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I've been to about 25 countries in all and though I may have found out more about the people if I had lived in some of them, I still have no doubt that the Japanese are probably the biggest boneheads I have ever met. These people are just backward. This country may have advanced technologically speaking but the society is backward in every aspect of itself, e.g. its views on foreigners, its views on women, its views on marriage, its views on China, its approach toward animal and human rights and on the rights of employees, especially of its own people. The way they speed on every road and the number of crashes that I have personally witnessed also shows that these people are dumb as they are too dumb to understand what happens when they hit concrete at 60kmph. Also the way they cycle towards oncoming traffic, thinking I assume, that they are safer doing this - what a bunch of boneheads. The way they feel that weighing 45kgs and not eating anything healthy or nutritious is healthy, the way in which they are so ignorant of everything foreign. The Japanese lack the ability to think, they can't think, they can only do or follow what others Japanese do - e.g. the way they wait at pedestrian crossings when the light is red, but when one person walks whilst still red, they all walk - such boneheads. These Japanese are always crashing into each other head-on because they don't have the ability to think their way of it and instead of turning or driving at a safe speed in built up areas, they instead play the who-is-going-to-turn-first-because-I-am-more-important-than-you game and because neither of them turn because neither idiot wants to let the other person feel that they are less important, they later get impaled into the steering wheel. There is dumbing down and the Japanese are very dumb. They are also shortsighted people stuck in the past with an outdated view on the world and itself and an ethnocentric boneheadedness. They also practice bullying from day one to day end as a way to control the whole system and anyone different even by just a hair strand is treated the same way that a pigeon that doesn’t belong to the flock is. They are a pitiful nation of semi-robotic drones.

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