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Thanks mates!

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Yubaru writes "Japan wasn't always like this, it's just gotten worse over the past few decades".

I lived in Tokyo from 1982-1989 when I was in my twenties and was frequently physically groped by chikan in crowded trains. I reckon that Japan was always like this but that mobile phones have just given them another way to be creepy.

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You can play vinyl records with Aussie polymer notes


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We all know where E.coli comes from. I don't know about practices in the men's washrooms but Japanese women tend to hold their handbags/shopping in their left hand, turn the tap on and merely rinse the fingertips of their right hands briefly. I usually say  ちゃんと  洗いなさい! and indicate the soap dispenser with my elbow as I'm lathering both hands properly with soap. Some will sheepishly wash their hands properly.

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Hopefully operating Queensland Rail in Australia is next on the list. Not a day goes past without commuter trains being cancelled or running late because of some kind of fault and we've had 100s of timetable changes in the past 8 months because they opened a new rail line but didn't hire any extra train drivers to drive the many extra trains on that line. Plus they've purchased new rail stock from India but there are so many basic faults in them (e.g. the train drivers can't see the stopping mark on the platforms etc) that we don't expect them to be operational for many many more months.

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I can believe this. I'm a foreign graduate of the Keio Faculty of Law (postgraduate) and my life there was made a misery by privileged brats who didn't want a foreigner in their midst and constantly bullied me. They presented me with a rubber ugly mask at a Christmas party, would openly talk about me to each other in class within my hearing and even phoned me at home and demanded that I pull out of their class! I had absolutely no support or protection from the professors - in fact one tried to prevent me from enrolling in his class because he didn't want a gaijin in it. It was a constant battle. The trouble is that a lot of them went to the Keio kindergarten, then to the Keio Primary School and then to the Keio High School so they've lived a protected life of privilege and license and think they are untouchable. No trend setting by Keio back then and only some action now I think because of media coverage.

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