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Posted in: 2016 begins and ends with music deaths See in context

You forgot GEORGE MARTIN, the man behind the Beatles tapestry of songs. He forever shaped and changed what we think of as "popular music" and influenced all the others on your list.

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Posted in: Battling pneumonia, Clinton falls ill at 9/11 memorial, cancels California trip See in context

sf2k, saying that Hillary Clinton has a bit of a cough is like saying the Titanic hit a bit of an iceberg and now has a bit of damage on the side.

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Posted in: Trump praises late Iraqi leader Saddam as terrorist killer See in context

I'm confused... is this a news article or Democrat talking points?

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Posted in: Virtual reality takes porn to the next level See in context

As an Oculus Rift owner, I can tell you that the experience they're offering is absolute ass, and not the good kind.

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Posted in: Perfume and OK Go collaborate on theme song for new anime 'Sushi Police' See in context

Looks horrible. Been letting the Americans in the kitchen, Japan?

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Posted in: Golden Kit Kats to go on sale in Japan See in context

"sold... Only in the country [of Japan].. How specific of them!

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy dies after inhaling lighter gas See in context

It's a variation on "huffing". Basically the brain is deprived of oxygen because of the fumes and it gives them a kind of high... basically you're getting high by very slowly killing yourself.

Or in this kid's case not slowly at all.

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Posted in: 'Pepsi Ghost' flavor for Halloween See in context

I didn't think it tasted like anything. My wife agreed... Just tasted "wet".

It'd be pretty cheeky to make a "ghost" cola that tastes like there's nothing there...

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Posted in: Busan marks 20th anniversary with 100 best Asian film list See in context

Here's the full list. It's a head-scratcher.


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Posted in: Busan marks 20th anniversary with 100 best Asian film list See in context

Ah, the Japanese and their dislike of Kurosawa. His films just aren't "Japanese enough" because they were so embraced by the International community...

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Posted in: Golden oldies: Retro video game fans flock to Tokyo See in context

What in the heck is Super Mario 3: Mario Forever???

They made that up.

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Posted in: U.S. 'Attack on Titan' fans left waiting as subtitles freeze during first screenings See in context

When writing a news article, the writer sold not add conjecture.

Journalism 101

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Posted in: Japan’s censorship of PlayStation 4 horror game 'Until Dawn' is spectacularly bad See in context

That's because watching a movie is passive. Video Games are active.

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Posted in: Netizens support foreign comic after Japanese man’s discriminatory remark See in context

He's integrating well, what with being able to now justify casual nationalistic racism.

Soon we'll see him in Korea Town doing his popular "WHY GOKIBURI?!??" sketch.

Japanese TV producers really only use white guys for one thing: minstrel shows.

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Posted in: Japan artist battles museum over works mocking government See in context

Should be a simple fix... Just needs to tweak the video so that instead of apologizing, Abe is accepting flowers and thank you gifts from the countries it "liberated" during the war, and it should be good to go!

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Posted in: Documentary to look at Japan's idol culture See in context

"Bougrelle, a produced screenwriter and longtime resident of Japan, draws on his film and TV experience to explore his deep interest in the idol phenomenon."

So he's an idol otaku who's usingbthis opportunity to get close to his favorite girls.

Surely an unbiased view will be shared with the world.

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Posted in: Abe expresses outrage at IS video purportedly showing Goto being beheaded See in context

Abe wanted an army to defend Japan. Well, here you go. Start defending Japan.

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Posted in: Morning Musume '14 to perform for first time in New York City See in context

Gokai, how can you not remember Love Machine? Not only was it a massive hit on Japan, they still use it in TV commercials =

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Posted in: Six wounded in knife attack at Chinese train station See in context

Why is the word terrorists in quotation marks?

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Posted in: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to appear in toothpaste ads in China See in context

It's so cute that so many of you think Japanese Idols of any ilk create their own persona and that the image you see on TV is really them and not some carefully manufactured packaged product.

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Posted in: America’s grim legacy in Iraq See in context

I spent 2 years in Baghdad as a journalist during the war.

After reading the above comments, I think I can make the reasonable assumption that none of you have ever been.

Stop armchair quarterbacking. That goes for the writer of the opinion piece as well.

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Posted in: BABYMETAL invasion of the West marches on See in context

It's just more AKB-like garbage, repackaged with a live band that plays heavy stuff in between breaks of kawaii school girl lyrics.

It's a shame that Japan's real musical talent play second fiddle to this pap.

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Posted in: 'Cherry tree from space' mystery baffles Japan See in context

So four cherry trees went into space... While there, they were bombarded by comic rays, altering their DNA.

Now they'll fight for the planet Earth, defending it against all forms of menace, both terrestrial and from galaxies unknown.

It's clobberin' time!

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Posted in: Windows smashed in 8 cars in Sapporo residential area See in context

Just another reason I'm glad I have a Mac.

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Posted in: Microsoft to launch Xbox One in 26 more countries See in context

So they've added Japan to the list, because Microsoft has never actually SAID they were going to release the XBone in Japan, just that they would wait and see.

If this is true, then the headline should be "Microsoft Finally Announces XBox One for Japan".

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Posted in: 19 movie posters seen through the eyes of Japan, from 'Malkovich’s Hole' to 'Captain Supermarket' See in context

This article would work **so much better** if you actually embedded the pictures above the titles in the article.

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Posted in: New 'Sailor Moon Crystal' anime will take a stylistic cue from the original manga See in context

Hey now... her voice actress was the same seiyu who did アルル for the ぷよぷよ series of games and those are godly, so don't mess with Texas.

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Posted in: No. of child abuse, child porn cases reported in 2013 soars See in context


Keep in my the MOJ counts pictures kids take of themselves and send to other kids or post on dating websites as child pornography, and just in the last year or so they've started taking a notice in this, so I would guess that this accounts for some of the rise.

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Posted in: Tokyo fair showcases latest sex aids See in context

This may be the only article I read this year with the phrase "...demonstrated its latest artificial vagina" in it. Can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing :-/

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Posted in: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu encourages students to follow their dreams See in context

It's so easy for the rich and successful to tell others to follow their dreams, isn't it? It's like a hobby of theirs.

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