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Posted in: Tokyo District Court tells Google to stop autocomplete words See in context

This is a stupid ruling. Google please ignore it. Maybe this person should not have commited these crimes...

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Posted in: U.S. military to deploy unmanned spy plane in northern Japan See in context

BurakuminDes at Apr. 07, 2013 - 09:54AM JST Let's just hope it doesn't drop from the sky like them ospreys - we dont need more debris in Tohoku!

It won't drop from the sky. And to everyone else this drone is not armed with weapons. It flys at 60,000ft which is above airliners. It can collect 40,000 s/km of data and imaging in one day. It can so target things for bombing etc. it's a stable aircraft. Yes I'm not sure why it's not based in South Korea...it's kind of like using Japan as a table to put all its tools on.

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Posted in: N Korea threatens U.S. bases in Japan, Guam See in context

The B-52 bombers can carry nuclear weapons but they were not carrying them during the drills. They probably were carrying dumb bombs or duds. North Korea is just squirting in its pants with fear at the site of those awesome machines. Does North Korea even have a aircraft that can carry a bomb that can go over 100kmh? haha.

Yeah all these threats from North Korea have been really firing me up. North Korea can kill people but they must realize they will loose badly. They have been making threats that are severely illegal. Threats to "KILL and BURN" people. Has the U.S said they will burn down the North Korean capital? No. They have simply been adults and ignored the insults from the angry little child (North Korea), and have done some training over South Korea to be careful just in case of a war. What does North Korea want us to do? Turn our backs and put down our guns and hold targets on our heads???

The U.S has every right to actually flatten North Korea. North Korea has outright declared they want to nuke U.S.A, this is utterly sick and insane. Think about it readers....your families, your friends, burned to crisp? This nation North Korea hates you, and wants you dead..

I hope that North Korea is shut down. I pray that it is done this year or next year, whether it be through war, assassination, talks, agreements, I don't know what...but they are dangerous... Like a drunk with a loaded gun.

That is all.

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Posted in: Masked wrestler city councilman forbidden to wear mask during sessions See in context

I do not understand why people that disagree with a wrestler tryng to wear a mask into government meetings are getting voted down. The government is a professional and serious thing, for him to wear his mask is the same as a stripper wearing stripper clothes....it is her/his profession. He has to grow up and realize government and wrestling are not the same.

I do not want a weirdo that wears a mask in charge of my future... come on mate be serious!

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Posted in: 20-year-old man held for abducting 11-year-old girl in Nagano See in context

I agree with Cortes Elijah. I hope that this young girl recovers and her trust can grow again.

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Posted in: Japanese airlines hail Dreamliner battery fix approval See in context

@Smithinjapan Nope. Safety is number one.

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Posted in: China plans to send surveyors to disputed islands See in context

Survey it for resources. We all know china is in it for the money. China your really crazy! Hello! It belongs to Japan! If you want it be honest! Don't make up fairy tales about the ancient times! Buy it from Japan!

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Posted in: Miracle pine See in context

I understand this tree is special but I still think the funds could have gone to something else...

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Posted in: 3 adult siblings arrested for living with mother's skeletal remains See in context

How is it a body abandonment when they kept her home...lol they should be jailed for "being crazy".

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Posted in: Owner of dog that mauled 90-year-old woman to death jailed for 14 months See in context

What a terrifying way to go. This poor lady had survived 90 years in this world full of challenge, only to be taken by a dog. I used to breed cattle dogs in Australia. It was my job to walk and train 16 dogs a day. These dogs are beautiful animals but they need a lot of attention and have to respect humans. I can honestly say this owner, of this tosa must have not brought it up and looked after it enough for it to randomly attack someone. If he had, it would have stopped when he commanded it, and also it would have not even pulled loose.

R.I.P to the poor lady that lost her life.

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Posted in: U.S. reassures Japan, S Korea after fresh N Korea threats See in context

Cortes ElijahMAR. 08, 2013 - 08:30PM JST Let us all hope it does not come to war. Nothing is gained from war except death of innocent people.

I agree!

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Posted in: 3 men killed in Kyoto car accident See in context

That's why you wear seatbelts. The driver probably did, but not the passengers. As is what all my friends do here!

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Posted in: 28 injured after drunk group discharges spray in train See in context

I get drunk and do stupid things but this is crazy! Haha

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Posted in: Rubella infections hit 5-year high See in context

@bilderberg_2015 I'm 100% sure it's more devolved than where you come from with the comment you made. LOL!

Yes Rubella is a terrible thing!

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Posted in: Two Chinese ships seen in disputed waters See in context

@Tony Ew

I wouldn't trust a Chinese made nuke... It might blow up in china before its launched haha Chinese qaulity! China will never take these islands!

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Posted in: Man arrested for shaking 6-month-old daughter to death See in context

Disturbing and sad. The father was either murderous in his mind as he shook the child or he did it out of loosing his temper. Both of which have no excuse. Rest in peace child. As to you father...good luck with forgiving yourself.

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Posted in: Man arrested for having his kids work on his newspaper delivery route See in context

Like most people mentioned..I had no problem until I read the 2:00am part. That is just way to early for their health and for their safety.

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Posted in: Man stabs neighbor in leg, slashes face over noise dispute See in context

Crazy. Some people just don't think before they act...now he can have silence for life in Jail.

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Posted in: Body parts found in Kawasaki apartment See in context

This is disturbing. Cutting parts up and putting them into plastic bags? This is something you would see in a horror film. I suppose he/she was going to freeze the parts then get rid of them? I don't want to point the finger but the son sounds suspect. After all he called in sick right?

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Posted in: Identity of Osaka elementary school bandit discovered See in context


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Posted in: In Japan, idled Dreamliner pilots lose pay See in context

I can understand how annoying it must be for some pilots having to sit around at home. It must mess up their routine a lot.

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Posted in: Man killed in snow plow accident See in context

Very sad. I guess he just did not notice it.

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