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Bloody foreigners. Look at what tehy do to beautifull Japan. It would be a crime free Utopia if all the ghastly foreign criminals left teh Japanese to live in peace.

well said. lets have Japan become like North Korea, Isolated, free form the rest of the world where we have NO EXPORTS and of course No Imports. Where we consume what we produce, where there will only be Japanese employees ( No Aliens/foreigners )and the Famous Japanese brands will prosper with the whole of japan for themselves, Imagine Toyota,honda,Mazda,Suzuki,Sony,NEC,Panasonic,Hitachi to name a few prospering in a New japan and ofcourse what goes up must come down and similiarly all the Japanese companies will be booted out from the rest of the world to come and survive in japan. when that day comes I will be the first to leave japan to let the japanese live in peace.

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