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Posted in: U.S. Navy fires warning shots on Iran boats in Gulf: Pentagon See in context


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Posted in: 3 nuclear reactors to become 1st in Japan to operate beyond 40-year limit See in context

the green water of nuclear make me want drink one or two glasses to make me feel safe cheers

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Posted in: Australian man who filmed 4 dead and dying police sent to prison See in context

i think theym ust change the law about camera because it's personal items and use what they use for the new movies online and you can't find it and you have to buying it because they delete it automatically no need for 1 day in jail just fine 10$ its more useful and less money and less drama in crouh and helpful to have mobile with afraid about 1 mistake and you will sleep at jail

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Posted in: Australian man who filmed 4 dead and dying police sent to prison See in context

sometime camera kill you , sometimes heal you

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Posted in: Microsoft profits soar as cloud demand continues in pandemic See in context

they have to change the name and add system to fight unwanted things and ads plus stop buying every program and let the people take the advantage to sell it and stop ask for money in every page

its long time with maicrosoft and its an old way to get the knowledge know when you think they know of what let them add it for free and make other pc company breath with what you love

i think they are rich now with old buildings

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Posted in: 5 Japanese automakers to jointly develop vehicle communications devices See in context

every one suffers from these and spend alot of money or dream to fix or clean

did they think to add self wash for the window inside outside like a small part and add perfume with water in one click

or cleaner from small dust on the ground with small wholes with small bag for dust in one click

or give you chance to have hand control with 2 or 4 voice surround and make the voice system for every seat with luxury head set ( more familiar to human not the rules)

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Posted in: For readers whose children are doing classes online or had to do them online because of the pandemic, what was the impression you got from your kids about online classes? See in context

that the online still like 90 like the pc and internet hate me ( how to lose your mind in 1 hours) use pc and study

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Posted in: Japan to issue new 500 yen coins in November See in context

i hope the colors that they choice can destroy all world currency meaning and weight good lucck

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Posted in: Japan emphasizes concerns over China's military in diplomacy report See in context

is the wepone really is the cure ? or money will make you destroy the world ? or some girls you love she is with another person and you show the world you are like him and you still made the wepone?

allah with us .

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Posted in: Olympic host towns pull out over pandemic See in context

the worst is under control but the good out of control

many of tv. channel will take this to fight japan and people who have have faith in allah so for the japan government treat them in fare way of save what they can from japan culture and rep so with covid-19 they can hit them in 1 to 10 way to stop it or take it and fight there news and camera and make it back to japan the real land for truth olympya with there rules

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Posted in: Lyft to sell autonomous driving unit to Toyota for $550 mil See in context

what happen if the world stay at one word togather with one gool and support all the worldwide company to give us the best and for children

but i think something will happen soon by stopping the money lacking in this world and dont make the $ or £ is the best to trade or to understand

dollar what a joke

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Posted in: U.S., Britain rush supplies to virus-stricken India See in context

its wearied information about usa on India they use them for one reason and give them everything before anyone to be like them ( in blind mode and i don't understand what happen ) and use there name in the news like they win a war against who need the cure or help in a war ( like always)

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Posted in: Apple's iPhone privacy clampdown arrives after 7-month delay See in context

no privacy no my iphone 0%

1- he know what i think

2- he put what he want me to watch

3- all of safety chat or mail is a lie

4- he try to destroy the human right by put cia and fib knowledge on you

5- they use it against by put only a few information about japan or asia whlie i change my location until i back to usa location

6- is a religion virus like a crazy lead you to kill your self

7- you baid to be in jail with your biggest safety is your password

8- dont think to open one of website that not secure

9- they play with camera and voice recorder in every sec or photo

10- they play with the image make it move with fast motion inside the website and your photo camera they change the filter to make you stupid and they are the samrt

11- they have nothing to be at this lie safty level ( like all the world depends on there security)

and many i can't remember

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