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Posted in: Iran launches drone attack at Israel See in context

"This is a severe and dangerous escalation.”

This is not an escalation, this is a response. The escalation was the Israelis bombing the Iranian Embassy.

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Posted in: Why would the U.S. defend Philippines? See in context

Because it thrives on war

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Posted in: Are embassies off-limits? Ecuadorian and Israeli actions suggest otherwise, setting dangerous diplomatic precedent See in context

@Desert Tortoise

But NATO's bombing of Serbia was not sanctioned by the UN and was therefore the whole operation was illegal and the F-117 should not have been there to begin with. So much for rule-based order, eh?

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Posted in: Are embassies off-limits? Ecuadorian and Israeli actions suggest otherwise, setting dangerous diplomatic precedent See in context

It could be said that the US set the precedent by bombing the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, although no mention of that here.

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Posted in: U.S. to change Japan command posture to boost deterrence in face China: Emanuel See in context


The Combined Forces Command of South Korea is under the command of an American General.

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Posted in: Baldwin had 'no control' of self on fatal 'Rust' set: prosecutor See in context

The fact that he pointed a firearm at someone, loaded or not, says something about his mental state.

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Posted in: March marks yet another record in global heat See in context

How about Japan? I seemed cooler to me and the cherry blossom was late.

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Posted in: Walk this way – it's quite good for you See in context

The best way to keep yourself walking daily is to get a dog.

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Posted in: U.S. comedian Jimmy Kimmel says he was blown away by Japan’s bathrooms See in context

How things have changed. When I first arrived in Japan, I was shocked by the filthy, primitive toilets.

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Posted in: When you were a teenager, did you think much about issues concerning the environment, such as climate change, pollution, recycling, energy and water conservation and so on? See in context

I said yes, only really or pollution. Back in the sixties nobody had heard of climate change or recycling and energy and water conservation were not really thought of as problems

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Posted in: Japan rail operator gives up plan to launch maglev train in 2027 See in context


The problem is not onsen, it is thought that the proposed tunnel will divert the groundwater that feeds Oigawa River. If that happens it cannot be repaired and it is an important source of drinking water.

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Posted in: Hit TV satire reveals how Japanese society has changed See in context

Smoking on buses? Not in Tokyo. No smoking on trains either.

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Posted in: Kishida, Biden to commit to peaceful use of outer space See in context

I suppose that is why the US has established a military Space Force—Peace through domination.

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Posted in: Blinken says Israeli assault on Gaza's Rafah would be a 'mistake' and isn't needed to defeat Hamas See in context


Hamas was also democratically elected.

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Posted in: Japan sees record cannabis cases in 2023; 70% among young people See in context

Well you can blame America for the laws, they were enacted by GHQ during the occupation, before that it was legal.

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Posted in: Russia will be asked for ceasefire during Olympics, Macron tells Ukraine interviewer See in context

"So they want to ban countries that are badly behaved world citizens that kill indiscriminately. Wouldn't Israel top that list."

No, that honor belongs to the U.S.

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Posted in: Putin warns again Russia is ready to use nuclear weapons if its sovereignty threatened See in context

Maybe it has something to do with last weeks reports of a NATO country foolishly threatening to use its troops to fight Russia.

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Posted in: Ramadan in Gaza begins with hunger worsening and no end to war in sight See in context


"dont forget it is Terrorist who start the war first,"

I take it that when you say terrorists, you mean the Stern Gang aka. Lohamei Herut Israel Lehi”

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Posted in: ‘Volunteer’ gets suspended sentence for stealing fruit from quake-hit home See in context

@ Rakuraku

"I do not think this could happen in Japan."

Prime Minister Kakue Tanaka was sentenced to 4 years in jail and a 500 million yen fine over the Lockheed scandal, so yes, it could and has happened in Japan.

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Posted in: Bullet train services affected after station overrun in northeast Japan See in context

When I read the headline I wondered what had overrun the station.

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Posted in: 3 in China found guilty of operating Japanese anime piracy site See in context

Well said tora. It is not as if other countries haven't been streaming Japanese content.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges strong determination in repatriating abductees from N Korea See in context


"I remember seeing exactly the same title on exactly this page in 2002 about Koizumi."

The big difference being that Koizumi actually

brought back the surviving abductees

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Posted in: What are the most and least attractive hobbies for Japanese men and women? Survey investigates See in context

I had not realized that eating, watching movies, listening to music, reading manga or liking animals were ‘hobbies.’ Apart from the liking animals, I thought these were all pastimes.

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Posted in: What did you do in your down time before cell phones were common (if you are old enough to remember)? See in context

I read books. Now I can also read books on my phone when I am out and about, which is more convenient than carrying heavy paper books.

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Posted in: The Nikkei index closed at an all-time high Thursday, breaking the previous record set in 1989. What does that mean for Japan's economy? See in context

The Japanese stock market has finally reached the point where it was twenty-five years ago whereas the Dow is now fifty percent higher. It does not seem much to celebrate.

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Posted in: Japan, Pacific islands strongly oppose change of status quo by force See in context

Ho,Japan did not object to changing the status quo when it unilaterally claimed possession of the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands despite a previous agreement not do so.

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Posted in: Japan repeatedly spots Chinese coast guard and warships near disputed waters See in context


As it says in the headline, they are disputed territory not Japanese. They are not worth starting a war over

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Posted in: Chinese coast guard vessels enter disputed waters in East China Sea See in context


They were owned by China, Japan only claimed them in the lead up to the invasion of Taiwan. Japan. They should have been returned to China after the war, but America was using them for bombing practice, and when they did come to hand them over, they had become ant-China and so gave them to Japan. Under Prime Minister Tanaka Japan agreed to shelve the problem of ownership and everything was fine until the American rightwing think tank, Heritage Foundation, got the mayor of Tokyo to upset the balance.

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