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Posted in: Woman slashes husband for not washing his hands after using toilet See in context

Wow, lol... What happened there's no justifying or denying it or naysaying it. Poor kid had to see that? Omg the stress levels are turned up over here in little Japan...first of all the woman is right, don't antagonize her with an irreverent attitude, she has to put up with enough of the crap life has dealt her, does she need to justify her concerns to another adult who is supposed to be he partner in this crazy mess called life? We all get angry.. LoL

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Posted in: Couple who claimed welfare for dead baby rented apartment to store body See in context

Who knows what reason they had, maybe they couldn't let go of their child, even shortly after birth a child is loved so deeply...not the father? Maybe he was just following the mother's wishes out of care...when emotional, people act differently and also a mental pattern can develop to comfort the stress of a tragedy. Don't be so quick to judge without the facts...

RIP baby girl

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Posted in: Acetaminophen in infancy again tied to asthma See in context

Is this a filler article??? Absolutely useless info

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Posted in: Brazilian police take over Rio's biggest slum See in context

lol they did that in Vancouver "cleaning up" the addictict's slums for the Olympics they held recently...sad excuses

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Posted in: 22-year-old man arrested for attempted murder of girlfriend's 3-year-old son See in context

oh my god people stop the flaming, and blaming someones DNA? oh please...there are various issues at play here and you all are getting in an uproar. Basically there should be better awareness and support networks for family life that are not implemented properly and locking people up doesn't solve the problem. The younger you are the harder it is to deal on so many layers the stresses of daily life. I'm 35 with a strong willed daughter who will be 3 next month. I by no means am the expert on parenting but I have many different experiences shared with many people involved with helping me understand myself and children in general. I work with children 2-8years old and also have a 3 month old son. Now every child is different but behaviour patterns are there to see and understand. There are ways around problems with kids and it's not always easy to find them, especially if you are stressed out. I'll give you an example of this situation in comparison to this article. It started with my girl's wilful attitude in getting her way about having jelly before her dinner. I have been trying to estabilish a routine that is healthy in her life. She had just come back from Canada living with the grandparents for 6 months while we waited out the fallout conditions to change. Her whole world was revolved around her and what she wanted and quite adamant about her wishes. Her grandparents let her do anything she wanted and let her get out of hand. I could see their stress near the end of the visit getting to them when she had run of the house. I just threw my hands up in the air at a loss. I was told it was just a phase...so anyway back to Japan and the new house rules...she was quick to complain about every little thing, and was quite fond of ear piercing screams to get her way. so she did this right next to baby and I got pissed off, I didn't want baby to get hurt, and it freaked him out to say the least. I don't spank her, but I told her firmly this was hurting our ears and that she doesn't get her way from yelling. I told her yes you can have the jelly but you should eat dinner first. She's very intelligent and understands but didn't want to comply, she wanted her way, a battle of wills...so any way I picked her up and brought her out of the room and told her no more please, she was shreaking willfully again and so I placed my hand over her mouth, not nose, and for only 2 seconds...I was told this was abuse by my wife and to stop it immediately...I was stressed by her lack of support in disciplining the child to begin with and told her to let me talk to our child the way I needed to...I was clearly aware covering my child's mouth would not help the situation, but I knew only in that moment I wanted it to stop and worried about my baby's ears...little kids have supersonic screams I tell you! So any ways I just gave her to her mother and left the house and cooled off before I got too angry and said something that would aggravate my relationship with my wife and her family who were present at the time...my girl continued to yell in the house but it had changed to crying because she didn't get her way in the end. So the whole idea of a 20 year old who is not equipped to deal with such stressful situations is a hazard to themself and the people around them and they do need to be educated on various ideas of society and self discipline...and I can fully understand their stress and not being able to deal with it adequately. So before anyone flames about how the girl and guy are such idiots on how they dealt with the situation, learn to have some compassion and stop being so damned negative...the child didn't die, if they wanted to kill the child they could have snapped their neck just like that. Parents have been know to push their child away just a little bit and it had caused a fatality just because they fell the wrong way. They parent didn't mean for it to happen, does it make them evil parents? did their DNA cause them to have a bad day? get off your damned high horse people and try to guy helpful advice than hate mongering...damn!!...

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Posted in: Man dies following assault in Tokyo apartment See in context

rest in peace and move on...remember that violence is not the answer...

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Posted in: Law changes to allow police to track criminal suspects via cell phone GPS See in context

ahahahaha you guys are funneh! quickly looks behind shoulder for a skebbeh stalker with gps tracker.... I heard the Foreigner ID cards will have locater chips as well if they do not already...live and let die I say ahehehahehha

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Posted in: Okayama woman sues over 'sexist' marriage laws See in context

I thought suing was for damages incurred by an offending party...did these laws damage her ability to support her child? Marriage is just a mutual agreement to share life together with all its various costs publicly witnessed by the current law those people live under. This law also helps to mediate any legal issues concerning their interaction with said public. It's not the government's responsibilty to baby sit domestic relationship issues, only to regulate the paperwork and responsibilty of both parents involved in the child's life. The laws always need to change with the times but keep certain basic values of equality in mind. I like old king Solomon's ruling on the dispute over who got possession of the baby and so he said cut the baby in half and both parties may be satisfied in having their share, the person who cared for the child was horrified and let it go to the other party, he then decided who was the rightful parent...this girl who wants to get money for her situation is probably going about it the wrong way and should get together with a women's rights group for support to change the laws for the freedom of women's rights of equality and choice to marry with whom ever and when ever. The issue of the next suitor taking resposibilty for an unborn child should be at their own discretion in their wish to be with the person they love. Love and law is a hard mix in equality and freedom, yet laws should allow all equality in freedom and respect to others in the general public....this is only my opinion though ^^y peace all

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Posted in: Japan ignored own radiation forecasts from very beginning See in context


I agree...Madarame....that smiling otaku....did you notice his tail and horns?

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