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Posted in: Kim slams North Korea pandemic response; deploys army See in context

If there is one thing I know about NK it's that all the members of the cabinet along with the public service workers will follow the Dear Leader's instructions to the word. If their performance has been inadequate there is only one person to blame.

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Posted in: Japan accepted 74 refugees in 2021, highest on record See in context

We dont want to hear their complain any more . thats why many Japanese oppose to accept more refugees.

@Hiroshi - If Japan took its collective head out of the sand and just started being a bit more outward looking I think you’d find many things would improve quite quickly.

The gaijin don’t want to destroy your culture - your culture is mostly great! It would be nice however to get certain services and attitudes a bit closer to basic 21st century standards.

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Posted in: Japan accepted 74 refugees in 2021, highest on record See in context

Japan has a hard enough time looking after its own ‘refugees’. There have been many articles about people from Fukushima forced to go and live elsewhere receiving abuse, discrimination, and rejection.

Japan is great at platitudes, especially in the form of posters, slogans, and bumper stickers. But when it comes down to actually giving a damn and helping those most in need away from the source of the trouble, Japan trails way behind most other developed countries IMO.

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Posted in: North Korea confirms 1st COVID outbreak; Kim orders lockdown See in context

Kim during the meeting called for officials to stabilize transmissions and eliminate the infection source as fast as possible.

RIP to the source(s).

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Posted in: Japan to boost tourism at Ainu culture complex See in context

The Japanese government will promote inbound tourism to a major cultural complex in Hokkaido dedicated to the indigenous Ainu people

I'm sure the indigenous Ainu people will love the fact the government want to use this particular area of Japan as a testing ground for what might happen when tourists from around the world are allowed back in to the country. They might as well allocate hundreds of tons of contaminated soil from Fukushima to the major cultural complexes in Hokkaido while they're at it.

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Posted in: Tokyu Railways trains now powered only by renewable energy See in context

No it doesn't, your claim is ridiculous. They are very obviously pointing, a Nazi salute is very different, palm down for one thing.

I never said Nazi. Interesting that you jumped to that conclusion if the picture infers nothing of the sort.

This is a stupid comment. They are POINTING, a common gesture that train drivers in Japan do when they are confirming signals.

I said it 'looks like' a certain salute, not that it 'is'. Interesting to see that you also understood the inference though.

Yes, train drivers point, but I wouldn't have chosen this picture, shot at this particular angle to try and imply the pose is akin to confirming signals.

I wasn't suggesting that Tokyu Railways intentionally produced a poster displaying Nazi salutes. But you can't deny it can be seen in that light.

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Posted in: Tokyu Railways trains now powered only by renewable energy See in context

That looks so much like a certain salute that it beggars belief it made it through all the production processes before it was actually printed. The poses, the angle, the extention. Hmm.

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Posted in: Prettier in pink: The push to remake Japan's cherry blossom season See in context

But convincing Japan to turn its back on the somei-yoshino strain may not be easy.

Convincing Japan to change anything, or start something new is a hard row to hoe.

Good luck to the guy.

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Posted in: Man arrested for shoving commuter off train platform in Osaka See in context

Come on attempted murder? with the train 3 minutes away? It was an assault, charge him for that.

Do you think in that split second the man looked up at the station signage, clocked the time of the next train, looked at the current time, and made the calculation that the next train due was 3 minutes away?

He clearly knew he was in a train station. It's common knowledge that trains run on the tracks. The guy pushed the man onto the tracks - where the trains come.

So yes, attempted murder.

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Posted in: Gov't weighs ¥50,000 cash handouts for low-income families' children See in context

If the PM really wants to try and fix the problem, maybe he should try with policies rather than just handing out cash every time.

If the purpose is to try and buy people's votes for the next election then carry on as normal. I presume the elderly and farmers will soon be receiving some cash for whatever purpose can be linked to whatever topical issue.

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Posted in: Japan expert panel OKs use of Novavax COVID-19 vaccine See in context

@virusrex It's really sad to see someone sharing accurate, truthful information, in good faith get so much negative blowback. Thanks for trying, but unfortunately some people have decided to die on a this hill whatever information they are presented with.

