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Posted in: Honda develops new personal mobility device See in context

It will bomb.

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Posted in: Which city do you hope will be awarded the 2016 Olympics when the International Olympic Committee votes on Oct 2? See in context

Rio so we don't have to hear Ishihara's voice.

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Posted in: Man arrested after strangling wife to death in Tokyo apartment See in context

Don't drink, don't smoke, don't do dog fighting.

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Posted in: Carter: Wilson comments toward Obama 'based on racism' See in context

Carter was and is still incompetent. He has peanut envy.

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Posted in: Junichi Ishida talks about girlfriend's great legs See in context

I like women to wear fishnet stockings.

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Posted in: Tokyo police launch weeklong anti-groping campaign on trains See in context

I hate this idea of separating men and women. Why can't the gropers get satisfied with just their eyes?

The best time of my life was getting groped. I had been in Busan at a temple in a mountain. I had missed the last bus and a high school tour group noticed my predicament. It was a long way to the town and already quite dark so they invited me onto their bus. Imagine my surprise when I got on an overcrowded bus of schoolgirls. The road was very curvy ... (to be continued)

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Posted in: Figure skater Miki Ando rumored to be in love with 3-time divorcee coach See in context

In a sport where perfection is required, I can see how that might carry over into one's private life and lead to divorce.

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Posted in: Is Japan really on the road to recovery? See in context

Certainly not a v-shaped recovery.

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Posted in: Matsuzaka pitches six shutout innings against Angels See in context

Baseball just got interesting again.

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Posted in: Actor Patrick Swayze dies of cancer at 57 See in context

He had the time of his life.

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Posted in: 18-year-old Japanese woman loses Y8 mil antique violin on Austrian subway See in context

A violinist at UCLA borrowed $1,000,000 Strad and left it on top of his car. It was returned 20 years later.

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested for taking photos up skirts of school girls See in context

Bring back those high white stockings so men don't get excited.

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Posted in: iPhone turns corner in Japan See in context

Are Japanese slow adopters?

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Posted in: Mr James See in context

I'm rather glad he went on his Mr James campaign trail, because it shows more clearly than ever what a phony clown he is.

That's a bit harsh. Exactly what is a phony clown anyway? I think he is basically helpful and making life better for us hairy barbarians.

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Posted in: Bullying blamed after two 13-yr-old girls jump to their deaths See in context

This lack of moral fortitude no doubt contributes to such bullying problems.

This is exactly the problem. One has to stand up to bullies. That's it. Get in their faces. Look them in the eye. Make them uncomfortable.

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Posted in: Mr James See in context

Debito does not have a son. He has two daughters and one was allowed in and another was not. Korean and Chinese citizens were allowed in, he was not even though he was a Japanese citizen. Some of us who were here when it happened were moved by it. It was a family place, not a Roppongi strip joint.

We have two boys and one definitely looks non-Japanese. I would scream in their faces until they closed the place or the cops arrived if we were turned away.

Moderator: Back on topic please. The subject is Mr James and McDonald's.

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Posted in: Uniqlo See in context

Anne-dromeda Strain

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Posted in: Mr James See in context

"His first name is Jim." Jim James. Oh,my...

I'm going to call him LeBron.

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Posted in: World emerging from deep slump but can it last? See in context

Good news: the recession is over. Bad news: the depression is starting.

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Posted in: Kennedy to lie in repose in Boston for 2 days See in context

Obama calls him the greatest senator ever because TK supported Obama over Hillary.

He became a senator only because his brother was the president.

During the Korean war, he was stationed in Paris!

He got a two-month suspended sentence for what we all know was manslaughter.

His legislative achievements, other than the civil rights ones and allowing third worlders in to the USA, were meals on wheels and raising the minimum wage.

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Posted in: Kennedy to lie in repose in Boston for 2 days See in context

Yeah, it's not really necessary to remind everyone of what a degenerate the distinguished senator from Chappaquiddick was, so let's all stop with the Mary Jo references. Sure, she could have been saved if he had reported the crash, but let's let bygones be bygones.

