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Whether you agree with the peaceful protest or not, what is there to gain from refuting another person's struggle? The more we can empathize with people who reach out for help, the more likely we'll get the same support when we need it. Comment sections can be cathartic places if we all have more than our own point's of view at stake.

Additionally, I've heard a lot of Japanese people ask why they should care about BLM if they too have been discriminated against abroad. Saying Black Lives Matter doesn't mean you matter any less. Saying Black Lives Matter means that when it's you who has an officer at your neck (George Floyd) or is the subject of a snide remark, you will have allies who a ready to return the favor.

Last, COVID-19 is not a joke and does not discriminate. We can all do better to raise awareness of preventative measures without labeling entire groups of people.

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