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Posted in: 2 Japanese firms snared in big price-fixing probe in U.S. See in context

These are the original news releases by the Justice department pertaining to these firms: http://www.justice.gov/atr/public/press_releases/2011/275452.htm http://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/2013/March/13-at-287.html

Non Japanese companies: EGL Inc. Kühne + Nagel International AG Geologistics International Management (Bermuda) Limited Panalpina World Transport (Holding) Ltd. Schenker AG BAX Global Inc.

Japanese companies and fines: Kintetsu World Express, $10,465,677 Hankyu Hanshin Express, $4,522,065 Nippon Express, $21,115,396 Nissin Corporation, $2,644,779 Nishi-Nippon Railroad $4,673,114 Vantec Corporation, $3,339,648 K” Line Logistics Ltd. $3,507,246 Yusen Logistics Co. Ltd. $15,428,207

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Posted in: Stringer leaving Sony in June See in context

Sony tablet is nice! NTT docomo will be carrying it. Look for it in the next week or so.

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Posted in: U.S. releases over 2,000 illegal immigrants from jails due to budget cuts See in context

Those Republicans really know how to help illegal immigrants. $165 / day * 2000 = $330,000 per day

If we release 8,000 more, than it goes up to $1.6 million of savings per day, or almost $50 million / month.

I bet illegal immigrants don't even make $165 per day when they are working in the fields picking fruit and veggies.

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Posted in: Obama orders $85 billion spending cuts; blames Republicans See in context

Kent is CORRECT! Obama gave all government workers a pay increase.

Why didn't Boehner and other Republicans cry "NO, NO, NO, NO! We want spending CUTS" ?

All politicians are in the same boat. (Give us more money, and screw the little fish) Republicans = Democrats Democrats = Republicans

The difference between the parties is their methodology on how to screw the little fish.

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Posted in: Questions raised over Unification Church's involvement in 2018 Winter Olympic venue See in context

signit: I appreciate your young enthusiasm for God! I wish more people were concerned about raising themselves to be closer to God.... even if the closest to God is on the slopes of Yongpyong ski resort, site of the 2018 Winter Olympic mountains.

Pertaining to the comments made by Tim Elders, signit, Steve Dufour, and others about the growing trend of Unification Church. Please be aware of the speech made by Hak Ja Han (Mrs. Moon, wife of late SM Moon to the Korean Church).

http://www.tparents.org/Moon-Talks/HakJaHanMoon/HakJaHan-120930.htm "Twenty thousand second generation have all been washed away into the secular world. Only 100 second generation are available to work now. That's all the second generation who are in public positions now. This is something truly shameful."

(note: "second generation" refers to children born into the church)

Signit, also keep in mind that Japantoday is a publication out of Japan. Freedoms which exist in the U.S.A do not exist in Japan.

One example: In Japan, the government doesn't allow religious organizations to swindle large amounts of money from widows.

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