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Posted in: Gov't to use family name first in Roman alphabet in documents See in context

@ Vince Black

In what way is it arrogant? It is the East Asian way, nobody complains that the Koreans or Chinese have retained their native name order. It is more arrogant for Westerners to insist that they use the Western method.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya district is most famous for its iconic scramble crossing and the Hachiko statue. Do you ever go there to see or do anything else? See in context

Yes, to shop, eat and drink. As Mocheake says, I cannot understand why that particular crossing became famous.

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Posted in: Japan briefs diplomats on Fukushima plant's radioactive water See in context

No explanation why the radiation has increased over the last week or so then.

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Posted in: Japan’s problem with noise pollution See in context

I live in the country and when I measured the noise of the cicadas just now it was 77.9 db. so yes, Japan is a very noisy country.

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Posted in: The custom of vacating space on one side is a relic of the years when people believed the faster, the better and placed great importance on efficiency. See in context

For the people who gave me a thumbs down, I looked it up. It started in Japan in Osaka during the 70s but did not catch on in Tokyo until the mid-90s, so as I said, around 20 years.


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Posted in: The custom of vacating space on one side is a relic of the years when people believed the faster, the better and placed great importance on efficiency. See in context

Standing on one side is a relatively new thing in Japan, I remember when they stood on both sides. It can't be more than ten or twenty years since it started.

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Posted in: Estimates cast doubt over Japan's public pension sustainability See in context

Why should people get a percentage of their pre-retirement income? Everybody should get the same and it should be enough live on, not 79,000 yen per month as it is now.

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Posted in: New 'comfort woman' memorial unveiled in Manila See in context

@ Ganbare Japan!

Disappointing. I thought Duterte was a good leader and very close friend of Japan by ordereing the statues removal before. Is he being paid by Korea or PRC to allow it now?

If you bothered to read the story you would know that the statue is now in a church where he has no jurisdiction

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Posted in: New 'comfort woman' memorial unveiled in Manila See in context

@ pacificwest

The Japanese army forced teenage Dutch civilian prisoners of war to serve as 'comfort women'. They were not prostitutes but the Japanese government still refuses to apologize or offer compensation, to any but the Koreans.



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Posted in: It's important to stop at the nearest parking area if you face such an incident while driving on an expressway. If you are driving on a regular road, stop at a gas station or a place where there are some people and alert the police. See in context

Easier said than done. The problem is that the victim was forcibly stopped in the middle of the expressway and did not have the opportunity to reach a parking area.

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Posted in: Violence poses conundrum to Hong Kong protest movement See in context

People are all talking about democracy, but Hong Kong had not democracy under British rule, it was just something that Patton did immediately before handover to piss off the Chinese (who incidentally allowed it to remain)

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Posted in: Japan tells U.S. of plan to offer robots for denuclearizing N Korea See in context

We have seen how effectively they have denuclearized Fukushima

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Posted in: China instructs fishermen to stay clear of Senkakus See in context

When Tanaka normalized relations with China the two countries agreed to shelve the question of ownership of the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands and there was no problem at all until the American Heritage Foundation and Ishihara decided to create one.

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Posted in: Emperor expresses deep remorse over Japan's wartime actions See in context

Japan does not "mark the 74th anniversary of its surrender in World War II", it marks "The end of the war", as if it just came to a conclusion with nobody being defeated.

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Posted in: It's about time to move ahead with full-fledged discussions on the Constitution in the Diet. See in context

Abe ignores present constitution anyway so why bother to change it.

Reading the Jiminto's ideas for a new constitution, their object appears to be to remove sovereign power from the people (as the current constitution states) and award it to the government.

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Posted in: There were an endless stream of people at the crosswalk. I thought pedestrians would stop for me. See in context

The annoying thing for me in Japan is that whenever I stop at a crossing (without lights) the pedestrians seem to think it is a plot to try and run them down as soon as they step out into the street and it is difficult to get them to cross.

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Posted in: Former Empress Michiko has early stage breast cancer See in context


I suppose that is why the Japanese have the longest lifespan in the world

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Posted in: Multiracial athletes sparking debate in Japan ahead of 2020 Games See in context

@Mister X

In what situation could it possibly not be a good thing to hold more than one nationality?

Sorry, but I really cannot understand your reasoning there.

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Posted in: Pentagon chief urges Japan to consider joining Strait of Hormuz coalition; raps China See in context

@englisc aspyrgend

"...are the root cause of tension in this case. There is no excuse for seizing ships in international waters without legal basis. They are not enforcing an international agreement they are seeking to extend their political/military control over the internationally important choke point in the sea ways to advance their ideology and regional power. The international community needs to stand up to these bullies."

I agree with most of what you say except that it was the British, acting on American orders, who are the root cause of tension in this case, not the Iranians, the important choke point being the Straits of Gibraltar.

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Posted in: Being forced to change your name is nothing more than a violation of human rights. See in context

When we married, my wife wasn't allowed to change her name according to Japanese law.

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Posted in: Man stabs woman in Daiso store; says he just ‘wanted to kill someone’ See in context

It's lucky people don't have easy access to guns here.

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Posted in: U.S. records nearly 20 mass killings for the year so far See in context

@ Chip Star

Japan has mental health screenings for everyone that currently owns a firearm or wants to purchase one and it seems to work okay, so why not? If you don't want your personal information stored by the government, don't buy a gun, simple.

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Posted in: Kanazawa: One of the best-preserved Edo-period cities in Japan See in context

If you want to see a well-preserved Edo-period town you should visit Imaimachi in Nara Prefecture. It is virtually complete and even has a wall and moat surrounding it.

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Posted in: U.N.: Afghan forces, NATO killed more civilians than insurgents in 2019 See in context

Why are they called insurgents? The Taliban were the de facto government of Afghanistan before the US invaded and set up a puppet government, so surely they should rather be called resistance fighters.

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Posted in: 2020 Olympic organizers test heat countermeasures in sweltering Tokyo See in context

@Kobe White Bar Owner

No, August was chosen because the American networks demanded it.

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Posted in: Can Japanese industries survive without nuclear power in the foreseeable future? See in context


I do not know if you have noticed, but instead of releasing carbon into the atmosphere, they release radioactivity.

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Posted in: Car being chased by police crashes into two cars, killing one driver See in context

As Chip Star says, other techniques should be used. It seems that every week the police cause deaths due to their chasing people in cars.

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Posted in: Iran says it has confiscated British tanker in Strait of Hormuz See in context

Jeez, why do Americans have to make everything about Trump and Obama. The British illegally kidnapped an Iranian ship. The Iranians replied in kind. End of story.

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Posted in: How would you define racism? See in context

It's when people tell you to go back to where you came from

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