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Posted in: Ex-nurse acquitted of 2003 murder after 12 years in prison See in context

Japanese 'justice' system.


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Posted in: Japan not planning to declare state of emergency but will expand entry bans See in context

About South Korea. The country seems to have put the coronavirus in check. Their tests kits for the pandemic are in demand and South Korea is considering which countries to help first. It may well be Japan will be asking South Korea for help. This is from today's "Korean Herald":

@jeancolmar - the fact that SK's policy to test/identify/quarantine is being lauded by many countries as a model to follow does not sit well with Japan. The downvotes on your comment are telling.

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Posted in: Tokyo's infection spike after Olympic postponement sparks questions See in context

Here in Australia, people are cottoning onto the fact that Japan may not be a trustworthy country, putting them in the same basket as China when it comes to transparency and trustworthiness.

The 'Japan brand' where people have previously associated Japan with efficiency, honesty and technological advancements is rapidly being tarnished by the likes of cover-up after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the Takata airbag fiasco, and now the apparent denial and downplaying of COVID-19 in Japan.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 organizers receive Olympic flame See in context

Japan and the IOC keep breathing life into a dead corpse that is the 2020 Tokyo Olympics..

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Posted in: Plane leaves Japan for Greece to collect Olympic flame See in context

Don't knock Abe. He's the only one being positive. Maybe we need some light.

Is he being 'positive', or delusional? Abe seems to be in denial of facts and reality.

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Posted in: Abe says no need yet for emergency declaration; Tokyo Olympics still on See in context

Oh you fool. Utter clueless fool.

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Posted in: Experts foresee Tokyo Games without spectators if virus lingers See in context

I foresee one without athletes.

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Posted in: Abe tells Trump Japan preparing for Tokyo Olympics as planned See in context

No way Abe.

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Posted in: Kobe woman, Nagoya Sagawa delivery man, JAL cabin attendant test positive for virus See in context

Dude, you have to be kidding. It's all publically available, and in English if you want it.

Answer: Total since crisis began. 7200 (last night's figures).

@Tora - So 7200 tested in Japan, which is less than the total number of positive cases on S. Korea?

Why is Japan doing so few tests? Are they trying to artificially lower the number of cases, in order to not end up on the headlines across the world as COVID-19 hotspots, alongside China/Italy/S.Korea? It could backfire badly for Japan...

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Posted in: Kobe woman, Nagoya Sagawa delivery man, JAL cabin attendant test positive for virus See in context

the death rate has nothing to do with how many people are tested.

@nakanoguy - Yes it does. Obviously the true death rate will never be known, but reported or estimated death rate will vary depending on number of tests carried out.

A country that carries out tests far and wide will pick up more positive cases including mild cases that would otherwise have been missed, and therefore have a lower reported death rate, compared to a country that only carries out testing for people who have developed significant symptoms.

As an extrapolated example if a country only carries out testing for patients who have developed respiratory failure and are about to die, that country will end up with a reported mortality of 100%, whereas another country that tests every single one of their citizens will pick up close to 100% of all cases (depending on the sensitivity of the testing process), and probably end up with a death rate under 1%.

It's simple logic.

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Posted in: Kobe woman, Nagoya Sagawa delivery man, JAL cabin attendant test positive for virus See in context

So how many tests is Japan carrying out daily? Last I heard it was a paltry figure compared to China, S. Korea and Italy.

I hope Japan isn't busy trying to sweep it under the rug, in fear of the Olympics being affected. Otherwise the people of Japan as well as neighbouring countries will pay for it, with their lives.

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Posted in: USOPC relying on facts and planning to deal with coronavirus See in context

How is it even a discussion?

Cancel the Olympics now and save your misery. Cut your losses early.

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Posted in: Japan at crossroads on virus outbreak, expert warns See in context

The government's handling of the crisis has come under scrutiny internationally and domestically, with opposition lawmakers questioning the relatively low number of tests administered in Japan -- just over 1,000 nationwide, compared to 57,000 in South Korea.

Therein lies the problem.

The 'if we don't test for Coronavirus, we won't get more confirmed cases' should just be an internet meme, but that seems to be how the J-Govt is approaching this deadly outbreak.

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Posted in: Bong Joon-ho: South Korea's boundary-pushing satirist See in context

Now that they (both director and exec producer) have the world's attention, they better watch their back because the last person to attack the chaebol and highlighting the rich poor divide is now in custody (I'm referring to the last president of SK, not just any common person).

