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Posted in: Detroit plans to rein in solar power on vacant lots throughout the city See in context

NOTE TO HEADLINE WRITER: "rein in" doesn't mean what you think it does.

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Posted in: Japan’s biggest dating app says young people not interested in romance; creates AI girlfriend app See in context

There's an AI girlfriend for men. Do they also have an AI boyfriend for women? Anything for those looking for a same-sex relationship? This business model seems limited. Perhaps they have many, many men trying to find a female partner online, but don't have substantial numbers of any other part of the dating pool.

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Posted in: Doubles delight See in context

What sport? (Kind of poor journalism to leave out that detail.)

Moderator: Sorry, badminton.

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Posted in: About 93% of Japanese firms raised employee wages in 2022: survey See in context

Only about 25% of the firms responded so more likely around only around 26% of Japanese firms in this size range increased wages. The others likely didn't raise wages, or they might have been more likely to respond to the survey. Never assume that this sort of sampling is representative. Also, they don's say how much they raised wages. Maybe 1% wage increase, which would not be significant at all. We don'r know. This is sadly typical of the way statistics are reported inJapan Today.

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Posted in: Tokyu Railways trains now powered only by renewable energy See in context

So they have disconnected completely from the city power lines and laid new power lines to bring renewably-produced electricity in from production sites outside the Tokyo metro area?

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Posted in: Japan's push for telework hoped to ease traffic during Olympics See in context

Video telephones? What hardware are they thinking of? Laptops almost always have built-in cameras and usb webcams are cheap.

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Posted in: Consumer Affairs Agency urges people not to walk on escalators See in context

Signs? Who needs signs? Just stand if the person in front of you is standing and walk if one side is clear of non-moving people. About the left / right rule, at least on stairs: At the university where I teach, students sometimes keep to the right and sometimes to the left. Maybe it's because some are from Kanto and some are from Kansai. I haven't seen any crashes or fights even though sometimes you have to switch from the left side to the right side between floors.

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Posted in: Beijing marathon reverses decision to bar Japanese runners See in context

Here in Tokushima, we're having a festival of international dance in a few weeks. The local paper says the Chinese dance group won't be coming. The article said specifically that their cancellation was because of the islands' dispute.

It would certainly be interesting if Japan gets the Olympics, but I have a feeling China will use ALL its muscle to prevent that now.

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Posted in: American man accused of grabbing own kids released See in context

I've read a wide variety of news stories about this, both U.S. and Japan based. One oft-repeated detail is that apparently, "according to Japanese law," the parents are still married. What, then, is the basis for the police arresting him in the first place?

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Posted in: American man accused of grabbing own kids released See in context

One of the American news sources I've read says that a warrant has been issued for the arrest of the wife, presumably since she violated an agreement with the court there not to take the kids to live in Japan. I wonder what the local police will do when that warrant arrives. Will they follow the law, arrest her, and send her to the U.S.? Although Japan hasn't signed the treaty on international child abduction, I think there is a general extradition treaty between the two countries.

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Posted in: For you personally, what changes would you like to see the new DPJ government bring about in Japan? See in context

Stop hiring recent college graduates in any subject to help with English teaching and instead hire experienced and licensed teachers like me!

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Posted in: Awa Dance See in context

This is the least traditional part of the festival, the dancing of huge ren (dance teams) in front of seated spectators. The true feeling of Awa Odori, as described by Moraes a century ago, is foound in the back streets off Akitamachi and Sakaemachi. Someone should clue the camera crews to move around a bit and see how the Meiji Jidai feeling of Awa odoriu is still alive.

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Posted in: News providers are criticizing the Google News site for linking to their content without sharing advertising revenue. What do you think about the issue? See in context

I think of it this way: Google says, "Go to the Nantoka Shimbun website and read their story about the whale in Biwako." If I want to read the story, I click on the link and go to the Nantoka Shimbun website, see their ads, and then read the story. The newspaper wants Google to give them money for giving free advertising space to theie newspaper? that's crazy. Other websites pay the sites that refer people to them. If I wanted to carry ads on my website, the companies who made the ads would pay me, not the other way around.

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