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The vast majority of whales hunted by whalers are MINKE WHALES which, on the IUCN Red List, are categorized as LEAST CONCERN. What is the purpose of ruining these people's jobs to protect an animal that is not even close to being extinct? The SS are terrorists with no purpose in this world.

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The IUCN Red List categorizes Minke whales as the LEAST CONCERN.

So we know that this whale hunting is not illegal, and Minke whales are not even close to endangered. Can someone explain to me what these SS pirates are fighting for?

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Why are we all so opposed to Japan having the right to defend herself? Take a look at China. To this date, the total value of military technology China has stolen from the Pentagon amasses to over a whopping 300 billion US dollars. In addition to these Chinese cyber attacks on the US, China has also recently declared the new Air Defense Identification Zone overlapping with Japan's zone. Is it not clearly evident that China is trying to militarize?

In light of this, is it fair to call Abe the nationalistic, war-mongering imperialist as many of us are now labeling him as?

Is it fair to condemn Japan for merely deciding to defend themselves?

Please, understand that Abe wants to defend Japan. He does not aim to colonize China as some of you imply.

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