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Posted in: Loyal to zip-up Godzilla, Japan wary of U.S. remake See in context

I agree with the Japanese in this article and will never accept this new film as a true Godzilla film. It's very sad people think that certain film techniques are "outdated". What's wrong with "suitmation", as they call it? Seriously, modelling technics are advancing as well and you can combine it with CGI if needed and do something awesome every fan and newcomer will love. CGI is just something different, not better or worse, and it will never have the same effect as real action made in a real studio with real actors. And the Japanese really master it. My dream actually is a Japanese-Korean co-production, since the Korean really master special effects, have many great actors Japanese girls are falling for and it would be a good contribution to peace and mutual understanding between the two countries. Plus, Seoul never got destroyed in a Godzilla film yet (even Hong Kong and Sydney were), and it offers many tall buildings and structures as well. But alas, I'm afraid this dream will never come true.

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Posted in: Soundtrack from Disney film 'Frozen' tops Oricon chart See in context

Don't get this. It's May. Who wants to watch a winter-themed film and listen to its soundtrack when summer's already approaching? Yeah, they're always really late with foreign films, but this is unbelievable. When I was in Korea in February, I could hear this song in various versions everywhere, and only now it's topping the Japanese charts??

I even managed to see this film, although I strongly dislike Disney and everything related to it. It was as superficial and plain as everything this company has done in recent years, although I liked the character design, and the theme song was quite catchy... when it actually was SNOWING outside.

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Posted in: Akie Abe joins gay parade See in context

Wow, this is actually great!

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Posted in: 'Final Fantasy VII' concert to be held in Tokyo this summer See in context

I think Darknuts didnt really mean a sequel but some proper follow up in the series. FF9, 10 11 etc While looking great have been a complete disappointment. FF7 and FF8 have been absolutely the best FF games in my opinion and both had a great system, Materia and Junction. The only problem with ff8 was that you had to draw magic to max it out heh.

FF9 is anything but a "complete disappointment" and, in my opinion, the best game after FF6 (and before 7), while I think FF8 might easily be the worst due to its really poor narrative and cheap story explanations. Plus, the battle system really sucked as well. Also didn't like FF10, but I only played it in the really bad English language version yet, so maybe it's better in the original -- although I prefer games with text only a lot. I just hate American English when it sounds too American. And FF12 is a really really great game, although very non-FF. 13, for me, was on the same level as 10, while its sequels belong to the worst games I've ever played. Looking forward to 15. Can only get better than that.

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Posted in: Gov't official heads to Seoul for 'comfort women' talks See in context

Can't you just be quiet, everyone, and accept this as very good news?! I get so tired of all this anti-Korean nonsense every time I make the mistake to read some comments here. Seriously. Stop your dim-wit analyzing. 2014 is not 1995 is not 1965 is not 1945. Pak Geun-hye is not her father and Koreans are not a bunch of Japan-hating rednecks. Most people on both sides are tired just want this case closed. But I get the impression some super gaijin here always want to prove how literate and pro-Japanese they are.

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Posted in: China, S Korea lash out at Japan foreign relations report See in context

I really wish I could snap my fingers & make all three go away & in its place one big country, getting along among all 3 & NK would just vanish, wouldn't that be nice!

Yes, wouldn't it be nice to just let "North Korea" vanish altogether. Can't be helped anymore anyway, right? What kind of nihilistic joke are you? The only thing in Asia that has to become "one (minus big) country" again is Korea since it is one country/nation (and yet we are far from abolishing the concept of nations -- fact is, they usually work the best and you could never unite Koreans, Japanese or, even worse, Chinese -- the attempts to doing so led to this situation in the first place!), but this whole Kindergarten about some stupid rocks and past issues clouds the region's real problems. As usual.

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Posted in: Japan, N Korea hold 1st high-level talks in 16 months See in context

I also believe there is absolutely no use in talking with NK. They are just completely unpredictable and do what they want anyway. Yes, usually diplomatic relations are a good thing -- and their lack might further accelerate the recent crisis in Europe -- but not on this issue. It's like arguing with a pre-school child. If he wants his candy, he will agree to anything, but he will have forgotten everything by tomorrow anyway. NK is like a tumour for which there is yet a way to be found to remove it carefully. Until then, everything that can be done is trying to help the people directly, which is extremely difficult and can be frustrating, and in the same moment damage the government as much as possible.

