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The problem with the Yasukuni is where do we draw the line between free speech and revisionism.

It's never easy, but free speech should be a right. So should the right to speak out against those who use free speech in an attempt at revisionism. So far both parties are exercising their rights.

But I wish all the politicians would stop but they are not breaking any laws.

Neither is denying any of the war crimes took place. In Germany it is illegal but in Japan it seems to win you a seat in government. To me Japan missed an opportunity here. It is 2019 and Japan is still seen by many as a country that has not come to terms with its past. The undertones of revisionism, a desire to view Japan's past in a new, more positive light, is prevalent in Japanese politics.

None of the Japanese war criminals with "Kami" at Yasukuni Shrine were found guilty of any war crimes against any Koreans.

I doubt they were even looking to see what crimes were committed against Koreans.

What of the Korean war criminals?

If you follow the reasoning of some of the pro-Japan posters on JT, the 'Korean war criminals' were actually Japanese. That's not my position however.

There are no actual war criminals at the Yasukuni Shrine. Names are written onto paper which turns to dust. The whole show is a fake based on the beliefs of the Shinto religion which is only followed by 70% of the Japanese.

Agreed. You could say it's really just a superstition. But it is also a symbol, just as a mausoleum is nothing more than a pile of bricks, but its symbolism makes it much greater.

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Posted in: Another cabinet minister, 100 cross-party lawmakers visit Yasukuni shrine See in context

If war criminals were removed the politicians would dry up pretty fast at yasukuni.

@GW - Absolutely true.

It's the reason why these same attention seeking RWNJ pollies don't visit Chidorigafuchi to pay their respects.

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Japan did not draft ethnic Koreans into its military until 1944 when the tide of WW II turned against it.

That is interesting, I didn't know. Thank you.

Until 1944, enlistment in the Imperial Japanese Army by ethnic Koreans was voluntary

So around 1944 it became involuntary.

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Posted in: Another cabinet minister, 100 cross-party lawmakers visit Yasukuni shrine See in context

I'd volunteer too with a gun at the back of my head.

@Cricky - if you believe Japanese revisionists including the mayor of Nagoya, all 'comfort women' were willing volunteers too.

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Posted in: Another cabinet minister, 100 cross-party lawmakers visit Yasukuni shrine See in context

Tens of thousands of Koreans volunteered to join the army.

@zichi - source? Or is this simply your opinion?

Germany does not honor its war criminals and they have many. Other countries like Germany and Britain, for instance don't enshrine the names of their war criminals on memorials to the war fallen. We just don't honor them. German war criminals were cremated or placed in secret graves to avoid any form of worship.


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Posted in: Another cabinet minister, 100 cross-party lawmakers visit Yasukuni shrine See in context

Yasukuni is a symbol of far-right revisionism, whether pro-Japanese posters like it or not.

And no, it's not just Koreans who share this view:


The posts in question have now been taken down, but not before the British ambassador to Japan intervened, according to the Times, which first reported the story.

“It was very, very naive,” Commander Arty Shaw, who organized the visit, told the Times. “The ambassador had a word or two, so we’ve been told not to visit any more shrines, just in case.”

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Posted in: Another cabinet minister, 100 cross-party lawmakers visit Yasukuni shrine See in context

"I came here as one Japanese citizen," Takaichi told reporters.

Imagine her surprise when the reporter just happened to be there.

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Posted in: Japan to dispatch SDF to Strait of Hormuz instead of joining U.S.-led coalition See in context

Abe and his cabinet are really stretching the definition of Article 9.

Shinzo is violating the Japanese Constitution. Not many Japanese will care though, as most Japanese are politically passive, even submissive.

Shinzo-kun risks drawing the ire of his master the USA with this move however, and he might need to agree to buy more corn Japan doesn't need.

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Posted in: Abe's offering to Yasukuni shrine sparks criticism from Seoul See in context

This comes up every year, and every year the Yasukuni apologists demonstrate they just don't get it.

It is a symbol of ultra-right revisionism, whether you like it or not.

Imagine how apoplectic Japanese people would be if the American president sent an offering to the Peace Memorial in Hiroshima to honor American war dead.

@zichi - This.

Japan preaches a lot, but doesn't act in accordance with what they preach. It's known as tatemae.

@zichi - And this.

There is a beautiful memorial at Chidorigafuji near the Emperors palace; if he went there, the Koreans would have no reason to complain.

