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Helter_Skelter comments

Posted in: Netanyahu rejects Obama's idea on borders See in context

fooled by Israeli propaganda except the low-IQ, low-information crowd

The "Palestinians" were created as a propaganda tool by the Muslim Arabs in their quest to destroy Israel. PLO Zahir Muhsein said it best, "The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity." So it would appear that anyone who supports the "Palestinian" struggle must either be a complete dupe or simply want Israel eliminated. Regardless, Israel is not going to be fooled into giving up land for some promise of peace.

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Posted in: Netanyahu rejects Obama's idea on borders See in context

East Jerusalem has not, and never will be on the table..

Very true. When the Muslim Arabs who call themselves "Palestinians" occupied East Jerusalem prior to 1967, Jews were forbidden from even entering East Jerusalem. They were not allowed to visit their holy sites, including the Western Wall. Israel is never going to let this happen again.

Israel has about as much to fear from her neighbours as the US has from Canada.

Really? Because I don't think Canada has thousands of rockets aimed at the US, armed by Jihadists receiving Iranian funding, who seek its destruction. But I could be wrong.

Israel did not "win" the land.

Yeah, it did.

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Posted in: Paul McCartney engaged to girlfriend Nancy Shevell See in context

Two words, Paul: prenuptial agreement.

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Posted in: Fatah, Hamas proclaim landmark reconciliation pact See in context

But no surprise the Israeli government is not on board or remotely hhelpful.

Why in the world would Israel be on board with a Hamas and Fatah alliance?

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Posted in: Fatah, Hamas proclaim landmark reconciliation pact See in context

Fatah and Hamas are both founded on terrorism and aren't really that different. Fatah is just a bit more diplomatic, but don't be fooled. Fatah shares common values with Hamas. In fact, master terrorist Yasser Arafat founded Fatah.

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Posted in: Safe strawberries See in context

Hah Sarge, thought the same here. Beautiful eyes.

It was the first thing I noticed about the photo. Beautiful eyes.

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Posted in: Gaza militants fire rockets deep into Israel See in context

Far more women and children have died from Israeli attacks.

Given Israel's arsenal of weapons, if Israel's intent was to target civilians, there'd be tens of thousands of "Palestinian" deaths. Don't blame Israel if Hamas uses hospitals, schools, and mosques to hide behind and store weapons. And, of course, Hamas terrorists wear civilian clothes to blend in with their population. Hamas doesn't care about "Palestinian" deaths, which they simply view as simply good propaganda. And it apparently works.

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Posted in: Gaza militants fire rockets deep into Israel See in context

the guy eye-jabbing the other guy

Hamas sending rockets and suicide bombers into populated civilian areas with the sole intent of murdering women and children is hardly a jab in the eye. I can think of few things more reprehensible than terrorism.

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Posted in: Christians and Muslims clash in Cairo, 1 dead See in context

sabi: Christians and Muslims get along fine.

Once again, sabi makes statements like these actually believing he might convince someone of it. Let's see, Muslims attacking and murdering Christians in Egypt, Pakistan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Philippines, Nigeria,... not to mention firebombing churches and throwing acid on Christian schoolgirls. And that's just against the Christians.

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Posted in: French film about Holocaust to be shown in Iran See in context

promote understanding between Jews and Muslims and to fight Holocaust denial.

I have not seen the film. I wonder if it covers the collaboration between the Muslims and the Nazis during the Holocaust? Does it show the meetings between the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Hitler? Just wondering.

sabi: where both sides were discussed freely.

When you post things like "where both sides were discussed freely", do you actually believe you're going to convince someone of something so nonsensical? Neo-Nazi David Duke was a keynote speaker at the conference for goodness sakes.

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Posted in: Michael Moore rallies pro-union protesters in Wisconsin See in context

les grandes: the stench of capitalism

Yes. The proletariat must rise against the ruling bourgeoisie. Workers of the world unite!!! :-D

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Posted in: 2 U.S. airmen killed in Frankfurt airport shooting See in context

afroengineer: The shooter was Muslim and here we go

It's not like this is some isolated event. Events like these involving Muslims occur every day all over the world. So it certainly does not seem unreasonable to be expressing concern about the religion of Islam and its followers.

