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Posted in: Japan looks to protect intellectual property in wagyu beef cattle See in context

In what way are fertilized eggs and sperm intellectual?

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Posted in: Harry, Meghan to quit royal jobs, give up 'highness' titles See in context


"Seems less of a problem with the Japanese imperial family when a princess decides to marry a commoner and leave the system with a payoff ¥100-¥150 million."

In Japan princesses have no choice but to leave the Imperial family when they marry, it is the law. Everybody outside their immediate family is a commoner so no choice there either.

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Posted in: Nishinari, the slum of Osaka, now at risk of gentrification after becoming a tourist hotspot See in context


Actually there is less dog poop than there used to be.

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Posted in: Motorcyclist killed in crash after being pursued by police See in context

@Marsh Mallow

No UK police don't chase motorcyclists, they ram them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ers7JSQRPE. In what way is this better?

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Posted in: Ex-captive Japanese journalist sues gov't over passport denial See in context


He said that he intended to travel to India and Europe with his family, places where he has not been denied access, so there is no need for a special exemption.

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Posted in: New questions rise after Iran says it downed Ukrainian plane See in context

At least Iran admitted it shot down the airliner, when the U.S. shot down an airliner over Iran it took 5 years for it to admit it made a mistake.

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Posted in: Netflix to defend gay Jesus film in Brazil supreme court See in context

@Burning Bush

Imagine if Netflix had a drama where a gay man underwent Christian transition therapy and successfully became straight again.

What do you mean 'again'?

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Posted in: Pentagon distances itself from Trump threat to hit Iranian cultural sites See in context

America has never worried about committing war crimes before (invading countries without UN approval, torture, use of white phosphorus, bombing hospitals, etc.) so I do not see why it should start now.

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Posted in: What are your highest hopes for your life this year? See in context

That the US will not force Iran into a war.

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Posted in: Ghosn's lawyer says he is stunned his client left country See in context

As usual, the rich escape justice.

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Posted in: Ex-top bureaucrat appeals 6-year sentence for killing son See in context

Found guilty of murder but let out on bail? When a foreigner, Govinda Mainali, was found innocent of murder he was not released from prison in case the state wanted to appeal. One law for vice ministers and another for foreigners.

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Posted in: Abe, Li agree on need to open new era for Japan, China See in context

Japan reneges on its agreement with China in 1972 to shelve the question of the Senkaku Islands (at the bidding of America's Heritage Foundation) and yet it is China that is at fault?

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Posted in: Does living in Japan change the way we speak English? See in context

@ HBJ, Jessie Lee & WilliB

If you live in New York, New Delhi, etc., you will be speaking English and so you will be open to influence, but in Japan you should be speaking Japanese and as that has no relationship to English, it will not influence it.

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Posted in: Thousands sign Hiroshima petition to save A-bomb buildings See in context

If the people who signed the petitions all donated money as well there would be no problem.

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Posted in: Japan to make automatic brakes mandatory for new cars from Nov 2021 See in context


ABS means anti-lock braking system, not automatic.

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Posted in: America’s influence, once so dominant, waning under Trump See in context

Well that's good news, perhaps we will have less wars now.

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Posted in: Gov't postpones debate on imperial succession as divide surfaces See in context


It wasn't ancient and medieval times. After the Meiji Restoration the Emperor became the head of the army and as a woman was considered incapable of doing this, it was determined that the Emperor should be a man.

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Posted in: S Korea to use radiation detectors, food from home at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Although people seem to have forgotten, Japan is still a state of national emergency after the explosions at the power station, the government has yet to rescind the order and the amount of radiation considered safe (during the emergency) is 20 times what it was before.

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Posted in: Tougher penalties for smartphone use while driving take effect See in context

@ zichi.

'Every car has a GPS.'

No they don't.

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Posted in: Tougher penalties for smartphone use while driving take effect See in context

Looking at the picture it would appear that SatNav is also banned.

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Posted in: China warns U.S. of retaliation for law backing Hong Kong protesters See in context

While I support the protesters in HK (apart from the violence) what right does the US think it has to interfere in demonstrations within China. What would they think if China passed a law in support of the Black Lives Matter movement?

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Posted in: IMF urges Japan to double consumption tax to 20% by 2050 See in context

So 20% on top of national tax, local tax and welfare means that the government would be taking more than 50% of income from low income families.

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Posted in: How many hours a month do anime artists work in Japan? Survey finds crazy number, unhappy workers See in context

"Assuming a 20-day work month"

WTF this is Japan.

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Posted in: Many people can recall a school teacher who had a major influence on their lives. Was there such a teacher in your life and how did he or she influence you? See in context

Several teachers had a major influence on my life—they made me hate studying!

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Posted in: Do you think a four-day work week is practical in Japan? See in context

When they changed to a five-day week people said it would not succeed, but they seem quite happy with it now so I do not see why not.

However, as somebody who works a seven-day week I hope not as it will only make me more jealous.

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Posted in: Ex-entertainer Tashiro admits to drug possession charges See in context


Why do you suppose nothing will happen to him? I am genuinely interested to know.

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Posted in: Hong Kong campus stalemate persists as U.S. bill sets up China clash See in context

China should pass an American Minorities Human Rights and Democracy Act

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Posted in: Israel strikes Iranian targets in Syria; 2 reported killed See in context

More illegal warmongering by Israel

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Posted in: China tells U.S., Britain to stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs See in context


Really? I had not noticed the French government making concessions or stepping down despite a whole year of demonstrations.

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Posted in: Police in talks with Setagaya family murder victims’ relatives about demolishing crime scene See in context

The house is inside a park. All the surrounding houses were demolished years ago and so I imagine Setagaya will pay to have it demolished.

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