He was arrested four times for reckless driving including once going 90 mph with his lights off in a residential neighborhood. This was just during his time at the University of Virginia.

He spent two years in the army (in Paris! Meanwhile, the war raged in Korea) and remained a private throughout. No preferential treatment for him!

He was caught cheating at Harvard. Later, he paid another student to cheat for him. Front page of the Boston Globe:


Obama calls him, "The best senator in U.S. history." His accomplishments over 40 years are scant. Raising minimum wage, meals on wheels ...??? So what!

Let's be happy that he won't be able to harm the republic any longer with his garbage legislation. Read how he opened the floodgate for immigrants from third world countries: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immigra...ty_Act_of_1965

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Posted in: Sony unveils new e-book device that downloads newspapers, magazines See in context

Apple's new i-Pad tablet will blow this and the Kindle out of the water.

I-pad? I noticed that headline somewhere else and had no idea that the I-pad was for reading. Sounded more like a writing tool. Thanks for the post.

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Posted in: Yang's PGA win helps Asian golf surge See in context

A fluke would be if he overshot the green, hit someone in the head, and then the ball bounced back into the hole.

He just outplayed Tiger, particularly on the green.

I hear Yang started late in life so we may seem him improve even more.

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Posted in: Voters angry and looking for change See in context

Democratic Party of Japan, which promises to put more money in consumers’ pockets, cut wasteful spending

"put more money in consumers' pockets" actually means they'll let us keep more of our money

Yeah, I'm all for that, but don't try to take credit for putting my money in my pocket.

Aso urged us to spend money. Idiot. The good old days were when the Japanese saved 20% of their earnings. Now, they are approaching negative equity.

The Great Depression of the 1930s-40s ended because there was nothing left to buy and people had no choice but to save. This lead to relative prosperity.

"Cut spending" should be the mantra of the people as well as the politicians.

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Posted in: Woman drowns trying to save son in Miyazaki See in context

How about parents start actually looking after their children and then tragic events like this might cease to exist. Good that she try to save him, but he shouldn't have been in the way of danger in the first place.

She was absolutely heroic and deserves no blame whatsoever.

I have two boys and it's hard as heck to keep an eye on them all the time. And even when you say stop, they keep going.

I wonder if this was actually in Toi Misaki. I've been there three times and it's a bit scary.

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Posted in: Sony unveils new, slimmer PlayStation 3 console, cuts prices See in context

Bloody waste of money. Buy your kid some football boots and send them down the park with their pals. In 10 yearsthey may even be playing for Crystal Palace. I have banned all videogames from my kids and no price cut from Sony will make me change me mind ,thank you. I am a responsible father.

I was tempted to buy a PSP slim, but this comment brought me to my senses. Best day I had all summer was climbing a series of nets in a five-story building with my boys. We can't wait to go back. Video games are a curse. All the great leaders of the future will be quoted saying, "I never played any video games as a child."

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Posted in: Mystery sign See in context

no break dancing - the hoods often practice there

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Posted in: Aging libidos require new techniques See in context

my gimick is 5000 yen and it gets me 15 minutes with some of the youngest (within legal limits) and prettiest beauties in Japan to fulfill your wildest fantasies........ and you can leave right afterward and not have to deal with her.

Excellent post.

I learned that from Gary Sinise in Of Mice and Men. I will pass it on to my sons.

You also get a woman who gets monthly health checkups.

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Posted in: 49-year-old Okinawa man kills mother for hiding TV remote control See in context

If you annoy others you will be punished. This is something the old woman never learned. What's disgusting about it? Annoying people deserve to be not around. I support this.

I envision a "knock of granny" business as being extremely profitable for the future.

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Posted in: Palin says Obama's health care plan is 'evil' See in context

Palin resigned as Alaska governor on July 26 with nearly 18 months left in her term. She cited not only the numerous ethics complaints that had been filed against her also her wish not to be a lame duck after the first-term governor decided not to seek re-election next year.

Basically, the Palins are strapped for cash and that is why she quit. She can make more money on the lecture circuit.

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