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Posted in: 2 Japanese men arrested in Cambodia for allegedly killing taxi driver See in context

It is strange..they go to a foreign country with such an intention to become criminals..especially for a Japanese it is incredible.They should be punished.

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Posted in: Daiwa House suspects massive embezzlement at Chinese joint venture See in context

This is not the lst time

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Posted in: 4 shot, 10 hurt in French school shooting; student arrested See in context

This kind is common in the world !

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Posted in: Man attacks woman, steals her underwear as she walks home See in context

It is not surprising to note this incident. Japan is not free to even a hold a hand of a girl/girl friend. Boys are frustrated so no wonder this man got into a fit and removed the under wear of the young girl ... anyway, he did not harm the girl, this a good point...you cannot help to have perverts in all societies .

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Posted in: 25-year-old man arrested for killing father at Shizuoka home See in context

Japan has crimes as much as the other countries do.. though my impression as that it is less compare to the other countries.. Japanese crimes are rather dreadful to believe ! because in general Japanese are very tolerant.. but it is is not so in the 20th century.

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Posted in: Chinese college student dies after being stabbed outside her Tokyo apartment See in context

I feel very sorry for the victime, young girl coming to Japan hoping to receive a Japanese Language course, and she ended up by loosing her life !! I cannot belive such things takes place in Tokyo /or in Japan. The society is so complicated that perhaps they will never find the culprit and the the girl's family in China grieve in the meantime.

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Posted in: Tricked into porn: Japanese actresses step out of the shadows See in context

They all talk but must remember that "man" 's nature is the cause of these... this sort of thing has been existing even in the stone age. Any one can stop the man's nature ! well done, go ahead, but we women are the victims for the pleasure of the man..

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Posted in: Fireman arrested for running naked on Saitama street See in context

It is not a big deal after all - We all born nude !

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Posted in: Talking medicine: Mayumi Sawada opens doors to Japanese healthcare See in context

We cannot force Japanese people to be fluent in English, because they are Japanese and they developed their country in every way by using only kokugo... I accept that they should be well organised if they are expecting foreigners to their country and especially in public service such as Hospitals.

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Posted in: Ayumi Hamasaki headed for second divorce See in context

It is not going to be a great problem to her she is free and might get more opportunities for the future

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Posted in: Newborn infant abandoned in Mie supermarket parking lot See in context

Why on earth that she couldn't speak to the medical authorities when she got pregnant ? it is a crime that she did having left the new born in a parking lot .. people are getting crazy these days even in Japan .. and young mother ! I cannot pardon her. I am not sure that she is continues to live happily..

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Posted in: Woman arrested after severed body parts found in Chiba home See in context

It is incredible to believe ... how can a sister kill her brother and cut into pieces ? she went off her head or she became a witch.. poor boy

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Posted in: Typhoon hits Tohoku, causing blackouts, traffic chaos See in context

I feel sad to hear this, but Japanese are courageous and with positive thinking!

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