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I can't wholly agree with Mabo.

British comedy is an acquired taste for most Americans, and very few have the patience to get to know and love it. Most of the guys I know that appreciate British humor were stationed in England and 'Stockholm Syndrome'd into loving it.

Also, I can't appreciate Adam Sandler. A clever play on words will get a laugh from me, but by and large, the stuff that Sandler does is just painful to experience. He really needs to stop singing, as well.

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I see where you're coming from Ranger, but it's a little more difficult for me to go out and kill my own food when I'm poor living in the inner city. I can afford to eat fast food and instant stuff on store shelves, but my ancestors didn't have so many chemicals in their food.

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hardcore American street prostitutes

I can't stop laughing. The best part is how right after you say this, you accuse the other guy of believing stereotypes.

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Yardley, members of Congress are not subject to insider-trading laws. Recently, a couple congresspeople have introduced bills that WOULD make them liable to insider-trading rules, but somehow my crystal ball says those bills will quitely die in the lawmaking process.

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Santa Claus is built from several older myths and a couple real people: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Claus

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America...I am dissapointed.

Unless of course, people use "angels" to describe people who do undescribable amounts of good in the world, like firefighters. In that case, it's fine.

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Eight companies.....over the course of seven years.....and the total settlement isn't even a billion dollars? Good job, American regulators; way to take those payoffs like pros.

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I'm not so sure about these calls to get rid of Un. While there isn't much hope he will be a reformer, he does have experience outside of North Korea, so it's possible. I haven't heard any policies come out of him, so here's to hoping he feels a little more for the North Korean people than his father did.

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C'mon Tokyo, not all Americans are fat and don't care....just most of us (I am thankfully not in that group). And as for a watchdog group: No one is MAKING you buy it and eat it; it's your choice to make the attempt.

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