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Posted in: Obama brings Abe, Park together for talks See in context

Having a personal affection to both cultures and countries (Japan & Korea), I'm very happy they seem to cool down a little now. This whole past-relations issue is ridiculous and has to cease, like we managed to do it in Europe -- but either way, the past cannot be changed and this has to be accepted. This whole Dokdo/Takeshima thing is another issue, but as long as they manage to hold the status quo, it shouldn't be so significant. I just hope they keep it up and grow closer together. NK is going to collapse sooner or later, there is more than enough evidence of that, but the important question is how -- and of course, damage has to be minimized. There will be more than enough challenges even without NK trying to start a war or anything before finally expiring.

One major force is China, of course, now blocking UN research on the biggest tragedy in human history, which is still going on (and I'm very sure the next generation will read about this unbelievable cruelty in every history textbook and wonder why nothing ever happened), the NK slave labour and death camps that exist since the 1950s -- so Japan and Korea definitely have to work together on the human rights issue in particular, besides the overdominant nuclear weapons crisis.

This is me speaking as a deeply concerned private person, not as a neutral politics analysist.

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I'm lucky my girlfriend is a fashion designer, and I've seen much classier things around her university. This is just kinda dull and not even slightly "shocking" or "radical" in 2014. Maybe some gothic bands or people around Shinjuku would like it, but even there I've seen much more inspired creations.

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Posted in: Teens sharing photos of themselves 'praying' for victims of Tohoku disaster cause stir See in context

What the hell has to be wrong with one to get angry about such things? Religious US popstars like Justin Bieber have been "praying" in public (and for PR) repeatedly, so it's no wonder some kids all around the world want to do the same. After all, it's just a nice and pretty useless gesture (if you're not Christian yourself, or anything) -- at least they show they have registered and are thinking about this important day in Japanese history.

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Posted in: Mini-skirt turbulence at Skymark Airlines See in context

I... guess I have to use this airline then.

Cool down. Luckily, Japan isn't Saudi Arabia.

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Posted in: China says no room for compromise with Japan on history, territory See in context

I've read every single comment on this subject and I can't help thinking that most of you and the politicians are stuck in the past. Move on... the war was nearly 70 years ago. Is there a nation on this planet that has not committed atrocities? Exactly. And the point is, China is committing atrocities right now and has been doing so ever since Mao took over. And yet they try to play the victim card about their past, where they might have a point and can easily create sympathy, considering the fact Japan's idiot nationalists still deny everything.

Basically the only thing Japan has to do is make a statement and admit the facts (and who cares if they already did in this or that way -- just make one more), then the Chinese can wait and see public opinion change.

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Posted in: China says no room for compromise with Japan on history, territory See in context

China with its mass executions, forced repatriations of North Korean refugees (directly supporting and protecting a regime that has Nazi-style prison camps and starves its own people), censorship and weird territorial claims is the last country on Earth that has the right to mention modern Germany as an example in any way. We Europeans had to make many compromises and that's why we live more or less peacefully together. Germany even lost one third of its former territory to Poland and Russia after the war, and we settled this.

Gee, Japan's policy towards its neighbours are at its worst, sure. I deeply despise the attitude towards South Korea in particular, but when I read this Chinese nonsense over nothing at all, sometimes I get Abe's provocateur attitude. Even though I'd never support it in any way.

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Posted in: Japan's tallest building opens in Osaka See in context

Everyone going to Osaka regularly knows this. The area is rather poor, just next to Japan's biggest slum and far away from Shinsaibashi, Business Park or Umeda. Gentrification at its best -- but still excited to go there next week. Maybe the next step is actually repairing the roads in Abeno. :)

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Posted in: Japanese girl mauled by dogs in NZ was bitten 100 times See in context

Never let children go near dogs. I'm always terrified when I see kids playing with these beasts, as this is how it can end. I feel so sorry for this girl - mutilated for the rest of her life because of some careless dog owner. I'm definitely for more restrictions for them.

