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Posted in: Koizumi backs different surnames for married couples after heckling incident See in context

I do not oppose separate names but this issue if overblown. I took my wife's surname but continue to use my birth name. Japanese law allows this. I could even stand for election using my birth name as long as I write it in katakana. When I took my wife's surname, I filed a standard form with my various employers saying my legal name was X but I wanted to be known as Y.

Many politicians uses their birth name rather than their legal name. For example, the Minister of Justice uses her birth name Mori Masako in elections and official functions. She is married and her legal name is Miyoshi Masako.

In my experience, you only need to use your joint legal surname (1) with the tax authorities; (2) for your national health insurance; (3) on your passport. You can, if you request it, have your original name listed on your passport. I didn't.

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Posted in: French investigators to move ahead with Ghosn prosecution over palace party See in context

It's an investigation into 'possible' prosecution. Once again we see sensationalised and non-factual headlines in the Japanese media.

The Japan Today story comes from Thomson-Reuters a Canadian company. The sources that Thomson-Reuters sites are French, not Japanese. The same Thomson-Reuters story has appeared elsewhere in non-Japanese media.

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Posted in: The surprising truth about cheating on one's partner in Japan See in context

I thought the Japanese had stopped having sex. Any number of articles on this in major newspapers including the Guardian, the Washington Post, and the New York Times as well as the Daily Beast. The BBC had a special, "No sex please, we're Japanese."

Are there two Japans, one where everyone is going at it, and one where everyone is celibate.

Or, is anything about Japan and sex just good clickbait?

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Posted in: Skymark Airlines still using Windows XP See in context

Last time I was in the UK (couple of months ago), I saw XP on POS devices. If the devices are on a dedicated LAN or VPN there should be little risk.

The computer adage "if it's not broken, don't fix it" probably applies here.

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Posted in: Japan 2019 PC shipments surge 37% on telework, Windows 7 support end See in context

Windows 10 runs remarkably well on rather old hardware provided (1) at least 4 gigs memory; (2) SSD; (3) remove MS crapware.

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Posted in: Late-night train services planned during Tokyo Olympics See in context

And why in the hell dont they run them 24/7 NOW? Right, Mommy government likes to keep their children in line!

Have you ever been in Tokyo and ridden our trains? Most lines have only one track in each direction. If you are going to do maintenance, you can't have trains running.

Look at New York and London where trains run 24 hours. Breakdowns are frequent especially faults with points (switches) or cracked rails.. In the case of London, when I fly into Heathrow on a Sunday, it is not unusual to find large chunks of the Underground shut down during the daytime for maintenance that they cannot do at night.

When I went from Sheffield to London in early December, I had to take a circuitous route because the direct line was partially shut down on Sunday for track work. This is very common in Britain.

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Posted in: 'Hostage justice?' Japan fights back with an internet FAQ See in context

My guess is that Japan's hostage "justice" system is of no personal concern to those politicians and officials.

Why guess when you could research this yourself? Japanese politicians and officials have in fact received much rougher treatment than Ghosn. Start by reading about Suzuki Muneo.

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Posted in: Apologetic ex-ministers, lawmakers keep quiet on details of scandals See in context

What I don't understand is that he admitted to a scandal, but he isn't in jail or anything like that

He needs to be tried and convicted before he is put in jail. If he has "confessed" there is no point to putting him in jail to "coerce" a confession out of him.

As far not putting politicians in jail, look up Suzuki Muneo and report back here.

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Posted in: Estranged Australian husband freed after trespassing to find his children See in context

"McIntyre said he had shared a tiny cell, which was lit day and night, with a convicted murderer who was appealing against his sentence. Conditions there had almost driven him “insane”, he told the Guardian during an interview at the detention centre earlier this month."

Ghosn didn't have a cell mate so the foreign press claimed he was in solitary confinement.

