: 3 Japan PM hopefuls urge elderly to stay on job for pension system See in context

Oh, and maybe the 4 PM hopefuls debating this issue could be open and transparent about the pensions they are due to receive. I wonder if they could explain why the system for the general population is structured differently to the private schemes they are due to benefit from.

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Posted in: 3 Japan PM hopefuls urge elderly to stay on job for pension system See in context

Breaking News: Ponzi schemes don't work when the pyramid is inverted.

Instead of just trying to fudge the existing broken system, maybe it's time to change the whole approach to the pension system.

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Posted in: Japan’s new canned creamy shortcakes turn heads for sweet lovers See in context

Back in the day, I used to love the Heinz tins of sticky toffee pudding and treacle pudding.

They weren't particularly gourmet, but they were really good.

I couldn't find them anywhere though last time I went back a few years ago.

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Posted in: Women's entry in LDP leader race may not boost empowerment See in context

Sanae Takaichi

This woman makes my skin crawl.

The only thing she is the answer to is 'Who absolutely shouldn't be the next PM?'

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Posted in: Japan court rules in favor of Sri Lankans over rights to fair trial See in context

If there is one thing we have learnt about the immigration authorities in recent months it's that it's not fit for purpose.

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