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Earlier does not mean better! A CD with English songs probably works best at this age. Anyone have memories of when they were 2 or even 3?!

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Here we go again, looking for another way to get attention and easy money! Nope, didn't bother reading the article.

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2100 yen at Amazon.co.jp and only $13.50 on Amazon.com. Why such a difference? Japanese companies trying to rip people off as usual or they don't care about making a profit abroad?

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hellbound - "Bowing is only for japanese. Bowing gaijin = looks DUMB"

Dude, you are hell bound. There's nothing wrong with showing respect. Little do you know that Obama has just increased his popularity here being humble and respecting the culture here. You on the other hand, being worried about how YOU look never really got respected by the Japanese, if not even your own race... kawai so- na aho dayo

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There are a few kinds of Bufferin in JP but the most popular one, Bufferin A, has 330mg of acetylsalicylic acid, which is Asprin.

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There's been too many Olympics in the US. I am glad to see that it went elsewhere.

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