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Posted in: A Japanese government panel has proposed amending the juvenile law to put 18- and 19-year-old criminal suspects on trial as adults. Do you agree with this? See in context

It is 18 in the UK, 17 in most of the States in America (where they are also still not allowed to buy alcohol) so why not 18 in Japan?

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Posted in: Suga says Japan not looking to form 'Asian NATO' to contain any specific country See in context

"Japan is opposed to any actions that escalate tensions in the South China Sea"

Does this mean that Japan will cease sending its warships into the South China Sea to threaten China?

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Posted in: Ginza subway station in Tokyo renovated to show elegance See in context

@ Reckless

Exactly what I was going to say.

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Posted in: We are glad the children and their parents are pleased with the halal lunches, and the school is willing to do everything possible to support them. See in context

@ Mr. Kipling

"No fish on Friday so as not to offend the Catholics."

Actually, Friday is the day that Catholics make a point of abstaining from animal meat, OTHER than fish.

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Posted in: Unagi vs anago – All you need to know about Japan’s gourmet eel dishes See in context

The title says, "All you need to know about Japan’s gourmet eel dishes" but it neglects to mention that the Japanese eel is an endangered species and therefore should not be eaten.

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Posted in: Activists protest over lawmaker's skepticism about sex crime victim claims See in context

"Sugita, who has been elected to the lower house twice under the proportional representation system"

The problem is that she has not been elected, she was simply given her seat by the party under the proportional representation system. The only time she took part in an election in 2014 she received the fewest votes of any candidate.

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Posted in: Security guard held on suspicion of murder in shooting at Denver political rallies See in context


Furthermore, you could argue that being anti-politics, anarchy is against both of the others.

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Posted in: Japanese fishing boat owner pleads guilty in shark finning case See in context


What is wrong with jelly fish? They are in no danger of extinction.

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Posted in: If you live in a house in Japan, is it Western style, Japanese style or a bit of both? See in context


If you have washlet toilets then they are not JP style water closets. A Japanese-style toilet basically consists of just has a hole, of varying degrees of sophistication, in the floor where you do your business.

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Posted in: If you live in a house in Japan, is it Western style, Japanese style or a bit of both? See in context


My (Japanese) house is 170 years old and I can see no reason why it should not last another 170 years.

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Posted in: If you live in a house in Japan, is it Western style, Japanese style or a bit of both? See in context


It is not just insulation, if they don't have walls they are Japanese style!

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Posted in: If you live in a house in Japan, is it Western style, Japanese style or a bit of both? See in context

Japanese, apart from the toilet and kitchen.

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Posted in: The fundamental point of the problem is to remove the danger of the Futenma base, which is surrounded by houses and schools, and is therefore said to be the most dangerous military base in the world, and to return the base site to the Japanese side. See in context

@ Ego Sum Lux Mundi

"Servicing 800 bases around the world is an expensive, onerous task and it eats up a nation's treasury"

It is particularly onerous for the Japanese as they have to pay for the ones here.

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Posted in: Bicycle traffic violations hit record high as cycling booms amid pandemic See in context

"Other violations include 1,555 cases of failure to stop at a stop sign"

I honestly don't think I have ever seen a bicycle stop at a stop sign.

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Posted in: Japanese sex business operator sues state over virus cash handout snub See in context


"Name one such Diet member or any official in any office throughout Japan that has not visited a place such as love hotels, sex bars etc."

What a sweeping statement. While I am unable to to give any names I am sure that many of them have not visited such a place.

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Posted in: Japanese sex business operator sues state over virus cash handout snub See in context

@Ken WyattToday

"The pachinko parlours that refused to close during the pandemic are the ones who shouldn't receive anything. They should be fined instead."

What should they be fined for? They did not break any laws.

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Posted in: Japan ready to become permanent U.N. Security Council member: Motegi See in context

Japan only ever does what the U.S. says so it would be pointless to give them a seat on the Security Council and if they did, they would also have to award a seat to somebody who was not under America's control to balance things out.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted rape of teenage girl suspect in similar crimes See in context


She might be a university student or somebody who came to Tokyo to work. In their late teens they are adults and quite able to live on their own.

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Posted in: PM hopeful Suga says he may need help from Abe on diplomacy See in context

That is a strange thing to say considering Abe is probably the most undiplomatic Prime Minister ever. Just look at the mess he has made with the Koreas.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for killing man with cassette gas torch burner See in context

What Ego Sum Lux Mundi said

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Posted in: Trump calls Abe 'greatest prime minister in Japan's history' See in context

@ Yubaru

At least prior to Abe, the diet would meet to decided things. Now everything is decided solely by the cabinet.

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Posted in: Japanese teacher apologizes for peeing on students’ futon during club retreat See in context

"tatami reed floors and futon sleeping mats"

Surely that should be tatami mats and futon sleeping quilts.

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Posted in: U.S. defense chief says China destabilizing Pacific See in context

I agree with Vanessa and Goodluck, but the 'like' button does not work.

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Posted in: Ex-justice minister and his lawmaker wife plead not guilty to vote buying See in context


More to the point, what did the LDP think they would do with the 150 milion yen the party kindly gave them?

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Posted in: Rule, Britannia! BBC ditches singalong lyrics amid colonial rethink See in context

No they have not ditched it.

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Posted in: Arrested lawmaker's fingerprints found on bills offered as bribe See in context

@ Spitfire

Not necessarily, people who have not been here so long may not know that an ex-Prime Minister and influential politician, Tanaka Kakuei, was sentenced to prison, it was only luck (?) that he died while his appeal was still going through.

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Posted in: Dogs and technology keep crop-eating monkeys at bay See in context


They are not cute, they can be quite vicious, one once tried to attack my wife.

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