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Posted in: Macron says he raised concerns with Japan over Ghosn detention See in context

When did Western countries start allowing defense lawyers to sit in company with suspects at the time of police interrogation? Very recently, isn't it?

Not all do. The UK government publishes "prisoner packs" that tell you what you can expect in various countries.


"I told (Prime Minister Shinzo) Abe several times that the conditions of Carlos Ghosn's detention and questioning did not appear to be satisfactory to me," Macron told reporters.

A bit rich coming from a French leader considering that French prisons are among the worst in Europe.



Even the French government itself has said that French prisons are ghastly.

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Posted in: Ghosn says French envoy told him of inside plot See in context

-Why is Saikawa not arrested?

Why should he be arrested? He has already “confessed” and agreed to pay restitution. People posting here should be consistent. It has been repeatedly asserted here that arrest and prolonged incarceration is to get people to confess. If that is indeed the case there is no point in arresting people who have already admitted wrong doing.

-Even after he being sent to detention facility, he still had no clue what's going on. Only after French envoy told him that Nissan turned against him then he realized there is a plot.

Connect your own dots. Even though there were and still are a number of foreign nationals in Nissan top management including the foreign national who blew the whistle on Ghosn, not one of them told Ghosn what was going on. That shows this is not a simple Japanese vs non-Japanese thing.

-The shamelessness is so blatant it just boggles the mind. Saikaiwa literally did exactly the same thing Ghosn is accused of yet

No, he did not. There are multiple charges against Ghosn. The charges against Saikawa are a subset of those against Ghosn.

-Nissan has already pleaded guilty, mooting this point.

Indeed and not just in Japan but in the US before the Securities and Exchange Commission. Not obvious to me why a factual statement such as this should receive down votes.

-Ghosn has already listed the conspirators. Now they have bullseyes on their backs.

The foreign press was generally in agreement that at his press conference Ghosn did not say anything new and did not name any names that were not already known.

I would also note that while some may think Hari Nada is a Japanese, he is a foreign national, born in Malaysia of Indian ancestry. Moreover, he is quite literally a “person of color” as can be seen from his photographs.

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Posted in: Yamaha tweet on instrument case after Ghosn escape goes viral See in context

The real issues seem to me to be (1) don't eat anything that is going to make you fart and (2) don't drink anything that is make you desperate to take a pee.

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Posted in: Ghosn puts Japan's justice system on trial See in context

As a naturalized Japanese who grew up in the Chicago area, I cannot help wondering if any of those condemning Japan are black, Hispanics, or poor whites who have been busted in the US. I've looked at several hundred English language articles about the Ghosn case. I have yet to find anyone who has analyzed Ghosn's treatment in Japan from the perspective of poor or minority Americans.

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Posted in: Nissan bolsters taskforce to prepare for Ghosn onslaught See in context

France is notorious for government intervention in corporate affairs. The French government owns 15% of Renault with 30% voting rights.

The Japanese government should have bought a chunk of Nissan. That its alleged collusion would have been exercising stakeholder rights.

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Posted in: Ghosn's legal team accuses Nissan of 'perversion of truth' See in context

Japanese people not only feel they're justified being even more suspicious of gaijin but also made them just stick their fingers in their ears over any criticism of their country.

Not obvious to me how gaijin criticizing Japan will be any more effective than Japanese criticizing the US.

Do you think my just stated Japanese criticism will be listened to by anyone in the US even though I wrote it in English rather than Japanese?

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Posted in: Japanese media blasts 'cowardly' Ghosn after escape See in context

Article headline is completely bogus. I have read the Japanese language coverage in all the major Japanese newspapers. I have yet to see an article using terminology that would imply Ghosn was a coward.

Where I have seen Ghosn explicitly called a coward was in foreign English language stories.

If you can find any mainstream Japanese language media article describing Ghosn as a coward post the links here.

Everyone commenting on Japanese media coverage here is fully fluent in written Japanese, right?

