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Posted in: Battle to sell iPhone heats up as Softbank undercuts KDDI on monthly fees See in context

This is the price plan announced today by Softbank: http://imgur.com/tEZv1

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Posted in: Police, in a first, charge teen for using cell phone while cycling See in context

After I read this story this afternoon, I rode my bicycle down to the ward office to drop off my permanent resident application. On the way back, just 90 minutes ago, a kid of about 13 rode his bicycle straight into the side of a parked motorbike and flew over the handlebars onto the street (while two passersby shouted warnings) because he was playing a handheld videogame while riding. The crazy thing is, he "endoed" hard, but he never dropped the videogame.

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Posted in: Teachers pin down knife-wielding man with two-pronged 'man catcher' See in context

They are mounted under the chalkboard in all the classrooms at my son's elementary school in Kyoto. Teachers are all trained to use them. I thought they were mandatory after the Sakai incident, no? Scroll down and you can see here: http://cms.edu.city.kyoto.jp/weblog/index.php?id=107907&no=1 (pictures are blurred to protect identity)

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