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Posted in: Academy will keep 'To Leslie' Oscar nomination despite campaign concern See in context

I thought the Oscar was awarded for acting ability, not the amount of money the movie grossed or the 'expensive and highly visible marketing campaign.' Silly me.

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Posted in: Record 94% of Japanese 'do not feel friendly' toward Russia: survey See in context

The power of propaganda

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Posted in: We’re living in the age of being connected or reachable 24 hours a day by one device or another. Is this a good thing? See in context

When I came to Japan it took a week for a letter to reach my birth country and then another week for a reply. It cost ¥1,000 a minute to phone so that was impractical. Therefore, I find it very convenient now to be able to contact people abroad, although not necessarily 24 hours a day.

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Posted in: Apartments with no bath or shower rising in popularity among young Tokyoites, report says See in context

When I came to Japan very few small apartments had a bath/shower and the toilets were generally communal. However, there were numerous nearby sentos where you could meet up with friends and go out for a drink afterwards. The only problem was that you could not have a bath/shower in the morning as the sento did not open till lunchtime.

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Posted in: EU official says Russia shifting war focus to NATO and the West See in context

The German foreign minister and several others have already stated that the west is at war with Russia

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Posted in: Only 16% of 17 to 19-year-olds believe they will definitely marry: survey See in context

When I was that age I had no intention of getting married but that changed when I got older.

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Posted in: 5 types of threat – how those who want to divide us use language to stoke violence See in context

five basic types of threatoric.

All of which are used when talking about Russia or China.

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Posted in: Gov't to discuss downgrading COVID-19 classification to same as influenza See in context

Also in todays news, Moderns wants to quadruple the price of its shots, any connection?

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Posted in: Police say 13-year-old girl has admitted killing mother See in context

@MIchael Machida

Where did you get that information? I looked it up just now and it applies to comparatively few countries. Around 14 seems to be the most common.

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Posted in: Japan to continue collecting expressway tolls almost indefinitely See in context

I remember when the government said that they would cancel tolls on the expressways as soon as they had recouped the initial construction costs.

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Posted in: Iran regime divided on how to tackle protests: analysts See in context


Meanwhile in Israel, its citizens are allowed to freely protest.

Except when the military open fire on them.

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Posted in: Harry’s claim he killed 25 in Afghanistan draws anger, worry See in context

He was a member of an invading army murdering…sorry, "eliminating" people who were fighting to protect their homes and families but for some reason he considers himself one of the '"goodies" whereas they are the "baddies"

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Posted in: Lennon, Ono asked Japan to allow A-bomb film to be shown abroad See in context

"Beatles musician John Lennon and his peace activist wife Yoko Ono"

Surely it would have been better to write, "Peace activists, musician John Lennon and his wife and artist, Yoko Ono…"

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Posted in: Will you really catch a cold if you sleep under a Japanese kotatsu table? See in context

What is the difference between sleeping in the kotatsu and sleeping with an electric blanket? This article is simply one man's opinion without any scientific research.

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Posted in: Japan's 'Little Trains that Could' battle for survival See in context

The government should spend its money on rural public transport rather than frittering it away on American weapons of war.

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Posted in: Kumamoto prefectural assembly member allegedly threatens to kill taxi driver See in context

@ Rodney,

It does not say attempted murder it says he threatened to kill the driver and this can be heard on the drive recorder.

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Posted in: U.S. leaves door open for Iran nuclear diplomacy See in context

For nearly two years the United States has tried and failed to negotiate a revival of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

I seem to remember that although it was the US that unilaterally reneged on the deal, it refused to lift sanctions before Iran returned to its pre-2018 position. Surely America could have shown good faith by making the first move.

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Posted in: Do accents disappear? See in context


Sorry but of course you have an accent, everybody does. There is no such thing as standard English. If nothing else, you will have an American accent.

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Posted in: Musk restores Twitter accounts of journalists after suspensions draw backlash See in context

So much for Musk's dedication to 'free speech'.

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Posted in: 26-year-old man arrested for dumping mother’s body in mountain forest See in context


But if you do not die in the town you are registered in its ¥300,000

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Posted in: Russia fires more than 70 missiles in one of its biggest attacks on Ukraine See in context

But we have repeatedly been told that Russia was running out of missiles

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Posted in: Russian strategic bombers patrol over Sea of Japan See in context


And what wars has America won? Apart from.the invasion of Grenada.

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Posted in: Russian strategic bombers patrol over Sea of Japan See in context

@Makoto Shimizu

"how can a Security Member country start a war and still hold veto power"

Ask the USA, they start wars all the time and still hold veto power.

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Posted in: Russian strategic bombers patrol over Sea of Japan See in context


"That's really old aircraft from 1952"

Yes, just like America's B52s.

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Posted in: Do you still send Christmas or season's greetings cards by email or post or have you given up on all that? See in context

It is a good way to keep in touch. As a result I still have friends in my birth country despite having lived in Japan for half a century.

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Posted in: Video game hub Japan confronts problem of addiction See in context

What do they expect the government to do? It sounds more a parental problem than legislative.

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Posted in: Weasels, not pandas, should be the poster animal for biodiversity loss See in context

"a weasel or badger would be a more appropriate choice."

I quite agree, it might stop the British government from culling badgers.

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Posted in: Yakuza may be blocked from using all expressways in Japan within the decade See in context

Total ETC saturation across the country envisioned by 2030? So even if you only use the expressways very occasionally, you will have to pay to fit an etc machine in all your vehicles?

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Posted in: Kishida, Obama call for nuclear-free world at international forum in Hiroshima See in context

Obama had his chance to do something about reducing the number of nuclear weapons, instead he launched the most-costly upgrade to the U.S. nuclear arsenal ever.

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Posted in: Brittney Griner's return reignites debate about prisoner swaps See in context

I did not realize she was being held hostage, I thought she was a drug smuggler

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