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Posted in: IMF says Japan may need monetary easing for 'extended period' See in context

But Japan already has the largest debt in the world.

Instead of more forceful reforms, we should arrange a brain-competition for solving the problem. Who's up?

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Posted in: Give me liberty See in context

Japan can be a very liberated place.

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Posted in: Japan imports 2,000 tons of whale meat from Iceland, Greenpeace says See in context

Or to raise deficit and blame foreign companies in Japan.

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Posted in: 12 climbers die in Japan during Golden Week holidays See in context

I can't imagine recovering the bodies that fell 400 metres.

Mountains are beautiful, but dangerous..

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Posted in: 3 students injured after being hit by car at intersection in Shiga See in context

Sounds like a dead-angle accident. Hope the children will be alright though.

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Posted in: Police may film interrogations under new proposals See in context

What? The Japanese police having idiots with bad days too?

Nooooooo! Heaven forbid!

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Posted in: Abe says he achieved 'historic' success with Obama See in context


Historic or not, if the prime minister says TPP made progress, it probably did.

Maybe not as much as the Japanese SDF allows itself to 'defend' Japan overseas.

(Then again I am a foreigner and I usually allow myself to defend myself overseas..)

But since Obama and Abe has met.

And it's a peace-oriented partnership, it's progress alright.

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Posted in: Japan kicks off first whale hunt since U.N. court ruling See in context

@Disillusioned, I think Nishinmaru IS the iceberg..

Happy that ICJ isn't touching Ultra right wing nationalists torturing gaijins in group, cops outspokenly "practicing" on foreigners, declining demography possibly due to JAXA shooting at people left and right, or even child pornography.

As long as the ICJ is "ordering" Tokyo to cease and desist certain hunt for whales, I am happy.

Sure thang.

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Posted in: Robot diplomacy See in context

President bowing to Robot is probably a smart move.

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Posted in: Abe takes Obama to Jiro's in Ginza for sushi dinner See in context

Abe and Obama looks relaxed while the SS looks less happy. It's like a law of nature.

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Posted in: Partying with the PM See in context

He needs plain weed. And a tan. Maybe some good music.

He's ok. But he looks really tired.

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Posted in: Yamato deliveryman kept 2,723 packages at home because he was 'too busy' to deliver them See in context

"He got so busy that he couldn’t make all his deliveries for Yamato."

Ever noticed how delivery companies have their workers run?

I think they just overworked him and threw him away when they were done.

Out of 2,723 packages - "None were lost" proves my point.

Unless of course you think that there'd be no way to know as they couldn't be delivered in the first place..

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