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Posted in: Former top farm ministry official admits killing reclusive son See in context

It's about time Japan woke up to mental health issues. It isn't something to be ashamed of. It isn't something you should have to hide. It isn't something you should have to deal with yourself. There are trained professionals out there who can help.

I've never seen newspapers here (JT included) add contact details at the end of related articles for 'suicide hotlines', counseling services etc. I'm sure these kinds of groups exist in Japan, and it would be extremely helpful if the mainstream media (as well as outlets like JT), added such info at the end of articles. In fact it would be more than 'helpful' - it would be socially responsible.

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Posted in: Seven-Eleven failed to pay some overtime wages to at least 30,000 employees for years See in context

Pay up...with interest please.

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Posted in: Japanese regulators recommend ¥2.4 bil fine for Nissan See in context

This seems to be more evidence that the whole situation was just an administrative issue.

Nissan say that Ghosn was contractually due a certain amount of remuneration (now and/or in the future). Nissan didn’t properly submit those values.

Ghosn says that he didn’t declare certain amounts because he hadn’t received them.

So, fine the company for misfiling their accounts.

Fine Ghosn for misfiling his accounts.

It really is simple.

Although we all know the real reason was far more nefarious on Nissan’s part.

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Posted in: Dentsu again found violating rules on overtime hours See in context

The authorities this time found several breaches of the rules. In one case, a sales employee worked overtime for 156 hours in a month.

Absolutely ridiculous.

The fine for this one case alone should cripple the company.

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Posted in: Abe slammed for revealing operator of document shredder was disabled See in context

Why can't you say that someone is handicapped? Saying that is "personal information" and shouldn't be told to others is like sharing someone's name, or what they like to eat for lunch. That person being handicapped is as much a part of their identity as any other. Trying to hide it is silly. Criticizing someone for mentioning it is ridiculous.

Come on dude. Would he have said ‘a woman did it’, or ‘a Korean did it’, or ‘a black man did it’?

Of course not, because it’s not relevant - hence the use of the descriptor sounds like an implication.

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Posted in: Abe slammed for revealing operator of document shredder was disabled See in context

Vote this joker out at the next opportunity please Japan.

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Posted in: Activists push to halt sexual harassment of job-seeking students See in context

The point being, a common and very baseless stereotype that continues to be perpetuated on this website, is that Japanese people as a whole do not speak out, do not protest, do not engage in any form of activism. Totally false and without merit.

I'm not sure anyone would state Japanese people 'as a whole' don't speak out, protest or engage in activism, but it certainly appears that the overwhelming majority don't.

It seems to me that most people prefer to ignore controversial issues, and avoid conflict - which is fine, but then they shouldn't expect anything to change or improve. Putting up a poster in a corridor is not going to have any effect on stopping harassment in the workplace - it only makes the people who make the posters feel like they've done something. Maybe we'll start seeing a new poster soon titled 'STOP sekuhara in job interviews'.

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Posted in: Activists push to halt sexual harassment of job-seeking students See in context

There are countless other examples of people in power - usually men - forcing, coercing, harassing, abusing, raping, , their employees, coworkers, or wannabe employees - usually female. We've heard hundreds of stories like this since the 'me too' movement started. It's a shame that Japan still lags behind in this regard.

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Posted in: Activists push to halt sexual harassment of job-seeking students See in context

So stand up and tell the interviewers that you would never work for a company that treats women this way, then leave.

I agree that’s the right thing to do... but where do you expect young people to learn such a reaction? They certainly aren’t taught to react like that in school, nor are they encouraged to speak out against superiors, people in authority, elders etc. They are conditioned to sit there, take it, not question it publicly, and move on.

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Posted in: Fukushima melted fuel removal to begin in 2021 See in context

Ah, so when Abe and his cronies said the cores aren’t melting down and the situation was all under control, they were lying? Got it.

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Posted in: Police step up campaign against drunk driving for party season See in context

These kenmon are held in the same places at the same times every year. How stupid would you have to be to get caught?

Stupid drunk?!

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Posted in: U.N. declined Abe's request to speak at Sept climate summit: sources See in context

It seems the UN can see Abe for the absolute charlatan he is.

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Posted in: Japan's retail sales post sharpest fall since 2015 as tax hike hits demand See in context

What a surprise!

Only complete ignoramuses didn’t see this coming.

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Posted in: Giuliani calls Trump to tell him he was joking about having an 'insurance policy' See in context

The strategy for defending Trump and his associates goes as follows:

He didn’t do it, and if he did,

He didn’t mean to do it, and if he did,

Where’s the proof, and if it exists,

It’s not a big deal, and if it is,

Others have done worse,

And even if they have, it’s a fake witch hunt.

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Posted in: Abe admits involvement in guest selection for cherry blossom viewing party See in context

Abe is a charlatan. His involvement in the Kindergarten and vet school schemes and cover ups prove he's corrupt. Now he's admitted to being a liar too - I mean we all know he's told lies, you know like when he told us everything was completely under control when in fact the cores of the nuclear power plant were melting down. Here he's admitted to telling bare faced lies in the Diet.

