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Posted in: Buying Japanese concert tickets may get even harder with new gov't plan See in context

The aim of the Japanese government is obvious. Total control over the people. Full stop.

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Posted in: World Cup fans put off by prices, beer limits commute by air See in context

Send all the bills to FIFA.

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Posted in: Ukraine struggles to restore power See in context

Good morning, Bronco. Thanks for your daily update. I'm sure that everybody on this forum appreciates this.

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Posted in: Japan gets 2 late goals to upset Germany 2-1 in their World Cup opener See in context

Wonderful! Fantastic! . . . Congratulations!

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Posted in: Third Japanese cabinet minister in a month resigns in blow to Kishida See in context

At this pace, all ministers will have been fired well before the "golden three years" are over. Hmm . . . Why not just dissolve the LDP?

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Posted in: Musk delays Twitter relaunch after fake account frenzy See in context

I've never had a Twitter account. And I will never have one.

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Posted in: Kuroda says BOJ will maintain easing, watch impact of global tightening See in context

When the yen gets stronger and the import costs go down, will prices go down? I very much doubt that this will happen. The workers need a big salary increase.

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Posted in: Japan given infamous 'fossil' award at climate change conference See in context

Do the fossils in the LDP understand the meaning of fossil?

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Posted in: Putin will not go to G20 summit in Bali See in context

What a pity!

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Posted in: Japan to tighten rules on donations to religious groups See in context


I've just checked the website of Kōmeitō. The monthly subscription fee is ¥ 1,887.

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Posted in: Pro shogi player loses game for not wearing face mask See in context


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Posted in: Japan, China eye Kishida-Xi meeting in mid-November: report See in context

After Scholz has just met Xi in Beijing, Kishida doesn't want to miss the train.

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Posted in: Tokyo police to issue ‘red tickets’ to cyclists violating traffic laws See in context

Good! It was about time to do something about this reckless bicycling. For me, bicycles are more dangerous than cars because you can't hear them when they come from behind on a sidewalk. The cyclists often try to pass a few centimetres next to you. I also think that quite a lot of cyclists aren't aware that there are traffic laws for them, too.

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Posted in: Economic revitalization minister resigns after Unification Church scrutiny See in context

I hope that this will have a domino effect.

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Posted in: Yen falls back to 149 zone against U.S. dollar despite apparent intervention See in context

I'm afraid these yen-buying interventions don't work. It's like . . . well . . . passing wind in a small room. There's an immediate reaction. But once the room has been aired, it's back to "normal".

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Posted in: China's Xi expands powers, promotes allies See in context


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Posted in: Cabinet OKs bill to rebalance lower house electoral districts See in context

Bringing down the maximum vote-value disparity from 2.096-fold to 1.999-fold is just a cosmetic change. Of course, it's impossible to have a zero disparity, but it should be much closer to 1 than 2.

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Posted in: Boris Johnson eyes comeback as UK leader See in context

I don't know whether I should laugh or cry.

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Posted in: COVID-19 cases increase in Japan for 1st time in 2 months See in context

Everybody knew that there would be another wave after the last wave. Just stating the obvious. But it will be interesting to see how the Japanese mass media will connect the new wave with the country opening its doors to overseas visitors.

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Posted in: Japan foreign arrivals in Sept up 11.7-fold from last year to 206,500 See in context

In the headline you say "foreign arrivals" and in the text it's "foreign visitors". Which one is it? Are we non-Japanese residents considered visitors?

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Posted in: 90 Japanese lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

And the LDP show goes on.

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Posted in: Yen inches up against dollar from 32-year low on intervention fears See in context

And what will happen a few days after "appropriate" steps have been taken?

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Posted in: Japan travel scheme rollout hits snag as firms spend quota prematurely See in context

Last week I booked a hotel room in Matsumoto for three nights from the 11th of October through an international booking agency. Pay at the hotel. When I arrived at the hotel, I asked the receptionist how I could possibly get this discount. Her answer really surprised me. “You can get it right here!” Wow! I got 40% off my hotel bill. And I received restaurant/shopping coupons worth ¥9,000 plus transportation coupons worth ¥3,000 (accepted by some bus and taxi companies). The coupons were valid in Nagano Prefecture and had to be used between the 11th and 14th of October. I enjoyed my holidays!

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Posted in: Putin says Ukraine mobilization should be finished in two weeks See in context

Thank you, Bronco, for your daily awesome contribution.

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Posted in: Kishida aims to cut utility bills with new economic package See in context

I hope that I won’t have to fill out any forms to get my electricity bill reduced.

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Posted in: Russia protests over Japan's firing of HIMARS in exercise with U.S See in context

And Russia fires rockets across borders. And that’s supposed to be OK?

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Posted in: U.N. expert says Japan should do more for Fukushima evacuees See in context

I'm afraid the Japanese government will either ignore this or say that there's a misunderstanding. They don't want to be told anything by non-Japanese.

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Posted in: Japan reports 26,785 new coronavirus cases See in context

TokyoJoe, why do you still read it and comment on it?

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Posted in: Tokyo taxi fares to rise for 1st time in 15 years See in context

This increase is well above the 2% Mr Kuroda of the BOJ has been talking about for years. Will it actually be included in the official inflation rate which is supposed to be 2.8% at the moment?

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