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Is it just me, or are there two large elephants hanging around both the article and the comments? Women are not here to just do their duty and have children. There is a rather huge problem here in relation to how women are thought about and treated. Women, like men, want to have options in how they live their lives. A lot of women want a fulfilling career, where they can contribute and further develop themselves as people. Society in Japan, in general, expects women who have children to focus their lives on the children from that point on.

There are many pressures, subtle and not so subtle, which are placed upon women that can essentially destroy or severely limit the ability of women to advance in their careers if they have children. As a result, many women are chosing not to have children because it becomes a situation of having one or the other. Further, as there is a lot of pressure brought to bear on women who get married to have children, women may even eschew getting married in their pursuit of a meaningful career.

While for some finances may be an issue when it comes to deciding about having children, this is definitely not the only consideration. Throwing money at people will not solve a problem when there are other factors at play. You may get some people to have one more child, but this will not solve a shrinking population problem.

The other elephant? Immigration. Policies can be targetted to not only bring in the type of people you are seeking, but also to make it possible for those people to live, thrive and have families here.

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"B12 is scarce in the diet, and it is found only in foods from animal sources." This statement is actually not correct, there are plant based sources of B12, including shiitake mushrooms and seaweed. A major source for many vegans is nutritional yeast. I am very concerned that this kind of misinformation is being published by a major news outlet. As a long term vegetarian (for over 30 years) and now vegan (for around 5 years), I have never had any B12 issues.

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