Abe is part of the problem in Japan. He's part of what is holding this country back. The sooner he and his cronies are all gone, the better.

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Posted in: Construction of stadium for 2020 Tokyo Olympics completed at cost of ¥157 bil See in context

Completed at a cost of about 157 billion yen ($1.25 billion), the stadium, which can accommodate 60,000, will also host the athletics and soccer events during the Games.

Only 60,000? That's not a lot of seats for 1.25 billion, and not a huge Olympic stadium.

Does anyone have any idea how they'll manage hosting soccer alongside the track and field events? The field markings for the athletic field events as well as the soccer pitch are hardly temporary. Is it just the soccer final?

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Posted in: Gov't says it is safe to release contaminated Fukushima water into ocean See in context

An absolute scandal.

It is not OK to just dump all this into the ocean.

Whos going to stand up to them though?

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Posted in: Emperor completes secretive key succession ritual See in context

25 billion yen spent on one guy and a fairy tale is disgusting - especially when you remember there are still people in Fukushima living in shelters following the earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

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Posted in: Do you find Japan's rising sun flag offensive? See in context

The flag isn’t offensive, it’s the people who use it to peddle their nationalistic nonsense that are offensive.

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Posted in: Japanese women fight for right to wear glasses to work See in context

To all ladies: Just go to work wearing your glasses and if anyone tells you you can’t, politely tell them to F-off.

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Posted in: Japan soul-searching over freedom of expression See in context

If people were encouraged to speak out more and have opinions when they are growing up rather than programmed to defer, deflect, obey and avoid, then they might be better equipped intellectually, emotionally and socially to deal with 'real issues' that require thought, discussion, and debate.

Too many people here seem to think they are obliged to have certain opinions about certain issues - especially when in the company of other Japanese people. It really is OK to talk about issues - in fact it's the grown up thing to do.

It really is quite sad that really nice, seemingly intelligent people are unable to express themselves freely, and lack the really useful skill of critical thinking which helps us to see through all the BS that is fed to us by those in positions of power and influence.

I guess the brainwashing basically works.

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Posted in: Gov't may keep Reconstruction Agency for 10 more years See in context

Seems like the Abe government completely underestimated the whole situation.

How irrisponsible of them to bid for the Olympics when their own people needed help reconstructing their lives.

This is yet another case of Abe and his cronies incompetence.

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Posted in: Johnson compares Corbyn to Stalin as UK election campaign begins See in context

My prediction: It'll be a hung parliament with the Lib Dems holding the balance of power. To form a government their demand will be to have a second referendum, which Labour will finally agree to - and following a second referendum Brexit will be cancelled.

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Posted in: Snow crab fetches record ¥5 mil at auction in Tottori See in context

People always miss the point with these 'auctions'. We see it annually with tuna and melons as well as crab now - the purchaser is buying nationwide multimedia advertising. He's making himself into the number one supplier of premium quality crab.

Most of us know that 'premium quality' products are loved in Japan, and regardless of whether things are actually better quality or not, businesses and restaurants jack up the prices whenever they can claim something is premium quality.

This guy is making sure all the rest of the crabs he sells are also premium by association.

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Posted in: Abe rules out dissolving Diet, apologizes for ministerial resignations See in context

Ironic as Abe should’ve resigned himself over the Kindergarten and Vet school scandals.

For a country so famous and proud for its manners and behaviour, there’s a whole lot of scandals and corruption going on everywhere and pretty much all the time.

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Posted in: Gov't survey shows most convenience store owners overworked See in context

Maybe they are working too much because the 24 hour opening is unnecessary, and there are simply too many stores too close together.

They have oversaturated the market. The only way the franchise owners see they can make more profit is if they do the work themselves rather than hiring staff. The fundamentals seem pretty clear to me.

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Posted in: Japan athletics execs slam 2020 Olympic marathon move See in context

Japanese athletics officials should 'slam' Tokyo 2020 organizers for their incompetent handling of the whole situation. They dithered from one sticking plaster solution to the next without ever making decisive decisions. Mist machines, road surface coverings, requesting ground floor business leave open doors so air con can flow out into the street, changing the start time 1 hour earlier...no, 2 hours earlier...no, midnight...no, 6AM...

My reading of the situation is simply the IOC ran out of patience with them and decided to make a clear and decisive final decision. The safety of the athletes is paramount, and a controversial decision is worth that in the grand scheme of things.

Now everyone knows what is happening, and Sapporo can get on with organizing everything.

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Posted in: Japan considers bringing part-timers into employee pension system See in context

When a Ponzi scheme is failing, you have to widen the base.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 marathon move decision 'final', says IOC's Coates See in context

"Unfortunately we haven't been given a reason that's convincing to everyone,"

Then you are an idiot Koike. The reasons are as clear as day.

"There are voices among Tokyo residents who want explanations as to why this situation is occurring, and if a word from on high simply decides everything,"

...and you are a hypocrite too. This is literally how most things work in Japan - a word from on high simply decides everything.

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