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Posted in: Ghosn's escape prompts talk of more curbs in Japan's strict justice system See in context

@Cameron Lett

I think the reason why so many foreigners 'support' Ghosn is because while he is being detained and kept under house arrest, all the other Japanese CEO's get away with the same, if not worse acts criminality. They simply bow in-front of the media and that is the end of it. I bet, if Ghosn was given the chance to do that in the beginning, he would have. Whether Ghosn is guilty or not, the blatant show of discrimination is simply too difficult to ignore for most.

Your claims are completely bogus. Japanese executives (and politicians) have been held far longer than Ghosn was before trial and some have served additional jail time. The record for a Japanese being held by Japanese police before trial is on the order of three years.

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Posted in: Vertical farming takes off in aging Japan See in context

Essentially the same story has popped up several times over the past decade. Nothing new here.

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Posted in: Ghosn: A tycoon full of surprises See in context


--I’ve never heard of anyone being thrown in detention, passports confiscated, etc. The news on those folks seem to just fade away after the initial media announcement. I’d like to know what actually happened - did they do time? We’re they fined? How much? Assets forfeited?

Yes. Some have been fined. Some have done time. Some have written about their experiences in English. If anything Ghosn was doing better than most Japanese who get caught up in the system. The elderly Kagoike couple spent ten months in the clink before being given bail. Look up Suzuki Muneo and Horie Takafumi to see how Japanese politicians and businessmen have been treated.

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Posted in: Ghosn's lawyer says he is stunned his client left country See in context

Some foreign commentators who have been defending Ghosn are now saying that while he may have saved his own rear end, he has given Japanese prosecutors a solid basis for claiming that foreign nationals are a flight risk and need to be kept locked up until they are tried in court.

The same commentators are also suggesting, and I agree, that the Japanese government may well have looked the other way and "allowed" Ghosn to flee.

There are almost certainly a number of Japanese and foreign nationals who will be very relieved that Ghosn will not be in court naming names and incriminating others.

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Posted in: Ghosn, in Lebanon, says he left Japan to avoid 'injustice and political persecution' See in context

Also, Japan and Lebanon do not have an extradition treaty as refuses their citizens to be persecuted by kangaroo courts and a draconian legal system based on Edo medieval torture.

Ridiculous claim. If he had experienced Edo period style torture, he would not be alive today.

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Posted in: Fewer than 900,000 new Japanese babies this year for first time on record See in context

@Do the hustle

Declining birthrate, aging population, failed pension and welfare system, 25% of children living in poverty, salaries stalled and decreasing, 60% of the workforce on short-term or part-tine contracts, increased taxes, middle class disappearing, commodity prices increasing, public debt increasing........ need I go on? Japan is in big trouble.

I have yet to see a post from you that did not contain blatant factual errors.

I’ll only deal with two because the data is very clear cut.

The birth rate has been rising since 2005 although there has been some wobble at the second decimal point. In 2018 the Japanese rate was actually slightly higher than Norway, an uber affluent country with a super welfare system, and top gender equality.

The generally accepted figure for (relative) childhood poverty in Japan is on the order of 16-17%.


The birthrate has slowly dropped over time, I have predicted for ages it will reach a tipping point & then drop like a stone, we may well be at that point now or close to it

Instead of predicting, you should look at the data. The birthrate trend has been generally upward since 2005.

Want a birthrate that is dropping like a stone? Try Korea. It is now 0.98 and is said to be the lowest in the world.

The current Japanese rate is just slightly below that of Norway and Finland.


Yes. Instead Japan will choose what is behind door #2.....what is the prize Bob? Ding! Ding! Ding! Exctinction!

Nonsense. Ireland lost roughly half of its population in the 19th century. Total population today is still less now than it was in the 1840s but the Irish in Ireland did not go extinct.


Personally, I think the best thing to change would be gender roles, to allow men to take a bigger role in the family and women to take a bigger role in the workplace.

Not working in the Nordic countries and Finland where this has already been done.