@WilliB - Yep.

yet we all know they still would.

@extanker - Nope.

Find me ONE article of the Korean government complaining about the Japanese officials paying respects at Chidorigafuji National Cemetery.

You won't.

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Posted in: S Korea's PM hopes to play messenger role during Japan visit See in context

The forecast is not good: Moon's approval rating hit an all time low, and there is only one solution for that, the Japan scapegoat

But the latest spat was kicked off by a court decision in Seoul, not by Moon or any part of the SK government.

I've pointed this out many times but you choose to ignore the fact and roll on with your nationalist rhetoric.

I've been downvoted probably over a hundred times for posting this fact, but not ONE poster has been able to explain the line of reasoning behind the claim. My guess - this time won't be any different.

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Posted in: Doctor arrested for kissing teenage girl during medical examination See in context

I believe the girl, not the creepy old man.

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Posted in: Abe promises special support to rebuild from Typhoon Hagibis See in context

Raise a special levy? That's what we did in Australia after devastating floods in Queensland in 2010.

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Posted in: Sarcastic Koike says: Let's hold Olympic marathon on Russian-held islands See in context

Another Japanese polly with foot in mouth disease.

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Posted in: Cabinet minister visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

Very sad how those millions who fought with courage and died for their country are tarred with the same brush as the few who committed horrendous war crimes.

@Peter - if you visit the Yasukuni museum you might change your tune. Nauseating whitewashing of history, portraying Imperial Japan as brave victims of war, whilst ignoring the millions of innocent people tortured and murdered.

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Posted in: S Korea cuts interest rate again as Japan trade row rumbles See in context

S Korea cuts interest rate again as Japan trade row rumbles

That's like saying "USA - China trade war intensifies as Fijian PM faces corruption probe".

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Posted in: Abe visits typhoon-hit areas; emperor's parade to be postponed until Nov 10 See in context

"Oi camera dude, did you get a good shot of that?"

"Now get me outta here at light speed"

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Posted in: Abe's offering to Yasukuni shrine sparks criticism from Seoul See in context

How about they mind their business and let Japan adore their war criminals in peace?

Fixed for accuracy.

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Posted in: IOC apologizes for abrupt plan to move Tokyo Olympic races; Sapporo mayor not notified See in context

What a farce.

After the first Rugby World Cup with cancelled matches due to weather events during typhoon season, are we going to see the marathon, the final and one of the most anticipated events before closing ceremony of the Olympics, moved hundreds of Km north to avoid heat strokes during the midst of tropical heatwave season?

It will be one of the worst Olympics in recent memory, if not ever.

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Posted in: IOC wants to move Tokyo Olympic marathons, walking races to Sapporo See in context

Hmmm but don't the marathon runners usually finish their race by running into the main stadium on the final day?

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Posted in: Cabinet minister visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

I guess they believe the warped and whitewashed version of history as per Yasukuni.

Stop glorifying your recent past Japan. It's no accident you have not mended relations with your two closest neighbours when the representatives of your government pay respects to the war criminals in defiance.

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Posted in: Deluged bullet trains show power of nature over modernization See in context

Japan's technological prowess and meticulous attention to detail

Does any other country praise itself as much as Japan?

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Posted in: Cyber-bullied K-pop star found dead at her home See in context

And nothing will change, just daily business there. 

@papi - That seems like a bit of a cheap throwaway comment. Laws in SK have changed to prevent various forms of bullying in recent times.

From 2007: https://www.smh.com.au/national/south-korea-enforces-new-law-to-curb-cyber-bullying-20070629-gdqi0y.html

From 2019: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2019/07/workplace-bullies-jail-south-korea/

Kpop industry is a dark world.

Or show biz in general.. trolls need only an internet account to post hateful messages against celebrities, sports stars etc, and it's certainly not a problem unique to K-pop. Neither is group bullying leading to suicide a Korean phemonenon. I believe the word commonly used in SK to describe school bullying is 'Ijime', a Japanese word.

If cyberbullying is not a crime in South Korea, it should be.

@jean - It is. Many Korean celebrities have successfully sued cyber trolls. As most Korean internet usage and internet comments take place on Korean websites, it is probably far easier for a Korean celebrity to sue trolls than in English speaking countries where you come across issues with international jurisdiction to identify the trolls.

One example - the mother of a prominent rugby league star in Australia passed away, and trolls insulted her when he played poorly, but to this day they have not been identified, as Twitter denied requests to identify the culprits.


