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Posted in: Only 6% of Japanese workforce feel engaged; among lowest in world: Gallup See in context

I think Japanese workers would feel more engaged if:

their contract hours were made explicit in their contracts

overtime didn't feel mandatory

taking all paid holidays was mandatory

managers encouraged staff more and blamed them less

I admire the stoicism of Japanese work culture, but these long hours are not good for people's mental health and are not productive anyway, as after 10+ hours people are too exhausted to be focused and efficient, and so much time is wasted in unnecessary meetings anyway.

I often worry about my Japanese friends' wellbeing due to their working conditions.

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Posted in: Shibuya Ward to extend night street alcohol drinking ban all year-round See in context

I hope they don't ban street drinking across Tokyo. I imagine Shibuya can get a bit out of hand, but I enjoyed a few street beers with colleagues after work and had fun nights with other people, Japanese and otherwise, that I met through street beers too. It'd be a shame if it were banned completely.

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Posted in: Japan literary laureate unashamed about using ChatGPT See in context

I can enjoy the writing without admiring the writer, who should be free to publish, but not win awards.

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