Mind boggling that all but a few posting comments here seem to know absolutely nothing about what is happening in other countries including those most affluent and progressive countries.

A suggestion: read up on the subject before commenting.

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Posted in: Over 30% of Japanese managers feel intense stress from working with foreigners: survey See in context

--and then most Japanese educated "managers" are only managers due to role shuffling and chair sitting and have zero understanding how to properly do their job or advance their business.

If Japanese managers are so incompetent, how did Japan get to be the 2nd largest economy in the world? Even with some slippage, Japan is still a major economy.

--With a declining birth rate I think its good that foreigners are working in Japan.

The Japanese birth rate is not declining in any significant way. There are fewer births because there are fewer women in the fertile age cohort. Their propensity to have babies (what the birth rate measures) is more or less constant.

--What a cotton wrapped little world they live in to feel stress at dealing with someone of another culture. Pathetic. Oh, and why on earth would anyone want to work at a Japanese company with Japanese bosses?

As a naturalized Japanese citizen, I would not want to work for a gaijin boss with an attitude like yours.

This whole thread shows why I as a naturalized Japanese from Britain would not want to have to deal with foreign nationals from the US, UK, Australia, etc.

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Posted in: Abe asks Johnson to minimize Brexit impact on Japanese firms See in context


Yeah, and Abe's policies have been stellar here, bwa ha ha ha ha. You got enough problems here at home to attend to Abe-kun.

What policies are you talking about? Japan is actually doing rather well compared to Britain in most areas. I speak as someone who is a resident of both Japan and the UK.

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Posted in: Kyoto Animation arson attack puts media at crossroads in divulging victims' names See in context

Do the hustle

If families wish to not have the names released by the media that is how it should be. If the media are releasing names against the wishes of the families of victims they should be charged under slander laws and paying compensation to the victims.

Slander is "the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation."

In what sense would releasing the names against the wishes of the families be slander?

Unless the victims had made statements about the release of their names before they died, how could the police go against the wishes of the victims?

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Posted in: Things look bleak for Japan: Rising layoffs, AI taking jobs, crumbling infrastructure See in context

Reads more like a description of the US than Japan. American friends tell me that blowouts caused by potholes are a fact of life in the US. Stores of companies outsourcing their IT to India or bringing in lower cost foreign workers are a staple of Silicon Valley publications.

--More than a third of the Japanese workforce were working in non-regular positions in 2017.

Japanese regular employment is similar to US civil service or military employment. Most of US employment is contingent.

For example, it has just been announced that US Steel is dumping 1545 workers. British companies do the same thing.


These people are "regular workers." How often do you hear of large firms in Japan dumping a thousand or more regular workers at short notice?

Regular workers in the US get treated like contingent workers in Japan.

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Posted in: Family of 4 living in car arrested for six-month spate of burglaries in Saitama See in context

The Japanese social welfare system shining through.

In what way? No evidence for that in the article.

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Posted in: Japan gov't eyes new law to draw more tourists to museums See in context

@zones2surf has it right. A government agency has to be legally authorized to spend money for specific purposes otherwise you get adverse press coverage and taxpayer law suits. Such cases have in fact been covered in stories appearing in Japan Today.

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Posted in: Anti-train groper badge design contest announces this year’s winners See in context

I've never heard of a gaijin accused of being a chikan.

Just because you have never heard of it does not mean that it has never happened. Japan Today has had stories about gaijin getting busted for exposing themselves so it is unlikely that no gaijin has ever been busted for being a chikan.

New York City has a major problem with groping and flashers on trains and subways but unless you follow NYC local news, you will not hear about it.

Only a fraction of minor and even major crime gets reported in any country.

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Posted in: Criticism of Japan's coal policy raising climate awareness at home: Koizumi See in context

I looked up the statistics. The US generates more than four times as much electricity by burning coal as does Japan. Not obvious to me why Japan should be getting so much flack and the US so little.

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