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Posted in: China concerned at Japan's history textbook revisions See in context

Because China NEVER lies about anything in its own history and of course is a neutral and respected source of information to the world. Seriously, as much as I despise Abe and his policy and as much as I want a peaceful Eastern Asian world, China just has to be very very quiet about anything and has to stop abusing history for its weird, out of proportion world view. I bet a lot more people since 1945 died of other causes than the evil Japanese. But maybe they can cry together with the dying and also very pure and innocent North Korean regime.

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Posted in: Japan Society for Tobacco Control not happy with new Studio Ghibli movie See in context

The reality was that a large number of people smoked, chain smoked for that matter, during this period.

To omit this is akin to altering history. It'd be the same as erasing Trotsky out of Russian Revolution pictures as Stalin did later on.

Accurate history has both the good and the bad. I don't believe in whitewashing nor dumbing down history. This. And by the way, people even smoke today. Take your kids to the city and cover their eyes everytime you see someone smoking -- have fun! Great film, by the way. Off for a cigarette now.

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Posted in: Death row inmates want prior warning instead of being told on day of execution See in context

So much middle age Eye for an Eye nonsense in here, it really disgusts me. I'm happy people don't have a voice for such things over here in Europe.

Of course they have to be told in advance if they're about to die!! Hell, we're talking about human beings and not about murdering and raping monsters, as for the latter just doesn't exist and never will. So long...

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Posted in: Film director Kurosawa tries to find hope in horror See in context

What the hell are you talking, Elbuda?

I also like Kyoshi Kurosawa's films, even though I haven't seen many of them -- but everyone should at least have seen "Pulse",

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Posted in: Bus nap See in context

Japanese people just manage to sleep everywhere! :)

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Posted in: 10 things foreign guys do that make Japanese girls fall head over heels See in context

Sometimes it just seems that we're about to forget that there are individuals living in every country and that there is -- despite of all their possible similarities -- no such thing as "the Japanese girl." There are some and there are some. What a comforting thought, isn't it? Too easy to get a little racist on that topic.

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Posted in: Osaka mayor's survey finds 10 education professionals with tattoos See in context

So ... what?

Yeah, this mayor seems to be a major idiot. What a shame. Osaka is the most open and most undogmatic Japanese city I know and seeing it being represented by someone like this pisses me off a bit.

By the way, I really need a tattoo. I'd like to have some Shoujo Tsubaki image on my back or something like this, lol.

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Posted in: Frozen beer See in context

That's what I love about Japan, man ... It makes absolutely no sense, but who cares if there's something that is crazy enough to catch some attention. Nicely done. I as well don't want to spoil the party!

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Posted in: Obama becomes first U.S. president to back same-sex marriage See in context

No matter what happens now -- well done, Mr. Obama. It's about time for all of us to realize that there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Can't believe homophobia's still such a big thing in 2012, but it is, all around the globe, regardless of nation, religion or political views ... It seems to be even worse than, let's say, 50 or even 30 years ago :/

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Posted in: Uncertain future for Japan's cat cafes See in context

Yeah, a real source of stress. Poor things. You know what? Let's ban work, because working is a real source of stress for humans! Let's all live in a world without stress! (cynism out)

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Posted in: AKB48 candy ad criticized for encouraging homosexuality See in context

"[...] encourage homosexuality" ... Welcome in 1850, everyone.

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Posted in: N Korea admits failure as world condemns rocket launch See in context

Wow. Friday the 13th. Now it's going to be exciting ...

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Can't believe you guys are discussing over a picture that shows 5(?) people smoking in a non-smoking area. Seriously. "Here you have the proof, Japanese people are all RUDE if they're not acting nice" and stuff like this.

Smokers want to smoke sometimes, and so they do it. Otherwise you wouldn't sell cigarettes in the first place. If it's not even in a public building/restaurant/whatever, or at least in a crowded area, who cares? Let them do it. They don't even leave cigarette ends because someone had the great idea to sell pocket ash trays - something that I miss here in Europe.

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You just gotta like him, I don't even know why. Lagerfeld's just a cool guy. :)

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Posted in: What's your favorite hamburger chain? See in context

MOS Burger! Two cheeseburgers, one Ginger Ale, one cigarette, perfect.

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