'You don't speak for the science community' would kinda be OK if only they would take notice of those in the science community itself. However those actually 'in the science community' are routinely dismissed as being 'big pharma', or 'leftist', or 'dems' etc. etc. You can't win... and that is exactly what they want.

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Posted in: Survey reveals that many young people in Japan are experiencing loneliness and isolation See in context

I remember 4 or 5 years ago walking into uni classes to be met by total silence as everyone had their heads down firmly engrossed in their smartphones. In my experience, 18-20 year olds lack the sufficient social skills needed to interact normally with the world around them.

Of course they have their own little friendship groups, but remove that security blanket and the majority of kids I meet year after year (hundreds of them) just cannot interact normally with their peers even in their own language - without it being extremely uncomfortable and awkward.

I'm not surprised in the least about these survey results. Masks were always a convenient barrier for the unsociable student, many more students will have realised this now and will keep them on even when the time comes to start taking them off.

I don't know how Japan gets out of this funk, because an education system which generally stifles independence and personality + smartphones + masks + online learning preventing kids from mixing + online learning requiring more use of smart devices etc etc isn't a recipe for kids growing up with independence, self confidence, and good social skills.

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Posted in: Ex-SMBC Nikko deputy president indicted over market manipulation See in context

More corruption

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Posted in: Pregnant workers in Japan's controversial intern program face abuse See in context

Many layers of evil run through this program.

You are not wrong. But let's just upgrade 'program' to 'country'.

This isn't an opportune bash at Japan, there is evil everywhere. I'm am however fed up of hearing about all the stories of harassment (in all it's forms), political and commercial corruption (in all it's forms), the persecution of various groups of society, the xenophobia, the passive aggressiveness... I could go on - while being told that Japan is the most polite and respectful country in the world. Nah, not having it.

My country is far from perfect, and has it's fair share of problems, but if it came out that pregnant employees (interns, volunteers, whoever) were told to get an abortion, and then fired when they didn't, their would be a huge public outcry, significant national debate, and severe action would be taken against that company and all those directly involved in such sick action.

Here however, it's all about the wa and not nearly enough is ever made about cases such as this.

Maybe a new series of posters will appear with a kawaii character in the coming months.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for assaulting, robbing university student See in context

Police said there were several people on the sidewalk at the time of the assault but no one called 110.

I can understand people not trying to intervene and help because I've seen it and read about it countless times - but no one even calling 110 when a young guy is being set upon by 2 punks is a disgrace.

What if it's your son, or your daughter? How do you want others to react? Help them, or try and get help for them surely.

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Posted in: Russia acknowledges significant troop losses in Ukraine See in context

It's not a tragedy but honor... to die for your country

Many Ukrainian soldiers have died in honor for their country.

No Russians have died for their country in this war. They have died for one man's ego.

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Posted in: Japan is simply keeping the stable door shut long after the horse has bolted. Alpha, Delta and Omicron all found their way in despite a lack of tourists. See in context

There are a long list of reasons why Japan won't be welcoming tourists back quickly. It's clear that it's not about keeping the stable door shut for medical reasons.

One simple reason is that this country doesn't have the means nor the desire to take care of huge numbers of sick foreign tourists. Japan is very much a place that likes to avoid dealing with issues, so not having tourists here in the first place means complete avoidance of the complicated issue of how to take care of loads of people potentially getting sick whilst in the country.

They don't want to have to deal with it. They know hospitals and clinics and hotels and the country in general don't have the language skills to deal with it. They know that the medical system isn't flexible enough to deal with it. The costs, and work required, to change these things is just not feasible. The people in charge at the highest levels of government and local authorities would look at it as requiring Olympics level funding and organization - in terms of needing volunteers with language skills to help guide foreigners around hospitals and help with the paperwork, help centers etc. - and this would be an ongoing requirement, not just for a fixed period of 1-2 months like the Olympics.

Therefore avoiding the issue completely is the most logical response. I expect the tourist ban to continue for the whole of this year, if not well into next year.