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Posted in: Republicans win first budget skirmish; bigger fight looms See in context

Badsey: Cutting out the TSA/Homeland security and getting rid of the FEMA camps would be a good start.

Social security and medicare make up 50% of the US budget. Cutting these would be an even better start.

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Posted in: Republicans win first budget skirmish; bigger fight looms See in context

the $4 billion in cuts over two weeks is the same pace as cutting $60 billion through the Sept 30 end of the budget year.

When consider the annual federal budget is $3.5 trillion, this is pretty meaningless. We need to be talking about hundreds of billions in cuts.

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Posted in: Yemeni president says U.S. and Israel behind unrest See in context

The Muslim Arab world blaming the US and Israel for all their problems. What else is new?

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Posted in: Israel: Iranian naval vessels are provocation See in context

superlib: They're quickly becoming the #1 enemy of the Arabs.

So true. Saudi Arabia would like nothing more than to have Israel or the US take out Iran's nuclear facilities. The only defenders of Iran right now are either Islamic terrorists or neo-Nazis.

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Posted in: Israel: Iranian naval vessels are provocation See in context

sabi: a peaceful country like Iran

Holding government-sponsored rallies with neo-Nazi David Duke to the chants of "Death to Israel!!!" is a funny way of showing it. But Iran is currently a country at war, through its terrorist proxies like Hezbollah and Hamas. Israel right now has every right to defend itself.

sabi: Exactly, the Israelis wiped it off the map.

How can Israel have wiped a country off the map that has never existed? There has never been a country of "Palestine." But if you are referring the area of the ME that was conquered by the Romans and is referred to as "Palestine," then it's primarily the countries of Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon that took over this region. It's the Jordanians that wiped it off the map! Where's the outrage?!

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Posted in: Israel: Iranian naval vessels are provocation See in context

sabi: [nuclear program] plus [missile development] plus [prediction of zionist regime disappearance] = developing nuclear missiles to destroy Israel.

[fundamentalist islamic country that exports terrorism] plus [facilities capable of making nuclear bombs] plus [delivery systems for nuclear bombs] = [nuclear holocaust]

sabi: They just go ahead and destroy them (e.g., Palestine).

How can you destroy a country that doesn't exist? There is no "Palestine." Next they'll be accusing Israel of destroying Freedonia.

sabi: Iran's peaceful civilian nuclear program

Of course, the more vigorously one tries to convince you that Iran's program is peaceful, the more likely they are to hope Iran will make a nuclear bomb and destroy Israel. If it weren't for the prospect of making a nuclear bomb, these people wouldn't even bother discussing Iran's nuclear program.

sabi: Seems those gullible people who fell for Saddam's WMDs are the same who are falling for Iran's nuclear weapons.

Even the most politically uninformed recognize Iraq and Iran are completely different. Iran has dozens of nuclear facilities, a nuclear power plant that can supply plutonium, thousands of centrifuges, missiles capable of carrying nuclear payloads, i.e. all the tools necessary to make and deliver a nuclear bomb. It's all right there for all to see. Iraq had none of these.

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Posted in: Israel: Iranian naval vessels are provocation See in context

sabi: Recall the humanitarian flotilla and the USS Liberty

The fauxtilla was organized by the IHH and ISM, both with ties to terrorist organizations including Hamas and Al Qaeda. If fact, ISM members met with and supported suicides bombers during the Intifidas. Humanitarian indeed.

And the USS Liberty? That occurred over a half a century ago and was closed nearly as long ago. But it's a perennial favorite of David Duke and his ilk.

sabi: no evidence of Iran pursuing nuclear weapons.

Iran currently has enough uranium hexafluoride gas to make a hundred nuclear bombs, thousands of centrifuges capable of uranium enrichment to weapons grade, missiles capable of delivering payloads up to two thousand miles, and a nuclear plant which can produce a steady supply of plutonium. That's all the evidence I need. These toys must not be allowed in the hands of Islamic fundamentalist regimes that export terrorism.

