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Posted in: Weightlifter Diaz wins first ever Olympic gold for Philippines See in context

Did you know? She was included in the list of "Oust Duterte" matrix made by President Duterte on 2019 which made her feared for her own life and her family's security. Then many pro-government netizens have made attempts to discourage her but her determination is so strong enough that she won her first olympic gold.

Congratulations to Hidilyn Diaz!

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Posted in: Ghosn's lawyer says he is stunned his client left country See in context

I'm disappointed with Ghost. But why do you want to gain the trust of some straingers and challenge the archaic Japanese legal system when you can regain your own freedom?

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Posted in: Duterte set to clinch presidency of Philippines See in context

SimondBMay. 10, 2016 - 07:42AM JST

What is it with the Filipino's that makes them again and again elect the most outrageous nut cases to the highest office?

Filipinos desire for change for this article's last paragraph (probably the only reason) and suffer from strongman syndrome. I guess being a commie would remove those so-called elites and corrupts in the society.

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Posted in: China calls Japan's new security laws threat to regional peace See in context

smithinjapan: "Agreed about SK's response, and about China and Japan being Asia's most belligerent nations." So you don't consider North Korea as one of the belligerent nations in Asia?

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Posted in: World Autism Awareness Day See in context

Autism is a disorder from the word Autism Spectrum Disorder, I wouldn't call it disease though. It is more like a disability from my perspective.

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Posted in: China says Japan ties face test, opportunity this year See in context

I agree that Abe must take this opportunity to fix the relationship between Japan-China. But it is unfair for only telling that to Japan but China should cooperate too by at least being a welcoming leader Xi (who was so unwelcoming). I hope Abe must do the right thing though.

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Posted in: S Korean president urges Japan to apologise to 'comfort women' See in context

"Fathers shall not be put to death because of their children, nor shall children be put to death because of their fathers. Each one shall be put to death for his own sin". It's like it's not the present Japanese were the "war criminals", it's not the present South Korean were the "victims".

Modern JPs are already born with tainted pride yet SKs seems wanted to paint it more dirty. I believe that these so-called "deniers" (PM Abe and his cronies) are just got enough of these and become "Ultra-Nationalist" but I admit that they are doing it all wrong. SK people (probably the gov't too) should see why these suddenly happening. BTW, when this all started and cause?

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Posted in: China pledges more dialogue on regional conflicts See in context

How about stop building an airstrip in Spratlys Island? Being respectful and mindful to others could be enough...

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Posted in: Documents show Japan complicit in WWII sex slavery: activists See in context


Do you have to pay to apologize? Apologizing and compensation is definitely different AFAIK. Past is past, but denying facts ain't nice and it's true that some Korean (as well as some Japanese) needs time machine to move on. It's hard to live in the Philippines with issues floating like just because I'm a Japanese (They say Japan don't teach students everything done in war, J Govt deny history like this, bashing, blah blah).

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Posted in: Documents show Japan complicit in WWII sex slavery: activists See in context

It was easier for Japan to apologize for these horrific war crimes (but war is crime) than apologize for hiding the fact. Why should they hide past war crimes when they didn't do it at all in present, it's not that they'll lose their pride if they'll admit it. Don't deny, accept your past, apologize sincerely together, write it in history books, then move on to future...

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Posted in: Japan 4th in world liar rankings See in context

You know... there are many kinds of lies... White lies, Broken promises, Fabrication, Bold-faced lie, Exaggeration, Deception, Plagiarism, Compulsive lying... Some people won't recognize this lies as lies thus how inaccurate the survey. I'm not saying Japan should get lower but just saying. What I did just now is plagiarism from a website http://www.thehopeline.com/blogs/dawson/archive/2009/08/14/the-different-kinds-of-lies-you-tell unless it's OK.

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Posted in: Japan 4th in world liar rankings See in context

nigelboy might be right. Many lie that they lie so the survey is.

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Posted in: Which English words or expressions really annoy you? See in context

" '__' Sarcasm "

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Posted in: NZ joins Australia in court against Japanese whaling See in context

I didn't know JPN was hunting whale and wastes since living away. I am against JPN's whaling for 'environment' reasons...

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Posted in: Microsoft to have booth at Japan’s largest comic convention, selling limited-edition Windows 8 PC See in context

If spending money isn’t your thing, there will also be plenty of swag and hot girls cosplaying — this is an otaku convention, after all.

Overkill for Windows 8 strategy. You can download Anime themes for Win 7 if you want...

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Posted in: Ishihara calls for nuclear-armed Japan See in context

In my opinion, I think Japan has to live independently on everything (peacefully without Today's politicians). Forget Senkaku and forget others even if they leading in (whatever). Then... get your territories stolen. Pathetic World.

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Posted in: Ishihara calls for nuclear-armed Japan See in context

Anti-nuclear weapons are better since it's anti-war, Nuclear weapins are worser since it's for war, right? So many countries won't allow JP to have nuclear weapons but OK! to PRC and NK? What's that? I don't get the commenters...

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Posted in: Facebook cracks down on insincere 'Likes' See in context

How about Commenting First Before Liking?

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Posted in: Slime-flavored gum See in context

Wait a second, we thought slime tasted like steamed meat bun…

LOL! No way!

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Posted in: LG releases 'world's largest' ultra-definition TV See in context

Still... TV is flat. Invent better than this...

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Posted in: German customs demand $475,000 for Japanese musician's violin See in context

Too strict and too expensive fee but that's the law of Carnet in Germany and Italy.

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Posted in: Japanese nationalists proud of isle landing See in context

“These islands are ours. Asia’s future is at stake,”

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Posted in: Parents of bullied high school boy file criminal charges in Miyagi See in context

Bullying must not be anymore tolerable at any rates...

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Posted in: DPJ leadership election set for Sept 21 See in context

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda’s one-year term as party president expires at the end of September, but he is expected to be re-elected.

You sure?

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