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Posted in: Hayashi returns from Poland with 20 Ukrainians See in context

Presumably Hayashi said '20 man', which got translated as 200,000 - where actually he literally meant '20 man'.

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Posted in: High raw material costs plus weak yen threaten Japan's recovery from COVID See in context

Ironic as Abe actually wanted inflation! As soon as it starts happening there are reports of everything falling apart.

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Posted in: Traffic safety blessing See in context


You are probably just joking and not ridiculing, so I should not take it seriously.

I'm ridiculing a little bit. As SpitfireToday said above, these temples and shrines are in on every con going. They are tantamount to a grift that make serious sums of money tax free.

Presumably blessings don't magically fix any mechanical problems a car might have, so I suppose the priest did a full check to make sure the car was in perfect working order before performing his ritual. I mean you wouldn't want to give someone a false sense of security before letting them drive off with faulty brakes.

Would they give a refund following an accident if someone had the temerity to return and ask? Maybe, but think of what that implies.

When being approached to bless a car, the priest should sit the person down and explain that as the driver he has control over the machine. If he takes care, follows the rules, and drives considerately, then he'll more than likely be fine.

If the man still insists on having his inanimate object blessed just for his own pice of mind, then that's fine - but the priest shouldn't charge any money to take advantage of someone in that mental state.

There's a place for religion if people need it for guidance and their own piece of mind, but when it extends to grifts and cons and gross profiteering through the charging of sometimes huge fees or receiving valuable gifts for services performed, then it should be called out.

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Posted in: 6 SDF members face punishment for unauthorized curry-eating See in context

If this isn't an April Fool then it's one of the most ridiculous news stories I've ever read.

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Posted in: Traffic safety blessing See in context

How much did this blessing cost, and is a refund available in the even of an accident happening?

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Posted in: Japanese government calling on citizens to drink more milk…again See in context

The rigidity of thinking shown here by the dairy industry and the government is just comical.

How frustrating is this place sometimes?!

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Posted in: Ex-board chairman at Nihon University gets 1-year suspended sentence See in context


It depends on how quickly you admit guilt

But that depends on whether you are actually guilty or not!

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Posted in: Ex-board chairman at Nihon University gets 1-year suspended sentence See in context

Underreporting income huh, where have we heard that before. I presume this guy was treated in exactly the same way as others suspected of the same offense.

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Posted in: Diet enacts record ¥107.60 tril budget for FY2022 See in context

Asked if he has any specific ideas about a fresh stimulus, including a proposal floated within the ruling coalition to provide 5,000 yen to each pensioner, Kishida said the government will carefully monitor economic conditions as it weighs its options.

Usually I’d say this is blatant vote buying, but is that how cheap it comes now - just 5,000?

So if it’s not an attempt at keeping the votes of pensioners, then I have to ask why just 5,000? What good is that? What is it supposed to fund?

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Posted in: Cardboard bed one of cheapest on Japanese market See in context

Why not cut the cost in half by making it half the height/depth?

In fact, why not just do away with the boxes completely and just use the cardboard sheets directly on the floor?

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Posted in: Kishida calls for unity at party convention to win upcoming election See in context

Is it just me or do others find the hand on hip, fist pump embarrassing.

The only time grown adults should be doing this is when half cut doing the Time Warp at someone's wedding.

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Posted in: Japan accepts 8 people displaced by Russian invasion of Ukraine See in context

The eight people are Ukrainian nationals who have relatives or acquaintances in Japan, and were granted short-term residency for 90 days, according to the Immigration Services Agency of Japan.

My brother came and stayed with me for 3 months a few years ago.

Isn't 90 days just the max you can stay without a visa - i.e. a tourist??

If so, pretending this is some kind of special consideration is quite offensive.

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan exec Kelly gets suspended sentence; judge slams Ghosn See in context

Guilty, Charges for financial year 2017

So I presume the logical next step is for prosecutors to bring charges against all the others at Nissan who were complicit in this fraud in 2017.

Surely the fact that Nissan pled guilty and paid a 200 million yen fine is irrelevant as this guilty plea didn't stop them from prosecuting Kelly who was part of Nissan at that time too.

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