@Sh1mon - Ex-president Park attacked the chaebol and highlighted the rich-poor divide? You could not have said anything further from the truth. She was found guilty of corruption by the courts, but not before an estimated 10 million South Koreans (about 20% of the population) took to the streets in months-long protest.

Plus that middle aged lady who gave the acceptance speech in English was the executive producer for the film, and happens to be the vice-president of the chaebol CJ Group, and is also a cousin to Lee Jae Yong, the acting CEO of Samsung Group. I think they'll be just fine.

So that comment is best described as a swing and a miss. I see the news of a South Korean film winning Best Picture is causing much soul searching in Japan...

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Posted in: Korean film 'Parasite' takes best picture Oscar; acting honors go to Phoenix, Zellweger, Pitt, Dern See in context

There is no doubt the Academy voters chose Parasite as best film solely to deflect criticisms of how "White" the Oscars was/is.

Certainly Parasite was the best movie out of the nominees, and it was the right choice, but the Academy voters chose it for the wrong reasons.

@old man - So the 8,000 plus voters of The Academy, in their quest to award the year's best film, had the wrong motivation to simply prove a point about diversity, and in doing so gave the award to the best film of the year?


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Posted in: Korean film 'Parasite' takes best picture Oscar; acting honors go to Phoenix, Zellweger, Pitt, Dern See in context

Watershed moment for the Oscars. 1917, while a great film, is not unique in being a war epic which moves you with a show of human bravery.

Parasite is one of a kind, wonderfully quirky, funny, thrilling and unpredictable to the end and a reflection of our society.

Well deserved, the Korean entertainment industry has been getting all sorts of plaudits the last couple of decades but many will look back at the Best Picture award at the Oscars as when it stepped out truly into the mainstream limelight.

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Posted in: Extension of S Korea-Japan intel pact likely to irritate N Korea See in context

And just last week the sign-holding protesters were against the pact. How fickle some can be!

@Yubaru - Maybe the protestors pictured above are a different group from those who opposed the pact?

Maybe different individuals have different opinions? Or do you think all South Koreans must have one unified stance on every topic?

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Posted in: Extension of S Korea-Japan intel pact likely to irritate N Korea See in context

Pity South Korean youth have been brainwashed with a deep-rooted anti-Japanese sentiment.

@Hokkaido - Pity that Japanese youths have been brainwashed for decades that they were trying to defend Asia from Western aggression, and that they were the victims not the aggressors.

Japan has less press freedom than SK and more authoritarian control over their citizens who rarely voice their disagreement to their government, one that has essentially become a single party ruled state.

Those youths are now middle-aged, scratching their heads as to why they still don't get along with their neighbours.

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Posted in: Construction of stadium for 2020 Tokyo Olympics completed at cost of ¥157 bil See in context

How good is the air con in the stadium?

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Posted in: Gov't says it is safe to release contaminated Fukushima water into ocean See in context

stressing that the health risk to humans would be "significantly small."

Err... so what does that mean? Will the health risks be significant, or will it be small?

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Posted in: Japanese women fight for right to wear glasses to work See in context

2019 or 1919?

What a time warp Japan can be sometimes.

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Posted in: Japan soul-searching over freedom of expression See in context

and South Korea? Interesting that Chang-Ran Kim didn't mention the case of the a renowned professor of sociology at South Korea’s prestigious Yonsei University has come under criminal investigation by Seoul police after a civil society group filed a complaint that he allegedly spread false information, by referring to Korean women sex slaves during the Second World War as ‘prostitutes’ during a university lecture.

@alwaysspeaking - You and a few other accounts post this a lot, but the article is about freedom of expression in Japan, not South Korea.

Deflecting criticism by saying "but what about xxx" is called whataboutery and not at all a constructive way to have a debate.

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Posted in: S Korean search finds wrecked medical copter; no sign of survivors See in context

The people who live on that island literally only live there so South Korea can lay claim to the land since they're "using it". Looks like this stupid scheme is starting to have causalities.

@Madden - "The helicopter had picked up an injured crab fisherman before it crashed late Thursday".

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Posted in: K-pop's BTS finish tour with millions generated See in context

The fake hype by the media for this act is overboard. It's a niche genre in the west made even more niche by their limited appeal. But I guess in this bot-driven click bait dependent world of internet hype it's to be expected.