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Posted in: Rugby World Cup organizers cancel 2 games due to typhoon See in context

What a farce. A cancelled game? Has a Rugby World Cup fixture ever been cancelled before?

This is the World Cup, the pinnacle of rugby, not some school comp. Postpone, or even fly both teams out to an unaffected location and play.

Otherwise it will be talked about as the worst Rugby World Cup ever.

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Posted in: Aichi exhibition closed over Korean 'comfort woman' statue reopens See in context

Good for the mayor and the exhibition.

@old man - the same mayor who said just recently?

"Kawamura previously incited controversy when he demanded the exhibition be shut, arguing the statue should not be displayed at a publicly funded event as its presence could give the wrong impression that Japan accepted South Korea's claim the women were forcibly taken by the Japanese military."

As always, such examples refute the notion that all Japanese are eager to whitewash and hide their history. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It's been pointed out before and more than once, that nobody claims this except yourself. You claim it so you can then refute it.

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Posted in: Kore-eda urges 'solidarity' as Japan-South Korea trade war rumbles on See in context

I saw that but what do you expect to say, the Koreans feature Japanese films but the Japanese has not selected any Korean films? Too childish of a comment.

@quercetum - had it been the other way around, many posters would have seized on it immediately.. do you at least acknowledge that?

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Posted in: Kore-eda urges 'solidarity' as Japan-South Korea trade war rumbles on See in context

The hooligan rioters

@quercetum - what Korean rioters? Care to post a link to a story about these riots in Korea?

The onus of proof is on anyone who is pushing the fake news that there have been anti-Japan riots in South Korea.

I'll wait...

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Posted in: Kore-eda urges 'solidarity' as Japan-South Korea trade war rumbles on See in context

Kore-eda said Saturday as he formally accepted the Asian Filmmaker of the Year of Award from South Korea's Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). 

Congratulations Kore-eda san! Any worthy international award should be fair and not affected by political squabbles.

Although the 10-day BIFF features Japanese films throughout its program, eyebrows were raised at the end of September when it was revealed that the upcoming Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) had not selected any Korean productions for its main award.

So not a single Korean film worthy of being screened in Tokyo (despite a Korean film winning the prestigious Palme d'or at the Cannes this year), or Tokyo festival organisers being petty? Hmmm...

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Posted in: No butts, no boors: Rugby fans learn the ropes in polite Japan See in context

Is Japan the only country that considers itself so special and extremely polite, to the point it feels it must educate the great unwashed foreign visitors who travel to Japan?

Not just talking about this article which seems to be written by a couple of gaijin, but recently there was a story about guidelines published to educate visitors about how to behave when visiting Kyoto.

I find Australians in general very genuine, down to earth, kind and well-mannered. But you won't find us publishing guidelines on how foreign visitors should behave when they visit Australia.

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Posted in: Tokyo ready to share info on N Korean missile with Seoul See in context

This is not even being contested whether it's 'mature' or not. How can you label South Korea's actions as 'adult' when the government has convinced their citizens to boycott - not just Japanese goods - but everything to do with Japan across the board?

@Hill - The boycott of Japanese goods by Korean citizens was on a voluntary basis. Unless you're talking about a local council in Seoul that put up the 'No Japan' banners which were promptly removed due to complaints by Korean citizens who deemed it highly inappropriate.

You'll argue Japan's trade curb wasn't retaliatory, while you'd probably argue SK's decision not to renew GSOMIA was. But you can't have it both ways. Either they're both retaliatory (and I'd say they are), or they aren't.

They are literally lighting themselves on fire to protest NORMALISATION of export procedures (removed from fast-track list) for some high tech materials. That is complete lunacy.

Who is 'they'? One nutjob? There are nutjobs on both sides. Recently a Japanese nutjob threatened mass murder in a Japanese art museum for displaying uncomfortable truths about Japan. But I'll never hear you argue that 'the Japanese are threatening mass murder in a fit of hysteria', because you brush aside lunacy by Japan while highlighting anything from Korea.

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Posted in: Abe pushes for serious debate on constitution as Diet session begins See in context

Great news, this has been long coming and now its here! Lets get this done and return Japan to the state where it can rightly and respectfully defend its self!

A constitution for Japan by Japan, not one forced on it by an occupying state!

@joy - well do prepare to be disappointed..

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