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Posted in: Japan to fully lift state of emergency measures this week See in context

Cell phones will be your tracking device in which governments can monitor your every movement. Leave home without it, you will more then likely be arrested

Aside from China, can you give me some actual examples where people have been arrested for leaving their phones at home?

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Posted in: Can family relationships and friendships broken or frayed because of differences over vaccinations, restrictions, mask-wearing and lockdowns due to the pandemic be repaired? See in context

In this day and age? Not likely. I mean, friendships and relationships are already being destroyed now over what political party you follow.

"If you are not with me, then you are my enemy!"

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Posted in: UK Labour politician defends calling government 'scum' See in context

The conservatives have several people of color in leadership positions so this sounds like a racist attack since Rayner is White.

Is that bait I see?

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Posted in: Police reminding drivers not to perform the illegal 'Ibaraki Dash' maneuver See in context

Ibaraki represent!!

In all seriousness though, I have probably seen only 1 instance of it in my time in Ibaraki. Maybe I've just been lucky with the cities I've lived in? Except Kamisu, maybe.

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Posted in: China lodges protest against Japan over Taiwan's bid to join TPP See in context

Your protest is noted. And ignored.

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Posted in: What do you think is causing tennis player Naomi Osaka's problems? See in context

Media needs to shut up as well.....she's not public property

She's a world famous athlete and, like every other world famous athlete, fair game for scrutiny.

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Posted in: What do you think it is going to be like at airports as more international travel starts? Do you think there will be hassles at check-in terminals and departure gates over whether passengers have or haven't got the right vaccination passports or apps, or proof of having tested negative for the coronavirus and so on? See in context

Certainly. At least the beginning, as airports and airlines will need to adjust/amend their procedures accordingly to get that balance of safety and processing people with as minimum inconvenience as possible.

Thanks China.

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Posted in: Parents praise Chinese rules aimed at kids' 'unhealthy' gaming See in context

Chinese Communist Parents must suck at parenting if they need the CCP to raise their little emperors

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Posted in: Philippines' Duterte will not cooperate with ICC drug war probe See in context

Clearly Duterte needs to brush up on his English comprehension, and check what the I in ICC stands for.

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Posted in: The foreign legion of YouTubers defending China See in context

They're less than human. They're boot licking wu mao.

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Posted in: Kishida singles out China threat See in context

North Korea could incinerate Japan in 15 minutes

NK may be weird, but they're not that stupid to attack another country.

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Posted in: China urges Japan's PM candidates not to meddle in internal affairs See in context

What's that? A country well known for stealing IP and technology from other countries, is lecturing another country to not meddle in its affairs?

P1ss off, China.

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Posted in: Kishida singles out China threat See in context

I would blame both China and the US. How can you not blame the US for not containing the virus? No 1 in cases and deaths.

Remind us who chose to cover up the initial outbreak and knowingly still let it's citizens go overseas to spread the virus rather than, you know, not doing that.

Hint: it wasn't the US.

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Posted in: Kishida singles out China threat See in context

Meanwhile Japan hosts 23 bases and about 50,000 US military personnel to threaten China but ..... No, Its China that is the problem.

Unlike China, the US doesn't try to claim chunks of ocean that historically had never been theirs in the first place. Not to mention create artificial islands for military purposes, despite promising at the beginning that they weren't for military purposes.

Also, the US didn't unleash a global pandemic while trying to blame every other country for it.

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Posted in: Disney to debut rest of 2021 films in cinemas first See in context

If only they released Black Widow any time before Endgame, it may have fared much better. Poor timing made the movie completely irrelevant

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Posted in: Vietnam in same boat, says Japan defense minister amid China's rise See in context

The US has been conducting such spy missions for decades. China has conducted no such missions against the US.

Are you trying to tell us that you think China doesn't spy on the US?

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Posted in: Japan eyes extending COVID-19 emergency in Tokyo, other areas See in context

The Japanese government is eyeing an extension of the COVID-19 state of emergency for Tokyo, neighboring and some other prefectures past its Sept 12 end date

Can the Japanese government and/or Japan Today be a little more specific besides "some other prefectures"?

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Posted in: Suga to resign; says he couldn't run for reelection and handle virus response See in context

Heh, running away with your tail between your legs, Suga?

To his credit though, he more or less admitted he's not up to the task - unlike his cowardly predecessor who cited "health reasons" and ran.

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Posted in: Pokemon Center megastores across Japan shutting down indefinitely because of coronavirus See in context

Thanks a lot, China

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Posted in: Fuji-Q roller coaster under investigation after riders’ bones broken See in context

If the fun police (prefectural and federal authorities) get there way, they's close them all down :(

Classic Japan. 210,000 happy people, but it's going to be watered down because of a few. Sort of inverse Darwinism :(

I wouldn't consider breaking bones to be fun, but whatever gets you off, I guess.

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Posted in: Jeopardy! host out nine days after appointment over past sexism See in context

Wow, one sexist comment from eight years ago.

Cancel culture seems to fail to take in to account that what people say years ago may not necessarily reflect that person currently - in other words, people change (for better or for worse).

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Posted in: Coronavirus infections in Tokyo outstrip hospital capacity to treat patients See in context

The use of hotels is unwise. Having a lot of sick people in one place may increase viral exposure and severity of illness. It may even promote variants

I wish the Australian government would heed this. They keep thinking that hotel quarantine is the way to go, rather than setting up dedicated quarantine facilities away from populated areas. Unlike Japan, there is enough land to do such a thing in Australia...

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Posted in: Coronavirus infections in Tokyo outstrip hospital capacity to treat patients See in context

Nice going Suga and Koike.

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Posted in: Man in wheelchair dies after being hit by car driven by 80-year-old man See in context

There needs to be an age cut off for driving.

I disagree. I think after a certain age, they need to be tested yearly (or every six months) for their driving ability (if it's not being done already).

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Posted in: Will gyms go the way of arcades and movie rental stores? See in context

Movie rental stores are still a thing in Japan, so I think gyms will still be around.

Not everyone has the space in their homes to set up a dedicated gym, especially if their workout routines include more than just cardio.

Also there is a social aspect of the gym - you go with friends who are more experienced in certain exercises or meet people there, and you're able to practice and learn proper form - something that cannot be done at home, even if you're watching youtube videos on how to do certain exercises.

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Posted in: China rejects need for further WHO coronavirus origins probe See in context

No need for another probe. It's pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain that this whole mess is their fault. The corona virus has been given the nickname of the CCP virus and Wuhan virus - and for good reason.

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Posted in: Do you think that the state of emergency in Tokyo has become a state of complacency? See in context

If the government isn't taking it seriously, why are they surprised that the people aren't either?

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Posted in: As pandemic Olympics come to a close, Japan asks: What did Games mean? See in context

The games represented ongoing corruption, and the weakness of the host country for not showing some spine to the IOC and put the interests and safety of its citizens first.

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Posted in: Which sports would you like to see included in future summer Olympics and which sports would you like to see dropped? See in context

I would like to see the vertical pole included

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Posted in: Australia to deport British commentator Hopkins for quarantine breach boast See in context

> Seven Network and Endemol Shine Australia must share the blame. The network was fully aware of the toxicity and outrageous behavior Katie Hopkins was capable of.

Australia is reduced to making reality TV shows. As a result, we'll do anything or get anybody for those sweet sweet ratings.

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