That sounds identical to every old person ever, when lamenting the music enjoyed by a younger generation.

The allegation of bot-driven fake hype is an interesting one. Is there any proof? The 90K fans at a sold out Wembley certainly were real.

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Posted in: Japan's beer shipments to S Korea dive 99.9% in Sept See in context

To each his or her own! If Korean's want to drink their own "beer" (if you want to call it that) fine, leave more for us here!

Nope. Koreans who were drinking Japanese beer are now simply drinking German/American/Australian beers.

There must have been a lot of them too, as a breathtaking 70% of all Japanese beer exports worldwide were shipped to South Korea.

Korea accounted for 70 percent of Japan's beer exports in 2018.


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Posted in: Nationals top Astros 7-2 to force World Series Game 7 See in context

New MLB record: no home wins yet for the first 6 games of the World Series

I'll be watching just to see if we get to see the first ever world series with 7 home defeats. Go the Nats!

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Posted in: Abe renews call on S Korea to keep promises in order to mend ties See in context

I really feel you. No matter how many times we’ve explained to them, they’ll just ignore and repeat the same things over and over (China case is this, Germany did that, Russia said that, etc etc) to deflect the point of argument. 

@tic - Kind of like all the Japan supporters here.

Evidence shows that up until the 1990s even the Japanese government agreed that the individual rights to compensation were not extinguished by the 1965 treaty.

Even showchim above agrees, but he claims the individuals should claim compensation from the SK government. That's when it becomes his personal wish.

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Posted in: Abe renews call on S Korea to keep promises in order to mend ties See in context

Abe's behavior does not fit into common sense, even if Japanese lawyers say it.

According to the ruling of the Supreme Court of Japan, in April 2007, the court rejected plaintiff's claim in the case of Chinese forced labor, but the right of claim for compensation was not extinguished.

 Masato Niimura, a former judge of the Tokyo High Court, also claimed in the February issue of the Japanese monthly magazine Sekai that the original Japanese government had maintained that the individual claims were not extinguished.

Mitsubishi Materials made a reconciliation with Chinese victims to pay 100,000 Yuan per person (about 16.54 million won) to 3,765 victims in two years in relation to the compulsory damages lawsuit filed in Chinese court in 2014 .

The Hanaoka incident was a case in which hundreds of people were murdered after the Chinese who had been forced into the Hanaro Mine in Akita Prefecture in the late Pacific War caused a riot in protest against abuse and discrimination.

In 2000, the Tokyo High Court ruled that Kashimagumi Construction, which was the subject of the assassination, ended up paying 500 million yen to the Chinese Red Cross Society, the victim's agent.

In 1991, the Japanese government consistently stated that individual claims did not disappear, including the response of Yanai's deputy foreign policy chief. The Supreme Court of Japan also made the same judgment in April 2007, when a victim of forced Chinese execution targeted a Japanese company. Although the trial itself was lost, Nishimatsu Construction paid the settlement gold to the victim because the claim was granted. But now, the government is blocking the payment of money by Shin Il-cheol, Mitsubishi. The reason is different from China. The victim's human rights remedy should be the same. He contributed:

What a post. A truth bomb.

Interestingly not refuted by a single Japan supporting poster. No amount of downvotes of inconvenience will change the truth.

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Posted in: Abe renews call on S Korea to keep promises in order to mend ties See in context

Japan, which says the matter was settled by a 1965 treaty, calls the decision a violation of international law, and the feud has spilled over into trade and security matters.

Not according to ex-PM Yukio Hatoyama

The former prime minister also criticized the Abe administration's position on the 1965 Japan-Korea Treaty. Tokyo has said the issue of compensation for wartime forced laborers was "settled" through the treaty.

Hatoyama said the 1965 treaty does not preclude individuals from filing private claims, citing a 1991 statement from the director of the Japanese foreign ministry's treaties bureau.

In fact, it's only since right-wing Abe came into power that Japan's position was revised.

Hatoyama said that Shunji Yanai, then director of the treaty bureau at Japan's foreign ministry in 1991, told a parliamentary session at the time that the normalization treaty did not put an end to individual rights to damages.

"It was the official view of the Japanese government in the past, that (forced labor issue) was not finally and completely resolved by the treaty," he said.

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