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Posted in: 'Hanko' to be abolished for all but 83 kinds of official documents See in context

Just start using Kao (花押) again. Much nicer.

Best wishes,

The Bakufu

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Posted in: Princess Mako expresses strong resolve to get married See in context

May she be happy in her marriage.

Best wishes,

The Bakufu

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Posted in: English mistake makes Kyoto the enemy of the world See in context

Miyako, again. Where is Nobunaga when we need him.

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Posted in: Five types of foreigner you’ll meet in Japan See in context

Funny,,,, There are no Gaijin in my Borg Cube. They all were assimilated.

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Posted in: Five types of foreigner you’ll meet in Japan See in context

You missed the wannabe Samurai.

The person who fell in love with ancient Japan and even uses Middle Japanese in the street and for whom nothing is nicer than to relax in an onsen after having spent more than two days in several ryokan while trying to follow the old Nakasendo or Tokaido.

You will find these also in your local Koryu Bujutsu school engaged in Keiko, or on a Samurai re-enactment where the wearing of armor and daisho is allowed. This because he is not allowed to wear a daisho in every day Japan and whenever he goes to a hairdressers to ask for a chommage they look funny at him.

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Posted in: Sunken WWII battleship Musashi found in Philippines See in context

Now we need to find the Soryu, Hiryu and Akagi.

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Posted in: Prosecutors indict vagina artist on obscenity charges See in context

And this is happening in a country where Hentai, Lolicon and Shotacon are considered normal and where young girls find it perfectly normal to present themselves to business men for a date.( Enjo kōsai )............


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Posted in: Angelina Jolie's 'Unbroken' strikes a nerve in Japan See in context

“But there was absolutely no cannibalism,” said Mutsuhiro Takeuchi, a nationalist-leaning educator and a priest in the traditional Shinto religion. “That is not our custom.”

Mutsuhiro Takeuchi should read the history of the Japanese forces in Saipan.

It is disgusting to see Japanese revisionists on the rise. Some even believe that the Japanese military was there to liberate the Asiatic countries from their colonial opressors. Nothing is futher from the historical truth.

It would be like many Germans today saying the SS were all nice people who loved humanity.

The biggest dishonor you can do to the souls of the soldiers who fought in the war is to not tell their story, and not include the historic facts. Yes there was mass suffering on all sides. Yes even Japanese soldiers suffered from hunger and atrocities. But that does not mean they themselves did not commit any atrocity becuse they did.

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