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Posted in: Israel: Iranian naval vessels are provocation See in context

sabi: they signed the NPT and allow free inspections

They violated the NPT when they built a secret enrichment facility in the side of mountain, and only disclosed it after it had already been discovered.

sabi: terrible conditions of malnutrition and poor access to medical treatment

And yet Gaza and the West Bank are ranked one of the highest in the world for obesity. It appears they do need those medical facilities for their diabetes and high cholesterol

bombing known and clearly marked UN schools and outposts;

UN schools are a favorite place for Jihadists to conduct their terrorism. Hospitals are another favorite.

sabi: keeping millions of people prisoners under terrible conditions

The "Palestinians" love their misery. What do you continually insist on taking away their happiness?

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Posted in: U.S. weighs response to Somali pirates' hijacking of yacht with 4 Americans See in context

The pirates earn multimillion dollar ransoms from the hijackings.

Am I missing something here? One of the first rules of dealing with terrorists like these is that you never pay them ransoms. It only encourages more hijackings. Pay ransoms, more hijackings. Don't pay ransoms, no more hijackings. Simple.

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Posted in: Israel claims Iran warships planning to transit through Suez Canal See in context

sabi: unarmed civilian humanitarian flotilla

You must be referring to the fauxtilla.

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Posted in: Obama calls for $53 bil for high-speed rail See in context

But those flights emit carbon monoxide in the air.

But this is only a fraction of what cars produce. America is built around the car and they're not going away. It's not like Europe or Japan. Obama and other progressives as usual don't get it. The goal should be to make cars emission free.

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Posted in: Obama calls for $53 bil for high-speed rail See in context

U.S. President Barack Obama is calling for a six-year, $53 billion spending plan.

Which will turn into a 20-year, $200 billion spending boondoggle.

Majority of the money will go to California for connections between San Francisco and Los Angeles

There are dozens of flights between San Francisco and Los Angeles every day. And you can get them for under a hundred dollars each way. But why settle for this when you can have high speed rail that will take three times as long and at a higher price? I'd be surprised, when all of the billions of dollars are added up, if the cost per passenger would be less than a thousand dollars each way using high speed rail.

It would be far better to put this money into research and development for a car that doesn't require fossil fuels. That would have a far bigger impact on the environment and in ending dependence on foreign oil.

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Posted in: Muslim dignitaries pay their respects at Auschwitz See in context

goddog: If the number of Muslims in Europe now were the same as when Hitler did his atrocious crimes, he sure would have had the Muslims lining up there to be gassed too

Au contraire. The Muslims were aligned with the Nazis during WWII. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem met with Hitler on several occasions in an effort to expedite the extermination of the Jews. There was even a German military division called the Muslim Waffen SS.

WilliB: The good mufti does not mention that the rising anti-semitism in Europe comes almost exclusively from the growing muslim population.

Great point. How ironic that he is concerned about rising anti-semitism and its affect on Muslims, when it's the rising Muslim population that is responsible for the increase in anti-semitism.

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Posted in: Egyptian reform leader calls on Mubarak to go See in context

paultaylor: study what the Muslim Brotherhood is about

I did and discovered their connection with Nazi Germany beginning in the 1930's.

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Posted in: After failed Iran nuclear talks: What now? See in context

sabi: Israel never signed the NPT

Israel has had nuclear weapons for half a century and has never used them, despite being surrounded by hostile Islamic nations that seek Israel's destruction. Rest your weary mind about Israeli nukes.

sabi: Iran announced its new facilities long before it was required to.

The only reason Iran announced its secret nuclear enrichment facility buried in the side of a mountain on a military base was because it had been discovered.

Sushi: Every major power demanding Iran give up their program to build nuclear weapons has nukes themselves.

Typical socialist mindset. Since when is nations obtaining nukes a matter of fairness? Islamic nations run by fundamentalist Muslims, which export Jihad and terrorism, don't get to have nukes. Does this really bother you that much?


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Posted in: After failed Iran nuclear talks: What now? See in context

After failed Iran nuclear talks: What now?

Level their nuclear facilities.

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Posted in: Hezbollah defends bringing down Lebanon government See in context

sabi: only Hezbollah is willing to defend Lebanese civilians

Hezbollah stores weapons and fires missiles from the tops of hospitals and schools. They use civilians as shields and for propaganda. They couldn't care less about civilians.

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Posted in: Iran rounds up Christians in crackdown See in context

SolidariTea: Only the most naive would be surprised by this

Couldn't agree more. It's hardly news that Islamic nations are unsafe places for "Infidels" to be living.

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